My Dog Logan Meets My New Puppy For The First Time!

Jordan Mae Williams

510 миӊ. көрүүлөр53

    We introduce our 7 year old cocker spaniel dog to my new mini aussie puppy!
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    1. Sophia DeRiggi

      Logan is like this is the best day of my life

    2. Chantelle Fox

      Do you have a tail

    3. Amy Dine

      When i am older i am gonna get a puppy like that

    4. Bradley Wolff

      that is the cutest puppy ever!!!

    5. Lexi Sparkles

      Me:LET ME HAVE HIM Other dogs:cute I wanna play but don’t wanna hurt atlas people:aw so cute

    6. Bella boo

      i love logen and the puppy

    7. Anna Nowak

      Where did you get that puppy? On what website???

    8. Reagan Parker

      Cute little pup

    9. Reagan Parker


    10. Jaimie Urbaez

      The puppy is sooo cute

    11. Meg Art

      Ok so i have an idea so i would go to a dog park because he can get some energy out and then after he can play with your cousins dog

    12. UwU_ Afton

      So cute 🥺❤️💕

    13. Carrie Sparks


    14. angelamartinez402

      My cat is like your new puppy she loves to play but my another cat doesn’t care

    15. amber Schroeder

      I LOVE JOUR PUPPY ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    16. Betty McGregor

      What kind of puppy is that

    17. Dis Is meh


    18. Hector Rodriguez

      I lovs the fact that even though she got a new puppy she still loves logan and still will be wi logan❤

    19. Blûe Bear

      Ehhh I prefer Logan

    20. Alexis Malloy


    21. Trinity Studdard


    22. AshJam101

      My friend has the same puppy

    23. McKenna Sorensen

      I Love are puppy he is so Cute 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    24. Casey Morris

      i reccomend he tries a brush from a dustpan and brush if he likes rope because it works well and my dog liked it 😁

    25. kimberly Ryder


    26. blue green

      What a nice family!

    27. Natalia Rodriguez

      I think your puppy name should be Atlas

    28. Jacob Lamance

      Where did you get that puppy Can you tell me plz I really want one

    29. Leonardo DePierro

      or the adventure puppy

    30. Jacob Rivas

      Super playful even plays with my bigger dog and then to play with each other

    31. Jacob Rivas

      My dog would play with your dog my dog is real playful

    32. Emma Hedges

      puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy

    33. Elisa yAbby Land

      PLEASE use the name I think is PERFECT for him. I think COOKIE/COOKIE DOUGH because he’s your SWEET small cookie/dog

    34. - -Lightning r o d

      I wonder when Jordan moves out will she take Logan and the puppy 🤔

    35. Xiiviiniity

      aww cute puppy

    36. Judit Monterola

      No one can say he is not cute

    37. roberta Resendez

      It's not fair for Logan you're not giving any attention to him

    38. Savi hair

      puppy now e tuhr


      that what my dog did to the puppy and now they are best freinds

    40. Gilbert Ramirez

      Awesome Jordan

    41. Josie Hahn

      I have almost exact same dog I have two aussies and they are the cutest they both have two different colors eyes

    42. Millie Checko

      I have the same kind of dog as you and my dog is the same as yours like my dog other dogs never dug holes and one at sticks must be that breed

    43. Annelie Viliaan

      I want that puppy

    44. Aj Clyburn

      The name should be stubby because he has no tale

    45. Brooklyn Van Slyke

      he is so cute

    46. Donald Stewart

      So much

    47. Donald Stewart

      I love your dogs

    48. Avrian Rosario


    49. Mindy Tuffelmire

      When I got my puppy our dog was all over her and protecting her like a mom she even fell off the couch trying to protect the puppy walking on the edge of the couch in anyways my dog got ran over so she can't have puppies so we adopted her that one

    50. Neya Swanger


    51. Larry Coman

      I ment 8:38

    52. Larry Coman

      He is so adorable and cute he has so much energy and so playful I was funny at 8:41

    53. Jaydaa

      I literally want that puppy!!! 🥺

    54. Jed William Galingan


    55. Katelyn Robledo

      jordi talks to the cam talks to the dogs: (hight pitched) hI PuPpY

    56. Iryss Miller

      I am a fun girl

    57. Life with Stella and Sofia

      what is his name??!!

