FC Barcelona

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    Barça beat Athletic Club in the final of the Copa del Rey. Griezmann, De Jong & Messi x2 the Goal scorers in a brilliant performance from the Blaugranas.
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    1. Arnold Enrique Henriquez Nuñez

      Griezmann + Alba + De Jong + MESSI Fueron los heroes de esta copa

    2. Md. Rifat Morshed

      Barça After 36 matches: Piqué in the starting 11: 47% Win rate Piqué out of the starting 11: 83% Win rate

    3. yemen Gran

      ¡Viva Cataluña, España, viva Yemen🇾🇪❤️🇪🇸

    4. do_w_ob

      glad that Messi doesn't need to shoulder all of the responsibility anymore.

    5. Yam Bahadur Rai

      Wow messi

    6. hen ko

      و الله العظيم إلى دعيت من قلبي لكل شخص دار أبوني الله يفرجها عليه دنیا و آخرة و يرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب و خلي ليه أعز ما عندو یا رب

    7. ابو زينب ابو زينب


    8. حسوني ابن الموصل


    9. Ptao Tom

      Sudah tiga hari #4 trinding Di Indonesia Malaysia 🇲🇨🇲🇾

    10. Rajat Singh

      Good to know messi is comfortable with teammates ahain 😄

      1. hen ko



      Man messi looks hood without bear and first time i saw him i saw without bear

    12. deepak Singh


    13. bofooit gojo

      This looked to me as the Barça that I have seen in a while.. Game of the Year For Fc barcelona 💥💯💯💯💛❤️💙

      1. Ptao Tom


    14. CM FANs

      The M10 WoW

    15. دلوو پاشايى

      𝙻l͞e͞o͞ m͞e͞s͞s͞i͞👽

      1. soinu foig

        Udah trending 4 matap lah ayo trending 1 guys biar dedemit kejang kejang liat ini,apa lagi mereka main imbang mlm tadi wkwkwk

    16. Uriii gameplay

      Win on barca🤟❤️💙🥂

      1. soinu foig

        Messi 👋👋👋

    17. devraj

      Moron channel, u hav so much revenue provide english commentary atleast

      1. bofooit gojo


    18. 13970025 Raphael Ethan Kurniawan


      1. soinu foig

        Vender alba umtiti I pique

    19. Sávio1077

      vamos mi Barça

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Barca referee is 🔥🔥

    20. minij hooi

      Jordi Alaba the most underrated Lb in the game it’s crazy dude is the best lb in the world rn nobody comes close

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Vender alba umtiti I pique

    21. Fernando Kuzunoha

      4:09 Segiño: HEY!... oh it's Messi

      1. soinu foig


    22. neymar jr

      And barva is back

      1. niduoe stre

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    23. Ron Andrach


      1. niduoe stre

        Surely we will miss Messi when he retires

    24. Deborah Mouille


      1. minij hooi

        Alba played more like a winger than a left back in copa del rey

    25. Isaac Jet

      I dont knw what exactly De Jong is doing but what is doing is doing it right

    26. جعفر فراس

      خرا يعني خرا

    27. StracGamer 1204


      1. bodoti qwiu

        Barca rules forever

    28. Sebas Romero

      Messiento bien 😎

    29. Pedro Guilherme

      Messi 👋👋👋

      1. bowen voowy

        That was amazing ?????

    30. niduoe stre

      Udah trending 4 matap lah ayo trending 1 guys biar dedemit kejang kejang liat ini,apa lagi mereka main imbang mlm tadi wkwkwk

      1. bowen voowy


    31. Aditya Julkifli


      1. bodoti qwiu

        Absolute Masterclass from Messi and co❤️❤️ we havent seen a barca with this kind of hunger and team spirit in a long time

    32. flor corrales


    33. Felipa Lizana Rojas

      Vender alba umtiti I pique

      1. niduoe stre


    34. SUHAIL Ansari

      Barca referee is 🔥🔥

    35. Cristiani Renalda

      Aku ingin jadi pemain bola. Tapi aku d kampung..

    36. I'm Acapela

      Surely we will miss Messi when he retires

    37. Lincoln Leo

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      1. lissa Johnson

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      2. Susan Gorsi

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      4. Brayden Eric

        @Noah Ethan Thanks for her info, I'll get to her now

      5. Dominic Evan

        I've seen a lot of success stories/recommendations about her before now, so she must be genuine for people to speak so positively about her?

