here comes the sun

bill wurtz

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    1. game out

      Here comes a deadly lazer

    2. Eric Gibson

      Will you disappear again? 🥺

    3. Maryann Pisuena

      Edit: these are the lyrics btw so enjoy yall!!!! All day and all night We lay about and wonder what we're gonna do We speak to ourselves Havin' a conversation and wonderin' who we're talking to Then sadness takes over And sadness wonders what we're gonna do And sadness comes closer Then sadness comes to sing a song for you Oh, what a wonderful world (oh) Oh, how you've got to have more (na ne ne ne) When darkness covers the earth (na na ne ne) And I know it's the end for sure Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Bringing you love and shining on everyone Here comes the sun Here comes the raging sun And it's raging on and so we rage as one On until the day is done High on the mountain The postman comes and there's still no news Deep in the city, oh yeah The buildings wonder if they'll ever be built Oh, what an interesting day Looks like there's nobody in my way But the road's gonna end And the storm's comin' in Looks like nobody wins today Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Bringing you love and shining on everyone Here comes the sun Here comes the blazing amazing miracle sun And it' raging on and still, we'll blaze along On until the day is done Til' the day is won and done Gonna rage on into the sun Call up your friends and neighbors Tell 'em a new day has just begun I hope you know that there's no stranger strange enough Tell all your friends and neighbors You're no stranger to fallin' in love I'm just fallin' in love Stop, time's up Is it really over? Time waits for no one (and it doesn't wait now either) And I can't explain the way that I'm feelin' Do-do-do, do-do-do Put it into words and then send it all over the world Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Here comes the sun Bringing you love and shining on everyone Here comes the sun Here comes the raging sun, yeah And it's raging on and so we rage as one On until the day is done Oh, until the day is done If this song ain't good enough I'll erase it

    4. Cobalt Animations

      Am I high rn wtf am I looking at something this good is not supposed to exist

    5. AfricanGrey101

      To be honest, this has an amazing sweet beat

    6. Maryann Pisuena

      bill: hey wurtzies i have came back to get the milk!!! wurtzies or fans idk blah blah blah: yay you ba- also bill: oh wait *i forgot the biscuits brb* and bill hasn't uploaded for 1 month

    7. kuzay

      Bill Wurtz = Underrated

    8. SpaciestHalo530 Gaming


    9. Dita Miradiah Santoso

      My eyes went: ↪↔↙↔↗⤴⤵⤴↘↖↙↪↗↩

    10. Bananas Banana

      You came back!

    11. Tommy The CEO

      Please tell me this is on Spotify

    12. Ordinary Marsupial

      Bill: Leaves us for a year BUT HE CAME BACK

    13. MrGamerMax

      this isnt the here comes the sun i was looking for. but this is the greatest peice of art iv'e ever seen

    14. Alphadogg6


    15. G. B. Wanscher

      He sings a song It got spice and lube, But most importantly: He deleted the default Cube.

    16. PortalLover

      He's back!

    17. potato man

      I love you

    18. Hula Hoop

      Where the hell were you, its been a year, IVE BEEN SITTING AT THIS DESK FOR A YEAR WAITING ON YOUR REPORT!!!

    19. George Doty-Williams

      It's already been one month??

    20. kazuma advocate of true gender equality

      “I can’t explain what I’m feeling” Well this is what we call feeling an emotion that doesn’t exist, which you probably have eternally

    21. JangaNation

      This song gives me so much happiness

    22. JangaNation

      Where are you bill

    23. Turtle_name29

      Watch he will Disappear as soon as he came back

    24. FSB 123

      This song if full of so much peace. He could litteraly end all wars and make world peace.

    25. FSB 123

      He kinda sounds and looks like Fundy

    26. Raven Kake


      1. Raven Kake


    27. No SynKeD

      rage on INTO the sun?

    28. Ari

      So this Is what it's like to be on drugs

    29. Random productions 10k

      The king is BACK and with 3d (I quoted this comment btw.)

    30. Endrbomb

      The return of the king

    31. The Lead Innovator

      Bill!!! You've fallen in love?! Show us!!! We want to see them!!! Please🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😫🙏🙏💓 Also, have a good day.

    32. Major Silos


    33. Cuber Pianoist

      I think he had depression and that is why he stopped upload hope everything is fine tho

    34. Jencarlos Albarran

      Return of mr coolness

    35. crown

      he just didnt wanna upload in 2020, amirite

    36. Tashnim Tanvir

      *s u n .*

    37. Filé 665

      here comes the sun sun: =) me: I AM ON FUCKING FIRE

    38. Marcola Cason

      A KING IS BACK!!