    58. Audrina Valdez

      You should name him benji

    59. A Ray of Shay

      Such a cute dog!

    60. Sam Filyaw

      How old is Logan

    61. Elise Gregory

      I am thinking the dog is a he

    62. Elise Gregory

      so cute

    63. Elise Gregory

      so cute

    64. Elise Gregory

      is it a girl

    65. Elise Gregory

      and what is new dogs name

    66. Elise Gregory

      what happened to lucky

    67. Isabella Brennan

      hi love all your videos such a cute puppy

    68. Sophia Mendez

      I have been looking for a dog and I want to know what breed is your new puppy . He is so cute 😍😍

    69. mrs science kid

      Name it Adam or louis

    70. Layla Young

      you guys uploaded this on my birthday!!

    71. Bradley Moioffer

      Your new puppy is so cut

    72. Nora Hall

      My dog hates other dogs my dog would jump and growl at other dogs but she is still really sweet with me 🙂

    73. Adventures of Ashley and Emma

      His name is Atlas is in among us video.

    74. Arianna M-E

      Jordan your puppy is so cute I'm sure that Logan and the puppy will have so much fun together and adventures love you

    75. The Tiny Little Tuber

      Logan: what is this speckled dog doing here mom? Ur new puppy: let’s play! Wanna play tug of war? Logan: rope? Nope, cya. Imma find my stash of treats New puppy: I do hole then I come

    76. Yemile Hassan

      I think you should name him Toby

    77. Brooklyn Aguilar

      Other puppys: I don't want to play with you Me as a puppy or as a person idk: um if you don't want to play with him i for sure will!

    78. Taejah Star

      What breed is the puppy

    79. Brian Busken

      What are you going to name it?

    80. sabrina barton

      Who thinks this puppy is cute comment down below 👇😘

    81. Kaitlyn Scarberry

      Does the puppy have a name already. If not syper would be cute name for the new puppy

    82. Golan Exotics

      🦊We just got our new puppy and we are about to intreduce it to our pet Foxes and Skunk 😁❤

    83. Nana Barker

      You can name your puppy Braxton

      1. Golan Exotics

        Thats my marbled Fox's name 😁

    84. Tiffany Hart

      lol it was so funny

    85. Alexis Mulley

      She also eats my hair

    86. Lilianna Uribe

      Also names for ur new puppy Oreo,Resses,Hershy,Smores,spot,cat

      1. Janice Sewell

        Why cat?

    87. Lilianna Uribe

      I got a puppy in aprill and im sitting in my bed waching this with her she is also my profile

      1. Elise Gregory


    88. Rick Thorpe

      Name it chase

    89. doire aintu

      Boy name: Kona or Onyx Girl name: Shiner or Cocoa/Coco

    90. Rondal Hambrick

      I love how the puppy plays and it was eating your shirt and it was so funny

    91. Miley's Adventures

      His name should be Coco

      1. Josh Cline


    92. Juju Elizabeth

      He needs a name!!

    93. Asly Miralda

      How old is Logan

      1. doire aintu

        What is the puppy’s name?

    94. Savannah Thompson

      Name idea Rocky ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    95. Shorty Jack

      So cute 💜💜💙💙💛💛❤️❤️

    96. Its Georgia.c

      What breed

    97. Maru in Las Vegas

      Awesome stuff Jordan! super cute excited lil pup. my heart is melting 😍


      Also what is the name of the puppy lol

    99. Myla Brady

      😂 I love your dog

    100. Maggie Wehler

      Ok well I don’t know if this is just my dog but my dog never chews shoes or slippers

      1. Golan Exotics

        Yup same here he dosnt even like his toys im happy it atleast gets used with the foxes