Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me

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    Since you guys liked the first 2 Among Us videos so much, here's part 3! I try a different strategy that actually works surprisingly well.
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    1. Tehvin Smith-Holder

      It is green

    2. Princess Amira Plays Roblx

      Omg I saw you in among us

    3. Fatima Jeng

      3:46 pink cant stand there and be on cams

    4. Alpha Impostor

      Best Among Us Vids :

    5. Kirt Tegenkamp


    6. jyolsna vs

      I got to know about ZMDE by one of the crewmate named ZMDE lol.

    7. Askander Nisser

      ZMDE Why did you stop making stories?😢

    8. citrus

      Hehe you hacking

    9. citrus

      You are the super crewmate

    10. citrus

      Wow you are detective XD

    11. Oluwatosin Agboola

      Please play Roblox! It's the best game ever too me😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😇😇😇😇😇

    12. Super Yoshi Marc

      ZMDE i was your 1millionth subscriber

    13. Itz Gacha Cupcake

      You’ve killed me in among us twice ZMDE

    14. Pape134 134

      I’m going to actually try this strat out

    15. Lalmuanpuii Kholhring

      Are you the one I see on among us? 0-o

    16. dumb gamer


    17. Yohanz Gaming YT

      Am gonna subscribe this is so awesome

    18. Official Abominations

      Make ur name Sherlock Holmes

    19. Yohanz Gaming YT

      Wow that is awesome your smart

    20. Cerberus p711

      I played with ZMDE before

    21. NRX_PUFTA_BG


    22. Dipti Purohit


    23. dima dler

      ZMDE You Are The Best Imposter

    24. Deuary

      Or i found on randoms i found fake zmde

    25. White Power

      the reason zmde is winning is cuz he black and black is clearly sherlock holmes like he waits until he know who the imposter is

    26. Ali Shail

      This was crazy thing I ever saw

    27. 13Fishfingers


    28. Deuary

      I love these series

    29. Feeling Good

      I love ur videos

    30. BLUE KINGS 276


    31. sarita behera

      Bruh... How could the impostor kill u if ur the impostor huh

    32. Kyle Angelo Baltazar

      ZMDE Big brain he should be in the big brain momets group

    33. i love anime BG

      wow your like ahh detictive

    34. Keane jedrick Cambarijan

      Your such a dramatikong player

    35. Piano Guy

      Death note light yagami vibes..

    36. Joshua Alejandro

      My baby girl name czyra good in imposter

    37. {.}Cheesy{.} {.}pasta{.}

      Lil Babi Voice is so cute

    38. david jr


    39. Xhian Montalbo

      It's green

    40. Natalie Tucker

      Well I think it's yellow but I'm really good at Among Us

    41. Heather K

      I think in the 2 game red was the inposter

    42. Emma Nguyen


    43. Sammy Velazquez

      Hi I love your vids

    44. Blesilda Jagape


    45. Lauren Elizebeth

      Wow big brain moves

    46. ObjectFirey

      Please do more of these!😃

    47. Elias Castano

      I saw ZMED in among us and I played with him

    48. Amyrah Mumith

      Blue and pink smooching* ZMDE: maybe too close Me: BROOO take that outside or in space whatever just DUSGUSTANG

    49. Chizzy

      I saw you in my game and pink said you he/she was your fan! I was orange and there as also white! Hello!

    50. Natalie Sims

      Red Is always sus

    51. monkey boi

      I just saw ZMDE in my game and then he left

    52. lil_dr4col

      4:11. So u just not gonna mention Pink glitching through the door

    53. Sherwin Pineda

      4:10 pink can walkthrough walls

    54. Katherine Fowler

      this is the first time i have watched you and u sound like a detective. definitly subscribing!!

    55. lelton317

      I do the same thing

    56. Foxy- Wolf

      I saw admin vent open

      1. Foxy- Wolf

        :O WAT

    57. Suhayma Ahmed


    58. Irina Bondari

      ZMDE is the best at amung us u are the best like sooo good

    59. Mason Mac

      80 42100

    60. Γιαννης Δημος

      ο τύπος έκανε επιστήμη το among us

    61. amanda acevedo

      ZMDE your colors in amongst could be white purple and black those are the colors they look good on you and among us

    62. Fox lobe

      Why didn't you call an emergency meeting?? Everyone scanned except for green :v

    63. Maci Jones

      I play Among Us

    64. Alicia Aranda

      You are amazing 😉

    65. rainbow cookie

      the person who had the name “Truck Fump” was obviously trying to tell us something If you switch the first couple letters you get “fuck Trump” LOL XD 😂

    66. Saba Mehmood

      Btw iam alesha khan

    67. Saba Mehmood

      He is good you are good

    68. ynadese seraphin

      I love how he makes everything so dramatic and interesting I love it 🥰

    69. Betty Anderson

      I can’t do that

    70. Mike Ramirez


    71. Quincy Gonzalez

      You’re videos are so good your voice is umm ??? Weird

    72. MrDDeans

      His is a detective

    73. holly

      I love these videos so much!!! Also is this your real voice?🤔🎄

    74. Nate on xbox Lol

      Dude your chats are like so calm in among us when I’m not an imposter and someone calls a meeting they accuse me

    75. Adithya M Nair

      Well that is becoz the impostor is a noob🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    76. Bailey Monster101

      Hey you played one my sever today

    77. The Lemonade Lion

      All I recommend is longer videos, cause ur content is SOOOOOO GOOOD. Keep up the good work bud

    78. Arabella Kendall

      It is so weird how zmde went from horror animations to a gaming Chanel for kids

    79. Emmet gamer Aguilera

      F yeah

    80. Emmet gamer Aguilera

      Its blue

    81. Kisha Whetton

      Make more videos I watch every single one one of your videos you are the best at it 🙏

    82. Spinel

      Plot twist: he was the imposter

    83. Alonzo Thomas

      You are so intelligent bro very intelligent in among us YOU ARE THE BEST BRO YOU ARE THE BEST

    84. Ana Ngaoa Teina

      Wow your theory is so good !!

    85. Aryam

      guys here a tip (i guess) think smart don't think strong U_U

    86. Gang GameX

      From india

    87. Gang GameX

      Bro my name is rajveer I played among us with you

    88. mrs brown pie UwU

      He sounds serious

    89. Mrs Ghulam Rasool

      i will give not like your videos

    90. Mrs Ghulam Rasool

      Bro you just kick mpe out of your among game

    91. Sans the Legend

      Remember, ZMDE made this video just for us to be entertained. *”Because he’s the Hero Among Us deserves.”*

      1. Michael Eyal

        @Sejus the Orange Diamond Official your very very rude

      2. HaveTopGames

        AМОNG US, But With 1007 PLAYERS

      3. Sejus the Orange Diamond Official

        don't get your grammars 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    92. Nathan James Del Rosario

      Yep back up arrive

    93. Nathan James Del Rosario

      I copy your name in among us

    94. Noel Cvilo

      I play to I kill him his a noob

    95. Hailey Winebrenner

      i have amog us too

    96. Odessa Marie Soquena

      Its me red

    97. zeldacraft_64 gaming

      Why does everyone like this so much? He SERIOUSLY overdramaticates things and makes them seem WAY more intense than a LITERAL CARTOON MURDER MYSTERY GAME should be. This is a simple and Fun game, and he (attempts to) make it seem like it's a scary ass serial killer story And if you're about to dislike because you don't agree please keep in mind that- WHOA _THIS IS MY OPINION_

    98. Little_silly _me

      I subscribed to you

    99. Lake Grande

      I paly among us

    100. zane jose morato

      wait.... on the second round did he change lobby's????