Twin of NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Now on the Move

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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    While NASA's Mars rover Perseverance travels through space toward the Red Planet, its nearly identical rover twin is hard at work on Earth. The vehicle system test bed (VSTB) rover named OPTIMISM is a full-scale engineering version of the Mars-bound rover. It is used to test hardware and software before the commands are sent up to the Perseverance rover.
    Just like Perseverance, OPTIMISM is outfitted with wheels, cameras, and computers to help it drive autonomously. After taking its first drive indoors, the VSTB rover took a spin in the Mars Yard, a dirt field which simulates the Red Planet's surface.
    OPTIMISM is stationed in a garage at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, sharing a space with Curiosity's twin rover MAGGIE.
    The Perseverance rover is set to land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021.
    For more information on the mission, visit:
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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      Look at them with their labcoats, im so jealous

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      It’s videos like this that make You Tube mu favourite “TV channel”.

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      Human great creativity good work NASA I salute you

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      Why can’t Mars make the rovers go faster?

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      I couldn’t not believe it ! Smart so smart... ! Also took 8.1/2 months get to Mars ... ... love it thank you all you Guys

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      Now that I see the actual size of that vehicle, it dawns to me what extraordinary achievement it was to bring Curiosity and Perseverance to Mars.. which... is another planet... Holy moly.

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      With a AI robot( humanoid)

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      But the music is ruining the whole thing I couldn’t understand



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      Kids in Africa could have eaten that rover.

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      Why go to mars when we have mars yard.

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      Wow this is better than the mars stills, we get to see it in action.

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      It's pretty slow ngl haha.

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      Wonderful, good luck!!! Greetings from Russia!

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      Hopefully NASA will sell this toy on amazon, I want to buy for my kid

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      Olha o tamanho da criança. Imaginei que fosse menor do que eu.

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      I wonder why they didn't include the nuclear power generator🤔🤔🤔

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      I wonder how long before some wheel manufacturer models a set of car wheels on those rover ones!

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      1:10 1:15

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      That's it? I thought we'd get to see actual tests. Why are these commercial-like videos released? I don't care if Perseverance has a twin sibling on Earth if I don't get to watch the things it does. It's common sense. Why would this satisfy anyone? It's as if the video's sole intent were to get you to say WOW how amazing, how interesting. But then the video ends and you're thinking wait a minute. I still have no real idea what things Perseverance can do. NASA if you're gonna share, then share in depth. This is lame.

    49. Motivated kids

      Thank you NASA, we love your job

    50. Basic

      This is nice but I'm trying to find something with it driving in realtime... (A friend is picturing it like the rover out of _The Martian_)

      1. Basic

        @Echedey Santana Alonso Sure, but we have another one on Earth and we did a _lot_ of testing before launching it.

      2. Echedey Santana Alonso

        Le falto un dron imcorporado

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      Omg, rovers are bigger than I thought.

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      They need to build a garage on mars to park and shelter it from the elements

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      Why dont they use disposable surgical mask like we do here?

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      Nice rims tbh

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      Ok muito importante para bens de más essa tecnologia ..

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      Okay, so thats how a Mars yard looks like. Flat earthers: We already know what a moon yard looks like, we have footages 😂

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      Anyone else frustrated about 1:06 ? You're the most hygienic people on earth, just slap for f*cks sake

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      Old tecnology

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      Where's the actual movie set?

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      1:49 Perseverance be like : Hey ya guys it's time to go😂😂

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        @Syeda Samreen Sam dude the video title literally sais it and the description too "Twin of NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover" "While NASA's Mars rover Perseverance travels through space toward the Red Planet, its nearly identical rover twin is hard at work on Earth.

      5. Syeda Samreen Sam

        @Fionn no it's old video before mars landing

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      Can't wait to buy it off craigslist one day

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      Does anyone know what they changed with the wheel design so they don’t end up like curiosity’s?

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        @Far Rider Thank you

      2. Far Rider

        The \/\/\ zig zag on the surface of the wheels has been straightened like that 〰️〰️ Sharp angles increase risk of the metal breaking. I could have told them beforehand.

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      How will you pass the Dome???

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      Wow!! Congratulation.. NASA... Its another innovation and history from Science and space!! Keep it up.. Mabuhay!! From Manila.. Philippines.. Feb. 2021

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      it's got nice rims

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      Vamos los pibes de la nasa! Capos!!!

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      Congratulations to NASA

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      This one has cool chrome rims

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      Actually I have this thing in my RC control collections.... 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😆😆

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      как тебе такое, димитьрий рогозин? (специально с маленьких букв)

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      too many wires

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      It's a toy lol

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      I'm sorry billions of dollars and the are building in a garage. really...

      1. Dr Mantis Toboggan

        Where should they build it? A jazz bar?

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      Plz put self cleaning system on solar panel

      1. Far Rider

        ☢️nuklear 🔋

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      Oh! Look its on mars? Just have to blank out the background now, and the stooges.

