Knoxville Tennessee Bassmaster Elite - HERE WE COME - Unfinished Family Business Ep. 6

Scott Martin

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    Headed to Knoxville for the second stop of the Bassmaster Elite tour on the Tennessee River in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is going to be DIFFERENT! Colder temperatures and smallmouth bass..
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    1. Scott Martin

      We apologize for the St. Johns River tournament videos not being released yet, we had hard drive issues with all the footage on it. We are working on getting the hard drive fixed and get y'all the videos asap! Thanks for all the support 👊🏼

      1. JT Lynn

        I was so glad to see yall in my backyard! I live in Oak Ridge Tennessee . I enjoy the channel and before my mom passed we ALWAYS watched your channel during her chemo treatments. She loved it because it made a shitty situation alot better. You made her feel like she was out there herself !💯🙏🏼🧡 She always wanted me to enter a giveaway . She felt bad because someone stole ALL my rods and tackle when we went to her last chemotherapy session. We lost her on Easter Sunday last year ! Thanks for bringing smiles her way during a very tuff time for her. God bless you brother and not a weirdo but we love you man!

      2. Steven Maness

        It’s ok not much footage anyway.

      3. Brian Robinson

        I bet this warm weather will really heat things up for all the competitors this weekend. We were in the 20's last weekend and high 50's to low 60's this weekend. Hopefully I can make it out to say hi but good luck Scott 👍

      4. Manny B

        No worries Scott, good luck man. Go catch em !

      5. Lippin Rips

        We're pulling for you scott hope to come home from work and watch some good fishing highlights!!

    2. Pillow Pants

      Where is unfinished family business ep 2-5 ?!?!?

    3. Aaron Snatic

      I love seeing how everyone approaches practice and the tournament in their own way. All professionals, but they fish their way and prepare their way, and that is what I believes makes this sport great. No one way to approach it.

    4. Andrew Stiles

      I live in knoxville tn i wished i seen this sooner I would've visit you

    5. JT Lynn

      We were actually on Watts Bar thr SAME DAY! LMAO

    6. Ryon Wilson

      Bet yall yanked the broke techs off the freeman and slambed some yami hammers on that bad boy

    7. Cooper Hughes

      Scott, awesome man glad your with the elites good luck at pickwick!!

    8. bryan turner

      Really thought you could get at least top 5 u were on the fish.

    9. bryan turner

      Wanted to scream, we went behind you in 3 spots and caught 7 keepers on a megabass trick darter. Big was 4 , what were you thinking.

    10. Rick Marshall

      Hey Scott! Congrats on top 25 at Tennessee River! Good bounce back!!

    11. Farm Boy

      Was out on the lake the past two days. Really wanted to meet you but no luck. Hope you enjoyed it here!

    12. Heath McDaniel

      Good luck this weekend I'm 3 miles away from ft loudon lake & tellico lake not the best weather here either

    13. Neyland Williams

      Hay I went to the weigh-ins for the Knoxville tournament and saw that u had a hard time.But there is always another chance I want to see u win here.In the summer it is great fishing I caught a 6 lb. in June.

    14. Andy Lengerich

      MaCoy's new name is HARD DRIVE. Forever more....

    15. B-outdoors oklahoma

      looking a lil thick there scott.....need to start the push ups again

    16. Andrew Zellar

      Great video man! I noticed you didn’t have the boat covered for the trip, I am trailering my boat from NY to SC. Do I need to cover it? I can’t seem to find a consensus on cover or no cover. Thanks

    17. Kayak Angler


    18. Sleepy Hollow Fishing

      I wish you were my cool uncle

    19. Fisher Welborn

      Freeman soon or stickine with etechs

    20. Fisher Welborn

      Are you putting the new Yamahas on your boat soon?

    21. BigguyOO

      Welcome to my backyard!!!!!

    22. Murdered_BRZ

      Tellico and loudon are repetitive. You get a pattern stay with it if it’s not working where your at find another area it will pay off.

