Will And James Watch Hell's Kitchen


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    will and jim watch hell's kitchen and kitchen nightmares
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    1. timhanna40

      The contestants win a job as the head chef in Gordon Ramsays upcoming new restaurant

    2. psychosparten049 .Esquire

      It would be pretty fun to beat up Gordon Ramsey.

    3. DECG Gaming

      This is so fucking funny 😂😂

    4. Admirialz_x_boro Boss

      James during the intro speaking sadly: yay Will: We are on the main channel James James: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY

    5. Lucas Hall

      Watch married at first sight

    6. Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay

      W H E R E S T H E L A M B S A U C E

    7. Connor McAleese

      OMG that's millie bobbie brown

    8. apexoiso.

      14:10 pog cat

    9. Omar Hernandez

      That godi is a cold sore

    10. sabihah.

      All the scene that I love are here😩🤚🏻

    11. Chef Pee Pee

      So is no one gonna talk about how James sounds like Gordon

    12. Xannyy

      RAW BEEF

    13. Danyal Chowdhury

      Me: That looks so good Gordon: Disgusting Me again: 🤮 DO NOT RECOMMEND

    14. Justin ?


    15. Nonk

      He says bad things to employees but you can’t argue with his methods in dealing with rude customers

    16. Talon

      14:42 im not sure if he killed anyone but i think he was deported out of his national country

    17. MelonFishh

      i feel like i watch this video every other week

    18. Xandith

      Do a South Beach Tow video

    19. Marky Mark

      If you don't like Raj I don't like you

    20. Eleanor Cullen

      Will and Jim watch nightmare neighbours next door

    21. Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay

      ITS ELEVEN !

    22. gae playz

      Will hasn't posted in almost 2 months. Yes. pathetic....

    23. HarryBo

      congrats on beating george in subs

    24. Finn Meagan

      isn't that a a5 Savannah cat

    25. empress408

      Have to tell you guys I found Kay’s Cooking before I found you 😘

    26. Weeb 9000

      Fun fact Gordian would have filed that guy up because he's a black belt in I think karate lmao

    27. GeoGuesser Play


    28. Big Bubba


    29. C D

      This is so fucking dramatic but when you last dropped YMS2 I tried so hard to get some jogging bottoms because I have never seen a pair of joggers I liked that much... And I just successfully got a pair I cannot fucking breathe lol I am so excited ... My first ever 'KGupr merch' I've gotten, except it doesn't look like KGupr merch, it just looks like sick arse fucking clothing and I just cannot wait... I really hope they fit me because I am fucking tiny lol, but I took the risk, and we shall see, so happy... Thank you Will :)

    30. mathsward 76

      More Kitchen Nightmares please

    31. Wolfeizz r6


    32. Taylor Paget

      But 0 vids in February he must have used up all his energy in january

    33. DJ122ify

      Yeah guys btw Raj died a couple years later after the release of that episode from diabetes, correct me if I’m wrong it might’ve been something else, but yeah, we should build a shrine for Raj ;(

    34. Reuben

      Tommyinnit real dad is gordon 😂

      1. Reuben

        ▪This is joke btw▪

    35. Ryan Akgun

      I’m just saying will be don’t hit anymore just remember when he used to make the videos on BGM but obviously he can’t make those forever but I would like more videos like that

    36. Alvin Alfie

      I dont remember how many time will shouted GORDON

    37. Amy Howcroft-Sims

      You know what Will? Finally this year, we'll hit that 5mil!!! :D

    38. cr1tical76

      .Hell’s Kitchen x Stranger Things. Cool collab

    39. Dexter Rice

      Daddy chill

    40. Dexter Rice

      Godan be like:fuuuuuuckkkk .

    41. SkeppyFan14

      7:21 beautiful

    42. hamood fan


    43. Sniper Lewis 16

      I’m just waiting for Gordon to say the n word

    44. Tyler Wise

      I like how all of the eboys forgot they had jobs doing yt .

    45. White sans

      Gordon ramsay is Scottish

    46. Sarah Rose

      Now you guys need to do Hotel Hell especially the Brick hotel

    47. Fire Advertising

      Me watching the video: Everything is fine. Me when James says he's vegan: *No. Just -- No* Edit | Me when James says he's *NOT* Vegan: Bois, we did it!

