the witches remake is actually GOOD? (a review) 🧙🏻‍♀️🐁🧪


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    back again with another movie review. in a year of terrible reboots and remakes the witches (2020) is a breath of fresh air. it isn't a perfect film but it's still loads of fun and most importantly, scary, at least for its target demographic. what did you think of the witches remake?
    death of the author
    is roald dahl’s ‘the witches’ antisemitic?
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    1. ModernGurlz

      let me just make this clear: i don’t think either version is better than the other, they’re incredibly different and most importantly, are made for two entirely different generations of children. if you showed a kid today both movies for the first time i don’t doubt that the 1990 version would scare them more (i maintain that the prosthetics were more impressive than the CGI), but the 2020 version is the one they’d probably watch more.

      1. Jorge Ahumada

        When I was in fifth grade (2017) I saw this movie was scary but in a good way

      2. Andrew Todaro

        I prefer the 1990 version with Anjelica Huston in her spectacular prosthetic makeup!

      3. David Kay

        The jimmanji ain't reboots they infact are sequels

      4. Sue Doria Sue

        @bitterboi31 She's now an adult and decide not to read the books for children and at the same time she didn't read those books when she was just a kid beacause at that time those books were too expensive for her. What's wrong about all that? Or you just addicted to lecturing people?

      5. cameron vansanford

        Jumanji welcome to the jungle is a sequel not a reboot

    2. Alejandra Dennise Rodriguez Gonzalez

      Thanks for doing this vid, I'll try watching it soon... but I believe that practical effects will always be more elegant than CGI tbh.

    3. Grabbed You By The Pussy

      The "remake" is absolute TRASH compared to the original.

    4. Josh James

      The CGI & accent are so bad & distracting. It's more like a bad comedy & the head witch is very silly & cartoonish. The 90's version had some really scary & intriguing concepts - the purple eyes, the snake, the girl trapped in the painting, the loss of her finger etc. & Angelica Houston gave an amazing performance. It was the perfect casting choice. Anne Hathaway's (I can't stand her tbh) accent even sounds Scottish at times... The only film I enjoyed her in was Collosal. Glasgow is pronounce "glarz-GO" not "gow" btw LOL. Aso, I call it a Chelsea smile, like the BMTH song.

    5. Zach Mitchell

      I thought that this movie was not as good as the 1990 film, and that's because it seems like the actors in that film all knew what the movie was. I actually thought Anne Hathaway's acting in this was the best out of the ensemble because I felt like she was one of the only actors delivering what this movie was, and not taking it too seriously. It truly should've had an Anjelica Huston cameo.

    6. Holly Ro

      I actually found the remake quite scary. There’s something really unnerving about a person that just slightly off. Like the uncanny valley style stuff. It’s a lot less in your face than the original but in that way it’s almost more believable (other than the flying). And that whole turning into a chicken scene was all kinds of disturbing. I could see that scene easily fit into a lot of horror movies.

    7. Alyssa Eime

      The effects were bad back in the day (compared to today's animation) but I was just looking at Anne's "witch" mouth and you can tell it looks so fake, especially the teeth

    8. Keith Thomas

      & the lie detector test determined that was a lie

    9. Loves Puppies

      Sure, the remake is actually a good comedy which is the problem because the original was such a great horror movie.

    10. HxllaBored

      I'll always love the old one more since I grew up with it, but I'll admit the new one is done well too still the old one gave me the right vibe better than the new one

    11. Drake SunPrince

      I have not seen the whole video yet, but I feel it's important to stress how people with limb differences have felt about the movie. (Poorly) as it villanizes a specific limb difference.

    12. miles rio

      good remake

    13. Charlie Troy

      I still have the occasional nightmare involving the old one...

    14. MissMaeCosplay

      I love this video and totally agree just thought I’d make a note about the pronunciation of Glasgow smile. Glasgow is pronounced glass-go. I’m Glaswegian and I just put me off a little

    15. Lilly Isabelle

      the reason the grand high witch's accent is all over the place is probably a specific directorial choice- in the book, her accent is described to be unrecognisable and bruno doesn't know where she's from.

    16. The Purple Palace

      I just LOVE the way the 90's version was shot. The cinematography was so creative and didn't rely on CGI like the remake.

    17. spider lix

      People need to stop comparing both movies, the remake is not supossed to scare your adult self, is for the children of today (not you) to get a similar feeling but in today's standard. Most kids today will not get scared of visual effects because they are more used to cgi

    18. zoeee xo

      the original was betterrrr

    19. PumpkinLyd

      In the original film the relationship between the nan and boy is very British. Its a cultural thing. Plus did you not see the amazing performance of Rowan Atkinson as the hotel manager in the original, or the grand high witches assistant, they did a great job!

