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    Krew plays Gacha Online in Roblox. We read your comments and wow, we were inspired to recreate your stories with a twist. Our first story is about a hated savage child who can read minds but is highly allergic to the sun. Little do they know she is secretly disguised as a celebrity. Little do the other knows that she also is a hybrid pastel galaxy rainbow cotton candy princess. This concludes our first story of the hated savage child. The next story is about a poor kid who turns into a rich kid back into a poor kid. The story is truly sad, watch the entire video to find out what happens to the poor kid. Lastly our Gacha tale is ended with a magnificent confusing master piece of art. It is about a hated child secret phoenix princess who is daughter of a phoenix king. But she is in love with her bully friends that are alpha wolves with magic powers to shoot lasers. If you read this entire paragraph of nonsense, please leave a comment that says awooo.
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    1. ItsFunneh

      *Leave your best dramatic story thanks~!* 100K likes for more epic gacha stories lol

      1. Alpha qwq

        Girl in all alpha boy school

      2. Millie Behfjfjfjfjfdjddxg Dr wjaoixhdll


      3. Lostforwords


      4. Anh Ho


    2. mansor 2013

      Fun eh what’s the name of the game

    3. esmes world of cooking

      Story: a girl who can turn into a sea horse and mum doesn't know so she punches her mum 😐😐😐😐🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Zia Therese Pascual


    5. Brian Bartlett

      Do Rich girl dates the poor boy and then leaves him

    6. CHIN and SANDY Squad

      all da story is so funny

    7. Malika

      There Was A Little Girl Called Lily First Night She Walked By Tree's And She Trip Over The Rock And Slip To The Skateboard And Someone Took Her Skateboard And Slip(The End)

    8. Sanic the hedgey Oliveira

      Good job reaching 700k bravo

    9. Isabelle Go

      100/100 100/100 100/100

    10. rayandnanise

      In the Night The Kid Ran Away from her parents A Rainbow girl Turned the Kid to a Rainbow Queen

    11. Jacob Cupin

      Funneh alpha has a mark in there cheek.

    12. Red Velvet Cake Gamer UwUz

      Thease stories is like 2017 gacha life but people still do it

    13. william mojica


    14. Farrah Bensi

      Story idea: a hated child with a brat sister who become a rich and cool kid

    15. xXIts_Chuki Xx

      Cheese burger chez burgerz chez burgerz chez burgerz

    16. Samihan Sandbhor

      Girl secretly a fairy is allergic to horses loves eating cheese burgers When she eats cheese burgers she turns into a fairy

    17. Joe Meadows

      Hey it’s already at 102k way more then 100k

    18. Sara The Editor

      Roses are red Violets are blue I want a crew plush But I got no money Sorry funneh :(

    19. KydeGamez



      sotry idea; the two girls liveing in a house then one of them are bad da end


      i serch it in micosoft lol

    22. Unb1nd Caparas


    23. LydiaPlayz Zydia

      Gacha story: the hated child who becomes evil to poor to rich mom kills her

    24. f0qgyy _x

      What happened to your beard

    25. Tengku Maheelia Soraya Tengku Muneer

      Story idea: normal awkward teenager that’s fans with draca gets sent to a new school but finds out that she is the galaxy queen’s daughter

    26. Diamond And Candy And Jolly Ranchers

      I have a story a kid has a sister as a girlfriend and a best friend

    27. Felicity Flasher

      Story:The good demon and the bad angel then the good demon turns emotion less then the bad angel gets abandoned begs for money but gets regected good demon turns into a famouse singer then remebers that the bad angel was her lost princess sister falles in love with someone cheats then dies from the sun cause allergic

    28. William Masom

      Another story (cheeseburger land just take cheeseburgers )

    29. Chazmine_YT Gaming

      No one: Literally no one: Me:Theres a creepy sun in the thumbnail-

    30. Preston James

      A man who luvs donuts then one day his friend said no more donuts than he went to cafe got donut an turn into donut then he become coffee for sum reason

    31. Juanita Taufahema

      🍔cheese burgers🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

    32. Monique Vargas

      Do more stores of a price Who has to marry a princess

    33. layla bella meme live

      Who’s watching when she has 100k likes

    34. Ruby McCaffrey

      rosey are red vilots are blue suger is sweet and the crew is too

    35. Lisa Crowther

      My dramatic story is a girls with a brother that makes fun of her because he’s blaming her for loosing there parents and they meet there friends at the bus stop and go in school and get in class and the girl becomes a half angel half demon princess and the mean brother said he will never be mean AGAIN

    36. Hassan Mahmood

      Make a story about a family that is broken and the daughter is a savage and the dad does not care about the kids

    37. amy leanne briones


    38. Nathaniel Floyd


    39. Colin Gilbert

      Hi funny l hit the subscrbe and I liked

    40. brandon hare


    41. Janel Keating


      1. Tengku Maheelia Soraya Tengku Muneer


    42. Die Die

      Show me a con candy princess

    43. Rudie Fannon

      And gacha story: A yandere story. ;)

