What's in the Box? - Game Theory's BIG Secret

The Game Theorists

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    Last year we raised over $1.3 MILLION for St. Jude with our charity livestream. We were so happy and humbled with how the event went. Our community is AMAZING! Today, we were sent a surprise Mystery Box and invited to a special call with our friend Miguel from St. Jude! What's in the box? What SPECIAL announcement may be happening? It's time to find out!
    Join us for our next Charity Livestream on December 1st, 2020!
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    1. abhiram vishwanath

      3 million let's gooooo

    2. Rain Wilson

      So I just happened to watch on DEC 1 ok

    3. Solving Potatoes

      Anyone remember matpat with a beard

    4. Maryori Carrillo

      When Stephanie cries, it always breaks me

    5. Roblox dvrftgbyh

      why the dislike

    6. Takla Hiro BUTHAN

      So what's the goal this time?

    7. Takla Hiro BUTHAN

      Ronnie would be proud of you guys

    8. Cookie Games

      Skip To 10:11 if u wanna see the box open

    9. Logan De Lange


    10. Qabqaub Qabqaub

      “They protecc” “They attacc” “But most importantly...” “They got saint jude bacc”

    11. Jonathan Happel

      There must be a fourth theorist channel. Complete the circle of achievements and make a fourth theory channel with the bottom right filled in.

    12. Timothine v

      If only he put his mic down

    13. Savimbi

      So he can open an IRL box, but opening FNAFs box is "too hard".

    14. kevvy

      ee urr

    15. Lukas Reimer


    16. Simonsaysgaming

      No. NO. _NO!_ _NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!_

    17. XMr. BlankX

      *It's the pieces put together*

    18. Blue Tube

      MatPat: Starts tearing up Me: ... Steph: Starts crying. Me: No no no no no you’re gonna make me start crying. But yeah I agree with Steph Crying sucks!

    19. asmgnasa11

      Dadbod MatPAt lolol

    20. Basement Gamer

      This is a premare level event Also the stream becomeing annual will be an amazing thing

    21. Stealthy Squirrel

      December 3rd is my birthday!

    22. ibuki mioda

      I love your fnaf onesie

    23. Garrison Frosst

      You are doing a good thing 👍

    24. Gacha Rat

      When does he go live for security breach

    25. tails doll chao Heartless Roxas

      This was lame video

    26. Hannah Fields

      Hey you are my favorite KGupr

    27. Delaney Lindh

      When I tell you I cried- I couldn’t donate last year because I didn’t have any money, but I will be donating this year for sure 🥰

    28. Celina Varchausky

      Thank you so much for helping with this cause, it really does make a change

    29. Ryan Elzinga

      Game Theroy + Rooster Teeth = Fundraising gods, you guys should join up one year for Extra Life, it would be amazing

    30. Draon029

      I really do hate that I missed the st. Jude stream. It seemed like an incredible crossover episode.

    31. Rem

      I was expecting Michael's robotic body tbh

    32. Alyssa Estrada

      When they said, ”First is worst, Second is best.” my first-grade year memories said, ”Ah, you remember us.”

    33. glootfrootswoot

      I hope it isn’t lost on anyone here that this award literally wouldn’t exist without St Jude’s hospital because ... well, as theorists we can speculate on how dark that alternate timeline really is

    34. Stanislav Chumarin

      That is so SO emotional. I just wander how have you done That

    35. Ryelynn Dietz

      Hey Matpat read the book pay it forward

    36. Super Levo

      Ik Yall won't see this, but thank you Game Theorists, you guys really make my day. Yall also remind me that there are still some people out there that use their money for good, and helping others. Thanks guys, for being good ppl! P.s, if the fire princess from adventure time had a brother that would probably be him.

    37. Pony Play’s

      Your wife is cute

    38. Katy 09133

      How can you dislike this

    39. leonard barlow

      Miguel: i got engaged Stephanie: What?! Are you crazy?! Matpat: ...

    40. Sam83 Is random

      Steph and Matt: o-o” thank god we filmed this

    41. Andy Umana

      Security breach was delayed

    42. Dhruv Gandhi

      I love how the CEO is on a zoom background

    43. Myrane Hubbard

      My birthday is on December 3! I remember the live stream!

    44. Tony Blank


    45. TheRManProds


    46. TheRManProds


    47. Arbie co

      if you look closely at their eyes it looks happy, i love that.

    48. Bill Cipher

      “What’s in the box?” Sounds like a Fnaf theory title

    49. Dysfunctional Charger

      Pewdiepie: 1.3 million dollars that’s rookie numbers

    50. Ziyard Umair


    51. Khari Lewis

      happy halloween

    52. gummykitty10

      Good luck trying to keep it away from oliver

    53. Krystle D

      Wait, MatPat can marry people???? ...how can I acquire these services?

