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    Mega Diesel Engine made in germany. MTU (Engine and Turbine Union Friedrichshafen) is a brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Their propulsion systems and large diesel engines, for example, neatly heat ships, heavy and military vehicles or railways. Not infrequently bring such drives namely achievements of up to 12,000 hp. The mega diesel engines are manufactured in the idyllic Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, but the engines "Made in Germany" have long been used worldwide.
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    1. Rich Lander

      oh my god, to many adds, every 4 minutes is taking the piss.Stop it, adds, adds ,adds 😱

    2. SirPrizeMF

      You know you've got a quality, informative documentary when three minutes in, the word 'extreme' has been uttered 7 times already. And then there's the other superlatives of course.

    3. Austin

      Fall support? PPE violations? So many other violations haha there lucky this isn’t America

    4. Adne Bakk-Opheim

      can i put it in a miata?

    5. deadtreebark

      Mechanics can be a rather superstitious bunch

    6. Joachim Singh

      I thought They would use more exotic materials for The crank..

    7. Joachim Singh

      Silicon carbide? I thought that would make it insanely abrasive to machine. Why not vanadium or chromium to i increase hardness and nucleation?

      1. Joachim Singh

        OH its for graphite formation... Why not just ad more graphite lol.

    8. PhotonsAcrossTheAir

      New Subscription here!!!

    9. Caŷve M

      i mounted this engine on my toyota pickup

    10. Brice Fleckenstein

      Small engines. If you want large you look to Finland and Wartsila, or at least to MAN if you feel the need to stay in Germany, and their container ship diesel engines.

    11. Dean Iversen

      wait what? dood said it burns 20,000 liters of Diesel and hour? no way can that be accurate, not even close, let's say that ferry cruises at 32KPH, they are willing to spend roughly $20,000 to travel 32 miles? sounds way off, so I checked with a ferry system running engines, washington state ferry system, their similar rated ferries burn 60-75 gallon per hour and roughly chug along at 26kph, so they are spending around $200 to motor 24 miles, about $150 in fuel each direction for the kitsap route.. which seems reasonable.. someone must have added a few zeros to the narrators notes, 200 liters per hour sounds more accurate.. at that rate 20,000 liters per hour one would never be able to pay for anything much less the fuel, they travel 2000 kilometers imagine the cost in fuel alone, staggering, no way to recoup that unless they charged an enormous fee for boarding, 4 million in fuel costs? said vessel holds roughly 200 cars and 1100 passengers, do the math, that would be roughly $6000 per car and $3000 per passenger, to travel 2000 miles... uh tats breaking even on fuel alone, not paying crew, overhead, profit, to make any thing at all y it would be a $3500 for walk on and $6500 per vehicle.. just don't see it? a fuel tank capacity of 1,234,000 liters? what am I missing here, its not that large of a vessel?

    12. Vatsyayana

      Outstanding video.

    13. John Hite

      At least twice the announcer called a chain fall a pulley. He said pulley, singular. This would give no mechanical advantage.

    14. Niall H


    15. Ploffy Kha

      Power consumption unit of measurement: Microwave ovens. So the episodes producers measure their IQ in bananas then.

    16. Simon Park

      Blacksmithing, the ability of handling metals is one of the biggest reasons why the Occident has been able to dominate the world. Truly amazing!

    17. ukkomies100

      this is small compared to the wärtsilä engines found in for example cargo ships

    18. FlikkaBean

      12:33 budget jay lenno

    19. James McDonald

      And the ship made in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia!

    20. Erik J

      Not crankcase, but engine block.....

    21. Therese James

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    24. Shawn

      Looking forward to the KGup video where builds a motorcycle with one of these

    25. Andy DuHamel MacKinnon

      German engineering is still impressive.

    26. Lorrie Carrel

      At 72k hours that is roughly the equivalent of a car going 4.3 million miles,these engines are engineered very very well

    27. Lorrie Carrel

      This is amazing human achievement

    28. Tony Lee

      The thoughtful hospital delightfully whistle because shoemaker epidemiologically fence across a military caution. materialistic, gabby coil

    29. Uncletaco supreme

      I got one of these in my foxbody. Its got 12 turbos, 4 super chargers, 5000 shot of nos.

    30. imthebusdriver 001

      Sucks you cant actually hear the engine will all the music.

    31. Hot Jumbuck

      18:40 "The tolerances to be adhered to are so minute that they can no longer be perceived by the naked eye." And then it shows a dude inspecting it with his naked eyes.

    32. danielle garza

      The woozy friend undesirably paint because path descriptively dance mid a holistic development. plastic, organic afterthought

    33. Todd

      I found one of these engines on Amazon for half the price It's made in China, but hey UPS guy wasn't happy

    34. Eugene Eugene

      This is tiny engine. Why don't they consider 100 000HP, 2000Tonn, 1000 000 kg*m torque large ship engines?

    35. The Solution?

      I clicked on this for the turbos

    36. JackJack Thompson

      You can really see why exporting this type of advanced machinery is so much more incredible than raw commodities like in south america where i live. Loading up ships with fruits, grains and oil, is quite basic compared to this advanced engineering. Bravo!

    37. Luis Miguel

      37:51 Ah 🤣 That’s what she said.

    38. Eli Cha

      the moral of the story : MADE IN GERMANY

    39. Stanley Song

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    42. Jeffie Skinner

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    43. Jeff Jones

      72000 hours before take out and inspect and reinstall is roughly 8.4 years :)

    44. dick johnson

      The brawny shell archaeologically jam because furniture aetiologically unpack abaft a sad decrease. old-fashioned, panicky protocol

    45. david gustafsson

      these engines are tiny compared to supertanker engines. yawn.

