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    1. Noah Papadopoulos

      Stop being a baby. I play keyboard and mouse on PS4 and it’s fine

    2. ASAP txens

      bruh i play keyboard and mouse on ps4 600 earnings

    3. Joshua Betesh-micciolo

      I got the xbox series x

    4. Alexandra Saltzman


    5. BH Xick

      i am proly the bes 20 fps fortnut player here idk what you complain about i play kbm and get 20 and under

    6. Big boi Chungus

      Who misses the pump

    7. Grant A Goat

      I know I’m not ganna get picked by u but can I please win a ps5 or Xbox series x idc witch one just please fresh I love ur vids and I smacked thag THICK subscribe button

    8. Zach Gem

      His boost had no keybind

    9. jkairedzpro

      i play consol keyboard and mouse and its fine

    10. Celso Nuñez

      5$ dono

    11. 1sol8ed

      Hey fresh how is there Input delay tho on PS4 there isn’t

    12. JJGames

      I do keyboard and mouse on ps4

    13. Alicia Vera

      I used code fresh so.... use code fresh!

    14. Trudy Voysey

      I personally do not like ps5

    15. The Dooley Brothers

      Im still on the ps4😑

    16. Gapple 92


    17. Mike Maguire


    18. Vihaan Govind

      I am on ps5

    19. jamie mcpherson


    20. Ruebie O'Tool

      I love ur vids!

    21. Tylor Stephens


    22. TheReaper007

      i just switched to kbm on ps4 and i’m literally ass. the only reason i’m switching is because i’m getting a pc soon and new peripherals

    23. jonara

      what mouse are u using fresh

    24. Rapidfire 2k

      If I had a nickel for every time he said input delay I would have a ps5 now🤣

    25. Jacob Hill

      I'm on nintendo

    26. Andile Moyo

      fresh are u using aimbot dude???

    27. Its Jack534

      Now you know how me and the console players feel

    28. Lego Mods

      When he says he dont recommend keyboard and mouse on console but u guyd go and check my main channel vids Ghoulz_ zenith and also sub as well

    29. NOT_ROOKY

      3:10 macros

    30. Vaxis542

      suggestion even tho u prob wont do this again, you can turn your mouse sensitivity up if you have buttons for that, also i use keyboard and mouse on console and have no input delay on the lowest sensitivity my mouse can have

    31. YoboySavage

      Is it just me or is it just so satisfying watchin him clap ppl in fortnite 🤟🏽

    32. Taysian Breedy

      R u sure it’s not ur aim instead of blaming on the delay


      why is his jump button on his mouse

    34. Drew Awesome watch

      Who here is watching in 2021

    35. Sheldon Tousignant

      i am and broke my tv bc i got killed by a bot

    36. GamerDj 101pro

      Stop complaining about input delay on the switch there’s input delay and even if it’s little I still fell good because it’s like a 2 milisecond delay you have not even a milisecond and your complaining play on 60 to 100 ping to see that your really gonna be screaming (not really but who cares sooty for long comment)

    37. Matthew Tanglao

      1v1 me on ps5

    38. Squaxzy

      CEO of blaming bad aim for input delay

    39. Deterrius Percy


    40. Deterrius Percy

      fresh play ps4

    41. Andrei Cosmin Balareanu

      For some reason on the ps4 keyboard and mouse feels so smoth Like theres no delay

    42. Ansley Howe

      Can I get a ps5 that’s my dream I always want one but I can’t find one

    43. Ansley Howe


    44. Kevin Shin

      counting down the days until fresh says "Whats up guys, no."

    45. Space chicken

      U posted this on my birthday

    46. 4InBoii Jay

      I got mine for Christmas a ps5

    47. Bot Nayt

      Fresh: THE INPUT DELAY!!!! Us Switch Players:..............................