    39. Eckser

      The one way to do 3D and keep your old style

    40. hello

      HES BACK

    41. Balázs Kishonti

      We need more of this!!!! In these times this is our only solace.

    42. A lot of people

      Instructions unclear, I'm flying into the sun right now and I don't know what to do.

    43. Brjan Reds

      Please do one for bitcoin

      1. Brjan Reds

        story of money, banking and rise of bitcoin

    44. TheBrokenSkull


    45. I play Games

      5.7k dont know who dis guy is

    46. I play Games

      return of the king

    47. Calendarmations REBOOTEDシ

      This is actually a very happy song

    48. Jonášova Videa

      M O O N

    49. Cyrus Hicks

      Bills music proves that is there is no certain "recipe" to music. His music is truly abstract and is does not need a formula edit- goddammit this is my third comment on this video already

    50. Mirosława Raczon

      R.I.P Will

    51. NoisyDuckling


    52. Chill Guard

      When the world needed him the most,he returned

    53. R.I.P X

      Im sure we all need this amazing content all day, plzzzzzzz try to upload consistently for atleast a month🙄😕

      1. Harjjw

        He uploads around once per month tho

    54. AlieniFy


    55. Toasty Toasty

      Next is Sam O Nella!

    56. TheFlamingSword

      Every time i watch this theres something new

    57. Ayxan Tube

      Imma waitinf for the new video

    58. TheGalaxyBunny

      welcome back.

    59. Willow Kloch

      we need a surreal entertainment and bill to make a collaboration 100percent

    60. Hanan Salah

      Could we just take a moment and appreciate this masterpiece

    61. sammyspratan


    62. Vicky Micky

      He’s back! And can we appreciate the fact the didn’t put any ads

    63. Trip Hoffman

      Damn it’s already been a month?

    64. Mercury

      Seeya in a a year

    65. LoganPlayz

      The world was never the same when Bill Wurtz left. We now have hope.

    66. NanoCube

      2:16 can’t agree more

    67. Grim Reaper2027

      HE IS HERE

    68. NanoCube

      his last vid.. a year ago called might quit.. and he never did quit after all.

    69. NanoCube

      The Return of The King

    70. Christopher Barrett

      Oh god he's learned 3d animation, the world is not ready

    71. Rexthegaintdinoser In the grass

      He’s back

    72. Triggered4Days is trash

      imagin if he is wilbur soot

      1. berkek


    73. P. W.

      I vibed to this

    74. Flameb0w

      Please don’t erase it it’s an amazing song

    75. Aiden Gordon

      we need him to come back, this is the best part of life. but he can choose what he wants to do.

    76. Stylixsh

      Why does this feel 10 minutes

    77. XvZGhost

      maybe bill just fell in love

    78. Bendy Beats

      Bill?! I haven't seen you in a year!

    79. Corrin Flakes

      Top 10 studios that transitioned from 2D to 3D well.

    80. William Baker


    81. OpaDoop

      when bill figures out 3d shapes but it takes over a year to do so

    82. Stacey Todd

      We thought he had gone for good. But GREATNESS CAN NEVER END.

    83. just another youtube animator

      And this one gained 2 minutes

    84. Muffin Cock

      thank you bill i am late but I am crying for u rn XD

    85. stackerv8


    86. 『 BluRay 』

      I watched this video for 5 straight hours, hopefully so you wouldn’t stop uploading for an entire year again. PLEASE DONT LEAVE. THE SONG WAS GREAT BUT I WAS DEAD ASLEEP. PLEASE COME BACK, PLEASE DONT TELL ME YOU ARE GONE.

    87. KimaX 07

      Please don't leave us again bill

    88. Nemanja Todorovic

      they said "if you keep rewatching videos if you keep liking then he will come back" And that was true

    89. Lemerbrix

      Bill wurtz 2017 THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER Bill wurtz 2021 HERE COMES THE SUN

    90. The Lead Innovator

      Don't erase it, please. Is it available anywhere?

    91. teletubby queen


    92. zock_zock


    93. Zach Wirszyla

      Get this man to make the music for the next sonic game

    94. Comrade jfk

      How tf is this 1 month old already

    95. Aurora Teano

      I don't know if this has ever been said before, but RickRoll and bill wurtz in their entirety are not god-tier. They're *more* than that.

    96. Agam Thind

      Nice edits but weird words and lyrics

      1. Aurora Teano

        That's the point of his style :)

    97. GeorgeHarry1964

      A Visual Recreation of a Human's Dream.

    98. Altea Guevara Alonso

      This man is a really good singer, I love your voice Bill :)

    99. Amer Alomair

      0:23 those smile faces turn sad for a split second

    100. Daniel Herbert

      HES BACK