Could Tennessee have done better than Josh Heupel as head coach? | College Football Live

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7 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    The College Football Live crew reacts to former UCF coach Josh Heupel getting the head coaching job for the Tennessee Volunteers.
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    1. Randy Reneau

      Just a mess,

    2. kina lee

      I saw CF go downhill after he took a Scott Frost program steadily down hill. He will have even less to work with at Tennessee. We'll see.

      1. Tony Goodman

        Look at our 2020 season, very disappointing. Sure, you can make a case regarding COVID but EVERYONE had to deal with COVID challenges. Success in sports is relative to your competition.

    3. Knight-Time

      Behind the scenes... UCF is laughing. Thank God he is gone. ⚡️🔛

      1. Tony Goodman

        Agreed, Danny did us a favor since apparently he didn’t have the same perspective of Josh’s performance that many fans did.

    4. rhrh2025

      This guy needs 100% fan support, and he's not getting it! Give him a chance, and get behind him!!!!!!

      1. RAMB0

        TN fans are getting behind him now. Gotta give the man a clean slate.

    5. Harold Leach

      Go VOLS

    6. Jim Gallagher

      Josh who?

    7. Chris Ulmer

      This guy will be a dramatic failure just like rest of them. I really couldn’t care less though, I got way better things to do with my time, LOL.

      1. Saul N. Prepper

        “couldn’t care less though, I got way better things to do with my time, LOL”...I love the irony in that statement. I LOL with you, Chris. Now, we can get on with trolling.

    8. Crimson Pride

      Be realistic. He'll be another in a long list of failures. Tennessee's glory days are gone forever...and I couldn't be happier.

    9. Gary Dunn

      Volunteer football compliance and honesty is a dumpster fire. I hope Heupel has lawyers, detectives, spies, pastors, social workers, counselors and HONEST supporters on the train. It's SEC football - anything goes until you get caught, and Tennessee got caught. I hope he has a big buy out.

    10. Hidden Hawaiian

      Good riddance Heupel inherited great talent from UCF and couldn’t capitalize he’s going to be journeyman head coach.

    11. eddie brown

      We hired an AD from a school, then he hired the coach from the same school, in the span of about 2 weeks. There's this unwritten code out there where this sorta thing is really frowned upon between major programs. You don't gut a schools athletic program like that, but we did it anyway. Our reputation wasn't that great before because of the insane amount of money the UT administration has wasted, and now it's even worse.

    12. rpc

      It's a good pick up because it's a coach that can potentially navigate them through sanctions.

    13. Richard Bishop

      Heupel is a far better coach than a team that is losing players everyday and will have scholarship limitations and a bowl band should expect to get. The funny thing is most of there players seem to be transferring to Oklahoma. I find that somewhat ironic.

    14. C. Dawg Knight

      No, they couldn’t have.

    15. Raul Espino

      Mike Grundy could have been a great hire but josh would help the vols tremendously ....

      1. Richard Bishop

        Mike Gundy was not coming to Tennessee. Not ever.

    16. Cory Hilton

      So he got the program at matter what he did it would have been worse. Great logic

      1. Mark a

        12-1 first season to lose 7 over the next two seasons does not show that he could keep it going there. If he can get offense fixed and find the right def coordinator and let him do his thing it may work out decently. If he Pruitt’s the def like Pruitt did the offense then it’ll be another dumpster fire ending in a few seasons

    17. Fox Town

      See folks doubting the man and he’s not even been there a month.I hope this dude proves folks wrong.

      1. Chris Ulmer

        He will be a dramatic failure just like the rest of them, LOL. Just remember your post here and come back to it in a couple years.

    18. Red Kap


    19. Frantz

      Tennessee has a new hoed coach

    20. jeff yeah

      marginal improvement as a they'll lose to bama by 21 instead of 31

      1. Chris Ulmer


    21. Brian Royce Harmon

      It’s the best we could do. Now move on and get to work.

    22. BluStaxx Music World

      Should've stayed at ufc smh

    23. Drum King

      When you take over a team that was undefeated, there is only one way to go. You can’t go higher. Dummies.

      1. Britton Thompson

        Doesn't change the fact he's going to get slaughtered at Tennessee nonetheless

    24. George Polos

      Reminds me of Coach Cutcliffe. Give him a chance. Agree with ESPN, they need a program builder. Go Vols!

    25. Big Blade

      Opinions are like aholes, errbody has one. I for one am happy we went to a high power offensive system.

      1. Tony Goodman

        I enjoyed a high power offense at UCF over the past couple years. It’s a lot of fun to watch. Josh still has a lot to learn.

    26. Arthur Mabee Jr

      I think it was an excellent hire according to what they had to work with, There is a looming NCAA investigation still underway, and we don't know what punishment Tennessee can face. As a Tennessee fan, and someone that has some strong insights, this was the best hire they could do. The top coaches don't want to wait 3-5 years to win championships, or have loss of scholarship in particular it makes it harder without an NCAA investigation charges coming up? When a coach comes in, it takes 3 years minimum to help build a program that also had transfer portals as well, this is with full scholarships on the table, and no bans for bowls or championships, if it's the SEC or National Championship. I think Coach Josh Heupel can turn it around, it will take more than 3 years if there is no bans??? There is 2 advantages here, first this gives Tennessee a chance to rebuild their program, second, this gives Coach Josh Heupel to quiet his critics, he is a coach that needs the chance to right his ship as well. If he is successful then he could have a very long career at Tennessee, he can bring in some top notch players, recruiting does make a difference in every facet of the game!

