Fishing’s BIGGEST TEAM CHALLENGE BLat & Martin vs Cox & Dudley - SMC TV 20:4

Scott Martin

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    Brian Latimer & Scott Martin challenge David Dudley & John Cox in this EPIC Challenge!
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    1. Scott Martin

      What’s up everyone, hope your Holidays are going great. Huge favor to ask..if you liked this video please SHARE it out on FB, Twitter and to other on YT. I wanna hit 1 million subs..that’s our goal. Thank you for all of the support over the years. 👊🏼👊🏼

      1. Brodie Jaxson

        @Tony Chad cool! Took like 20 minutes but it reallyworked!

      2. Kathan Hillis

        @Scott Martin pp⁰

      3. mrsja9201

        Do you ever come up and fish Lake Erie

      4. Lone Sportsman Outfitters

        Great Video as always Scott.. We really appreciate you in the fishing world. Would you please subscribe to my channel and give a lil of the love back?

      5. Hunting 4 LIFE4321

        Scott I don’t know how you do it but I have been loving these Scott Martin Challenge videos

    2. David Barringer

      Starting to watch Brian more would like to fish with him good guy. Always a dream to fish with you just not bass do not want to show you up lol jk great show gets me through the winter keep it up God Bless you and your Family.

    3. Vent James

      I went to tennessee river one time bout this time of the year place called elk river used pumpkin seed jig with a pumpkin seed mini lizzard tail dipped in chartreuse dye fished log jams caught 5 pounder 4 pounder 3 pounder won 2nd place missed a big bunch didnt know what they were biting till 30 minutes before end of tournament some one told me they was biting crankbait so i used every kind and color and just happened to remember my cousin told me about the jig he also used a worm called pumpkin berry in zoom worm u tail they had won many tournaments on the jig and that worm they bought a whole run of pumpkin berry u tail worms i have tried that worm they tare it up on tennessee river also a blueberry trick worm

    4. Spencer Starr

      Y’all gotta check out the Oregon small mouth game

    5. J Kerns

      This is a combo I wouldn't want to compete against. Great video guys

    6. Reginlad Turner

      Love it guys good team fishing

    7. Joe Triolo

      I had quite a few vacations up there in the 90's...6-7 hour drive but it was worth it.

    8. Uri Orlov

      😂 Looks like a blast. I love the hook up during the banana sabotage.

    9. Jacob Lewis

      talk about an ALLSTAR cast!! no pun intended.... 4 of my favorite anglers, hands down!

    10. Sick Trickshots

      Who else is just binge watching Scott’s videos waiting for the weather to get warmer to go fishing again?

    11. travis ramagos

      Great video I laughed I learned very entertaining watching two of my best you tube fishermen thanks guy for such a great video

    12. John Wells

      By far my favorite episode ever. Hands down had some great fishing but I never laughed out loud so much in any video.

    13. Matt Fields

      Best SMC ever!!! I laughed my ass off at yall. Hell John Cox laughing just makes me laugh. hahahahahah

    14. Brad Clark

      Four of my favorite fishing pros fishing together? This is awesome!

    15. 251 REELING

      i loved the trash talking in this one scott.. im gonna throw this wacky worm on the 12 0 hook dudley/ cox impression

    16. Marcus Garcia

      This is awesome guys! hell yeah

    17. Craig Stevens

      Really appreciate you sharing. Awesome epic smack down .muskie bonus. Thanks

    18. Shilo Davenport

      I love watching b lat and Scott. Being a African American male I fell in love with bass fishing because of Roland Martin. Color has nothing to do with fishing.

    19. Mark Schneider

      Awesome video ! Banger ! Wow

    20. texas_streets 96

      B-Lat and Scott in the same boat is hilarious

    21. Carolina Lunker Seekers

      B. Let's wheeze laugh was just too much! I had fun watching you guys having fun spanking the smallies! GR8 Segment!👍

    22. Pamela Klemp

      Wow!!🙌💞🙏. Watching this video was PURE GOLDEN MAGIC!! ON MY SEAT EVERY SECOND‼️ SMC 🎯 CRUSHED IT‼️

      1. Scott Martin


    23. Jon DeMars

      Why is it when I watch you fish for smallmouth they always looks small compared to St Clair smallmouth?

    24. BEAR

      What a great video ❗ Great challenge ❗ Scott B. Lat and Dudley 3 of my favorite fishing pro's ❗ Keep it up Scott ✌️🤘🙏

    25. Jim Saelee

      Lmao awesome video. So damn entertaining!!!

