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    Decided to prank my friend into thinking my arm was his girls! #shorts

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    1. jack frosted67

      Your homie:😵😵😵😵😵😵



    3. Porter Wilson

      Him:. Hmmmmmmmm why she hand get big

    4. Kazal Alshahoud


    5. Elli Areses

      Hahahahahahahahhahaaha nice one

    6. Fahri Faruq Unon


    7. cutie saphire

      I know the acting is fake but it's so funny

    8. Anders Ohlsson

      He new That was fake acting

    9. Ender Forge

      Girl leaves Oh wait there’s a hand still here WAIT THERES A HAND STILL HERE

    10. The future husky's Channel!

      I just love how he had a meltdown at the end UwU

    11. Carlos Gomez


    12. Mio Mo

      no peripheral vision cool

    13. Glizzy Gobbler

      The face the end😂🤣

    14. Nicanor Núñez

      Actually his awful acting was so terrible it made chuckle. Like some buster keaton sh!t lol

    15. Edidi3013

      Is it just me or did any one else saw the girl is n the kitchen

    16. Michael Piotrowski

      Dude realized rtf away

    17. Darkest Hour Studios

      Alternate title: How to assassinate someone who out pizzad the hut

    18. Steve Jr.

      Bro chill he in the promise land 😂😂😂

    19. circular guy

      funny end but kinda ruined it being staged

    20. The king Kraken


    21. The king Kraken

      Chctiv realy is black in the mond

    22. LscCartoons

      He didn't notice that there was a man hand on him when do u see a women with a man hand He don't care

    23. ꧁Himari-kun꧂

      Even if the video is acting an we just watch the video..? ^^

    24. Yea Right

      Why do ppl watch this fake trash.

    25. Dat boi is Da homie

      How tf would react the way that the guy did when he realized with his 1 brain cell (that is currently on a grill rn) that someone other than his girlfriend is touching him when he is LITTERALLY IN A FUCKING HOUSE WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS

    26. Dat boi is Da homie

      Girlfriend is apparently blind seeing as she can’t open her eyes

    27. Dat boi is Da homie

      Teacher: now kids, this is an example of good acting Teacher: **shows Indian jones** Teacher: and this is an example of god-awful acting Teacher: **shows colty** Kids: **proceed to die of cringe**

      1. Jacob Koby

        “Indian jones” lol

      2. Anders Ohlsson

        Rotally bro

    28. Denki Kaminari

      Acting: was invented yesterday People the day before yesterday

    29. Juan Rivera


    30. Vic&Will

      I feel so bad for him

    31. Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      The dude went sicko mode

    32. Brice Goff


    33. lanky fan


    34. Karen Whitehead


    35. Luke Howell

      Acting was invented in 1567 People in 1566:

    36. Ac Cutie

      This scared my homeboy so bad

    37. jocelyn rodriguez

      Ohhh coltyy

    38. Libbie Studios

      He's like "AAAHH! You left your arm!"

    39. Loretta Hancheroff

      That actually made me laugh

    40. Lil Bot

      That girl in the kitchen

    41. acsrii

      My man looked like he was on a roller coaster

    42. Victoria Fierro

      Oh my god this was hilarious

    43. Paisley Dickey

      Ik they are friends and Im not trying to start anything but does anyone else think saying homies just because Colty’s friend is of color is kind of racist? Again not trying to start anything and I dont really watch so idk if he says homies to all his friends...

    44. Jonathan Watson

      I want to see what happens next

    45. Rimas Plays

      EWW the couple Are doing gross stuff

    46. ENT Primarina

      You seem like the type of person to tell a poor person to just save up

    47. Just an average Human

      Why does everything have to be staged like ?

    48. AG III

      Camera got that invisibility cloak

    49. Malikaamira Deeb


    50. Katherine Winter Goulter

      Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Noah Worsley

      Wtf why she look like that

    52. Knapp

      Man really tried to stuff him into the couch

    53. daviddd888

      The cameraman not here ok ok

    54. -Schurikenn -

      Holy shit this Acting is so bad lmao

    55. Addy

      Camera be like **Ignore me, I'm invisible**

      1. caliqo

        Hear before this comment sky rockets

    56. Cody Moore

      Invasion of privacy

    57. Sxnji

      "Weird but entertaining"