    20. Madeline Wiener1

      I personally didn’t like the witches remake and thought it was crap

    21. Ayesha Peacock

      PLEASE do a Ratched costume review 💕💕💕

    22. Miranda Mizen

      I just want to add that the mod and flowy hippy look would be mostly worn my younger people. Older women and married women would still dress conservatively and the characters may have been poorer so maybe couldn’t afford right on trend clothes

    23. Misty Fying

      Her accent was SUPPOSED to be crazy and unbelievable and sound like a mishmash of a bunch of accents. That's how the character is described in the book.

    24. Disney Queen

      I really enjoyed the 2020 version but Anne Hathaway's transformation wasn't scary enough, she was too pretty. I was a bit underwhelmed. In the original version I liked the slow taking off the mask and then BAM you see The Grand High Witch in all her glory when she turned around. But I did love the bond between the granny and grandson and that cake made me hungry.

    25. Throwaway That’ll Stay

      I strongly agree. more kids films should def deal with racism.

    26. Scarlet cat

      I have a fun time watching it but kinda wish they push the witches scariness more

    27. Hector almendarez Riverdale

      I hate U

    28. Sarah duke

      It just cgi a

    29. Sarah duke

      Nobody noticed that the grandmother has a missing nobody made a big deal about that 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️

    30. Lauren Rauh

      I like the remake but was kinda sad they left out the part about the girl trapped in the painting. Also horrified to learn my favorite childhood author was a racist.

    31. Kitty

      The witches the 2020 version and 1990 version are both great

    32. Ellis Wickwire

      Is it weird that the original movie didn’t scare me as a kid

    33. Cassiopia B

      I never knew there was a first witches movie, I’ve only ever read the book. So this is going to be an interesting video!

    34. Nan San

      Robert Zemechis LOVES animation (remember MARS NEEDS MOMS...?)

    35. Nan San

      Anne looks much more natural in British Accent for some reason...lmao Her SNL sketch doing Mary Poppins is AMAZING (maybe better than Emily Blunt haha)

    36. Lota Erinne

      "if you're an adult this movie won't scare you" skjadks i'm irrationally terrified of any scene where a person is transformed into something else against their will, so THIS VIDEO (i haven't even watched the movie yet lmao) was almost enough to make me cry

    37. Tsumetai Gaming

      I think if the 2020 movie was just animated, it would’ve been fantastic... just as much as if not more than the 1990 version.

    38. Merik Hendrick

      I think I’m only excited because my all-time favorite artist, Carlos Huante, was the man behind the witches new design.

    39. Wallayat Jaffery

      At first I thought the Grand High Witch was saying "no gore lick"

    40. Eimear Crehan

      i watched the original film nearly every weekend when i was younger. the part i really liked was that The Grand High Witch honestly scared me and that’s what made me keep coming back. It might just be that i’m not scared as easily anymore but the remake just didn’t do it for me at all.

    41. my love anne hathaway

      me I love anne hathaway 😘😘😘😘😘

    42. lynne

      will you do a face reveal?

    43. Its lancci

      It was really good ngl

    44. HootieQ

      Except for their hands because that is disrespectful to people with limb differences I learned that from footless Joe and it makes kids fear limb differences

      1. Knight At Your Service

        I did search how the hands of someone that has ectrodactyly. They did not look alike at all. The witches hands looks a bit more lean and hands with ectrodactyly are mutch more organic. And it's not the hirst time when you see monsters in movies with phisical traits that look like some disabilities. So why now we are making a big deal out of that? And no. That will not make children be aftaid of disable people. They already have a fear, but that's until someone explain to them that there is no reason to fear them.

    45. naomi sathyendra

      I feel like people are too harsh on the cgi, although I can see where their coming from, (nostalgia's a really big factor) I thought this was an okay remake.

    46. David Joy

      The cgi looked shit imo

    47. ravenwyld

      was pretty meh. But I was convinced the original one was real when I was a kid. 🤣

    48. D Leo

      Keep your politics and you wokism out of stories! All these remakes with there agendas, JUST MAKE A GOOD MOVIE!

    49. Toxic Spleen

      I loved Road Dahl's books. Especially George's Marvelous Medicine. 😆 You guys need to capitalise on libraries. Don't you have those in America?