    26. EliteGB

      Man I wish we had that kind of fishing here on Hartwell! B lat is from my neck of the woods! Either way We blessed to be here fellas never the less.... Scott 💪

    27. highflyer782

      I love the st lawerence, my favorite place to go, good job guys 🤙🏻

    28. Jonathyn Polanco

      This is a power house fishing video love it God bless Scott and I’m soooooo Glad to see the Man BLAT on the channel again we need him on more often

    29. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      This was a awesome show! Several of my favorite anglers! Scott, B-Lat, Cox and Dudley... oh my! 👏

    30. brandon barker

      Yesssss I been waiting for this one 2 beast in the same boat 🤙🏻💪

    31. Bobby Gossett

      Great video Scott, it’s fun to watch all you guys fish together

    32. Jim Snyder

      Great video, thank you.

    33. GreenPig Hunter


    34. Austin Hubatch

      Do you have to use barbless hooks in gbr event?

    35. James Mims

      You and BLat had too much fun.

    36. Mike Price

      Awesome seeing you with B lat again missed him with you this year on the tour trail!

    37. Check Mate

      Always Been My Favorite Storyteller❤. It's Weird You've Been Doing This So Long.⌚ All These Jems You've Been Slingin'... Many More Years To Come🎣📽ForEver. Lookin' Forward To The Next...⏰💪💣💥

      1. Scott Martin

        Than you!!

    38. Son Of a Fish

      Man that was great ! Made me laugh hard and also learned a few things !

    39. Fishing DohaR

      Very good video my friend and loved it..Thanks for sharing it,

    40. Steven Wilkens

      Love these challenge videos! Will definitely share will my family and friends! Let’s get you to 1 million and beyond!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    41. Mark Fulwood

      Great video! World Champion smack talkers, B Lat singing, 4 World class anglers slaying fish. And that!

    42. gpharned

      Most enjoyable fishing show forever. This is how fishing shows should be. Good friends enjoying a fun challenge. Thanks Scott

    43. Brother Gas

      Don’t forget about St. Clair SMC. Caught multiple 6 and 7 pound smallies in 2020.

    44. jkilrain


      1. Scott Martin


    45. Jose Martinez

      Nice team work

    46. Fishing PRO Темур

      Всем Всем Всем Желаю огромного здоровья и успехов в охоте и рыбалке!

    47. Micah Williams

      Scott Martin and B Lat fishn together is jus to funny! These 2 r a team! Take care guys

    48. Micah Williams

      Man I wanna puke right now so bad😂😂😂😂

    49. hltsolo

      awesome fishing there guys!

    50. A. Reason

      This is the absolute best of the best. All my ideals and the professional of professional bass Fisherman!! I urge you, plead to you to every year include these gentleman as much as possible and if possible include Jacob Wheeler and Mark Daniels Jr or Jacob and Roland Martin in a 3rd boat that will be absolute bass fishing heaven!!! Begging you Scott!!

    51. Scott Frost

      Ummm anyone else wishing and wondering why these fish weren’t ever weighed on camera??? Just saying, not one fish was actually weighed on camera. Love this vid and the SLR is a second to none fishery but hmmm🤔🤔🤔

    52. Arjectrick Waters

      You along with BLat I know it's going to be fish catching, laughing and learning moments.

    53. J M

      Nothing better than catching my PB today (6lbs) and then watching a Scott Martin video😍you’re the best Scott!

      1. Scott Martin


    54. Brendan

      i think i speak for all of us when we say we miss B lat

    55. Randy Mcgee

      I’m laughing so hard.This is so great.Welcome Back mr Dudley I’m glad you beat the virus

    56. Vicki Akins

      needed a giant net. just in case you caught a musky or pike. Great Vid. ya'll had fun

    57. Derrick House

      EPIC video full of heavy hittas lol

    58. Russell Morris

      Love seeing the SMC Challenges Scott. What a great competition this was. So many fish caught and lots of laughs and fun along the way. Thank you for some top notch entertainment.

    59. Christopher Kielbasa

      Mr. Martins and Latimer have way too much fun in this competition. Wonderful video. Makes me giggle: hilarious .

    60. bwahvtecfishtail

      Is this an old video or are you just fishing out of your old boat? Just wondering because that beast evinrude HO is still hanging on the back.

    61. Rusty Reid Fishing

      Miss seeing B Lat in your vids.

    62. Andrew Phoa

      Loved this episode with you and Brian!!! What an absolute hoot!!!

    63. Logan Vick

      We need more blat collabs!!!

    64. Austin Hubatch

      You need more videos with Blat dudley and cox. Definitely more cox. He needs a channel

    65. Cole V

      B-Lat is the man! Glad to see him on the channel. Wish that musky would've stayed on!! That thing was a beast! And good job Scott you laid the hammer down!