    58. GlockKay


    59. Ezclaps Esports

      Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. snak1ty

      oh god this acting is absolute ass

    61. Galexey Tuner


    62. Tor Brigham

      This made my day 💜

      1. Met Police

        Why? It’s fake. Sorry to disappoint

    63. Sarqn

      Wait but how did he not notice the camera

    64. Funny Animal

      Oh hello oh hello oh hello


      Wow that’s funny

    66. Soggy.burrito14

      Dude is deleting all the comments saying it's fake like tf

    67. lizlia

      Why he looks like lil nas x at the beginning 😭😭😭

    68. Codename: KOALA

      Cameraman: I tOoK aN inViSIbiLitY pOTioN

      1. Codename: KOALA

        @tobi I ran out

      2. tobi

        :O In a dark voice: give me one >:)

    69. Shelby Eshman

      Lel his face at the end was like. ...oh shiza 😨

      1. Met Police

        It’s fake

    70. Troy Jovh Delcarmen Saquian

      Fake as fuck

    71. CANNORR

      oh I thought that was a classic cuckold bbc porn

    72. Night Apple

      That looked so fake..

    73. Peace out

      F in the chat for those who thought it was real🥱

    74. Augusto Torres


    75. user 9373

      what’s an acting performance so good you forgot it was acting:

      1. Kazal Alshahoud


      2. hayley griffiths


      3. Jabe Media

        @Franklin Clinton it was a freaking joke smh

      4. Franklin Clinton

        Except we knew it was acting:

    76. Desiree Sanchez

      Where is part two of the parent bedroom prank??? 🥺

    77. XxDay_dreamerxX

      Who is the girl in the kitchen?

    78. Deacon Mahan

      He hit a million but it’s kinda late to say that

    79. lucky ducky


    80. Joel Mellor

      His hand looks like it's chopped off and on her leg but it's not

    81. Snek

      Acting was invented in 535 BC People in 536 BC:

      1. King Gutho

        What a dumbass you tried roasting him but you just got the years wrong😂😂

      2. Matthew Mcclelland

        @Snek nice

      3. Snek

        @Matthew Mcclelland changed it

      4. Matthew Mcclelland

        I goes backwards in bc

      5. Matthew Mcclelland

        536 actually

    82. Logan Shrigley

      When are you going to finish the prank on your parents

    83. Shadow DIO


      1. Met Police


      2. Sytamni

        Its fake....

      3. When Giorno's Theme Intensifies

        kono dio da

    84. Itz echo gacha

      When you gonna reveal the prank thing on your parents?

    85. Ghazi Tamimi

      Colty when will you upload your parents reaction on the gas mask prank

      1. Lundyn B


    86. Johns Tech Solutions

      I used to like Colty but now he is so fake

    87. Manuel Rdz

      "Mom can we get acting" Mom: "no we have acting at home" Acting at home:

      1. Lol • 10 Years ago

        @Syskey Yes honey,no one cares about your reply already.

      2. Syskey

        @Enchant-mint 😂😂 still confused thk

      3. Remy Burns


      4. Deadpool The Psycho______________________________

        @Enchant-mint touche

      5. Enchant-mint

        @Syskey Mom: "we have no one cares at home" no one cares at home: "Syskey"

    88. Амир Сакенов


    89. Dark Tryharzxy


    90. Ashley de Witt

      Guy on the couch: oh baby give me more. Colty: I'm dying back here lol!!!

      1. thick pogger

        @the void issa joke I'm over exaggerating the comment by adding so many emojis

      2. the void

        @thick pogger spamming emoji kids are the worst kid

      3. thick pogger

        haha very funny I'm dying ha ha ha 😳😤😭🎶🥛🎵🎶🌭😳🎵🎶🌭🥵🤔🥛❤️🎵❌🎵❌🥛🎵🎶🥛😔🥛🎶😶🤔🤠💉😎💉🤠🤔

      4. Gonzo Nation

        Try again

      5. sarah

        ha. 😶😐

    91. znxshlol

      This fake

    92. Dead-EyeX-856

      I give the acting a 3/10

    93. ScarySpoopz

      👏 "Acting"

    94. MR SUIZISE

      So Fake holy shit

    95. Vlad Stukov

      Do people actually think this is real? Lol still pretty funny though

    96. Milanor Wolf

      Man this is the definition of fake shitty content

    97. Toy's Universe

      Haha lol umade my day

    98. Sarah Farris

      Haha haha

    99. desha deonarine

      Omg the dude Started to shake so much 😂😂😂

      1. Met Police


      2. desha deonarine

        @jp ok then...but it's still funny.

      3. jp

        Dude this is fake

    100. Dylan Powell

      Yo are you going to do that prank on your parents??