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    If you finish art school, you win $10,000 no joke
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe and we might let you attend our art school where we give u money to finish it haha

      1. Samuel Jonathan V

        i subed to your channel bro pls let me

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      3. Mohamed Konna

        @BTS X ARMY no I just like the idea of letting people join them in art school

      4. FaZe Sway


      5. Softiehe

        I love ur vids u really give the energy and help me during Corona tysm

    2. Lilly Shou

      i love manayyys

    3. fire syed

      I thought Izzy was going to win

    4. Isaiah17Sports

      I love your videos

    5. Isaiah17Sports

      Man you Kim to my hows

    6. Maryknoll Sucks!

      Hitler is automatically disqualified because we don't want another WW

    7. vika

      Kenz is really annoying.

    8. Athari AlAhbabi

      wow art class cool i want to join in the art class haha!

    9. Perry Ben

      Carbon copy of mr beast

    10. Alex Gaming YT

      I'm subbd

    11. CandyKylie_Plays

      >:l ewwwww

    12. John Ven David Tingholo

      Ok Zach by the way I'm david

    13. Gacha_life Shadow_wolf

      I think I wanna go to art school because I like to draw but I’m not goood and when I see your vids I feel bad at drawing so I wanna attempt to art school when I get old enough

    14. Gacha_life Shadow_wolf


    15. Gacha_life Shadow_wolf

      I loved Theis video it was so awsome and Mayo isn’t that bad as well

    16. x COOKIE SQUAD x

      people who live far away will understand the pain for not receiving a gift from ZHC 🙂💔

    17. Letecia Beck

      I love your videos

    18. Sgs Lalam

      I love your art

    19. Lorelai Brown

      whats wrong about a spoon full of it i would do it

    20. Chicken Nuggets for life

      I want to take a nap 😴

    21. Sebastian Surber

      When I saw the thumbnail I actually thought Zach had kids paint 🤣

    22. Hana

      Izzy could've won but the sea monster she did way better but they felt bad and voted Jake lol

    23. Sanaa W

      This is ausome

    24. It’s_Cjeval YT

      Im very good at history

    25. Berha Aguilar

      I love your videos

    26. Haley's Life and Fun

      Please answer me

    27. Haley's Life and Fun

      Love your videos

    28. Olivia Oehrlein

      you should go to picsArt and follow wildthing33

    29. Olivia Oehrlein

      I love your vids and you are so lucky to have such a creative mind

    30. sawtin mg


    31. sawtin mg

      I can draw on the iphone

    32. minn ngatini wang

      whY Y0u GuYs H4T3 M4y0

    33. minn ngatini wang

      michelle: make a wish my mind: song (nct u : make a wish) *whistles make a wish tune*

    34. Abigail Barnett

      Anyone notice that he went after the girls

    35. Kassandra Alex Pena

      You guys are best I am not as good like you😢😔

    36. Zainab Mohammed


    37. Zainab Mohammed


    38. Itachified

      "A spoon full of mayonnaise" "NAOOOOO"

    39. Gavin Manegio

      I love your videos


      I love mayonnaise!

    41. julia Wagner


    42. Cara Nitescu

      Vincent van Gogh (he is form the Netherlands Just like I'm ZHC : Vigsent van koek Me : vinsent van GOG (I spell it like it is saying) Pls no hate

    43. Sara Almeraikhi

      That is so cool you need to show me how do you did that

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    45. LedAde

      Have any of you guys guessed that there all tryna win 10,000 dollars but the video is 10.00

    46. Lily Irwin

      How is 11.5 out of 10 possible

    47. Irene Lu

      Me: likes mayonese,wants to lose loll 👁👄👁

    48. Wyxcels YT

      I like jakes painting I’m a fan of jake.

    49. shayista Batool

      Customize a KTM RC 390

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    52. Marley Camp

      I love all the girls!

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    57. Jamilet Ruelas

      Please give me a PS five pls pls pls pls pls ppls pls pls

    58. hasmukh deugi

      Wait ZHC are you really going to choose people to come to art school of yours.

    59. Thana al wani

      The Dani

    60. vini vijay

      The red headed girl I don't know her name I think mechanzi she looks like Iamsanna

    61. Leslie Torres

      I am a big fan

    62. Leslie Torres


    63. DJ Alex

      Hi guys I’m ALEX

    64. Pokémon Bunnygirl

      Me by *FLEX* family it was rlly expensive but there cute was worth it UwU

    65. Chalanda Hook

      Can I have a phone 12 pro and a a MacBook Pro can I have all the customized

    66. Khurram Sadiq

      I really really wanna win a giveaway of an iPhone 12 which is a bts themed because my old phone is completely broken and i always have to use my moms phone please please 🥺🙏🙏🥺

    67. Grace Rhodes


    68. Madison Henry

      You should have a art class for kids or in a vid call

    69. Ellyza Luca

      I am your bigest FAAANNNN

    70. Ellyza Luca

      I love art 🎨

    71. Samuel Jonathan V

      i would have a spoon of mayo cause i love maya my bro eats atleast 3 to 4 spoons of mayo

    72. Samuel Jonathan V

      Hi zhc i love your channel zhc crafts and zhc the video is good and u and your team are so good and i want to join the art school bro.

    73. Advaith Arun


    74. Carlos Rodriguez

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    75. Carlos Rodriguez

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    76. Carlos Rodriguez

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    77. Adan Lopez

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    78. Adan Lopez

      Hi ZHC you do the beeeeeeeeeeest vids me poor I want iPad Pro pls I’m in America

    79. Ucetroy_901 clan ynw L

      Your my favorite artist ever

    80. the hampster boy boy g

      Can you give me a new laptop mine broke and I want a new one or a phone or somthing plzz

    81. surya pradhan

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    85. Gyorgyi Belkadi

      nobody: me: this looks like the Mr Beast video of going back to grade 1

    86. ExtremeSledding

      I wanna go to art school lol

    87. Shiji Sd

      Big big big big big fan

    88. FUN PARTY

      hello to all beautiful people here, would love to attend this school 😀

    89. Flower Mood

      When ur already subscribed but you want to subscribe again : 😫✋

    90. Varenka Aldana

      BTW your my idol.

    91. Varenka Aldana

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    92. Satish Gurung

      My favorite subject is arts and i love arts and i love scatch

    93. Tania Renish

      I dare you to give me $1000

    94. Kristian Srbinoski

      I'm poor and I only have a 500 dollar ampartment

    95. Lydia Moss

      Zach:you get a spoon full of mayonnaise Everyone: ewwwwwwwwweww Me: it’s better than 5 yr old eggs!!!!

    96. Benjamin Kenney

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    97. Life Tea

      wow, im from Indonesia, and $10.000 in Indonesia you can buy over 100 phone, thats a lot :o

    98. Mini Stewart

      Did anyone notice how everyone was elimstad in the order they were sitting in the beginning which is weird

    99. Huzaifa Haque

      I dont understand why they hate mayo so much, i like it

    100. the hampster boy boy g

      Will you give me a new laptop mine just broke and I can't get a new one