    66. Kevin Grace

      Great video Scott! I laughed the whole time.4 of my favorite guys just having a blast, thats what its all about.

    67. The Boss

      This is so awesome I watch both of y’all!!!!

    68. Jiggyboi07

      2:15 how fast can you take off your hat and put on the new one so no one sees your hair 😂

    69. J C

      Great show.

    70. FloridaKayakGuy

      B Lat is so dam funny

    71. RKF Rolando's Kayak Fishing

      If you're not throwing my 12/0 hook you're not doing it right...lmao. good stuff

    72. Jeanmar Gomez

      Good video

    73. silly guy

      Im really glad to see Blat hanging with scott again. Politics ruins everything

      1. High Flow Drainage Soulutions

        @datruth hurts Many liberals are very hateful people. They feed on the hate pumped into them by anti American social media and so called "news" media.

      2. Jon DeMars

        Bit ironic considering Biden has hurt the African American community worse than anything/anyone since slavery was legal

      3. Mark Blinn

        If someone let's your political decisions effect your friendship are they really a friend though? Its fishing not politics...

      4. silly guy

        @datruth hurts im with you on that

      5. datruth hurts

        @silly guy I support trump too,doesn't mean I don't support black people.guess I'm not brainwashed by media lies to divide us.

    74. D W

      Question: Why did BLat stop traveling with you guys? I am a big fan of you both...

    75. Shawn Miller

      Hey Scott; I believe you should be refering to the area that you guys fished on New York's St. Lawrence River as OGDENSBURG, not Hogdensburg as you do in both the description and throughout this video, as I could not understand where the heck you guys were other than judging by the scenery. I am sure that the St. Lawrence County Tourism Board (or whatever they choose to be named) would greatly appreciate a correction considering that that is one of the or just maybe the most economically neglected area of my home state!

    76. Joshua Bentley

      Add Wheeler and you literally have my 5 favorite fishermen. Great show guys!

    77. BonaFide Life.


    78. John Mercer

      Two of my favs teamed up and slaying them loved it guys

    79. carl gagnon

      It was great to meet you and your dad at the pan am.... that body of water is my back yard and play ground. Keep them videos coming Scott awesome stuff 👍

    80. Derik Drinkle

      Great show Scott. Thanks

    81. Tyler Hood

      Scott you really need to do a challenge in Massachusetts at the quabbin Reservoir huge small mouth and big large mouth I have caught 5 and 6 pound small mouth out of there it beautiful

    82. Brady Raines

      This one was fun to watch, it would be cool if you and BLat would make more videos together!!

    83. Dave Wylie

      So damn good!!!

    84. aquaticnut86

      Most entertaining video I’ve seen in a very long time! 👍

    85. Tyler Hood

      He actually caught a fall fish

    86. Aidan Smit

      Soon as I heard st Lawrence I got excited! Caught some good ones on the Canadian side from shore this year

    87. Hank Xiong

      This was a good one!

    88. wesleybigham1

      Cool video man! I’m sure you will reach 1 million subs! No doubt!

    89. David McCallister

      Oh way to lose her Duh--dlee.... Lol😂

    90. Table Rock Kid

      Poor John ....handicapped from the start with Dudley as a partner. 😞

    91. Erik Larrison

      I just wish they would open the Canadian border back up some time so i can go back up there and catch a crazy amount of fish! But that aint lookin like thats gonna happen next year either!!

    92. Adam Smith

      That's where the N.Y. state record smallie was tied a few years back. 8.4 lbs. My state has got some awesome fishing!

    93. Trey Payne

      We’ll get u that million 👍🎣

      1. Scott Martin


    94. Gary Lukas

      Awesome video !!!!

    95. EliteGB

      My new top 3 video from Scott! Dang awesome! Wish we had small mouth on Hartwell gah would be a blast! But giant spots will do!😉

    96. Joe Gentry

      O man BLat, there would have been real tears when that musky got off lol. I bet DD legit felt sick

    97. M Jones

      You should do a smc challenge where 2 pros find 2 dudes or gals at the launch and say hey wanna go fish and have a challenge. It would makes someone's day

      1. Aidan Smit

        2 people shore fishing would be awesome, there’s been a few times I see 1 guy in a gorgeous boat launching, just praying he’d say wanna hop in lol

    98. Max Thomas

      Love this

    99. Ziggy Blue

      Hey buddy, hope y’all had a great Xmas.

    100. Jack Stein

      Hilarious show! B Lat is to funny and a great net man. Terrific show with some amazing anglers and wonderful personalities.