Girl Gets Fired For How She Dresses


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    1. Kid that is not a weeb

      I’m on online school And I was kicked form meeting because I was wearing a..... Hentai shirt

      1. Kid that is not a weeb


    2. Shelby Thaxton

      Hi, Sssniperwolf! You're my role model. I love you! You're awesome!

    3. Kesmy J

      I love her « it is me,I am she... »😂❤️ Facts : I’m in love with wolves too though🐺and I love ya sooooooo damn much❤️

    4. Nanette Garcia

      oh it was a jokee but she so cute thank u fot the vp fired her cuteness

    5. Julia Knights


    6. Zaf

      Women’s are not objects

    7. Brittany Bunn


    8. Derby Cat

      I know where they’re working,hooters.

    9. Sunny & Buddy Productions

      Preesentation 😂

    10. Login Hazem

      Gerta worked really hard but terry doesn't so he gets what he deserves

    11. Login Hazem

      Gerta looks awesome terry on the other hand trash

    12. Abdi Kadir


    13. SquareSquiggles

      Ok so like Terry said, " HaRd WoRk MeAnS nOtHiNg!" Well didn't he had to do hard work to get in his place? Or like you just poofed in your position?! XD

    14. シ r x t h r o シ

      her: wow thank you i worked really hard on this me: all you did was put stickers on a piece of paper

    15. Venugopal Nair

      This video means that I can wear anything in school but I need to do hard work🤔🙀😹🤣🤯

    16. xXMyCat'sNameIsRubyXx

      Holy F**k the look on his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣3:45

    17. Potter_head124 i dont like this

      Wait wait wait watch it from the beginning when Terry said it o go get coffee and then look at her dress and then go forward when she came back and look at her dress they are different (im talking about the blond hair girl)

    18. Edward Nicolas

      Renee looks like Anne Marie

    19. Sanchushas B

      I like your laughing hhhhhhhhhhhahahaa Funny also

    20. fireboll1951


    21. Laura Addante

      My school doesn’t let us wear spaghetti strap

    22. Max Sypere

      What the fawk are these videos. 😍

    23. Cottxn Flxff

      This ain't a Dhar Man video, wHeRe'S tHe 'yOu SeE'

    24. Emily Huang

      That guy be like I don’t care keep on talking need more information😂

    25. Wolfie playz_gacha

      Well, I think she looks absolutely beautiful 💃😍💓

    26. Jcxsunset


    27. foxpanda gamer

      When I saw the cover i was like she was ginna get fired who thought that like........ ⬇️

    28. Seth Stodgell

      Dude the lady that got fired was

    29. Tia Panzone


    30. winston myers


    31. Brayden


    32. angry bee


    33. wpgdog _EVL.

      It is true

    34. AIR W0RLD

      1:54 why does she live there?

    35. Galactcal Glimps

      I just love how sssniperwolf laughed so much that she couldn’t catch her breath

    36. Snow Animals and friends

      This is giving me anxiety by watching this AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    37. Gumball 4870

      He’s a creep😂

    38. Annabanna Annas_bannanas

      Tony lopezzzzzz may like her 😭🤣💀

    39. Carter Gregg

      I wanted Greta to tell her old boss Terry to back off.

    40. Zhi Yin Huang

      Haii love your vids they make me laugh I have watch your youtude for 2 years now :>

    41. SoLo Locke

      Bro that girl show up and he is like bruh the heck is that! THATS WRONGGGGGGGGG

    42. Jessica Brett

      My big brother said your his girlfriend is that true or not?

    43. Simone Naomi R. Sun Sun

      “Appearance means EvEryThiNg” me: *The only thing that is everything from you is,...ATTITUDE*

    44. Katelynn Kaminsky


    45. Youa Thao

      Hah haha

    46. 28k Yui


    47. STUPIDPOTATOGIRL You_r_Heather_

      1:58 do u just feel like u wanna go in the movie and kick the boss is it just me orrrr

    48. CHUA JIA YING Moe

      Red white and blue suit. Me: wait trump-

    49. Rethabile Mamabolo

      Terry: Your appearance means everything Me: All I see is a big pile of TRASH standing up to to a princess Cinderrela gorgeous

