The Final Destination - Bassmaster Opens #8 Travel Lay Lake

Scott Martin

52 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Do or Die on the Coosa River this week as we travel to the final stop of the Bassmaster Opens season on Lay Lake in Alabama. I need to do well here in order to qualify for the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series.
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    1. Walter Kama

      ? Is Billie and brandon still doing any videos

    2. Walter Kama

      They the right sizes..could be a default in the wipers

    3. Walter Kama

      So did brandon move on he on vacation..brandon was cool

    4. Damage INC Outdoors

      That jerk bait looks cool

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      Apply pledge to wipers before you install them

    6. Zeus Von Rafiel

      Good cleaning and little armoral on them. Have to lubricate them but wipe the biggest part off just want them moist with lubricant. God Bless

    7. Brock Johnson

      Lay lake baby

    8. Preston Mire

      It sounds like your wipers are farting lol 😂

    9. CG MC

      Have you considered a job like Mark Zona??

    10. slab busterRTR

      Lay lake is a goodin gonna be a little chilly though

    11. feellnfroggy

      Windshield is too dry and dirty. Clean the window and wipers real good. Clay bar the windshield. And always carry one easily accessible ratchet straps, then you can meet unt rod case to top of truck instead of hoping knots hold when it's hanging out.

    12. Jeremy Lange

      Spray the windshield with a good glass cleaner and rub with 0000 steel wool, dry off. Spray again with RainX spray. Replace your wipers with PIAA silicone wipers.

    13. Jerred Wayne

      I had to turn the volume down when Billy was play Galaga 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    14. Edward Baldridge

      in regards to the windshield wipers you should wipe them clean. If that doesn't help then wipe them with a very fine grade sand paper and then treat the windshield with Rain X.

    15. Uncle Steve

      Love watching your vidio's

    16. Scott Jaworski

      The trick is to tie a Googan to your Wiper every time

    17. xBridgemanx

      Get reg orange Rain X wind shield washer fluid, And then get the "Rain X washer fluid booster." The booster comes in a smaller bottle which you can add right into the bigger jug of regular windshield washer fluid, Follow the directions on how much to add. Shake it up and mix thoroughly, fill up your washer fluid reservoir with the mix, Wash your windshield with it a bunch of times and it will add almost like an invisible wax to the outside of the windshield that will stop that wiper chatter and also repel rain, on the highway you barely have to use your wipers because the rain will bead up and blow off the windshield. Try it, it works.

    18. texasville

      Update? What's happening in Birmingham? McCoy?

    19. Cody Phillips


    20. Puddy155

      Try some spray wax on your windshield.

    21. Ken Piere

      Just saw that you made the Elites for next year. One goal accomplished, now get the next one.# Classicwin

    22. Dan harling

      If the wipers get wet or if there is water/liquid on the windshield the wipers should stop making the noise. My truck has done that with new wipers and a hot dry windshield

    23. Doug Pittman


    24. Big Moe Medina

      There's no trick for the Windshield Wipers Brother! they are just low quality rubber and they are brittle. Wipers are a scam, no matter how expensive they are they will not last more than a couple of months. The Rubber dries out very fast and it's time to listen to the aggravating noise or buying new ones, again!!

    25. Steven Thomas

      Welcome to the Elite Series, Scottie! Good work, will be rooting for you next year to have a spectacular "rookie" season.

    26. Justin Brock

      Good luck Scott! Lay lake is my favorite lake to fish, always catch some nice fish there!

    27. 1964krazyeric

      Congrats on making the Elites. Will you be fishing the classic in 2012?


      Man I am so happy for you my guy! No W but the invite to fish the Elites is better! Congratulations 🎉🎊🎉

    29. Cory Kent


    30. John Roberts

      Just finished watching the vid, all I can say is wow, great content

    31. Rusty Scopano

      Scott I just want to say congratulations on making the Bassmaster Elite Series for next year.......what an absolute awesome accomplishment. The grind feom this fall was all worth it howpfully. How do you feel the lakes on the 2021 schedule setup for you next year?

