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    viisaus #shorts

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    1. Brayden Holden

      English People: Vsauce Finnish People: Literally Pure Wisdom Vsauce Fans: I have Never Been SO Happy about something I 100% agree with

    2. Imas

      Im from Finland😃

    3. Palaneet Leivät


    4. Super Sazz

      Suomi perkele!

    5. neku1022

      I genuinely thought thumbnail said "Visus" and now i hate myself

    6. David S.

      I can't see anything. Thumbing down

    7. Shepuz

      as a yet another Finnish person, I have been summoned from my winter slumber to comment on this video and fulfill my obligation as Finnish person.

    8. Erdoğan Bal


    9. chipped tooth

      this doesnt look like it was filmed in 2021

    10. Antti Kivivalli

      Well as you can hear from Google, we Finns pronouce all the vowels ([a] and [e] in this case) as they are, so "viisaus" is [vi:saus] and not [vi:sɔːs] like your channel - except in Finland, we easily prounounce it [ve:saus], [vi:saus] or [ve:sause]. :-)

    11. ChimoZ

      Vsauce? more like Vsus

    12. Miähinen Miäs

      Finland mentioned we'll meet at the marketplace

    13. MNIrfan Bachtiar

      Or is it?

    14. Jonny Jonjon

      Vsowce ni**a

    15. MetaSlasher

      Vi *sus*

    16. Whiplash

      Saus litterally means sauce

    17. bofooit gojo

      Nuoruus ja hulluus, vanhuus ja Vsauce. Tieto tulee, mutta Vsauce viipyy. Vsauce asettaa rajat tiedollekin. Perkele.

    18. Lorenz Nicolas

      I just got back from doing my homework, and yes im a finish

    19. Luka Taguchi

      When the myth of finland gets too serius

      1. bofooit gojo

        I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!

    20. Jimpula -

      Im finland i speak finnish👌😎

    21. im 16

      Vi saus

    22. woosh me if ur lgbtq

      you mentioned my country. I have come out of the woods like little goblin.

    23. Antonio Elg

      Huonta mitä ukko

      1. Antonio Elg

        Suomi perkele

    24. Jonas Väänänen

      All your finnish fans, including me, are going crazy in the comments

    25. アインドラアズス【星詠み】

      The comments looks like it's been populated by fairies and elves

    26. Abdulgader Al-Aydaroos


    27. Minecraft Pro

      Hmm... I wonder why wisdom means Vsauce... *OH*

    28. Tintin And Snowy

      As my national law, once someone mention ”finnish” we are summoned, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us

    29. KJ Gangster

      Bruh i thought it was uploaded by some other channel

    30. Swapnil Soni

      That domain got purchased

    31. The Good Pilgrim

      I'll meet you in the marketplace.

    32. Sajjad Mirza

      Hello vi saus I hope you having a good day

    33. Doodle Hobbo

      "Hmmm Vsauce" - Buddha Monke

    34. Tojota_30

      Hello Yes finland has been mentioned I have arrived.

    35. Thus spoke Rafael.

      I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!

    36. Ammar Dhamiri

      Kinda sus

    37. Saku Virkkala


    38. Tisisrealnow

      You are wisdom, you are viisaus

    39. Soham More

      Sir could you make a video about titles

    40. Woof Woof


    41. Glade Air-freshener

      vee swauws

    42. Gavin The Crafter

      As a Finnish person, I’m lying about my nationality

    43. LIL_J_HILL

      His name is V-saoce

    44. Atomfurz00

      fúck sweden. all my homies are finnish

    45. MrEetu

      Suomi mainittu!

    46. palikka mies

      What can I say finish language is retarded

    47. Jussi Raitoniemi

      A cruel joke on the world

    48. Uxvellda

      It's a great "coincidence", right...? Or is it?

    49. DustMug

      Perkele säkkijärven uraliin taa Suomi Simon haya

    50. The Good White

      As a spanish speaker i can confirm this isn't spanish.

    51. Francisco 1234 Cruz

      Makes sense he is smart and shares that smartness with us

    52. Uli Schmidt

      i think they changed the word for wisdom

    53. Pelza

      Wisdom Finnish Viisaus. WFV LOL

    54. Imma_gamin

      (Nintendo) Vii sæus

    55. Zé

      Vsauce can also be translated to my language as "caldinho de pepeca".

    56. Strong Back

      Torilla tavataan! Kahvia ja pullaa!

    57. Misa Afton

      V SA W US

    58. Tyler Dennis

      Freakin awesome

    59. MR.S0AP


    60. CSOM_AccountHolder


    61. rilluma

      As a Finnish person, I am fulfilling my national obligation of commenting on this video since it mentions Finland.

    62. Cara Furry

      Big oof

    63. Lei K


    64. No Ot

      Thats really cool

    65. Cristian Herendi

      Hey *viisaus* Michele here

    66. Joe Pray

      Michael stoned at home late one night when he discovered this.

    67. based stardust

      Coincidences are scary.

    68. Deimi KK

      Vsauce: "THE FINN..." Every Finn: "TORILLE!" (To the market square)

    69. boredism

      As an Australian person I have no idea what I'm doing here

    70. Roccoboiy 2

      It suits you

    71. Jerri Kangasniemi

      And here I always thought that was totally intentional, that Vsause was just an English-ified version of a word in a (for an American) obscure language. I guess I was wrong and kinda made not-too-flattering assumptions. Anteeksi.

    72. Dan Hrabarchuk

      LOL that's awesome!

    73. Zinli


    74. TheMuncherB2

      how was this in my recommendeds as i am finnsh

    75. kerpeles

      Gotta thank Vsauce for all this viisaus that I've gotten while watching your videos

    76. EastBound

      Vsauce is wisdom

    77. Thug Kermit


    78. C vs S !!!

      Vsauce in Finland is very sus

    79. CryptzBricks

      Mainitsiko joku suomen

    80. Akumity

      vee saos

    81. ʀ օ ʀ օ

      huh whats that.. is it the time already? To... to TORILLE PERKELE! 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    82. erkki

      älä laita tällästä

    83. D. Cypher

      😒😳😂😂 Nice sir...

    84. VisseNekku

      I'm honored and flattered to have Finland noticed.

    85. Kush kung Vivo

      You are the chosen one, Michael

    86. Spukyon

      As a Romanian person, I don't speak Finnish.



    88. Simon Nyman

      Me, a Finnish person seeing this: " My time has come ".

    89. Johnnydoingthings

      The Library of Babel came up with it first.

    90. Atboz 2009

      Suomi perkele

    91. Lead Poisioning

      Anyone else think Finnish coincidence sounds like a chess opening

    92. niduoe stre

      As a not-finnish person, I can confirm the irony is not lost on me.

    93. jere niemikorpi

      suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!!!!

    94. Rem

      I guess that means vsauce is wisdom.

    95. Kirnupiimä

      ANNA VAA!!!

    96. Renne Haapanen


      1. niduoe stre

        Fine, ya know what... fine

    97. PlayerFridei

      Any Finns here? 🙋‍♂️

    98. Saunis

      Torilla tavataan!! \o/

    99. Aaro Kuusinen

      Aika söpö

    100. Max Söderlund

      As a finish person myself i can confirm