Quarantine Bow-Fishing For Food in the City

Scott Martin

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    With all the craziness in the world we decided to go out and bowfish for dinner! Hope you all are staying safe. Please drop a good recipe in the comments. Stay Safe My Friends!
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    1. Scott Martin

      How should we prepare the tilapia to eat?? Let me know!

      1. Clay Robinson

        Blackened Fish Tacos!

      2. Radames Guerrero

        Deep fried whole is the best way to cook tilapia

      3. Adam Sanders

        Best way to fish during the spawn

      4. Julio Rodriguez


      5. Robert Shaw

        Roll it in Italian bread crumbs and bake it at 350 for like 45 minutes then dust with Parmesan cheese

    2. Jim Walker

      I haven't been home in 2 months. No quarantine for me. I'm a truck driver and gotta keep y'all fed! But I'm home in Eufaula now! Fishen' Seminole tomorrow and Eufaula Thursday! 🚛🇺🇸🎣🇺🇸🤘🇺🇸

    3. Mike Meyer

      What’s a taco sandwich lmao

    4. Halim Angler

      Real sniper fish 😂😂😂 amazing brother...nice video

    5. Fishing With Reed

      I’ve been fishing all day every day

    6. Tommy 2020

      Scott, love your Christian Family 🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️🐘❗ Is this bow fishing illegal ? I figure it's not or you wouldn't be posting this but I just didn't know. Especially if you're eating them. Stay Safe and being a Christian you know this is just the first of the plagues, not trying to be a doom and gloom

    7. Josh Garza

      Did he really just say taco sandwich 7:45

    8. Rebel Relics

      More bow fishing videos 👍🏻

    9. MXbass

      That darn matrix excuse.

    10. Nicholas Bowen

      Waiting for the Pascagoula tourney. Where u run to mobile bay!,,,

      1. Scott Martin

        Coming soon!

    11. Jerome Torrez

      It’s against the law to shoot a cross bow out of a moving vehicle that’s poaching and anything with a motor

    12. Penny Roberson

      Hey Scott I am best friends with Hoyt and Melinda tidwelll

    13. Brent Matthew

      Lmao, the fish got away it don't count. Lol

    14. Neal Fisher Doucette

      We have steelhead fishing and sea run cutthroats trout, and brown trout.

    15. Tyler Parker

      Lol I can't believe you posted this! Haha

    16. Dalene Briggs

      We call the ones with the red tail Mozambique tilapia in South Africa

    17. Clay Robinson

      Scott I laughed when you said "City Style" I've been to Clewiston, its no city - town maybe. Great Fishing - but not a city. You also were nice to take a pic with my son in front of your house one night back in late Feb. Sorry to hassle you - but my 11yr old loved it. Last trip we made before the CV shutdown. Thanks a Million -

    18. Jake Eavey

      Hey Scott, love all your videos. Thank you for still putting out content. I’m under stay at home in NYC and haven’t been able to get out on the bay for the 20200 season. Sadly I have heard of folks getting run off the beach while surf fishing even if it’s for food. I lived in Florida for awhile when I was stunting at the parks. I loved fishing and duck hunting Okeechobee. Caught my PB Largemouth there. Keep the videos up for this furloughed stunt guy who is wishing he was fishing!


      Light one and more red is Male the dark one is female.

    20. NoVa Cream

      One is male and the other female

    21. Zack LaMoore

      Last question, are you planning on staying with favorite, I’ve seen a lot of guys leave I just don’t know if you are.

    22. Andrew Westbrook

      hero to zero lol

    23. Shane Jones (2027)

      Boy or girl

    24. Chris Massey

      That looks like a blast, it won't stop raining long enough to do any thing here in South Arkansas.

    25. Frankie Van Gelder

      Hey Scott. Did you know in Washington state we are not allowed to fish at all right now? I’ve had 3 tournaments cancelled so far

    26. Jeff_A

      I’ve been hitting Fort Cobb Lake here in Oklahoma and catching sand bass for my quarantine food.

    27. Timothy Winchek


    28. Logan Donaldson

      Hey scott, are you fishing neely henry lake in gadsten al for the flw tournament may 7-9

    29. Black Swan198

      Scott you are my inspiration

    30. nick ramirez

      Nile tilapia and black tilapia

    31. Victor Salinas

      Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) Nile River Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) The one with red fins Tilapia from Mozambique (Oreochromis mossambicus) They are from North Africa and Israel

    32. Julio Rodriguez

      Make CEVICHE OUT OF IT REALLY GOOD IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY,, Love your channel amigo keep them lines tight.🙏🇺🇸


      "The city?" Have you ever been to a city? Evidently not.

    34. Robert Shaw

      My 1 year old granddaughter loves you videos I put them on when she’s fussy and they help her go to sleep. Getting her hooked early

    35. Chris H

      Scott, I've been a huge fan of yours for years. I'm 44 years old. I grew up watching your dad. I served in the military and now have severe PTSD and I just wanted you to know, your videos help me. Bass fishing is my passion. The PTSD has really stole the joy out of my life. But I've done some bank fishing lately. My v.a. Dr. And my PCP told me to file for disability. So I've been off work since February 6th. Hopefully fishing will help me cope better. Keep up the good work brother!

    36. Jamie Leach

      Scott Martin Its a red tail tilapia an they are not native to Florida they are a invasive species down there

    37. swamp thing forteinadeyate

      Aww man i wanted to see some blackened tilapia tacos

    38. 510purple

      please please please what song plays in the beginning of this video Scott?