    44. Rudie Fannon

      I love how everybody's voices dropped for the first story LOL

    45. Nolberto Pietri

      It looks funny

    46. Khaleesi Chong


    47. Mohammed Khaled


    48. Carmen Silvano

      Magical blue dragon flies up to the keys and then a little girl came in they eat the little girls it was kind of weird for the little girlsplz🥺

    49. Jacob Martic

      Me: My mind: cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger

    50. Anushka Binoy

      draco:cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger

    51. Rosie Rose 2.O

      I love the part "cheeseburgers"

    52. AvaCassandra

      The killer there’s one killer and 4 people. They trying camping

    53. manasvi samala

      Nerd who gets bullyed turns into a chese burgur maan/goddes what ever bla and bla

    54. Йовко Колев

      Знаете ли за гачалаиш

    55. Fahresa Putri Zaman

      Funneh, Do The 2 Parttt Bc Is 100 Likes Now

      1. Foxy Bite


    56. Jayla Jeffers


    57. Romanie Magure

      I love gacha club

    58. Bed by Night


    59. Bed by Night

      My gotcha back story is sad

    60. tokyo

      *"the hated child that is jealous of her twin and becomes a celerity princess half demon half alpha half unicorn"*

    61. Grace Hanks

      Cheeseburgers cheeseburgers cheeseburgers

    62. Kelly Kearby

      Animal fly's and attack every body that is disrespecting there kind

    63. ツAMERICAEXPLAIN_PLSツ - Roblox - And More!

      "Oh no, now I'm poor again."

    64. iris grim

      I love the bootiful sun in the background of the 1st story

    65. Seanelle khaye Galang

      Pls do hated child

    66. cristal campos

      My story:A girl is poor then Finds out she is an Alpha and Turns rich

    67. Tony Schmidt

      Do more

    68. Teonna tv


    69. Brittney Vaughn

      uguys should do the hated story theres a hated child and at the end she becomes a famous popstar

    70. pierre jeune


    71. marij kanters

      my story is gacha school nerd to super rich and a unicorn when rich

    72. Jahnielle Gordon

      Wow what a coincidence

    73. Gabi Ramos

      More gacha life play tomorrow

    74. Caitlyn

      The no brain girl who is sum how alive while she plays video games at the same time as watching KGup

    75. LL D

      Part two of macho man he kils the rich woman and takes all of her money but he then scams the scammer and with his own money and her money to the end

    76. Eirian Ellis

      question: wheres part two??

    77. PantherM Howe

      Good acting

    78. Queen Pie

      Me plss The Legend of the krew genderbents who defeated Draca le tiktok queen

    79. Ella Manson

      Cheese famliy

    80. Gachalifecookie_puppy


    81. monifa scafe

      "gacha backstory" A spoiled brat and a hated child and they hated child alergic to the sun and is secretly the rainbow moon SUPER DUPER rare!

    82. juaquin geronimo


    83. Aziz Shammary

      Sad kid turns to rich and happy kid 😈😈

    84. Depleted ArmsUwU:-D


    85. Depleted ArmsUwU:-D


    86. Nadine Dempsey

      Me:she’s alergeic to the sun Me being slightly alergic I get prickly heat me thinking she like me 😁

    87. Isabella Williams

      I will make a story called ♡Souls♡ So the main character is a character named Clarity who is the person telling the story. There is the soul of gratitude, forgiveness, trustworthy, Determination, Hate, And Fear. Clarity has a forgiving soul that she can’t control the powers of it She ends up being bullied and since she is forgiving when she’s hurt she usually says “It’s my fault” or “I deserved it” The parents are a rare soul that shouldn’t exist called the courageous soul they are both encouraging and kind She ends up living a great life! There are 2 more characters that are her friends The names are Jackson and Coral, Coral is a girl and Jackson is a boy. They try and help her control her powers and she becomes happy again. There I’m done. Also Clarity is a unicorn, Coral is a wolf, Jackson is a deer, the mom is a bird, the dad is a tiger. ●^● I’m done nice. me lol I need to sleep my grades go

    88. Kirsten Paulino

      A girl who is friendly, humble, but still being treated horrible because people think she is. But when she opens up, the people being mean will be nice.

    89. Reagan Student

      Everybody else and take a bath why is go to hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper

    90. Tamborazo flor del valle

      Lol The first story was funny

    91. Lee Alice

      The nerd is secretly a celebrity I'm late oof ;-;

    92. Alina Minecraft gang


    93. Esteban Izaguirre

      Funneh:cheese burgers cheese burgers cheese burgers

    94. Esteban Izaguirre

      Draco:cheese burgers cheese burgers cheese burgers

    95. Kedracia Jenkins

      But princess

    96. Ever _angel

      When your like 2 weeks late and don’t know what to do cuz The merch is waiting.......

    97. Nayeli Garcia

      A poor person wins a lottery and gets a house.

    98. Yannis The boba artist

      The map is copyrighted from a AU dancing game

    99. Gilby Mercurio

      hey funneh make a childs play story

    100. Carmen Ruiz Rojas

      Funneh & Draco: “cheeseburgers” Me: “cheeseburgers” XD 😂😂😂