Slotty by Nature

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    1. Juan Perez

      Good luck 4 2021

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you 🙏🏻

    2. ElvisCorvette Slots

      I love chasing progressives. You tried everything, but you did awesome with fantastic wins. That Minor with all his friends was crazy good. Those machines were hot. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

    3. charlene Lachance

      Wow every time you say last spin the machine hits a bonus

      1. Slotty by Nature

        It happens a lot. 😂 I’ll take it! 🍀✨

    4. Robert Collins

      Do you have a better chance at dropping a major when it is maxed out at 1000 dollars? Really need to know?

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Not in my experience. I’ve seen maxed out majors for weeks before it hits. I’ve hit more majors that are in the 500 hundreds.

    5. Denise Brooks

      Congratulations great win.

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you!

    6. DV Slots

      Great video! Thanks for posting! Keep them spinning. 🍀

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you! Will do!

    7. AvalonVash

      Nice $1,100 hit! Golden Century has been the best Dragon Link for me lately. Just hit the Major on a $2.50 bet this weekend at Mirage in Vegas. Nice job!

      1. Slotty by Nature

        I’m excited too! Lots of luck to us both! 🍀✨✨🍀

      2. AvalonVash

        @Slotty by Nature lol I can appreciate that. You probably win more at the lower profile places anyways, the luxurious casinos didnt get that way by paying out big 😆. We will be checking out Circa Thanksgiving night, pretty excited to see it.

      3. Slotty by Nature

        @AvalonVash - I’m going to visit, but not play there. I heard it is huge and beautiful. I personally like the small, dingy casinos. 😂 I’m more of a truck stop kind of gal. The lights and bling aren’t my thing.

      4. AvalonVash

        @Slotty by Nature lol very true. Are you going to try Circa?

      5. Slotty by Nature

        @AvalonVash I usually just stick to downtown. I’m not good with crowds or party scenes. But Fremont at night would contradict that. 😂

    8. Viper Scratch offs

      Wow awesome wins 👍👍😀👻 nice session 👍👻😀

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you 😁

    9. Slot Man

      Really Nice $1,100.00 Hit👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤠

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you!

    10. Art Pili

      Nice session! I have done that many times, chase the major and almost never works --- at least for me. Glad that even though you didn't get the major, you did hit a few Hold n Spins and hopefully you walked at a winner. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thank you!

    11. Huge Fortune

      Wow that was a good run

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Huge Fortune - Love those lucky days. 🍀✨💕

    12. Robin Tayler

      Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thanks 🤗

    13. Ariel Arrietta

      Where was this at?

      1. Slotty by Nature

        This was at Morongo. 😊

    14. Lone Wolf

      Saw the bonus with the lower amount after the big bonus n thought "hope she didn't run down the 1100 to that " lol. Then you said you had put in a new 100. Phew. Because we're gambling twins i'd have possibly ran down the 1100 :p ive started doing something new. If I get a big hit i put myself in time out for about 10 minutes to let the endorphin high subside

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Lone Wolf - Love that! I’ve been cashing out and putting a fresh bill in and low rolling until I’m content. Lol!

    15. Pam Carter

      That was an awesome video I was literally screaming yes !! Yes !!! Very nice hit.🥰🥰🥰

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Pam Carter - Haha! I love your support! 💕😘🙏🏻

    16. Tina Vocassio

      Good luck hit big. Stay safe. 👍👍👍

      1. Tina Vocassio

        @Slotty by Nature ❤👍

      2. Slotty by Nature

        Tina Vocassio ✨✨✨

    17. Rose S

      Staying and playing paid off! Congrats

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Rose S - One of those rare times. 😂

    18. Jay C

      Awesome vid ...Nice Hits🍀🍀✨✨✨✨

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Jay C Slots - ✨✨🍀🍀

    19. Fam Laurie K

      Wow, nice session 🔥🔥🔥Thats fun! Good for you 🔥

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Thanks, Fam Laurie K 😘

    20. Dirty Diana


      1. Slotty by Nature

        Dirty Diana - Sometimes it ducks having a smaller channel. Lol! I requested permission to film there probably a year before BC. I just don’t have those kinds of numbers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      2. Dirty Diana

        Slotty by Nature I think bc slots owns filming rights 🤣but they’ve sent me lots of free play too also I notice people are nicer at Agua

      3. Slotty by Nature

        Dirty Diana - I really like Agua, but they don’t allow filming and I’m having trouble getting approved.

      4. Dirty Diana

        Slotty by Nature it’s all that road work causing recks I don’t gamble at morongo for right now cause after covid their machines are super tight I’ve been doing better at Agua and it’s smaller and not as strict.

      5. Slotty by Nature

        Dirty Diana - I’ve been feeling yucky lately. I’m hoping to come out of it soon. I went to Morongo the other night and it took an 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there from Banning! I was stuck for two miles in dead stopped traffic and couldn’t exit. I really wish there was a way to get there off the freeway. Only other way is through the reservation, and that not happening.

    21. 최최영희

      Where is 1100 dollars?

      1. Slotty by Nature

        최최영희 - I cashed out and put a new $100 in.

    22. boo king

      Who is we?

      1. Slotty by Nature

        boo king - I say that either referring to my husband when he is there, or as in me and my viewers, because I take you along on my casino journey. 😉

    23. Randy Willheit

      Awesome Win's, Big ORB'S 🤣 Was Pulling For That Major to Drop For You Again, Really Nice Session 💰🎰😉

      1. Randy Willheit

        @Slotty by Nature Thank You !!!

      2. Slotty by Nature

        Randy Willheit - congratulations 🎊

      3. Randy Willheit

        @Slotty by Nature Yes You Did 👍, Wanted to Tell You That I Hit a Major Thursday Night on Best Bet 2 cent Denom, Betting $1 Dollar For $715 Dollars, Wasn't The Bucket List 15 Buffalo's, But I Was Just Fine With That 💰🎰💰😉

      4. Slotty by Nature

        Randy Willheit - With that one bonus, I landed better than the major. 😉

    24. Wendy V

      1100$! Better than a handpay

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Wendy P - All day everyday! 💕

    25. jo goldcoaster

      i have,seen, or have experienced the,same, many teases with the MAJOR landing short, or flying by... ive come back a,few,days later, and guess what, Star Casino, Broadbeach, the MAJOR is still up there in.lights, and hasnt gone off

      1. Slotty by Nature

        jo goldcoaster - Yep! Stubborn little boogers!

    26. Coby Jay

      I need to ask, when a progressive is maxed out, does it land more easier?? Congrats on the win of $1100, those are always better than a handpay. Tax free.

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Coby Jay - In my experiences, the machine payouts become tighter and it seems a lot harder to land once it becomes maxed out.

    27. Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain

      Nice session, Another awesome video today! Keep Spinning and Winning...Cheers 🥳🥂🍾🙋‍♂️

      1. Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain

        @Slotty by Nature Cheers...🙋‍♂️🥂🍾🥳

      2. Slotty by Nature

        Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain 🥂

    28. Dale's Acura TLX

      🇨🇦❤️ Nice.....just under a handpay 👍

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Acura Tips and ? by Dale - My favorites! 💕

    29. Annette Ward

      Good morning 💕

      1. Slotty by Nature

        Good morning, Annette Ward ☀️ 😉✨