    23. Jerry C

      Ft Nasty. The WORST lake on the ENTIRE Tennessee River system.

    24. SkeeterZX225

      23:25 when you talk about the other guys having all their tackle rigged, they also don't have the luxury of being able to fly into each tournament while someone else pulls their boat all over the country lol. So you really don't have ANY excuses on why your tackle isn't ready haha!

    25. Chad Witten


    26. Thomas Gibson

      Awesome vlog, I live in Knoxville and fish the TN River often, Douglas lake or Fort Loudon lake is a 30min drive. I finally got me a bass tracker 175txw last year, so much better fishing from a boat, it was like I fell in love w fishing all over again haha

    27. Joe Haywood

      🥴 not good where’s your video’s?

    28. Tony Smith

      McCoy breaks the speed limit like he breaks hard drives.

    29. Kevin Wallace

      I was out there with you boys today. It was tough!

    30. John Fleming

      I can understand about 20% of what you are saying with that damn mask on.

    31. Steven Maness

      Well better results so far this tournament. Scott you’re not 73rd but 18th right now. Good improvement from last tournament.

    32. capnrob97

      Way to go Scott, 5 fish limit today and in the top 20!

    33. TheSwackster

      Did you have any bites in the DT 6 DEMON?

    34. terry leist

      No Billy???


      A 2-9 @ 3:06pm to go-to 8th place at the Tennessee River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's freakin GO!!!!!! 🇺🇸

    36. Ben Jenkins

      oh shit, i'll be at daughter's volleyball tourney adjacent to the weigh ins at World's Fair!!!! sorry daughter!!!!!

    37. Pieter Prinsloo

      Any chance that Macoy and Billy fishing against you and Spinnerworm in 2021 Scott...greatings for South Africa. Best of luck for the new season God bless.

    38. António Adanjo

      McCoy, don't brake any more hard drives dude!! This channel can't loose you! 💪 @scott, give him a break, he does a really good job, you know that...! Get him some tough travel bags with sponges and soft stuff inside...😅 Great stuff all the time from SMC!!!

    39. Armstrong Outdoors 3

      Welcome to Tennessee Scott! Me and my wife will be down to see you guys Saturday! As always good luck hope you find them!

    40. bryan turner

      Ft. Loudon can be had but better study old paper maps. Focus on the tour quit worrying about all the other things. Like the video but would rather see u win. Good luck

    41. Fishmanfu

      I got you in my lineup man! Good luck!!

    42. Jon Gosling

      That was hilarious! Even my wife was in stitches. Keep the pranks coming! Scott will be tuning into Bass live tomorrow from Ontario. Best of luck on this one. Have a blast doing what you love

    43. Matthew Johnson

      You make it to the top 10 and my son and I are going to come down from KY for take off and weigh in Sunday. Go get em

    44. STIICK GOD

      Come to ILLINOIS it's only 35 here😭😭😭

    45. David Parrish

      Oh, man...that was genuine terror!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Got Scott cussin!!!!🤣🤣🤣

    46. David Parrish

      Bro, I will never understand how you let these "yay-hoos" loose with that rig of yours. You must have some REALLY good insurance!! 🤣🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    47. Rob Fike

      Cloud Storage! Get a broadband cellular connection. Upload all videos to "cloud storage". No more damaged hard drives to worry about.

    48. BigMouth380cal

      Can somebody teach these kids some etiquette when pulled up to the pumps for fuel. FOR FUEL!!! NOT A PARKING SPOT FOR SHOPPING AND THEN FOOD SAMPLING! Besides which, having the boat trailer just doubles the amount of space you're taking up.

      1. addicted_to_ bass

        I agree with what you are saying but have you ever been to a Bucee's?

    49. John Arnett

      Oooh I live on Tellico lake

    50. Nick Barillas

      Don't worry Knoxville is pretty warm right now but the fishing has been kinda tough still. I'm an HR Northeast in Johnson City and the fishing is dead here but good luck brotha.

