HUGE Trebuchet/Catapult Tested to Destruction


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    With a New Sling she works a treat......But what can we hit and what can we throw....???
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    1. colinfurze

      We have battled the Weather and assorts but we fired it till it broke haha, fires a good 250m+ every time but we can add more weight once fixed and get more power with some fine tuning. CAN we Ever fire the CAR???? Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here =

      1. Longyearbye

        Yeah! We cry for more! We need more rubbish! Thanks a lot in the name of our planet!

      2. Pete Timbrell

        Ey Furze. There's got to be a world record attempt here somewhere, surely.

      3. Jonathan Tlumach

        Now we now who started the fires

    2. Roberto Guerrieri


    3. Yuvraj Nath

      Epic x infinity = Epic x Colinfurze

    4. Hello World

      Senin o hedef tahtası yaptığın arabayı almak için biz burada 5 yıl para biriktirip çalışıyoruz.

    5. Ryan W

      He really did do all that stuff for reals I I can prove it he left it all over my field it's still here

    6. Jason Crittenden

      Making the target bigger still didn’t work? Make the projectile bigger then!!!

    7. Blaž Oblak

      Imagine a slingshot size of the threbushe.

    8. William Burdon

      The block through the caravan gives a new meaning to breaking and entering in the day season!

    9. al bundy


    10. Necu rrence

      That was insane hahah. Is there a chance you could do a scorpion ballista and shoot a dummy dragon with it?

    11. Yuki NYAA

      That fireball looks SO COOL

    12. T M

      colin you are f-ing insane, and i love it!

    13. U2sweet Gaming


    14. CVnX

      Engine:"by by"

    15. LJCyrus1

      I think historically accurate trebuchet targets would be much larger than what they were trying to hit. And even then I expect there were plenty of misses.

    16. Глеб Свиридов

      Mechanics says, that they can remove engine from the car fast and safety These mechanics: 3:43 Механики на СТО говорят, что быстро и качественно могут снять двигатель с автомобиля Эти же автомеханики: 3:43

    17. AsalAja

      Kenapa tidak buatku aja mobilnya 🥺

    18. The War Munger

      Definition of a madlad😂👌 the music

    19. Sandra Wilson

      Name it big yeetus the yeeter

    20. zpolukuchka

      Tom Stanton Made a Flywheel Trebuchet to throw tennis balls Maybe it can be scaled up to throw 50 lb medicine balls

    21. Lukey 007

      The Yeeter 3000.

    22. Chalky White

      Sorry we are not in at the moment, we have gone to launch be back in an hour.

    23. fuxseb

      Please, trebuchet a huge ball of lit up steel wool.

    24. The Ludonarrian

      Not cool with the Christmas tree. Its already been killed, no need to disrespect it too.

    25. BOOGALOO

      I wish colin was my dad

    26. Mellow Fellow

      But can it launch a 90kg projectile 300m?

    27. Jake The kidget

      This took like something I would do in gta

    28. Percy Faith

      "Oh dear"

    29. Percy Faith

      Luckily a castle wall is a much larger target.

    30. Mark Frehmann

      O M G 🙈 ...der schöne Caravan 😭

    31. Stevan Gucu

      5:08 HAAAAAAAX!

    32. Shegius_04


    33. Mur ican

      KGup thank you for recommending this video to me

    34. 898792

      amazing drone shot!!!


      can you PLEASE use static anlysis

    36. Zach Turner

      Pimp thy ride.

    37. HyperWolfL

      Finally some good fricking content

    38. Frédéric Raymond

      Comment est il possible d'être aussi con !?

    39. PX4 Gaming HDR

      I want your job! Lol! Good video!

    40. c v

      ! tänks. növv we vvant the dübbeldeckärt ^ ^ van der fährt xD

    41. Alex Lee


    42. Andrew Bond

      Stone round ball hesiane rope slit hock in realise at top of arm but still ace keep up the good work 👍

    43. bioubiou jeje

      a 2 min 45 c'est qu'elle musique s'il vous plait ?

    44. Nicholas Karako

      I bet this puppy could chuck some pumpkins and fruit cakes real far. Might actually increase the likelihood of hitting the target with smaller ammunition in bundles... Kind of like buckshot.

    45. Greg Siska

      Punk rock perfect music for this.

    46. GunfireDude

      aaand i stopped the video at the beginnig, because...FCKCOMMERCIALS!

    47. Armando Salazar

      Why does the fireball look like a asteroid

    48. Reed’s Vids’

      No one: The brick that hit the caravan: OH HELLO THERE.

