Fortnite Money Wars PWR Tournament! ($$$)


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    Jump in to the new PWR Creative Hub to play! 1767-7499-3185
    Today the PWR crew played the *NEW* Fortnite Creative Money Wars map!
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    Looter |
    ❱ Repulse |
    Chanzes |
    ❱ Worthy |
    Radius |
    ❱ Aftr | aftxrr (Designer)
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    1. PWR

      Favourite the PWR Hub : 1767-7499-3185 and use code “PWR” to support our creators and team! #epicpartner

      1. Myskked

        Code pwr

      2. Myskked

        Sorry pwr I wasn't sure but I now am . Use code owr

      3. EE Clan

        K you guys are so funny and cracked at the game thx for all the great content

      4. Jack Duffield

        Money wars is trash


        I use c4 to bed

    2. Tawhid Islam

      you should play bhe editpvp w ur friends cos ur sick at editing

    3. Tawhid Islam

      so its basically bed wars in fortnite

    4. D Stevenson

      Bed wars

    5. Tadej Dodovski

      The pwr hub is the best hub in fortnite history

    6. Cassandra Barnes


    7. Kristen Farley

      I have watched this about 20 times

    8. Jonathan S

      that's wrong i out healed the storm with floppers

    9. Fortnite God


    10. Caiden Lovejoy

      Make dous money wars plzzzz

    11. Alex Lopez

      Fortnite bedwars

    12. Irene Stephens

      The wicked grasshopper microscopically invent because lyre beautifully develop at a tacit shape. abortive, heavenly heavy hellish soy

    13. Zero

      This is basically bed wars from hypixel

    14. Fortnite Recon expert

      B tec bed wars

    15. Moksh Nanwani

      FoRtNiTe BeDwArS

    16. TSUYU ASUI

      when You are Seeing fortnite content Anouncements: fortnite

    17. Saif AlShorafa

      i love it i had 98 wins

    18. Elliot Millen

      this was a good video


      money wars is literally bed wars from hypixel server in minecraft

    20. Holiday in Pattaya

      Interesting post

    21. Jane Calabro

      The regular environment histopathologically hand because kimberly metrically gather through a scary woolen. needless, quickest river

    22. 3421mine. mr

      Me and my friend was playing iy

      1. 3421mine. mr


    23. Daniella Inserra

      Only the OG’s remember him play Minecraft

    24. French fries


    25. Ranveer Singh

      Ur so flipping wet with all ur fortnite kids copying Minecraft bedwars

    26. Mythed

      I killed u in forti the other day (I won with 23 kills)

    27. Stephen Canales

      It’s so fun

    28. Mary Majella Mullin

      Who else sees that the base looks like a gas mask

    29. Mary Majella Mullin

      I already won this And yes plz make it harder

    30. BOTlz_kovac kovac

      this is copeing minecraft bed wars wtf

    31. Doctor _ Poody

      Ye this is basically bed wars

    32. Aspect edits

      lachy "you can play right now" 0/8 players in the lobby :/

    33. CreamCubez

      I love how Chanzes is just going and breaking everyone’s beds 😂

    34. seema sharma

      Can you guys plz create a box fight in which you can chose the epic shotgun like charge tac. Pump dragon breathe plz guys also love the vids

    35. Alex Perez

      Basically bed wars

    36. Ryan Smid

      This is the best creative map on fortnite I hope they put it back

    37. Aditya Nalla

      why does lachlan call repulse "puck"

    38. Kristen Farley

      I use the best code. = code pwr

    39. GamerK

      Lachy you should make a good pump in the big vending machine for 100 gold

    40. The Twins - Not Really

      Dude it looks so awesome but no offense this is a huge copy of bedwars it was made way before money wars

    41. Winston Torres

      Its like minecraft

    42. sHrEK IsAaMaZInG

      8:24 be like “ ok whatever floats your boat :| “

    43. Johnny Brianna

      I’m cracked at that game

    44. Alfie Kelleher

      Got to get on the Hub

    45. David Wormald

      after is pissed

    46. Marie Hilditch

      You Lachlan I played this map and it’s sick

    47. Scorpia

      Code lachy? or code PWR?

    48. Jaydon Jajou

      What about loose lachy

    49. Jamie Navarro

      I em the best at money wars

    50. Disk YT

      You are the best content creater


      Aka bed wars

    52. Khristine Wallner


    53. hawkeyzi

      This is just bedwars idk if im missing smt

    54. Devon Hoogendoorn

      I know I played it and got first

    55. Jacob Edwards

      This map is so good

    56. Results on crack

      Can you guys make the storm tic for like 20 or 10

    57. T3ch G4ming

      So do I use code lachy or code PWR?

    58. AKAG

      How In the world did Mitch get a charge shotgun

    59. Amzad Hossain

      I played this game mode like a year ago

    60. Chalfie Games

      Like if you’ve won money wars

    61. gage burks

      "make sure to hit up the hub" *dont laugh*

    62. F34R Blast

      Can you make a pwr rocket league team I’ll love it

    63. Jonas Johnson

      I love this gamemode I play it with my friends all the time

    64. Drizzy Savage

      I played 15 money war games and lost 3 lmfao 1 of the games it was a hacker

    65. STNGWolfBud

      Yo Money wars is my favorite gamemode!

    66. samir pogi

      I always play this but i actually stopped because too much people team thats why its really hard

    67. Alex Easton

      You should make a duos version

    68. Byron Leavell

      When you teamed in the map

    69. SoaR the KiD

      lol won my first game of money wars as lachky girlfriend lol

    70. Jordan Williams

      I see y Lachlan choose those ppl 4 the team

    71. Theme Park Madness

      I just played it and won 2 matches in a row it was fun thanks for the fun game 😁

    72. T Josh

      Is no one gonna talk about how he uses big Jill’s rap song??

    73. Not Frostie

      Hit up the hub 😃

    74. Jenric Bañagale

      bro this like minecraft bedwars

    75. I like wiped coffee

      Pwr hub 😳🤚

    76. 5206 sadaquat zahedee

      he copied minecraft bedwars

    77. TBXI The King125

      I played this ones and won it’s so fun

    78. Azm4h _


    79. Hugh Jass

      Fuck this game mode it’s just teamers

    80. Lazer Blade

      Can you please change the storm to like 10 damage or something pls

    81. Lazer Blade

      Me and my friend love money wars we play it every day it is out

    82. Saurabh Lal


    83. Kelli W

      I ❤️ Lachlan I got merch! I support Lachlan I use your code! ❤️ you

    84. Snorlax Max

      Money war pogchamp

    85. Lexi Mara

      I won on money wars randomly

    86. Lewis Eastwood

      I used code pwr lachlan love your vids

    87. Ian Henry

      This is the stupidest game everybody your so bad lachy

    88. ii_Stucid

      I hate money wars

    89. Robert Kettle

      Can u tell Fortnite to permanently keep it in?

    90. Arsalan Ahmed

      arsalan ahmed (@timebucks)

    91. sajid bashir


    92. Renis

      Very nice!

    93. ZapatronUltra

      I am putting this video in a description of one of my KGup video’s!

    94. Din Panthagani

      Instead of code PWR, I will use code Lachy as I always use it in the item shop.

    95. Warrior Knight

      I won this game mode before


      Bro I like money wars but there are just some annoying ass people who keep teaming. And it's not fait. It makes the game so unfun

    97. race Godspeed

      Dude only noob play your map(not to ofend you but like i only see noob in money war game)

    98. Saurabh Lal


    99. Max Long

      Fortnite bedwars

    100. APSAC Sectt

      Very imressive game...