    32. Chris Weathers

      Billy is over there playing Galactica, making sounds like he has been in labor for 36 hours.

    33. David Cooper

      Congrats on making the Elite's. It was a nail biter.

    34. Joe Langley

      I saw you got an invite to the Elites congrats and good luck look forward to see fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series

    35. Rogbass

      YEA BABY. TO THE ELITES WE GO !!! Great job. Going to be fun watching you in your true element. Battling against the best. History is in the making. MARTIN FAMILY STRONG 💪. I feel like I won something lol. Woooo

    36. Craig Taylor

      Silicone spray to clean them,it works awesome!

    37. Timbo Slice

      You did it brother!

    38. K.C.

      Boy, Billy is really competitive at games & fishing. Scott, I would try Rain-X for your windshield.

    39. John m

      Thought McCoy farted when the wipers made the noise ! Lol ! Scottie boy your love n life fella ! Smash that pump man !

    40. Ned Stewart

      Deep clean it and then wax your windshield. This will also make it much easier to get off the bugs

    41. Cha Thao

      Buy nicer wiper blades and then apply rainx water repellent on the windshield and you’ll never have that problem, it caught my attention when u asked that question because I work in the parts department for a long time. @scottmartin

    42. Jeff Sullivan

      Are you going to be there Saturday

    43. Rogbass

      Nice work sir. See you in February at the elites. Was also hoping to see upshaw or hallman or castledine.

    44. Ryder Tucker

      I no Billy’s parent are proud 😂

    45. Ryder Tucker

      U and billy look comfortable in that bed 😂😂😂

    46. Captain Ron And Platinum Club Member

      Scott you should be okay Justin Atkins can't double qualify so that moves you up to 4th you should get up at least series invite

    47. Raymond Steele

      Trick to wiper blades are clean the blade that touches glass with rubbing alcohol will stop the chattering on glass!

    48. David Vang

      Your wind shield wipers aren’t made for the truck it’s probably to stiff and you should look into rain x wipers you won’t be disappointed

    49. Get the Net

      Rain X

    50. Jacob Kendall

      15:50 through 16:00 close your eyes and listen

    51. Lee Knudson

      Turn them off

    52. Bass Raider

      Get em!

    53. Jack Covas

      From the beginning I knew you would make the Elites this year... Good job on the hard drive and effort bro......

    54. Chartreuse JU

      Nice pad

    55. James DuPre

      Scott , a coat of nu finish car polish (orange bottle ) left on for a few minutes, then wiped off will smooth out those wipers big time.

    56. Diverse fisherman

      Praying for you scottoroonis! Did you know bible says the ones who pray for you are your best friends

    57. Steve Workman

      The wipers do that on dryer surfaces!

    58. jim lauzon

      Use rubbing alcohol on a rag/paper towel and wipe the blade 💥

    59. Pat

      CONGRATS! It went to the bitter end. Tell me you caught that last fish with 5 minutes to spare. LOL

    60. Derrick House

      grease up the wipers with vasoline lmao

    61. Tim Stewart

      What about ya’, Scott, checking up on Macoy to see if he was really editing? I like how you pulled the screen down just to be sure he’s earning his keep. 😂

    62. Tim Stewart

      Laughing my BUTT off watching Billy play. Hilarious!!! I was choking.

    63. Brandon Taylor

      Buy Bosch wiper blades scott

    64. reel gangster

      By my math Scott finished #2 out of the east division after the overall qualifying shuffle. Good Job Scott!!

      1. Scott Martin

        That is correct 2nd after the shuffle...thank you! 👊🏼

      2. Pat Glass

        My bad reel, I just seen KJ will make the opens aoy top 4 after his points are added after saturday, removing him from the eastern div that will move scott to 4th. Is that how you see it?