    54. xx MyNameIsL xx

      PUSH IT TO 1.5 MILLION!! :D

    55. BeerAndWarcraft

      I like this channel.

    56. Infernocus_ game

      Scott when will you open the box

    57. gamer Jorge

      We got to admit mat is just a great human

    58. A Rosson

      This is really cool matt and steph

    59. DNAsGhostzHouze

      Based on that goofy looking smile on Mat's face in the thumbnail, I'm gonna guess whats in a box is a Nintendo Switch and a big bottle of soy milk...

      1. mythicaltoaster the epic


    60. Waluigi The God

      oh yeah yeah

    61. Grayson Pitman

      I don’t understand how almost 1000 people dislike this.

      1. Charlotte Williamson


    62. Moxie's Voiceover

      This is some Mr. Beast level generosity here

    63. AS - 06BJ 875064 Cheyne MS

      the people who disliked this vid were to crying of happens and pressed wrong button

    64. Emmett Barley

      *B O X*

    65. Michiel Hoeree

      0:52 in the quick timelaps it really looks like she started crying for like 5 seconds and then just moved on like it was nothing.

    66. Marcel b

      Hey, Matpad where do you buy your clothes? I like them.

    67. Andy Montes

      Those who gave a thumbs down to the video have no heart because this is about kids who suffer through most of their childhood and don’t get to experience the many wonderful things a healthy child should.

    68. Yoda Trombonist

      When I see that this video has dislikes: anyone deserves life...just not everyone

    69. DeltaWolf 1325

      MatPat and Steph really did earn this. I can’t think of anybody else should have gotten this. They use their platform to do good

    70. Not Dr. Gears

      Mat pat is the most wholesome KGupr ever

    71. Tanya McIntosh

      Anyone still watch this video?

    72. Christopher Adams

      Safe and sound

    73. PIZZABOY22

      The 971people disliked this are dumb who would dislike this!!

    74. HeyItsMiney Games

      “In everything I did, i showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘ It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” - Acts 20:35

    75. AhmedPlaysGames !

      Mat: YEA :Stef : oh yea it’s big brain time

    76. Aleeyah Cook

      I really wished they won the money from Mr. Beast. They are so loving and giving and they could have given it away to charity!!!!

    77. Ryleesnaps

      I love this so much, I am crying. 😭 God bless all of you.

    78. Mike / Fujiwara Takumi

      Pritty uneventful HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    79. Superb

      Only crazy people get engaged

    80. Arie Clafary

      HOw Are TheY NOt BrEAkiNg doWn WitH TeArs? Both times I cried- these people are statues

    81. Tester Wulf :3

      i’m honestly sad I waited this long to see this! I didn’t think it’d be anything special, but it was *so* special and emotional. Thank you, you guys are amazing and have done so much..you guys are truly amazing people!

    82. Edrian Hernandez


    83. Hunter Timmons

      This is such a cool video

    84. niko the vampire

      Dear matt patt petcop is back

    85. Mini Jeff

      i cried like 50 times in this video, im so proud of you guys matt and steph, i love you guys

    86. Scocty Awencome


    87. Pesty Lucas

      It’s your wife’s head. (This is a reference)

    88. Nooby

      Wait second for me to hunt these 970 people

    89. nobd kcah

      it looks trash but who need looks if it has a cool story behind it

    90. E

      Can we get someone to make a clip of Stephanie and Mat clapping for a straight minute

    91. CaveWaiterHowdy Backup edition

      Miguel: "yeah, it was pretty uneventful, I got engaged, I'm now a citizen, I discovered an ancient race of aliens, I met god, I saved the planet from destruction 8 times, I found the person who asked, and I invented a plane that flies faster than the speed of light, so the year was pretty uneventful, I'd say."

    92. Pure heart


    93. Tane Burchett

      Me: *sees the dislikes Also me: must be a mistake

    94. eugene jr viray

      Dawko there :O

    95. Funnhi

      im just now seeing how sus matt patt is

    96. The real murderer from the comic edited

      This was cool Read if you wanna do MORE FNaF lore What is the Springtrap and Delilah lore?

    97. Will Smith

      Someday, I hope to be in the same position as you guys, I hope to be able to spread joy like you.

    98. Cağatay Eren

      Can someone briefly explain what happens in the video to me?

    99. SeniorSwanky

      *dont worry I cried too Stephanie*

    100. meme gaming

      Me : pls be fnaf books