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      Notice how all these so called technicians working on the rover? None of them have a dirty mark on their lab coats?? All for camera. Fake

      1. Dr Mantis Toboggan

        Yeah they put clean work clothes on for the filming of this. Doesn't mean its fake lol

    85. negativespace000

      So many videos on this channel are tease type affairs. Why don't you show the actual thing rather than telling me you're maybe thinking about planning on doing the thing in the future if it goes well, but we will have to see? Just show the actual thing FFS. By the videos released on this channel I'm made to believe that preparing to get prepared to do a test is most of what happens at JPL.

    86. TomPhoto

      What a magnificent work of engineering art.

    87. german enrique perilla

      este robot motorizado tecnologia de la NASA esta explorando Marte un avance de ingenieria mecatronica para el mundo.

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      Why NASA doesn’t send a RC electric Jeep or HUMMER with tougher tires ?

    90. Tau ceti

      How could you send a rover to mars and none to its moons?

      1. Tau ceti

        @Asjen Mensink True a stationary lander similar to Phoenix is probably the best option.

      2. Asjen Mensink

        A rover on Phobos or Deimos would probably be near imposible to drive, as the surface gravity is 0,0057m/s/s (on Phobos) and 0,0031m/s/s (on Deimos) vs Earth's 9.81 m/s/s. If a human would stand on it you could jump of Deimos (escape velocity is 20 km/h of 5,33 m/s) and maybe Phobos as well (41 km/h or 11.39 m/s) . A wheeled or tracked rover would probably flip itself over constantly. Stationary probes are probably the best. The Russians did send two probes (Phobos 1&2) in early July 1988 but both failed. Phobos 1 was lost due too a computer malfuction on its way to Mars on september 2 1988 resulting from a software error that deactivated its thrusters resulting in it failing to reorient its solarpanels to the sun and depleted its batteries. Phobos 2 did reach Martian orbit but communications were lost as it failed to reconnect to Earth on March 27 1989 upon approaching Deimos. While in orbit around Mars it photographed about 80% the surface of Phobos and ran its infrared spectrometer(no water was detected).

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    92. Bernardi Hugo

      Nuestro planeta Tierra es hoy el único lugar conocido que alberga vida. La posible existencia de vida extraterrestre es una cuestión que ha fascinado a la humanidad durante siglos. Desde el punto de vista científico, obtener una respuesta requiere un enorme esfuerzo colaborativo entre múltiples campos de investigación científica que incluyen astronomía, física, química, biología, geología, e incluso filosofía de la ciencia. Es importante no perder de vista que este impulso por explorar otros planetas, no nos distraiga de lo mas importante que es cuidar el nuestro, que hasta ahora es un paraíso único, en medio del desierto espacial.

    93. john patrick ci

      This People are not Contented of destroying the Earth that's why they find another planet to be destroy also.

    94. americo aguilar salazar

      seria bueno que los niños de Africa no sufrieran por alimentos, buscar vidas en otro planeta sabiendo que hay pobreza en la tierra.

    95. TheMich hiker

      So... it can operate on the surface of mars but can't drive down a road on this planet? How much cooler would it have been to have it drive itself to the testing location, instead of being carried?

      1. TheMich hiker

        @Tatsu Duck Good point. They only showed it leaving and arriving so thats the only times it would need to drive, they could carry it in between. It would at least give the impresssion that it drove all the way.

      2. How Does it Really Work

        @Tatsu Duck Indeed, it would be ridiculously, painfully, slow. And they don't seem to have a battery for it -- it is always shown tethered -- with a power and data cables plugged in. But if JPL decided to move the rover using its own motors, it would not take more than one working day to traverse JPL grounds -- the JPL facility is about 500 meters across and the top speed of the rover is said to be 90 meters/hour. On Mars, of course, it goes *much* more slowly than this top speed -- mission average for Curiosity is a tad over 7 metres/day.

      3. Tatsu Duck

        Travelling with that slow rover would take weeks or months just to reach a certain location

    96. Bhav

      Humans consume natural resources, polute the earth. Mars will be the next victim once conolised. I don't mind what NASA are doing but right now the money spent on this mission could have been spent on how to find ways to fix our planet like clean up our oceans and reduce landfills.

      1. Dr Mantis Toboggan

        So you want NASA to stop working on this and start working on ways to help the earth? Wouldn't it make more Sense for some people who specialize in that field to work on it, not a company who specialize in space exploration? It would be like paying a mechanic to fix an electrical problem

    97. Daniel Jensen

      I will never come over how big the rovers actually are. I mean with the Spirit rovers I always thought they where the size of a large RC car. Then I see one with people around and just realize that they are close to the size of a shopping cart

    98. Surge

      It should carry a pkm or a m4 just in case

    99. Marea

      I see this filmed in September 2020... and i wonder how is this more important than other jobs in my country.... there was strict lockdown in that month in my town! I just wonder...

    100. Chris Lee Aries

      All that tax payer money gone to waste, all to land in Greenland

      1. Dr Mantis Toboggan

        Exploring other planets is a waste of money to you?