Testing Julia’s Tongue Size #shorts

Austin Sprinz

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    1. Nate S.


    2. Pushp Verma

      I have a tiny tongue too 😂

    3. Help me reach 1k with 0 videos

      Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching KGup shorts for no reason? You click on one and you just can’t stop watching the rest..

    4. Our Mine

      Anyone knows her full name or @?

    5. DR4AMING

      1.5 Size...... A 1.5 what?

    6. hayalleri kırılan kız


    7. ايوب حسن ذياب

      I want to deny her😐😑

    8. eduardo7cl

      Lol what a creep

    9. Spiritual Meditations

      Haha.. funny 😀

    10. Валентос Валентинович

      Боже мой какой идиотизм.

    11. FLYLEAF Slowed And Chopped

      Brawndo has electrolytes it has what plants crave

    12. That Nigga Haliki

      Tiktok is cancer

    13. DEADEYE Gaming

      She is cute

    14. BS

      449k likes ...wtf is wrong with people!!

    15. Soul_ Roblox

      Next video: testing Julia's cup size

    16. Kushagra Pathak


    17. Ymir Dean

      Such a sweet smile

    18. Renji Yomo

      Thanks to yt shorts i can stay away from tiktok and still see the degenerate joke that i call my generation.

    19. Depikan Vimalakanthan


    20. j.g님


    21. Floof Doggo

      That’s wot she said

    22. mrshithad

      Haha so funny

      1. mrshithad


    23. FN Ghxul

      Just etf

    24. Joker Ha


    25. Harriet Kemigisa


    26. Man Of Chai Tea

      She has that cute girl next door look. Looks good with no make up.

    27. にんにん


    28. Sairoj khan

      Which gun was that

    29. Gaurav Kumar

      How beautiful 😍

    30. gwyn bleidd

      i'm an asian and as i watch this... is this supposed to be funny? like american humor? 😯

      1. Ani With An Idea [music]

        Where was the joke?

    31. ??????

      Stick it out!!!

    32. Eray Bulur

      Name in Instagram?

    33. Eric Goldfarb

      We need to build a wall between Tiktok and KGup to make KGup great again

    34. God bless you

      I just want to tell everyone that Jesus loves you, He died for our sins so we can live and He wants you to call out to Him! I plead to you to repent and surrender your life to Him and allow Him to take place in your life. He is the only way!

    35. ノスタル爺




    37. hinata hyuga

      anyone?? her instagram pls😊😊

    38. Anna is No one

      We should just delete the internet and everything connected to it just to see how life plays out

    39. Bill V

      The better question is how many other people did he use that thing on?

    40. φ μποθ

      The size doesn’t matter As much as how she uses it

    41. Makarla Priya

      WHAT is the name of her haircut

    42. nnn auto

      I think someone has a tongue fetish

    43. Eages.TV

      So funny man.

    44. James Conkey

      Lamar? ...HR needs to speak with you...Its probably nothing but bring your ID and parking pass just in case

    45. Mr Owl


    46. Martin Jimenez


    47. Beru

      I'll reply to this comment every time this video appears to me

    48. alcatrazzz

      This guy....

    49. Sharky's Machine

      Sexual harassment lawsuit coming in 3,.. 2,..

    50. Baljit Kaur

      She is so preety

    51. Евгений Горковенко

      Beautiful girl 🤩

    52. Anjaney Khare

      Beautiful she is

    53. Mesei4ever ميسي


    54. Serpex

      What is this shit?

    55. Mikaelo Korleone

      Милашка 😘

    56. Rahul Raj SS

      Singles Thinking How good it is to have an Girl friend for us. People who have girlfriends:-

    57. Purushottam Vaishnav


    58. saur abh

      What's her full name or insta I'd?

    59. don_pato

      She is so beautiful

    60. CorporalBlazers

      Oh people, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, so we can be in heaven with Him.

    61. ة

      But when I say stick our your tongue I’m a perv 🤔

    62. sadudafsadU U

      Guys guys I found the funny

    63. Robbie Chavez


    64. evos rizki

      whats .

    65. ツim happy

      Why did he say "stick it out" like that

    66. kashif malik

      I like her eyebrows.

    67. わをんあかさたな


    68. Scorpiog 946

      Hi god bless

    69. Cubic

      I am very worried KGup is slowly turning into a Degenerate cringe tiktok platform

    70. flovv64

      tiktok is ruining youtube

    71. カオナシ


    72. Chaos Puggle

      Heeey! Shitty CGI make internet go brrrrrrr

    73. Lizzy Bacon

      Sexual harassment at the workplace

    74. Devin chrishaun

      Plot twist He put the cheese from his head on there 😳

    75. papiyankee11

      Yep, you've confirmed my theory. Germany definitely wasn't the villain in WW2

    76. jayquan walton

      I got a size 100

    77. Arm naz

      She is really beautiful ❤️ 💜 🤎

    78. Rich Philly049


    79. Salah Gwily

      No GOD But Allah and Mohamed the masenger of Allah

    80. Mike Milly

      How did this man get ahold of my favorite pick up line? Dammit

    81. Anthony Nefeli

      ςτυριd video from ςτυριd people in a ςτυριd site...

    82. ftollan

      Low iq entertainment...

    83. MindBlow

      What a beauty

    84. Radhika Battu

      dont tell me that you didnt stick oit your tounge

    85. Blues Fan

      Boys being tongue-tied is a serious insecurity… Figure it out.

    86. Gobo


    87. DubHead

      Why is this funny? Or do they just know, that they're stupid...

    88. yan

      shes so pretty 🥺

    89. attock city

      She is Beautiful

    90. ٭ ْعہٰ۪۫مہٰ۪۫ݛ ْ٭ ْ ٭ ْ

      شوف الحلك 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    91. A Dolphin With A Phone

      Shorts just disappointed me

    92. Adam Hogg

      Why do I want the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs to come back for round 2

    93. Auxierre Lux

      even annoying orange has more plot than this

    94. D D

      its her again , whats her name?


      1 minute silence for all those tick tok trashes

    96. Juless

      My name is Julia too, btw she’s beautiful! 😃

    97. TK


    98. Abiha Mudassar

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    99. Shundo

      Congrats she’s a keeper