    51. Jennifer Hughes

      down in palatka scott saw a boat wreck and never looked to find the boater, he was then told at he ramp he was found, no thanks to scott

      1. Cooper Hughes

        I’m so sorry Scott, I regret my previous comment. Hope u read this

      2. Sydney Stephenson

        Yes you should get your story straight before shaming someone and being all wrong on the incident!! Scott has been raised by two great people, as his parents are genuinely good people and the apple didn't fall from the tree!! Best of luck, Scott!

      3. Scott Martin

        No ma’am, I saw a capsized boat in the Lilly pads. I went to investigate it and didn’t see anyone there (because they were already rescued by another boater). I then called the tournament director and the authorities. Please get your story straight before you try to make me out as a bad person for no reason.

    52. Patrick Doyle

      It's the curse of spinnerworm lol


      Got you on my fantasy fishing team 👍


      Good luck Scott ✌

    55. Lunkers with Lucas

      Great Video🤘

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!👊🏼

    56. Logan White

      Enjoy fishing my home lakes! They are definitely tough right now

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks, hopefully we can get it figured out.

    57. Derek Fox

      Man the Buccees y'all stopped at is the newest edition to my home town!

    58. Captain Ron

      Why why hard drive keeps crashing ok ok thats ok but u should never never lose data ever my God folks when u shoot a video upload from hard drive to cloud now don't use the cloud to edit videos unless u break hard drive lol lol but even then down load from cloud then editor enough nuggets for free lol lol

      1. Xcemic LOVES Jesus

        Don’t use Gods name in vain

    59. emtror

      You got this. Kick butt!

    60. DustinLaughs

      VRBO Link to house in Knoxville?

    61. E G

      Why don't you guys do backups to stick drives and take them with you

    62. the_enthusiast

      I know a lot of people hate driving but I love it. I'm jealous of Jacob and Mccoy making all these memories driving across the country. The stories they will be able to tell when they are older.

    63. Doskiie

      Don't forget to login to basstrakk xD

      1. Doskiie

        @capnrob97 I think he mentioned in his video he wasn't signed in to basstrakk, but eventually it update and started counting his catches. Tomorrow starts the next stop in TN, hopefully we can follow on some big numbers !

      2. capnrob97

        Is that why his stats weren't updating in the first tournament? I kept checking and thought Scott was getting skunked with 0 fish.

    64. Mulldrifter Z

      Careful with hot sauce pranks. If the person has an adverse reaction to them (ulcers or anything) it can really mess them up or hurt them and send them to the hospital. Pranks are cool but try to stay away from stuff like hot sauces.

    65. Rogbass

      This video gave me goose bumps. Lol. Can feel the history going to be made. Hunt em down this week.

      1. Scott Martin

        YES SIR! 👊🏼👊🏼

    66. Bill Sr.

      Where is Billy? Dude you gots to have Billygottabass in your vids man!!

      1. Scott Martin

        This year it’s BillygotaBoat because he is fishing in the BASS master opens. He might come hang out with us when he isn’t fishing in his own tournaments.

    67. Patrick Arredon

      19:55 OMG GANGSTER!!!

    68. ChrisGnarley

      Lol, i was expecting a Simplisafe drop after the Texas rundown

    69. ayden Vaughn

      Our Tennessee weather has been 8 degrees last week and this week its above 50 short sleeve shirt weather

      1. Scott Martin

        50 still isn’t short sleeve weather for me lol

    70. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good Luck! Hope the warmer weather helps you guys out. Stay positive and Focused! Excited for this tournament!

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m exited too, this could be a really fun one! Thanks!

    71. yellvett76

      Good luck Scott.

    72. wesley knight

      Watching this video being jealous sitting in this garbage weather in Texas sitting in a bucket truck wishing I was fishing

    73. Sebastian Robbins

      Glad you're at my fishing area. Maybe now I can watch you and see what I'm doing wrong haha

    74. Sheepdog812

      The screaming goat edit killed me lol. Spot on!🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    75. and Might Fish and catch

      I want to know how well that heated shirt and pants work I have a jacket and what brand did you go with

    76. The Outdoor Dude

      House of Heavy Hitters!