      1. Tony Goodman

        I wasn’t impressed with his ability (or lack there of) to recruit.

    27. yallHatebaaddd Young

      15 to 20 year pill or pills how many does it take?

    28. yallHatebaaddd Young

      I’d rather have tee Martin

    29. Tre Wright

      I have asked the same question about Auburn.

    30. Trey Referee 100%

      Tee Martin should have been hired..and yes sir he's qualified.. stop making excuses as to why black coaches can't be head coaches

      1. Odd Arcade

        @James Hutchinson Dude thinking TN should have hired Martin ha

      2. James Hutchinson

        @Odd Arcade who me or the guy that thinks Martin is hc material?

      3. Odd Arcade

        What are you smoking?

      4. James Hutchinson

        @Trey Referee 100% what's that even mean? If they were to hire a black coach that wasn't tee Martin hows that racist. You dont comeback with any verifiable proof of racism then I have to class you with people that chirp with the mantra of mindless masses. You better believe that had Franklin or Elliott said yes Tennessee would have a black head coach right now. I love Tee Martin but I'm sorry mate, if he was such great headcoaching material why hasn't he been stolen away from a dysfunctional Tennessee team?

      5. Trey Referee 100%

        @James Hutchinson more excuses

    31. Maverick Main26

      Tee Martin?

      1. Odd Arcade


      2. Herbert Bradford

        We owe Tee a lot. He isn’t ready yet.

    32. David Cole

      Tennessee with fire Heupel in 3 years.

    33. Michael Linger

      Heupel is a good coach. He is a good offensive mind. Heupel will make Tennessee entertaining again. I think he’s going to do well.

    34. Larry Hatcher

      One mistake they made was firing Pruitt and stiffing him on his contact.....Now all of this is going to court and it going to be a big fight. I also hear that Tennessee is suggesting that the assistants also take less on their buyouts.....If I'm a big name coach (Hugh Freeze for example) I'm going to look at that and say "If I took that job they would find a reason to not pay my contact": The best thing Tenn could have done was to just call everyone in, fire them and hand them a check....They'll wish they had of done this

      1. Jeff DeMarcus

        @Larry Hatcher they aren't facing the NCAA Inquisition though. Haven't heard of any other schools jumping up to hire him.

      2. Larry Hatcher

        @Jeff DeMarcus There are, at least, 4 teams in the SEC that would hire Freeze right now if he said he would take the job...and that is with all of his baggage

      3. Jeff DeMarcus

        @Larry Hatcher don't forget the NCAA sanctions that followed his last SEC job. There was no way Freeze was going to be hired with that background going into an investigation.

      4. Hengel Andrews

        @Larry Hatcher haha people always conveniently forget the crazy things good coaches do.

      5. Larry Hatcher

        @Jim Slim BTW you mean the coach that had the number of an escort service on his phone and then lied about it....That's the guy who is not going to be afraid?

    35. Oreo Puppy dawg

      We might even play 4 quarters, could you imagine?

    36. Cyrus Sheets

      I don't know who Josh Heupal is, and they still couldn't have done any better. Tennessee is a clusterfuck lol

      1. Cyrus Sheets

        @Chase Tidwell Tennessee was better in 1980.

      2. Chase Tidwell

        1980 lol

    37. Oreo Puppy dawg

      He’ll be great!

    38. Mo Vo

      They should have paid the new JAXS HC

    39. Hunter Davis

      He was only hired bc the AD from UCF is now Tennessee’s AD. It’s not fair to any other candidate.

      1. Odd Arcade

        @Hunter Davis Yes it was. See I can play the completely unfounded statements game too. Do I think he already knew Heupel and was more comfortable with him than he was with some other coaches? Sure. Does that mean he was his first choice? No. Does it mean it's a bad hire? No again

      2. Hunter Davis

        @Odd Arcade it’s not a coincidence that he hired UCF’s HC after UCF’s AD becomes the new TN AD. It’s favoritism

      3. Odd Arcade

        @Hunter Davis He didn't automatically go anywhere. He interviewed multiple coaches before arriving at Heupel

      4. Hunter Davis

        @James Campbell I just wanted others at least given a chance instead of the new AD automatically going to someone who he is familiar with. Y’know?

      5. Hunter Davis

        @Oreo Puppy dawg I take it back tho. I hope he does well. It was in the heat of the moment and i didn’t mean it but you know how it is bro

    40. Alohavibez808

      Wow 😯 I feel bad for DG at UCF🤦🏽‍♂️

    41. Nas Khan

      Josh Hepuel 😞

    42. Allen Saunders


    43. AppStateFresnoStateUtahState

      Is that even a question? 😂😂😂😂

      1. Nas Khan

        Just sayin

    44. Roo

      Boom or Bust hire