    50. Sidney Reading

      Im 9 and the only thing that was scary was the bit with her arms but I watched the other one when I was really little and I did have a extremely scary nightmare about it To be honest my overlook on it is that the new film is good but the old film is way better and unlike what you think I'd definitely watch the old one more

    51. Wandering Eldest

      No one’s gonna talk about the grand high witch’s MOUTH???? That’s nightmare fuel!

    52. Marcus Carana

      I just noticed that Huston was 38 and Hathaway was 37 when they each played their role so they're almost the same age with their respective films.

    53. Frosty Gacha

      Showed this to a four year old shes not afraid

    54. Asexually Reproducible Jellyfish

      Either way... both films single me out for my alopecia, phobia of children, wiccan beliefs and most importantly; my clothes.

    55. Samantha Gardner

      I think its a pretty racist message that an African American boy should choose to be a mouse, as if that is better than being black. I know its the original ending of the book, but that is nit the context here.

    56. RL RR

      Trivia: anne hathaway's clothing became layered as the movie progresses to hide her baby bump through the months of filming

    57. Peowcatpeow

      I was surprised by it. I always expect the reboot to be awful. I thought the grandma didn't come off as mischievous as the original, which was one of my favorite parts of the original. The transfer to a black family in Alabama was well done and keeping with the story through line of witches being all around. I was sad that the Live-action mouse was totally replaced by CGI but it is expected. Pretty good overall.

    58. Renee Richburg

      I like the first ONE IT WAS GREAT👍😊😃😀😄

    59. David Kay

      The jamnji ones ain't reboot they are direct sequels

    60. Tango Dove.

      Aaa...A Mouse! Smack Them!🐁💥🐀

    61. Anthony Tang

      1 week ago.


      I show the first movie to my cousin of 6 year old, he loved it but scares him to death lmao, but he was prepared for this new version, he said that both are super cool but with different touches of course, but I swear the new version is super entertainment and the best remake I ever seen in a long time, it’s good is make for kids after all, And If I was a kid I would love it.

    63. Watch That Dene

      I too grew up on the 90s version, but I was pleasantly surprised by the 2020 reimagining. Personally, I think the new movie's Alabama setting and backstory was far more engaging and the African-American cast was much more believable and had far better chemistry. However, I thought Anjelica's interpretation of the Grand High Witch was far superior. Anne is a brilliant actress, but doesn't have that certain quality - the "x-factor" - needed to make the role as sufficiently scary as Anjelica did. It sounds bad to say, I know, but the role simply calls for someone more "edgy" to play it. Anne did a good job, it just didn't quite match Anjelica. I also agree that the excessive CGI detracted from the GHW's scariness. The "Joker Smile" should've been dropped and the missing fingers didn't really add anything. The levitating was sick though! That being said, both versions are enjoyable and contribute to the original story in their own right.

    64. Beltrán Salas García

      Love bookfairs

    65. Beltrán Salas García

      Hello fron london

    66. Beltrán Salas García

      I love the Ronald dahl books more than the films and as a child there are my favorite books but i also love your Channel

    67. stella

      Anne Hathaway is a good actor but I wish she realised accents are really not her thing. I still shudder at her English accent.

    68. Szymon Wolnicki

      I remember when my school organised free cinema tickets and with all class we were out t watch ¨The Witches¨. When witches started to take off wigs and show thier awful faces half of kids stated to cry - including me and next day few parents came to school to ask if teachers are nuts to take kids to horror ! I had nightmares for few days and i called my ommy at night... XD

    69. Danielle Franco

      I'm a trans women, a sucker the authors work but I got disappointed when i grew up to know his life choices. Would you please link me the anti-semitisc articles about the witches? As a trans women i always thought it was a transfobic/crossdresser fobic coding in the book I even laugh when Trixie and katya brought it up on their Netflix review, cause all the things related to witches are related to trans women an drag queens too: a metalic voice, wearing wigs, wearing gloves, and squared feet (cause many pairs of thighs).

    70. Heatherlynn

      Mai Zetterling was also great in the 90s version

    71. Heatherlynn

      I just wasn't a fan of all the cgi

    72. Roger

      This movie is nothing more than race-baiting trash.

    73. Youmna Wehesh

      I never liked reboots and remakes

    74. Keven Pirritano

      It objectively is a Cash grab.

    75. Your Majesty

      Everyone was racist back then. We have evolved as a society since then.