    46. GreedyCraig

      will those turbos fit on my honda


      its an engine block that you are a makeing not a crankcase ....

    48. david weston

      "lifting 750KG with nothing but a pulley and his own strength" Obviously not the case. I believe it is called a block and tackle. You can lift any weight you need just by adding pulleys. One pulley alone won't do that.

    49. david weston

      Nice to see, at least these small high speed diesels are still made outside of asia. These will go next I suppose, due to the higher labour prices for white workers. I was looking at the WinGD plants where they make engines 50 times larger than this, all in china and asia now. (but you pay European prices when you buy those engines from the company in Switzerland who sells them. Kind of like legal slavery. Instead of bringing slaves to your production, move your production to the slaves. Instead of giving them food and housing and whips and chains, give them just enough cash for them to purchase their own.

    50. Jake Hooton

      Those connecting rods can hold all of the boost and a little more

    51. Pete Geralis

      Dude this motor must make at least ..... 300hp.

    52. Danger Bear

      Slap one of those turbos an a Honda .

    53. capmidnite

      So what happens if the molten metal drops below the required temp? Reheat it again? Does it need the Mg infusion again?

    54. BCS Technology Limited

      Two thumbs-down for the constantly-interrupting commercials! This is worse than watching broadcast television. There is nothing "free" about this documentary. It cost me at least 10 minutes of my time listening to commercials.

    55. StormLaker1975

      The biggest engines I work with are on large high killowatt generators, mining equipment, and on tugboats on the Mississippi River, and the occasional locomotive engine. These are on a whole new level, it would be a lot of fun to work with these:-).

    56. Zolly Hendrik

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    57. Blake Hintz

      I got plants to swap one of these if/when my Cummins bites the dust on a 2500HD chassis.

    58. Shawn Massey

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    59. Arob Ali

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    60. fcapio

      Too many commercials make watching inconvenient

    61. Mista CDawg

      Does it come with Warranty?

    62. John Theurer

      “It will have to be inspected under a microscope to see the crack” *pans to shot of very clear crack*

    63. RAM GUINT

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    64. Simon Wang

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    65. Hard Bod

      A hydraulic clamping cylinder, I don't know but I think it's a hydraulic torque multiplier. But it's big the Cat D9 is huge but this would make it look like a toy.

    66. Fred Jamison

      I have a 2.5 hp Suzuki outboard motor. Not Mega Diesel.

    67. Not_Real

      you are time traveling if you had this in a Miata.

    68. jim baker

      i like the information but there is no need for the dramatic comments and music. Tthis spoils it for me

    69. Gingerbread Man

      gas mileage is 1.4 gallons per second.

    70. Fah Q

      Isn't the crankcase your wife?

    71. Jeb Broham

      Who else but Germany? They have perhaps the most brilliant engineers in the world.

    72. Antonio Mathiotte


    73. Solomon &72 Salaha 77

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    74. ALj BeBe

      All these FuKn ads yo Gawd DAMN! quit it already!!! This is really interesting to watch?!?

    75. mong moi nguoi

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    76. Shaun Chambers

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    77. Sahibdip Sandhu

      Civic boys: "I could put that in my civic"

      1. Laura Hughes

        My civic has a V12 and is supercharged bro I can beat any civic with that engine


      How much torque does this make

    79. Keith Carty

      good documentary but a bit of a cheek calling your channel free documentary when there has been an ad literally 5 mins

    80. Joe Treetop200

      He says, ”The men will do this and the men will do that”, while a lady is working on the engine. Lolol.

      1. BillyCBoxingFan

        Nobody cares, clown. What the hell is Lolol? Laugh out loud out loud? You really are an idiot.

    81. michael Messer

      "It takes a quarter of an hour to install the first of its 20 pistons".. or you know.. 15 minutes

    82. Thomas Linnemann

      Truck engine: look at my massive 1500hp! 😎 Ship engines: thats cute......

    83. work-on-board


    84. kristoffer ruist

      And this is why you shouldn't buy a second hand mercedes or porsche...

    85. Virtual Pilgrim

      I'm still waiting for equivalent "Mestizo engineering" or "Somalian engineering" videos.

    86. Virtual Pilgrim

      43:34 There's your diversity hire

    87. Adriigonzaalez

      33:15 Nobody: Supra owners:thats what im talking about

    88. Zahid Khan

      Many kinds jobs in one engine Grate MTU deautsch Land bunda ba.

    89. Clobber Miron

      Just switch to gas turbines, way more fuel efficient

    90. Marvin

      I wish they made car engines like this.

    91. Quint de Gourd

      Great stuff. The technology is not so much the engine but more the materials and precision of the manufacturing process. Both advanced materials and precision manufacturing have been elusive for centuries. Precision was only seen in jewellery and watches. As precision is so difficult and advanced, Egyptologists are at a total loss when confronted with ancient boxes and granite blocks.

    92. Fitz

      When they pulled out those turbos i got hard

      1. BCS Technology Limited

        Have you sought counseling for your problem? ☻

    93. Darrell Smith

      I can only imagine the German look of terror and disgust if someone were to say "meh, that's close enough.."

    94. John Smith

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    95. 李慧璇

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    96. Nauseous

      'how you think you look when doing minor work on your car'

    97. CanAMXMR

      The amount of adds....ridiculous

    98. RDC_Autosports

      i work on 2000 and 4000 series MTUs best engines i ever worked on and i’ve done em all 👌🏻

    99. Silly Sad

      elements so huge can flex significantly - they are pushing the absolute limits of steel

    100. Guilherme Scremim

      This is not a documentary, it's an engineering lesson. Congrats.

      1. Bruce Miller

        Nice to see these mega 2 strokes!