    48. MightyPaddy

      upload alreadyyy

    49. What’s Up

      Where’s all the respect for my man Raj

      1. Faith Moody


    50. PandaXD _

      *where's the lamb sauce*

    51. Lorcán Mason

      Qhy does simib harw u

    52. leaxai and empty

      hey will if u hit 5 mill 2021 can u and james take a roadtrip to lutin and just give it to easy jet

      1. What’s Up

        Such a good idea 🤣🤣🤣

    53. Philippa Somers

      Meanwhile in wills room Will: mmm


      10:38 heard that Gordon has a black belt in Karate... Maybe thats why hes so chill.... AND he got bodyguards

    55. Alberto Loading

      I got a Gordon Ramsay advert

    56. NARUTO-ナルト-

      will seems like the type of guy to spam report you because you said a curse word

    57. CPFC MASON

      “Salmon burger” 😂😂😂😂

    58. General Dex


    59. Catrin Astrop

      Bruh how long has it been

    60. Finn Dickinson

      Will I go to the same high school you went too, I can prove it

    61. ツthebluh clan

      He went to go get milk

    62. Babyyodathickass

      Don’t watch this infront of your parents 😳😳😳😳

    63. Just Your Average AJ

      Will's reactions to everything just kill me every time. the chemistry between Will and James is truly spectacular

    64. jotaro kujo

      Lower quality restaurant's are so much better than good quality restaurant's because people are so much politer and much calmer

    65. FiN4

      You should do will and James watch judge rinder

    66. KizzSaysBoo

      “Can I have a pizza please ive been waiting for over an hour” *gets kicked out of restaurant*

    67. Morso 2410

      Gordon wakes up everyday and chooses violence

    68. Thehider 1234567

      13:45 I’ve actually talked to her on Instagram. It was so weird

    69. Thehider 1234567


    70. Bahar Bayrak

      this is gold.

    71. MINECRAFT Er

      Don’t press read more Read more

    72. Gothic Fishsticks

      Raj was actually hired to suck.

    73. raymond arias

      The vague pillow multivariately shop because mist conversantly doubt up a crooked dash. resolute, nifty maple

    74. Percy Jackson

      You win the job as Gordon’s new. head Chef at a new Restaurant, any of the chefs who get to the Black Jackets stage Usually go onto very successful restaurants.

    75. Smurphy Animations

      Campaign to stop Raj abuse 👇

    76. Ghosty

      imagine watching Hell’s Kitchen clips smh, watch full videos

    77. Muhammad Hussain

      If you don't give Gordon his Lamb Sauce he'll turn YOU into lamb sauce

    78. Ben Dover

      WhErEs ThE LAMb sAuCe

    79. Pichu as hero

      1:47 ive you win hell's kitchen you will be head chef in a good restaurant

    80. Kevin Hughes

      Watch South Beach Tow

    81. nabeel kader

      WillNe you are ugly af.

    82. Wilbur Autumns


    83. TKR Intensity

      Has anyone else noticed that wills 3rd ever vid was made 3 years after his 2nd vid

    84. Keren Mcghee

      If they do win they get $250,000 salary at a very fancy restaurant

    85. 7eight_Harrison

      Please make more of these they r rly good

    86. XXENQY

      I'm waiting for the shout out for the guy who's giving memulous a ps5 for £300

    87. NunyaPlayz


    88. Charles Hood

      ayo can anyone send me the link to where i buy this hat???

    89. Ga Lo

      Has anyone ever thought this man looks like rice gum?

    90. meme beam

      Willie just pasted memeulous in subs

    91. Riley’s GamingTime

      7:18 Best speech ever

    92. XaleTheCharacter

      why is this on the main channel tho, he uploads the same vids on his 2nd

    93. trainion

      6:07v why shouldn't i shout at you fuckwit?!

    94. Deadlie Hellings

      *meanwhile in wills room* will: m

    95. Mr Stel

      I love your accent

    96. lolasbtch fd

      Half these videos are from the wrong program mates :')

    97. gods beat

      gordon ramsey vs eminem roast and rap battle

    98. XxBerryCatxX

      Will join my zoom again I accidentally logged out of my account

    99. Spirit RedPanda

      Will congrats on overtaking George in subs you have 4.36 m and he has 4.35 m

    100. ׂ