    50. CMO999 playz

      The boss is trash can garbage heart

    51. Ana Anees Sheikh

      Can u do more of this video plsssss i love this with u in this

    52. Mrunal Vinod Bhalerao

      Boss is Stupid

    53. Kayla Morgan

      They should just be normal company not judge people for the way they are and not for what they dress like frustrating that he treats her like that

    54. Best Miu Iruma


    55. Aaisha Moosa

      I litterly laughed every time you laughed it . Hahahahahsh 😂😂

    56. Amari Devera

      terry mean

    57. Valencia James

      Terry: apparent s means everything Me: u don’t mean anything to me so ummmm🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    58. Jason Majo

      My name is Jason Majo

    59. Jason Majo

      Yay 😁 my name was in the video

    60. Komi Touglo

      I thought the girl dressing sexy was gonna get fired

    61. Marley Lloyd

      Can you stop swering

    62. Ayden

      Terriers the whole dang sercise NOT EVEN THAT THE WHOLE CARNIVAL

    63. Benito Lee

      Them : that was a total waste of time Me : period

    64. Christan Clement

      I just got done watching that video

    65. Kirai's Adventures


    66. Renee Noyce

      My name is Renee

    67. Zahuraa Moham

      Her: gets fired a few mins of the vid Boss: I see u met our new vp!

    68. Mathew Borja

      -boss- u have to wear ctlohes that show stuff -Me- HELL NAH

    69. La Reina Sara

      Gurl it’s a NORMAL job not for a photoshoot NOT modeling NOT for a cover of the magazine! L.O.L

    70. Mason Clendenen

      POV: *you are liked and subbed*

    71. Byron Madina

      I know right

    72. Gugg Gaming

      every time a person gets fired for bad reason: *I fOuNd HiM nOW YoU gonNA gET A JOb*

    73. Halouly balouly

      the man: because im Jason me: JOSON DURULLO

    74. Halouly balouly

      what a nice fashion show i mean presntation uwu

    75. Arlene Corros

      Just dont work hard but work smart too!

    76. Umkalthoum Abdalla

      That brown guy gave that girl a what is wrong with u look

    77. Ky Liow

      Imagine getting fired for wearing a nice outfit,later he be like,APEARANCE NOT HARD WORK,school,teacher:DID YOU GUYS DO YOUR WORK?Later teacher:YOU BARELY PUT EFFORT,HARD WORK IS EVERYTHING

    78. Kamila H. Jasmine

      I feel bad for the other girl she look cute and she got fired for her outfit and....the boss should fired RENNE not her like wow😂

    79. Kamila H. Jasmine

      No one is impress with RENEE soooo not cool

    80. Shaunya Harris


    81. Madilynn Peterson


    82. Madilynn Peterson

      She looks so cute and he is a jerk

    83. Kamila H. Jasmine

      It not a normal office it a fancy office

    84. Renee Gonzalez

      Ok so im on my moms acc and my name is Gretta and my moms name is Renee :●

    85. Cyclops Potato

      Him: Appearance means nothing Me: That's right, or else he wouldn't have a job.

    86. Natalija's channel

      Terry is soooooooooooo stupid

    87. Lily Elliott

      Tbh Greta be looking cute, Frick Renee and her tight dress. I mean the girl be looking sexy but irl if you talk about nothing to a BIG client even if you look sexy THEY AINT GONNA HIRE YOU BRUH

    88. CallMehLola

      bru dis dude


      Ssniperwolf es fresa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    90. X_moonlight_X

      3:48 * the face of disgust intensifies *

    91. Laura Pinango

      LOL, funniest video ever!!!!

    92. My A

      Lol I new that was coming


      I now found meh favorite laugh XD LMAOOOOOOOOO

    94. vrandon aracena

      me trying to explain why i didnt do my home work 3:40

    95. Tyler Takata

      My brother’s girlfriend’s name is renee

    96. Tiny Tinker Gacha

      Yo if i was him and i saw her i would say: dang girl you look nice!

    97. francis ahiabenu


    98. Glitch_ Night


    99. Gigi the Great

      I mean Jason

    100. Gigi the Great

      Me:Terry is famous and dhar man how do you not know that