    76. strawberry milk tea

      ummmm i mean i don’t like people using animals and abusing them just to get a cheap shot for movies and shit. i completely disagree with you on that. let animals do their own thing and be free tf

    77. Gabriel Camposagrado

      I think the cartoonish accent suits Anne's version because her version is more comedic and cartoonish, she was a villain kids could laugh at while Huston's version really looks like a Cruella de Vil. Huston looks like the really scary CEO of an evil corporation while Anne is too pretty and her face just look too nice and kind.

    78. Gabriel Camposagrado

      I know everybody has a lot of hate for cgi but I support it even if it looks bad because it really lessens the dangers such as explosions and it lessens the possibility of animal cruelty by not having real animals on set.

    79. Slrzcool

      the tone was reduced too much, and.... I'm sorry but... the cgi on the mice was so fricking ugly to look at WHO CARES IF THE OLD ONE LOOKED FAKE? it looked cute and enjoyable but these mice make me want to vomit they use the same animation of hero mouse (i said it) smiling, and it is SO UGLY

    80. Jake Sanchez

      all of rohlds books were whitewashed anyway

    81. Garlic Sambal

      12:12 is it scary? Yess good question lol, i agreed with you. As it’s intended for children in this generation i believe it’s terrifying enough. (Cant wait to have my children to watch this tho) But, me, as an adult in the late 20s it’s more like a comedy. Anna’s acting was amazing and like you said the cgi cant even hide her gorgeousness! Both versions are so good.

    82. Drakiro Lopez

      It was bad, I agree with its rotten tomatoes score. script was stupid, nothing looked real

    83. G4MING W1TH S4M

      I just found this movie because of ROBLOX Islands XD btw i think the new one is better

    84. Allie-Kat.x

      I LOVED the remake, though it’s probably because I’m in the age range of the intended audience. I do love the original 1990 one though, it’s sooooooo freaky, but still really good. I personally really really like Anne Hathaway”s accent and acting and everything about her preformance actually. Though I’m a DC nerd, and she is Selina Kyle at one point, and her amazing, creepy smile in this is Joker/Harley Quinn-esk it might skew me a bit. But overall I thought it was fantabulous(If you can’t tell, I love Harley Quinn)

    85. Abby Wolffe

      The main reason I withheld my judgement was because I thought the remake would be a good way for children to enjoy the story as a film without watching the HORRIFYING original. No child should have to watch the original, it's pure nightmare fuel.

    86. Ester Bengoa

      I agree with you. Animation looks updated already. They are too fake to pretend be real. Give me 100% fake any day.

    87. Ester Bengoa

      Anjelica Huston is scary throughout the film.

    88. Grace Kathers

      i think anne hathaway makes everything better

    89. peachy girl

      I really think remakes are generally good if there's something new or different in it. It's like a whole new story !

    90. Tatis Mar

      Octavia Spencer saved this movie

    91. john Dingo-Fox

      actually i hate to burst your bubble no one liked the new one at all it wasn't the CG where it fell on its head it was the lack of the character actors really getting into there roles which was where it fell short and the fact they casted it as another black exploitation film was a horrible idea. you can do a black film without exploiting tradigy and slavery thats not cool i honestly prefer the original over the reboot not because it was bad or good just because you needed to really get into the character and these actors didnt and to show a great example of this look at atkinsin's version of the hotel owner and then look at the new hotel owner 1 good scene versus 12 with the original thats not good

    92. Simona Simeonova

      Please share your opinion on Jasmine's dress from the new Aladdin movie ( it's not that new but you know what I am talking about 🤣 ) ♥️🙏🙏🙏

    93. Alex


    94. Blake Gildaphish

      When i heard that they were doing a remake of "The Wicthes", i rolled my eyes. When i heard that Anne Hathaway was set to play the Grand High Witch, i immediately knew that it going to be a corny-ass CGI romp with generic charm. Seeing this video confirms everything.

    95. Tom Oliver

      I don’t get why they feel they need to put voiceovers in scenes when we clearly know whats going on? Like when he said I was in the big hall or something and it had a sign saying big hall.

    96. von cleo

      Remake was 🤮

    97. tony macintosh

      it is a breath of fresh air thumbs up :)

    98. Yogurtii 7

      Unpopular Opinion: I preferred the new version and I thought the old movie grand high witch disguise was a little much. Believe me, when I was younger and saw the old version, I was amazed at how good it was. But for me, I preferred the new movie.

    99. Levi Ackerman

      Animators:make Anne Hathaway ugly God:you can’t Anne Hathaway:you can’t

    100. Sol Loyola

      Is it a coincidence that I just finished watching the movie today, and found this video? 😂