    48. Burhan Rahman

      Height quality iron man - Harley Fresh 2020

    49. Tj

      The clouds tho

    50. Luke Merrick

      fresh pls add me Hawkmonster448 l

    51. H4N 4L1

      In the description down below I’m giving away 10 consoles Me:ooh Description:*ended*

    52. Weston Hammond

      And there is mouse acceleration btw

    53. Its Rhythm

      U literally look like a prisinor in the thumbnail

    54. Cayden Walker


    55. FW_Goodboy

      Fresh says he bad but he's better then me on PS5 with keyboard

    56. Tyson Savage

      FRESH I BEN whching you for st lest 2 yeas i would love a ps5

    57. Tara Molina

      Hate to be rude but you’re are very bad with the delay

    58. Unstoppable

      Why do you leave mainly all the mythics

    59. Tip Top Timo

      Has he heard of a wired mouse

    60. Jake Blindt

      Him complaining about impute delay me playing on a ps4 on k&m every day

    61. Kane Swangin

      Fresh:"I fixed the delay and stuff Also fresh: OMG INPUT DELAY!!!!

    62. Myles Moehlis

      I love you fresh

    63. Karson All the way

      I have the xbox1 and I play with kebord and Mouse it is a lot better on Xbox you should try it

    64. Tabby Memes

      oh no

    65. PLEBEX & Miki

      I play on PS4 and don t hva imput delay

    66. Jj & Gili plays

      can you do xbox series x vid

    67. HubbaBubba274

      the sounde were very quiet...

    68. Lilbenzy Gamez

      You should do keyboard and mouse on Xbox series X

    69. Aahaan Rathi


    70. Aahaan Rathi

      You cant beat my Friend fresh

    71. Clix’s Kid

      Dude him saying fucking “Input delay” WAS SO FUCKING ANNOYING! Oh yeah fresh if you read this you lost a sub

    72. Austin Jones

      There is a setting that takes input delay away

    73. ejtk27 47

      I got that sin

    74. Logan Kopfer

      Input delay??? Bruh

    75. Power Yt

      I magen plaing on 200ping snd impot dely

    76. colby burgomaster

      He complained about this mean while I’m on 800ping and 27 FPS

    77. SCW clan

      I play keyboard and mouse on a ps5

    78. Cbass -_-

      day 2 of being unsubscribed until he brings back the og intro song

    79. Lillie Odriscoll


    80. cactus

      5:03 he is racist

    81. PrimeTime 21

      Take your mask off. Only simps wear mask.

    82. Nxmb depressed

      "high quality ironman"

    83. Liam Macdonald

      at the end it was armored Midas vs normal Midas

    84. David McKinley

      My name is Charlotte McKinley I love u videos I watch I use your code in the item shop but I'm a big fan of you Valley fresh have a good day from Charlotte

    85. Twist

      What’s up guys, yes It really hits hard Idk why tho

    86. Milaz Azzawi

      Can i please have a ps5 fresh

    87. Zyykuno Boi

      O boo hoo a half second

    88. Atlantis_Flame

      I do this I only have a ps4 tho

    89. rakesh kumar

      how do you put keyboard and mouse on ps5 please tell me i want do it

    90. Connor George

      Ps5 sucks Xbox 1s is better

    91. Captaindragon228

      I feel bad for all the console players he is against they are literally going against a literal pc god

    92. Sliverline Sparkz

      Listen I'm looking for one all day and I really need one right now for PS5 I just give up I'm desperate at this point

    93. Ashton Russ


    94. NathanOn20FPS

      dose he even know he said big ds

    95. Colin Brennand

      Him : half a second delay NOOOO Me: Eighteen minute delay YESSS

    96. Jimmy Da Bob

      hi fresh

    97. Jack Lawford


    98. Ninja BoYoshi

      I play keyboard and mouse Xbox one and I am fine but I have just made the switch

    99. Wania Doll

      Hello I'm that play with you today among us wania u remember

    100. jasmine sinclair