    38. Nabeeh Fawzan

      Alba played more like a winger than a left back in copa del rey

    39. Sam Good

      It looks like Unai Simon had a good game, despite conceding 4 goals

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    40. azra

      man im seeing that 2015 messi all over again.. messi in his prime

    41. bodoti qwiu

      Absolute Masterclass from Messi and co❤️❤️ we havent seen a barca with this kind of hunger and team spirit in a long time

    42. Yakata Films

      Barca rules forever

    43. Mojojojo TV


    44. Jona bebe

      Dest siendo el tronco sobrevalorado de siempre, hasta layun es mejor hahaha

    45. João Henrique

      Visto el 27/04/2021 a las 23:01

    46. Luis Puente

      El Chucky Lozano

    47. Phát Đặng Tấn


    48. Phát Đặng Tấn


    49. Phát Đặng Tấn


    50. Phát Đặng Tấn


    51. Flor de María Ortiz Castro

      Algún día jugaré ahí quién me apolla

    52. عاكش MR々

      وين العراقين شو بس نكليزي🤣

    53. Rahul Agarwal

      AB sams sahi bola

    54. Lara L

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    55. GALAXY PUM


    56. Socorro Roque

      Parabéns Sou muito seu fã Warley Cuiabá MT Brasil

    57. Arsim Spahiu

      Messi kingggggg Ronaldo nopppp

    58. Dipl.-Ing. Rudy Wijaya

      Congratulations 👍👏👏

    59. Yakata Films

      Barca is born in me ... am incomplete without Barca !

    60. Emily Jackson

      I love you messi

    61. vasco kacope

      incrível Messi revendo de Angola ( Lobito) o melhor de sempre 2021 2021

    62. M4RCKOS


    63. Andrew Bell

      Try and tell me Messi ain't the best ffs.

    64. Yocheved Rotkopf

      Same here

    65. Ask to seduce Miss

      Sudah tiga hari #4 trinding Di Indonesia Malaysia 🇲🇨🇲🇾

    66. Joseph Kipkulei

      Smooth face Messi 😈

    67. Rund um den Sv Niederwerth

      0-1 Antoine Griezmann (60 min) 0-2 Frenkie de Jong (63 min) 0-3 Lionel Messi (68 min) 0-4 Lionel Messi (72 min)

    68. Đức Nguyễn


      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        De jong the man

    69. Robert Fabian Nuñez Aguirre

      El Messi sin barba es letal. Solo le falta el pelo largo y el Barcelona vuelve a ser el de antes😅

      1. NoName2020

        En el próximo partido hay que llevar un mosaico gigante con Messi afeitándose hahahahaha.

    70. Pm Andy

      Messi the best.

    71. Elisabeth Torres


    72. Elisabeth Torres


    73. Cristobalcristo

      Pal highlight dijo el barça 🥵

    74. Nilva Pereira

      Jackson mc Flamengo

    75. Josh Motivation

      👍 good

    76. Storm Vatican

      Ghislaine Maxwell makes first US court appearance

    77. Muhd Syazwan


    78. Luka Gubler

      Griezmann + Alba + Messi + De Jong = Win. Congratulations Barca. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. Boniface

      After watching this match, I think messi will win the next ballon d' or

    80. NUKE

      People might not understand how cool this goal was at 3:54 You are just looking at the final moments of the execution, what you didn't know is that Barca made a 59 super rondo before Messi scoring the goal. Basically, Barca players passed the ball 59 times between them withought the opposition ever getting close to the ball and also withought Messi touching the ball... Then at the 59th pass Messi got the ball and scored it in his trademark way, executing the goalkeeper. Superb!

    81. C80 King

      Alba the real assistant

    82. C80 King

      Griezmann the stronger

    83. C80 King

      De jong the man

    84. C80 King

      Messi Number 1 my idol eres mi idolo

    85. Michael Zen

      Athletico mahn💙

    86. Harold Benson

      Our road to winning this trophy reminds me of our road to winning the 2015 champions league.

    87. Baurjan Ongorov


    88. Ajnas Ajnas

      Messi power aan

    89. Manchester United Fc


    90. Nasir Abdullah

      Messi looks best without beard

    91. Aakash rathor


    92. Vignesh Rachha

      As a Barcelona fan, its terrible to see your Team celebrate a Copa Del rey victory at this scale. (Hopefully they will win a UCL soon) Modern day bottlers.

    93. Robson Lourenço Ferreira


      1. Robson Lourenço Ferreira


      2. Willie

        No I ain't going

    94. Lavínia Sousa

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    95. Fizdrul Cr7

      Hehehe messilona and team win small cup... Is like carabao cup in england 😁😁😁👍👍👍congracts messilona

    96. Yehuda Sofir Music


    97. Lele fcb吐吐

      Forca barca ĹŤ7 👸🤴❤️💙✌️🤙🌷🕊️🔐

    98. المروه العقاريه 1


    99. Pork Sit

      Bet Barca is gunna win la liga

    100. ajay attada

      F djong , messi combination goal❤️