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    1. Seeker Gaming

      Then he pranks his mum after she's done the dirty w his dad then 😶👀👀

    2. Tommaso impellittiere

      meet the pyro

    3. Not WarriorDan

      Your parents bought you the house fed you and took care and your not even petting them sleep

    4. 5starsplayz

      The bathroom is bigger then my house

    5. That Boba Girl

      Again no part two

    6. Mirko

      Everything is white so it will stain in red

    7. CFV squad

      Part 2 plssssss

    8. Michael Centeno

      part 2 plssss

    9. Lost_ Gamer

      His parents bathroom is literally the size of my house😂

    10. Denis Badoi

      The gass mask is cold gp5 respirator. And is from Russia

    11. Zaynah Khan

      Ur gonna give it parents a heart attack

    12. Ahmad Latouf

      The gas mask he had was used in RUSSIA in the 90s

    13. Purple Dragon126

      I remember an old story about a little shit you got eat for crying wolf they remember the wolf better than the boy cuz after that day it was quit

    14. Anna Violette

      He still has not filled there reaction

    15. a filthy lizard person

      Now learn Russian

    16. 11sjv • 5 years ago

      a s b e s t o s

    17. Shinigami13

      Bruh my dad would shoot me

    18. yumi malong


    19. Royce Li

      Wow he got it all planned

    20. Joell Lovett

      What's happening

    21. dahshiplover_3873 FRIOFOFRIR

      thats just a naz gas mask from WWI. wouldn’t be scared if i saw that

    22. cindymaart Cindymaart

      When you are on your way to the shower and I saw a dark figure you better check your bathroom again...

    23. vyankatesh

      If i do this with my parents Ok so u have chosen death.

    24. Гунчам Алимова


    25. Danny Thompson

      This pranks to far stop

    26. KF HUB

      Hate these kinds of tiktokers who cuts it off dude.

    27. ticOuSeN_

      At this rate he about to get a whooping if something bad actually happens

    28. Makayla Goldston

      You have the best pranks

    29. Fayebie Love Curay Tabaranza

      Dude where did u get fake blood

    30. Arachnid

      I’m terrified for them

    31. mxrks

      Send a link to it

    32. pasivakčjomai per gamta

      Bruh why do you have the filter on you know it has asbestos :/

    33. Aesthetic Queen

      He never did it

    34. Baby Jesus

      I dont like itttttt very scary mask 😟😓😓😓

    35. John Alexander Dollente


    36. The two man band

      Bru why you not show prank yet

    37. Tibiano Uru

      Tutorial . How to get shoot by your parents

    38. Sam Raj Devapriyam


    39. Google it

      Ok so if anyone search's up his age just🤣 do it , it will make your day!

    40. MoM oF yEeTeRs :3

      The mask is the same piggy characters face torch in piggy roblox

    41. Yehia Hisham

      Lol he should pull out a flamethrower and bam,P Y R O

    42. Dev Malviya

      Just be carefull while. Doing this

    43. Kun-woo Park Gacha

      You should do a World war veteran prank on them using those masks on their clothes XD

    44. bartekolk

      Your dad : *takes gun out*. You: jumps out. Your dad: * shots you*. You : died

    45. Apo Aso


    46. Neeraj S

      You look like a screenslaver in incredibles

    47. Ani Quratulain

      What happened next I wanna see

    48. Lutlutlut Alte

      Where is Part 2?

    49. Giada Maggi


    50. Random stuff Pls sub

      Pt 2 pls

    51. Diesel 41

      And if one of ur parents has a heart attack then what?

    52. Raiyan's gaming

      I know..adount the music...The music from roblox piggy clowny skin

    53. J.R chan

      If i did that...I'll be black and blue later on😂

    54. WGAG Gaming

      He looks like the guy to wash his pet fish

    55. xXcloudy1Xx :D

      bro if my children do this to me when i have kids im killing them i have bad anxiety so i would probally die of an anxiety attack😭😭

    56. CedReL

      A beats by pill


      Him: come back for part 2 Part 2:

    58. Philip Meikle

      ...CNN at 8, parents shoot son thinking he was intruder out to murder them

    59. TJGエラー 1426

      My dad once told me a story about a little girl who wanted to prank her dad by pretending there was an intruder in the house. The dad took out a shotgun and when the girl surprised him he shot her accidentally.

    60. Jango Fett

      Nice job you just inhaled asbestos

    61. Luna Mare

      Did he post part two? I can’t find it

    62. Natzkie Seven Soriano

      Fake blood to barduecue sauce

    63. baddie Xoxo1


    64. Mase H


    65. OGxCritxs

      Where’s part2

    66. þø Royale Lakes øþ

      I would have put you up for adoption

    67. rohith gandhi

      They gonna smack you😂

    68. Emma Brown

      I saw it said "good luck"


      His batrom IS my parrots cage kind of



    71. Tiger Universe

      I love his videos cause I like pranking people

    72. Gentiana Allkushi

      Part two please

    73. rayan manoochehri

      Paŕrrrttttt 2222

    74. Natalia Gutierrez

      Like come on

    75. Natalia Gutierrez

      You did not do part three on the intruder prank .

    76. Cheese

      Don’t do this in Texas because you’ll get fucking shot

    77. •*Mars•* #1028

      Bruh you always say part to I never See the part 2s

    78. Jugcotiz

      Getting shot speedrun

    79. •AnnieInnIt•

      Dude the song remembers me of clowny's theme from piggy (its on roblox)

    80. AssassinNoir 101

      Lmfao ur from America right doesn’t that mean you would get shot on sight

    81. McKenzie J

      Why haven’t you made a part 2 TYPE A FEW WORDS NOT MUCH EDITING

    82. Alonna Fox

      Wait wait and see your parents get scared yet

    83. Efe Duran

      gp-5 gas mask nice

    84. Jack Gordon

      This dude: Puts on gas mask. Me: No wait don't do that. That's a GP-5 gas mask with a GP-5 filter. GP-5 filters contain asbestos. There is really no risk using that filter unless it is damaged though, so I don't know what I went on this rant for.

    85. XxShenanyBoixX Gaming


    86. Leah Redarowicz

      Why would he do this to his parents!?

    87. Mario Wyant

      Dude why though that's going to scare everyone that comes

    88. StirFryChat

      He is gonna scare his parents and jumpscare them

    89. Kai and par films

      Part 2 hasn't been here in months

    90. Jackson Acker

      You didn’t even show us the good part

    91. Enchanted Purple

      He knows he just wants attention and there no part 2.

    92. Simply Eg

      I would never do that

    93. Sami's world

      I'll be like the Russians are attacking

    94. Embers the cat

      When they see this before they come home- 👁‍🗨👅👁‍🗨 (oh how the turn tables)

    95. Gamal Castile

      Omg I HATE gas masks. They're the creepiest thing EVER!

    96. Headofthelime66

      The Gp5 is a genuinely good gas mask though

    97. EJ_blox123

      This guy never does a part 2 of a video that need a part 2 but I still like his content though.

    98. XPlore - Roblox

      Hmm yes wirelss speakers and fake blood and a mask and the floor is made of floor

    99. Daniel Potatoe

      Come on I really wanted to see their reactions XD