Last 100 layer Wall Standing Wins $10,000


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    1. Jay-Mark Yadao


      1. Jayden Nagelhout

        Bro your hat looks like a fatty ass

      2. Abdul Muqeet


      3. Noah Dougherty

        Poor tristen

      4. mr gamer pro 55


      5. Nakshatra P.S.


    2. wolfie the alpha

      Trent vs jake the Viking

    3. wolfie the alpha

      Trent vs dwayne johnson

    4. Rencezzle Bernabe

      I loke zach reaction to him self talking back

    5. Jayden Nagelhout

      Funny vid

    6. X_Raiins_V

      I subscribed

    7. Zeeshan Hussain

      You should put guns tooooooooo🔫

    8. VenomPro360

      Jeremy said it makes sense in his head because he thinks probably since he built it, it’s weaker then the people who bought it

    9. VenomPro360

      I think Zach did it to his wall on purpose because everyone agreed since he went over budget he had to get some damage in, but maybe not cause Zach cheats almost every single time lol

    10. VenomPro360

      Oh I did not expect that They go right back That’s what I thought

    11. logan gaming yt

      Hey do 100 layers of hockey tape pls like so he can see

    12. brockiergrub playz

      Try 100 layers of trent

    13. Gwapppa The king

      Arnold is in his shirt

    14. Your Mom

      Me two

    15. Joswald20


    16. LoganGotGame

      All I want is a like from Dustin Subscribe

    17. ZoulixxIsBetterThanMorality

      Can i get trents workout routine?

    18. Mosie Romano

      I like how Trent is talking now

    19. Sean Mast

      I love the Excalibur part cause sao is my fav anime

    20. shawngoldsmith77

      RIP Bachelo

    21. Drift Kingxl

      Why don’t u Just make the wall as weak as possible and break your own wall and grab the money

    22. Shark Bro's

      can someone think of a new idea for a wall video because I miss the wall series

    23. Noah Young

      How much would I have to pay to let Trent punch me in the arm?

    24. Nate Short

      I like your videos

    25. Alex Garcia-Pulido

      and i feel bad for your wall

    26. Alex Garcia-Pulido

      i like your vids

    27. Preston lands

      I wonder how many he destroy the work shop

    28. Brian Ecker


    29. Kaylx Armstrong

      17:47 his face

    30. mr gamer pro 55

      I died

    31. Will


    32. Analiza Venezuela

      I sub to your vids ilove your vids

    33. M_the_ gamer

      my question is why they didn't go for the turf the whole time🤣

    34. Elisha Barrett

      i do to

    35. Elisha Barrett

      hi ma fan

    36. Nate Lee

      Hey dude it’s been a month when you making the next vid??? Also sawoooooooooop

    37. koolbrayden 21gaming

      Dustin zack is the winner Me he went in 0.5 seconds after round ended so he was disqualified

    38. Mike Peterson

      Got a great idea for a video hit me up

    39. Mike Peterson

      Nice cant wait for the next one

    40. Mini Boy123

      Justin looks like the old ones out

    41. Skyzen Enos Koa

      He Dustin are you still friends with Trav

    42. Ben Havasy

      do you know wolfie?

    43. Awesome cool person

      Trent saying baby arms was the highlight of the video

    44. 1daniol


    45. Arin Cakar

      Subcribe and like the video

    46. Kydawgs Choppa

      The mashey, the rashey

    47. Steven Greene

      i like your hard work and your vids

    48. Shaun Pethers

      Do 100 layers of hats

    49. Psyko_0001

      OVER 9000

    50. Susan Xiong

      Can you do a wood wall?

      1. Susan Xiong


    51. Mark Segerstrom

    52. Jacob Silverio

      Hay Dustin like this comment

    53. James Fleming Jr

      i'm new

    54. James Fleming Jr


    55. buthole sucker

      however many likes on this is how many bts armys are watching

    56. LAGReFleX1987

      For hunting u should do 100 layers of mash

    57. God

      Subscribe to Justin

    58. just a guy 200

      It's called a monkey ball or a monkey club

    59. Peter George

      unscribing because of this video. .so.irritating

    60. kaisun21


    61. Levi Smith


    62. Nyoom chonk

      damn Trent is a one man army

    63. Zub Zer0

      Trent is like jotaro “Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora”

    64. William Ceja

      Do a play Dow wall with line X

    65. Ethan Monster Pro


    66. little wermanwerman

      you suk

    67. Bailey Ford


    68. straikto gamer

      Your channel is just Dustin and there's your friends in all your videos. That makes total sense

    69. Walker Shelton

      Furst one to get through Trent wins $1,000,000

    70. Extreme MTB Life

      JustDustin in 5050: Suuuuuuuuweeeeee welcome back today we are breaking through 100 layers of titanium with my light saber. Love your content

    71. Alvaro Castillo

      Can u please do a 100 layer wall made of chains or chainmill 😃🖐️👍🙌

    72. Jack Hunt

      Can you do a 100 layer Of wrapping paper

    73. Lps Lover!!

      Trent needs to shave his beard my ant like you without the beard lol

    74. Randy Austin

      Trent vs. Logan Paul coming soon 2021

    75. Aiden Allen

      Who u think would win in a boxing macth Trent or blob from wolverine

    76. Tabasum Qureshi

      U should buy a tank but not distroy it and ues the tank to distroy stuff i guess

    77. bridget miller

      Make iPhone wall

      1. bridget miller


    78. LeoNLlamas 101

      JustDustin is the best yt

    79. jojo awesomeness

      Jeremys wall just moved out of the way of the weapon then back into place

    80. Rubina Grannum

      Make me a not sharp bat shety

    81. Dark Side Of Hell

      Ill fight trent

    82. Dana Platt


    83. THAT dude

      This reminds me of a beast....

    84. Lane Weirrick

      I genuinely do not like Zach

    85. jenni039

      Make a challenge where Trent and the others break layers of dry wall with the worst weapons in the world

    86. Richard Goodman

      Make a house made out of only doors

    87. GamingWithChris

      Can you post another video

    88. GamingWithChris

      Can you post another video

    89. Gabriel Credille

      Line-X how box and then see if anybody can break out of it but make your door in it so nobody gets stuck inside there

    90. Ranveer Chauhan

      Where is alboe at?

    91. MexicanJesus

      Anyone else remember when he tried to get into the KGup boxing drama?

    92. Beta taken omega

      Make a wall out of Amazon packing tape or the clear packing tape

    93. Lance Cocks

      Make them do first one to Break a wall of gold wins $10,000

    94. Chesney Slayton

      No I definitely don’t wanna go against Trent

    95. Kevin Johnson

      100-layer glass wall

    96. MxsticSam

      The mache!!

    97. Marie Doyle

      Trent Vs Logan pool

    98. David Dada

      No offense but does anyone else thinks Trent sounds like a viking?

      1. sparrow btw

        No offense but no

    99. Sage Sam

      Trents face at the end made me wanna cry. I feel like he’s such a teddy bear of a man.

    100. DS2T08-CHOW Yin Hong [p]

      you look like the buff guy dustin