Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"

Tom MacDonald

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    TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
    EDITED BY Nova Rockafeller
    SHOT by Logan Fulton
    FX by Dave McDonald
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. Gn Gn

      gucci bullet proof vest? lol i want one.

    2. melisa beard

      First verse.... Period! Well done kiddo! Legit!!! Don't take that deal! Come to Illinois to herrin fest when this bogus government bullshit is done. I promise I'll get you sold out! For real man! Southern Illinois sick the fuck of the nazi government here Let's make some noise man. Let it roar so loud the Heavens qwake

    3. idk idk

      sucks people wont be able to hear his messages on the radio still better then the industry controlling him

    4. k

      google translate the transcript, its funny

    5. aden ganesh

      I'm from Guyana...this Is Uptop music #hardball

    6. Shawn Mendrek

      I respect any man who says FUCK being a company man.

    7. Betty Rem

      I wanna cry, keep it up bro

    8. Fox Head

      Yes I agree he is the artist for this time and age he is the changed mind this generation needs

    9. irine Johnson

      If Jefree Star was a Rapper.

    10. Gothica Emerson

      Its hard to believe if someone is Independent or not. When making big bucks everyone eventally signs.

    11. Sweeney Dunston

      I agree 100%. Stay independent my dude. Ive seen too many metal bands and others sign contracts that ended them.

    12. Emily XoXo

      Just bought two of your albums. I am so excited to get them and to support you!

    13. Jenny Coleman

      Alot or huge industrial not just music industry screw people over. Like Children actors. The acting industry is bad for kids

    14. Timothy Smith

      This guy here go hard dam save rap music

    15. Joel Barker


    16. Case Nately

      Good job. You ARE VALID because you made it yourself . I wouldn't bump your shit if it was signed and mind numbing corporate radio crap. Never stop

    17. Ghostkielx

      Yet uses KGup and most social platforms....Wake up people using these platforms only gives them more power over you.

      1. some ignorant asshole

        You’re equating a video sharing platform to an industry notorious for abusing artists and stifling innovation?

    18. Elli Minator

      me: using auto subtitles youtube: korean me: what youtube: what

    19. Joey Mcguire

      Keep it up man u are doing it man ur music good man

    20. Sergent Hound

      not sure why there are 3,000 dislikes

    21. Rhonda Fields

      🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 yessssssssssss

    22. Cosmic Luna

      Star seed

    23. Ronny Goranko

      Holy fuck 🔥

    24. Thiaa Thumb


    25. Alfredo Anaya

      Thanks Tom I won't signed no deals

    26. Owen Smith

      i am 30 years old how rich are you?

    27. colemonster123

      Hype tom mcdonald is the goat better than em on message and more relevant than any other rapper or band for thag matter . Screaming from the rooftops beat down batterded hangover gang is all that matters

    28. WeatherMane Productions

      Fire is fake as hell

    29. Dina Sailo

      damn he da man 😎 respect

    30. SparkyDemon23

      Great song! Makes me think of the Way I Am by Eminem

    31. م مصطفى

      طاك بلفلوس 😱😱😱💵💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💵💵💵💵💵💴💴💴🗿

    32. TIMR4W

      Start your own record label Tom and let people complete there dreams ❤️

    33. Beana King13

      Messages real and true. Music worth listening to, a brilliant artist. Keep going Tom, don't change a thing!

    34. Cr4kh3dd Gaming

      all father protect this man, the only one in the game giving the truth and sending good messages.

    35. Brian brian


    36. Jorge Ruiz

      No joe yoy can't feel us

    37. Anette Sjölander

      seen most av yours videos are a true artist in so many levels.

    38. Jessica Pounds

      Jesus Lord I pray you watch over Tom. We need this person. If all music no matter the sound promotes Truth and independence messages we wouldn’t be in this mess. Thank you for bringing a rap loving generation something that might speak to them. You are a translator or bridge between a huge gap. I bet you are my age because I too have indulged in both lifestyles and can see both sides and yet understand that people are cohersed by preconceived social science ideas promoted through every form of art and media. Your true understanding of this Tom is what makes you special. A trail blazer. Possibly a prophet! Hey it’s possible. I don’t think there’s an application process so you could be and not even know it yet. ! We are in Gods hands and must remember that as we march forward against the evil coming. Therefore I believe your purpose has already been decided from beginning to end. Everyone s has but Tom yours will bring total waves of change I hope. Amen

    39. Michelle Decker

      Stay independent

    40. Grievn

      I come hear to cleanse myself from all the drama around the whole music industry

    41. Michelle Hiatt

      🤔Anybody bring the weenies and marshmallows for this roast I got popcorn 🍿♾️

    42. matic veldin


    43. Micah Clark

      Hes the close to the 90s rappers talking about problems in life and not what they fantasy about having when its basically all a front cause its all rentals from cars to houses to clothes and jewelry

    44. TGtendiboi

      1:38 new scorpion skin confirmed???

    45. Keanu Kelleher

      That outfit change transition at 2:17 was too on point

    46. Jered Kauffman

      dudes fake asf. ( u meet the devil and shake hands) his words!

    47. Pixel d3rpy

      bruuuuhhhhh love the video, them transitions are fiirrreee

    48. lxI Tyrant lxI

      Whether Tom even reads the comments. If so, Greetings from Germany. very interesting songs

    49. CML

      RAP just got sent a message......

    50. Randy Fritz

      Damn this dude is legit 🙌🏻💯

    51. Tik tok


    52. pauline nash

      I don't like rap either but I can't stop listening to these songs lol

    53. Forest Bro'z

      this is so true, keep spitting the facts bro, love this song

    54. Island Style709

      Tom i gotta know what your device is . I got the rhyms but no focus. My words can cut but I can't string it through

    55. Jenna Strange

      you are the one... from an ancient cursed muse..... . YOU ARE THE ONE...