      3. Pat Glass

        I hope i'm wrong but my math shows scott finishing in 5th after the event. Top 4 eastern div. after event will be #1 kj queen, #2 keith carson, #3 joshua stracner 752pts, scott pellegrin if finished 12th saturday will have 708pts, scott martin has 696pts

    65. Joe Bohannon

      Your wipers have some type of oil film on them most likely from manufacturer. Buy you a bottle of 91% alcohol and moisten a clothe and rub them back and forth on the blade itself and when the oil is gone so will be the squeaking! Hope you're killing them and taking home a win to take it own home!

    66. Cody Thompson

      He’s in isn’t he?

      1. Scott Martin

        We did it

      2. reel gangster

        yes he is. Good job Scott

    67. Paul Andreassen

      You can bend the wiper arm slightly to put the blades on better plane to prevent that noise. They are angled incorrectly.

    68. River’s Outdoors

      Your windshield isn’t wet enough. That’s why it’s making that noise

    69. Chiefdixon

      Stiff wipers on a dry windshield. Drive me nuts too.

    70. Pastor Billy Edgar

      Cedar countertop

    71. Eric Bentley

      Galaga is my all time favorite game!! I would totally look like Billy at the end of the night!

    72. Whack em and Stack em Outdoors

      billy got into it playing that game

    73. Computer Guy


    74. Travis Craver

      Great video can't wait for the next one

    75. Tim Johnson

      Your not the only one who tells the gas pump to be quiet!

    76. Frank Kellum

      Good luck Scott!!! Been following you for a few years now . Been a fan of your pops since I was a kid and bought the helicopter lure kid lol that kit was a dud lol y'all are great people !! Wish I could take the day off and come

    77. Big Buck

      RainX and you won’t have to use the wipers!

    78. Trucker King

      Sounds like Billy got a dump! Playing that game. Nice crib though

    79. john conley

      Use some med. grit sandpaper on those wipers to knock the new off of them.

    80. chaseerry


    81. Robert Holloway

      Wipe off your windshield wipers with a paper towel

    82. mike moreno

      Good ol electric clothes in water lol

    83. David Hodges

      You all have to much fun!!!

    84. Waves Currents and Ice

      3:07 You need to rub those wipers down with egg whites. Lubes them right up and no more rubbing sounds. It's magical! ;-). 12:52 this is McCoy`s accomodations after crashing the drone at Jimmy`s.

    85. Robert Kent

      Did you put the wipers in right? LOL

    86. I Am

      14:50 me December first

    87. GOT'EM!!!

      Let's win...

    88. Jack Stein

      Awesome house Scott! I bet your Dad did not travel in style like you do. Jetting to tournaments, awesome accommodations, and phenomenal meals. Success does allow one to have the better things but would you say you are as hungry for victory as you were when you were an up and coming angler? Best of luck on Lay Lake!

    89. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Best of luck on the last one!

    90. messy fisherman

      Electric pants and jacket you would never make it as a steelhead fisherman

    91. Third Small

      After you get back to you’re house in Florida you need to Clean the back of your truck out

    92. Dakota Calhoun

      When I was a kid I had gallaga for play station I kept get killed my heard me yelling at it come and says let me she you how to do it I'm thinking ya right ok she takes the controller and just straight destroys all my top scores pretty much beats the game then hand it back to me and says see like that I never played it again lmao

    93. Portmann Stephane

      Team shower !!! So funny.....

    94. Jolly Giant


    95. Jeffery Massey

      We stayed in that house. My grandson wore that video arcade out.

    96. Kevin Smith

      Good luck Scott ! Is Hillary with ya this time ?

    97. Brandon Palmer

      Hey Scott. try wiping some rainx on the windshield for the wipers. Worked for me.. Good luck on water, we're all pulling for ya!

    98. Caden Carpenter

      Dude I live two lakes down from Lay Lake on Lake Jordan!

    99. Josh M Moore

      Billy said "Dont go in that room" he must have saw a ghost in the corner😂

    100. Kyrie Grevemberg

      Rainx green washer fluid works great