    49. Naufal Hadi

      People : enjoying the trebuchet works Me : impressed with that accent

    50. Hermise Jasper

      Well I mean your trebuchet is most likely much more accurate than the one in the days when anybody regardless of background could be a engineer

    51. Jon Braid

      Can you please trebuchet my VW Transporter it's the worst piece of expensive, unreliable shite in the world.

    52. _

      Cool shit, thanks for the pleasure.

    53. GaryGhoudini

      Colin Furze is a metal detectorist's worst nightmare.

    54. sniperkit8

      Falscher Parkplatz

    55. Jesse Karaitiana

      Hey mate need to borrow your catapult to chuck a chook so I can win 5k let me know when I can pick it up cheers will give ya 4k of the winnings for your troubles.

    56. PyroMotteFullHD

      Fire in the Hole! The best is the chrismas tree :-)


      6:53 fallas técnicas >u

    58. Eduardo Pereira


    59. Basil Tron

      The fact he did this right outside my school aswell

    60. suprlite

      Why use a forklift to load it? Why not a winch?

    61. Reece Vince

      I’d love to see you fling a person in to water or they have A parachute or something

    62. 7H8

      A ufo flying by : " fuck no !!!!! let's go back to our planet "

    63. shlokiii 09

      This is yeet machine 😂😂

    64. TheNudeGamr

      Anyone remember that episode of Scrapheap Challenge where the teams had to make car catapults and the Barley Pickers made a trebuchet that tore itself to shreds? Im getting flashbacks to that

    65. Reid the Great

      FIRE A PIANO!!!

    66. Chris Webb

      And we understAnd just what a big deal modern artiilary really is to war. It seems to me as long as as you could at least hobble a few feet per second you could get out of the way of anything the trebuchet could throw at you.

    67. M3 Technologies

      Loving it. Also the Age of Empires II OST is awesome and so appropriate. I did feel sorry for that beautiful 406,though.

    68. Alexander Bordessa

      Proper boys fun

    69. Ray Despres


    70. Albin Gay

      AGE OF EMPIRE SONG !!!!!!!

    71. Jonas

      These drone shots are amazing!

    72. Salvatore Calabrese

      Я ни слова не понимаю) но все равно интересно.. смотрю все видосы

    73. Frost

      I love the age of empires music as it hits the car!

    74. Francisco Díaz.

      The first shot was one of the most accurate I've ever seen done by one of these things.

    75. ReverendSyn


    76. langencomrad

      Nothing to produce on this Englich ground ?

    77. بلاك هاك


    78. Nayef Kaki

      Prove that trebuchets are not useless

    79. Archie Lewis

      why have that tiny fan heater when you could build a massive powerful one

    80. Padraig Tomas

      What language is the presenter speaking? Can he be persuaded to stop doing so?

    81. Cockatiel Time

      Catapult beats trebuchet

    82. Mike

      This trebuchet project only proves you should make a battlebot!

    83. CsStoker

      6:53 "Torpedo 4"

    84. Till2908

      so stupid haha

    85. TheHolyPeanut

      the military should fear this man.

    86. Fghkfzhujk fhjkgjkölgkjl

      Kronk °_°

    87. Russell Krou

      Give away your tribushet to Elon Musk to launch the space ships to space

    88. jli1971

      une catapulte a......ROULETTE (kaamelot)

    89. Elikim009

      No meteors has come to earth in a long time Colinfurze: fine I’ll make one Colinfurze: 6:20

    90. Petr Kosvica

      Why you call it “car”? It is Peugeot... not car.

    91. Alex Thompson

      Damn he gave the caravan a whole new sunroof

    92. Durneel Kneelson

      I think anyone who has played gta online would agree this guy sounds like english dave

    93. BLDM #MeNot

      Xbox ad? Lmao, loser.

    94. Glidescube

      Toss an old cesna airplane

    95. Preston Smith

      Those were tiny bearings for that thing. You need bearings that are at least 10 times that size if you're going to add more weight got to get away bigger bearings. Maybe make some bigger ones

    96. Juicy Granola Bar

      Is that the trailer from the drive through video?

    97. john doe

      why the fuck are you shooting a cube instead of a ball, the wind basically decides what your hitting, you have zero say XD

    98. Gerhard van Eeden

      Your outtro is fkn brilliant! Sub no 10.9m + 1.

    99. Gerhard van Eeden

      I CANNOT believe that I have never heard of you! What an awesome production. And I'm high for the first time in a LONG time, so it's a double bonus. You are fkn hilarious!

    100. Galaxy Gamer

      Мамикс на максималках