    77. Gabriel Haggard

      Had me dying most the video. Loved it man. Good luck!

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you liked it man, thanks!!

    78. J Tee

      For the third time (😁) COPY everything to two drives before you start and after you finish editing. We're talking from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. A top-notch Micron drive under any brand name (I like Crucial Memory) is under a $100! You could get two 500GB drives and put 'em in protective cases yourself for under $150 total. The DROP PROOF (up to six feet) Crucial X6 1TB Portable SSD is $129.99!!! The even faster X8 model is ON SALE for $5 LESS!! What's cheaper, offing Macoy and finding somewhere to hide the body the next time he doesn't backup or buying a backup drive and making him use it? You could even make the backup automatic!! Maybe have him edit in a rubber room or on top of a down comforter. Maybe make him sit on the floor, LOL

      1. Scott Martin

        😂😂Ya we are getting all of that now.

    79. Stephen latimer

      scott u sure u want to let jacob and macoy free to roam in the rig unsupervised🤣🤣🤣🤣. thats just asking for mischief and content all in one, bring it on👍👍👍👍. cheers from australia.

      1. Scott Martin

        Lol I worry about it sometimes but it’s always funny!

    80. DG Mills

      To take advantage and "Dr" someone's Taki's is cruel! Lol

      1. Scott Martin


    81. Scott Frost

      Been looking a loooong time for this last tournament video! Wth

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s coming, we had some hard drive issues that are being fixed. Keep and eye out!

    82. Rusty Wells

      The key to this one is smallmouth smallmouth smallmouth and if you catch a largemouth it will just be a bonus and the cherry on top!!!

    83. David Garbie

      You the man scott 👍🏻

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks David👊🏼👊🏼

    84. Mechele Dawson

      Scott Martin best of luck to you this weekend... may God bless you with tight lines, now go and kick some BASS!

      1. Scott Martin

        You got it! Thanks!!👊🏼

    85. TheGhostof Versailles

      Just an FYI you can change the hinges on the live well so that you don’t lose another fish.

    86. George Talley

      Ada boy McCoy

    87. Daniel McKeen

      Where's the other main 👨 man "BILLY!!"

      1. Daniel McKeen

        Ahha he finally turned 18😁and wants to leave the house and make it on his own🤓.Knowing you your having a side bet on when he'll come back home😜😁😀🤓

      2. Scott Martin

        He is fishing on the BASS master opens this year, he might make some trips with us when he isn’t fishing his tournaments though.

    88. Valley Adventures

      Have fun!!! The weather looks kinda sour this weekend and the fishing has been spotty at best on that stretch of river for weeks now

    89. tylan bogan

      Knoxville my hometown born and raised go Vols

      1. D Reichert

        Go Vols son

    90. tanner exferd

      bart whats up man

    91. Billy Mead

      Hey dude Mcoy. Really dude for real dude. We dont tell dad why we got the munchies dude. For real dude.

    92. Ronnie Worthy

      Good luck

    93. Noah Johns Outdoors

      “I thought you were a damn chupacraba” made my day scott

      1. Scott Martin


    94. Johnny B

      Just don’t fall in the water with all that lectric stuff.

    95. Serious Angler Podcast

      Can we keep it to Macoy and Little Martin?😂😂😂

    96. Bass boys

      They are on the rocks right not and points I'm from tennessee and fish for ludon alot

    97. Danny Waide

      It’s so cool to see him fishing at my spots!

      1. Jon Gosling

        That would be cool!!! Hopefully Scott can figure it out in this one and have a good event!

    98. Brody holmlund

      Scott, just got my first casting reel i'm up in texas any suggestions to throw on it for bed season

    99. HomeAwayFromHome Outdoors

      I have you as my fantasy team members because I have faith that you are going to rock this tournament!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Travis! 👊🏼

    100. Mike over cash

      Don't break the hard drive