      1. Jenna Strange

        now Do it!!

    56. Camelot Daily

      "Pedophile Sex Cults". That's their power source. Feeding off the life-force of babies. Keep feeding the truth Tom of the Scottish MacDonald clan.

    57. The Fat Man

      Toms flows are better than mainstream! every single song!

    58. Brian Winger

      May God bless you and keep you safe. The industry doesn't like their truth exposed. Look at what they did to Avicii ... Just found you... I needed this in my life. God has given you talent beyond measure... don't waste it.

    59. Jenna Strange

      i really hope and pray that you begin a new age... you showed them how to do it..... CMON you asses.....

      1. Jenna Strange

        am I the only (other) one in love with you... i am spamming you everywhere..... jebus.. just... look at this!!!!!!

      2. Jenna Strange

        Nova is brilliant!!!!

      3. Jenna Strange

        Man I do love you....

    60. Rachael Boyd

      Brooooo. Wheres the link to support this hero? Fo real. 🙏👏🙌🙌

    61. ItsSamStone

      Damn dude. You’re a hero bro. 🙏🏼

    62. Shawn Mendrek

      High amount of respect to this man.

    63. Big Boi Tyrone

      Nobody: When you have to sign the agreements paper for school 2:21

    64. Big Boi Tyrone

      When the schools need signatures on somthing "I wont sign no contracts i do me"

    65. patrick dean

      the more i hear the the more i like him

    66. Tegan Demeritt

      I love this guy...

    67. Caden Wilks

      I JUSt cant stop Listiening to TOm Mcdonald

    68. Matt Ferguson

      The devil is real and he’s out here and so many people praise his name and have no shame in doing it.Jesus is the way and the light don’t be ashamed or afraid to spread the word we need more people to fight in the Lords army for us , and our kids and our kids kids if we can make it that far#giveurself2GOD

    69. Gage Copus

      all the dislikes are from the people in the music industry. I love this song so catchy

    70. Off!c!al aka W!ld Ch!ld

    71. jesse miller

      I need that white T with the smiley

    72. J Mc

      take that submission mask off for starters..

    73. Timothy Smith

      My dude. I can't even speak politically correct to make you understand how fuck great for my head you are. I'm sorry lemme again say for me. I'll obviously forget anything anyone of you haters think about " my " take on these words. I again remind they are mine. Power.

    74. the dummy for shredded cheese

      Lmaooo there is no iLlUmAnAti guys. Yall are just some paranoid theorists claiming that obama did 9/11

    75. Sam Haertle

      This transition in here is the best ever, should use more of it

    76. 2xug

      1 week later: Tom MacDonald passes away in a car accident. Let's hope not. This man's genuinely a legend for calling out the industry & elites.

    77. TNJ GAMING - TV

      This guy is shitting on the rappers I listen to on the daily! I like this guy

    78. Myk illmatic Beatz 13

      top 10 of the best songs ive ever heard.. (90's hip-hop head here)

      1. Tim Lava

        Don't think I've liked any rappers in the 2000's but I can't stop listening to this guy!

    79. Jenks B

      My new Favourite rapper someone who's true to his word and wears his heart on his sleeve! The most real M.C right now finally someone with hard hitting meaningful lyrics and powerful message behind his tunes!

    80. Melissa Sow'n Truth

      Independent and free! ❤🇺🇸

    81. Banshee88TK

      Macklemore 2.0

    82. Dan Brit

      with all the drama in modern year ive given rappers salt about flip flopping...maby its all the labels tho forcing there thoghts

    83. games player 123

      Did he distroy his Lamborghini

      1. games player 123



        No, thats editing.

    84. DoubleG Poom

      RIP KING VON Young Brother Sacrificed

    85. Person Lastname

      Nova does some amazing work!!! Love the visuals!!

    86. Aaron Walker

      Your music is basically on repeat and have been for the last month.

    87. juliesquirrel

      Looking good, Tom 👀

    88. wil hallman

      This year has bee so long it feels like this song was made a decade ago.

    89. durrty8

      Thank you Tom for telling the truth about everything that is happening to us all love bro

    90. James Huber

      Real is Real.

    91. Island Photographer

      0:07 Christian Fletcher right before he shaved his head, reincarnated

    92. louis godin

      I love this guy!!!

    93. Qui3t Storm

      Why have face tats if you've never been to jail I don't get. The fake is really lowering to new depths of deception. Hip hop was born out of adversity. Where's the adversity that this dude has been through?

    94. Jimmyjohn

      C bunny I agree with everything that you say I want to get his Merch bro I will support you until you quit the music industry but keep up what you're doing now people can hate on you all you want but you walk through that hate

    95. Cheryl A McDaniel

      You are a Gatekeeper for the Music Mountain / place of influence.....God / Y'hovah is removing the enemy / wicked people, out of their positions and replacing them with people of His choice. God / Y'hovah has called me to pray over the "Gates" of our Nation and The Lord showed me that you / Tom McDonald are being put in position at this place of influence. "The Lord Bless you and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you, The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and be Gracious to you and give you Peace." And I call on a Hosts of Heaven's Angels to guard you and take charge over your life, in the Name of Yeshua / Jesus, The Son of The Living God.

    96. Lori Lindeman

      What merchandise

    97. Jigawatt

      Boss AF

    98. lyfs avor

      Tom I hope you have a damn good bodyguard, you're spitting a lot of truth that the music industry will not be happy about, and they are truly evil.

    99. JJ H

      You are showing America that they can make it on their own without the cabal. Fantastic job and congrats!

    100. Tony Guastaferri

      The most punk rock rapper ever!