Young M.A "Dripset" (Official Audio)

Young MA

912 миӊ. көрүүлөр173

    #YoungMA #RedFlu
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    Track produced by Mike Zombie.

    күнү жарыяланды 11 ай мурун


    1. STILL SEARCHING Searching


    2. JV3


    3. You Know

      That symbol on her hat is not New York Yankees,Its Young M.A. "YMA" as one letter.

    4. Millionair Jaguar

      Look I've waited long enough.....I need a Juelz, Jim, and Cam'ron remix

    5. Jessica Parker

      YO BROdie!!!

    6. Loic Lallemand

      Dripset !😁

    7. Alice Burt


    8. TORONTO 416

      Red life

    9. Bergen street Duke boy

      Jim Jones would’ve ate this!!!!!

    10. KASH LUX

      Ima need young m.a. & OMB bloodbath on a track ASAP

    11. Surrhonda Johnson

      Dripset evergreenbanger6ix9ine

    12. Believe in Baltimore Productions

      I jus came home and ur music aint on da Mp3s in da Feds so I had never heard u be4 dis... but shordy ima FAN now dis shit HARD yo....

    13. Who Now

      Young Thug and Lil Uzi mad that Young M.A. the #1 Female Rapper rn 😳

    14. Fari R.

      Why Harlem not on this

    15. Tony B

      And what's crazy about her is that she really dumbed her lyrics all the way down just kinda fit into this fake ass industry and she still more lyrical than these niggas and female in the game TODAY!!!FACTZZZ💯💯IJS🤷

    16. DrewDaGuy 24

      Body bag 💀

    17. thomas wymer


    18. abnoba 123

      But fuck love, love is just a bitch that never paid me 💰💷💷💷

    19. OG VERBS

      Remix needs Juelz ALL DAY

    20. Jârvìś Màłíâp

      This is her favorite song 🔥🤟

    21. Loic Lallemand

      661 !!!

    22. Loic Lallemand

      Mélange le bien Français Dripset ....😁

    23. Toxic _ Tune

      Need a music video

    24. QUEENS BOSS Up

      I'm feelin' this whole entire album !!! It's definetly convenient for this wack ass CoronaVirus Quarantine ....Everything she stated is exactly how I'm feeling !

    25. Wayne Wright Jr

      Juelz and lil wayne for the remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    26. micheal ichofe


    27. Sparkle Eva

      The video needs to be flashy af idcccc go all out💎💎💎💎💎🔥

    28. Aroh Divine

      I’m high and back 🔥❤️😍😍

    29. Deno D Music

      M.a I'm here waiting on that project

    30. London Fortson


    31. YB

      real female rapper aint bragging about her Pussy like the other nasty objects Like cardi😭

    32. Austin Crosswhite

      “We Ain’t Throwing Chump Change” 🥶😫

    33. Keenan Ivory

      Still one of the hardest songs of 2020 🔥🦠

    34. Liam Schoeman

      YOUNG MA bars are always crazy 🤯

    35. lotr6ringZ Th36oat

      Jim Jones Barbie 🔥🔥🔥

    36. Britt Palomino

      Love is just a bitch that never paid me.

    37. Mandy Royer

      Love love lovvvvve her.. She my wife but dont know it yet 😭😭

    38. undra buchanan

      WOW !!!!

    39. Leo Bautista

      “I cant even lie that was my baby, but fuck love, love is just some bitch that never paid me”shiii go hard g

    40. Joel Marte

      I keep hearing Dominican guitars in the beat , makes sense she's from da Bronx.


        She from brooklyn

    41. Leonardo Da Vinchii

      Eminem put me on 🔥😈💯

    42. Rolling Up To: Sway's View

      I'm dying to hear MA ft. FOXY BROWN

    43. My Youtube


    44. matt costa

      QueenKing song with Daylyt would be dope

    45. Ichoose U

      Young MA one of the best rappers period.

    46. that guy

      Just commented, but that hat with the YMA is pretty dope

    47. that guy

      Yung MA seems to me like the female gates! Killin it 🔥🔥

    48. ERBOCH

      For all yall idiots saying females can't rap

    49. iRepGhana

      Here because of Eminem

    50. Mary Jones

      MJ ready i ain’t need you. What’s good ????

    51. chris ohara


    52. TooCoolAsh D.


    53. Tanja F.

      I really needed to turn 42 to find Young Ma, thank God for this Rap Wonder !!! Ma Number 1 !!!

    54. Lat Mill

      This beat🔥😱💯😤💪This shit is too much🤪

    55. Bryan Strauss

      Oh my fuckin gawd

    56. Tank

      This needs some more love

    57. Victoria Clemons


    58. Phyllis Smith


    59. David Daltirus

      This fucked me up , big time bro , hope you doing well.

    60. Danielle Smith

      Young MA the king of NY on god

    61. Mad Man Studios

      I'm just trying to figure out how this New York rapper went viral from this

    62. Gee Smoov

      Allll flow dnt ned NO hook..

    63. Gee Smoov

      The BEST RAPPER PERIOD...Line_um'up

    64. Xanax Presto

      This song is facts 🔥🐐

    65. SKG NATION

      Production is next level

    66. Shaidon Ovo

      Got that power like I'm Austin‼️

    67. Real 88

      Yes you did flex on it

    68. PhamBoiXDTVYT

      young ma is my favorite female rapper

    69. robynea69

      She a Mfcan Beast, and got Bars for Dayzzzz💯

    70. Ali Salam

      This shit fuckin clap

    71. Contrail Davis

      Dope 🎶

    72. jonathan heiden


    73. Mrwan A.

      We went to miami sis

    74. Bright Star

      You my Shittttt

    75. Jacob Alberts

      My money number one and bitch you just a part 2 i felt that in my spirit

    76. Lizzette Ramos

      Love is a just a bitch that never paid me .💪💯🔥

    77. Mr Vega

      Miami like Santana town Dipset ? We all know Trick Daddy and Rick Ross run this shit !!

    78. MRB Tiger

      Watch "Top 10 young ma songs" on KGup

    79. Dahh Êz Har dim 60schest K.M.S. 74 min Hå8†

      Now It's EM's favourite Album

    80. 382!dsna

      Wow this is crazy 😜

    81. Keith Hubbard

      Holy sh!t MA just keep gettin colder.

    82. Real 88

      Dis bitch swag so proper smh.. da whole combo💯💯..if you cant see it.. well you know... its levels to it😏 catch up !!!!

    83. Lion Prophet Eleveen

      Best Female Artist in the game

    84. Lion Prophet Eleveen

      Very Slept on real music ppl know she valid tho 😂💯🤟

    85. Corina Lee

      Kilt it 🔥💯💪

    86. LIL99 / DRN3W

      Bba 031 free Banda naaaa

    87. Urukosh !

      landed in miami im papi out here

    88. Urukosh !

      my feelins hur'

    89. Urukosh !

      Germany here representing representing!

    90. Nece Beats


    91. still-i-rise 305



    93. jon316t

      enough with the best female rapper comments.... one of the best period

    94. jon316t

      who would dare dislike this???? wow

    95. Black Youngsta99

      Bruh she better drop a video for this soon😤💯

      1. Sparkle Eva

        It needs to be litty and flashy af tough

    96. Urukosh !

      Drip se? Drip se? Dripse? Dripse?

    97. Maz Michigan

      Faithful to the Hennessy

    98. nardkm !

      Tufff fr

    99. Mike Berbick

      Need one of the guys from Dipset to hop on a remix 🔥.

      1. Marques Dunn

        Santana would kill this shit

    100. Zakye Smith