    39. BasketballFanatic203

      Man Scott I can’t imagine a worse place to be stuck....... south Florida.... 😂😂😂lol I love u man keep it up

    40. The Wildcat Hotshot

      Fillet’em. Cajun season and bake in butter

    41. Bass Rookie

      Man i am jealous because live in California and can’t shoot crossbows

    42. Chad Outdoors

      Cool video - do you have a promo code for the crossbow?

    43. SilvermanAdventures

      Got 6 Tilapia bowfishing yesterday. First time shooting any bow since 1963. Was a riot and free Organic fish. Stay healthy. Peace.

    44. derrick bowens

      Next time use a hook

    45. John R

      Outdoor grill with wood chips

    46. Peyton Boddie

      It the Male and female color different

    47. Fishin’ With Max

      Scott: Who’s Fault Is that Also Scott: MiNe!

    48. dustin pitts

      blacken them that's the best;;;;;;

    49. Chase Collier

      what is your PB bass scott

      1. Scott Martin


    50. Andrew Bundy

      Scott question for you. Are you going to do the travel logs when the bass tournament start up again. And does Brandon still work with you?

    51. Quinn Hooper

      This is a great way to get out of the house and that bow is awesome im going to be getting one thanks

    52. Bill Collectors


    53. Travis Hester

      That one has Coronavirus disease lol

    54. Jason D

      Thanks for posting Scott! Needed a distraction.

      1. Scott Martin

        Stay safe bro


      Dude with this lock down ur videos need to be long haha

    56. reel fishing210

      From what I was told after they get a certain size they start getting that red color on them

    57. mohunter68

      Not really quarantined here where I'm at, but all non-essential businesses are closed. Grocery stores, gas stations, and places like fast food are still open drive thru only. I took a voluntary lay off starting Monday don't have to go back till July, hoping things are much better by then. I plan on turkey hunting the next few weeks and get the bass boat out do some crappie and bass fishing maybe even catfishing. I like my fish rolled in Andy's Red fish breading and pan fried.

    58. Casey Moran

      Awesome video! You should do more like these. Some spear fishing would be cool also.

    59. Tyler Ruble

      Taco sandwich......😆😆. I’m going to be laughing and saying taco sandwich all day!

      1. Scott Martin


    60. FishingT.V

      I love the food vids

    61. Thomas Gansen

      Largemouth has the red in it... Great job..

    62. VOID ICYY


    63. VOID ICYY

      Today I’m going trout fishing for opening day for more food to eat I love troo

    64. bob long

      Soak them in beer then flour. And corn meal reegg batter then flour corn meal deep fry

    65. Edwin Bennett

      Nice video i have been fishing for brook trout got 23 of them yesterday i let them go expect fo two for supper

    66. Allen G

      Great video !

    67. Michael Cuff

      Seafood seasoning and a wood fire grill. Sounds like an Outback Steakhouse outa work employee.

    68. Bassinwithberger

      the brown tilapia were nile tilapia and the other one was either a blue or a red breasted tilapia 10:24

    69. Life’s little Excursions

      This is fishing✌️

    70. DG Mills

      That was a nice day fishing! Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend. ❣️🙏

    71. Cole Glover

      I’d probably marinate them

    72. Jim Dingle


    73. Oh No

      Thanks Scott. S/o TrashTalkingJames ! 💪💪

    74. David Vang

      You have to shoot below the fish because of the glare from the water

    75. Mike Wiltfang

      If this subdivision was in Mn , you'd be spread-eagled by a swat team in about five minutes for discharging a "deadly weapon", quarantine or not. Yup, a fiberglass rod on the end of a #300 lb test nylon cord, traveling at the blazing speed of 95 fps. I'd move to FL if I didn't enjoy my snowblower so much.

    76. Jace kohl

      I’ve been trying to catch these pre-spawn bass

    77. Ralfo

      No discount for the crossbow???

    78. Kash Eason

      Who else thinks Reed looks like Hillary except but a boy

    79. Ashton Reider

      Bake em

    80. Fishing Only

      Dark one is a blue tilapia and the one with the Red fins is an nile tilapia

    81. Johnny Thompson

      Plant a garden Planting flowers ( honey do ) And fishing

    82. Walleye crankbaits

      Use a real bow and you wouldn't miss as much like we do in wi

    83. Christopher Ledbetter

      Working wishing I was fishing 🎣

    84. Zack LaMoore

      Do you guys get business at the marina, or are you guys not aloud to stay open?

      1. Zack LaMoore

        Scott Martin :(

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s closed other than take out food

      3. Zack LaMoore


      4. Zack LaMoore

        I miss being there :( I’m going back as soon as this is fone

    85. Edward Aki

      U need to do more with the family- more vids that is lol I was just down there fishing out of the marina in March. We stay in the rooms right along those canals. Memories!!! Lake Okeechobee is an awesome fishery. We fish there 3-4 times a year and stay at the marina.capt Bo white keeps in touch with us all year long and let’s us know what’s going on down there. Hilarious video man love the channel and the content. McCoy keep the camera rolling and how long did he get restricted for? For smashing your boat? B safe ✌🏻🇺🇸🙏🏼

    86. Johnnie Large

      Make tacos with them. I can’t wait till all the yours get fired back up.

    87. TVC_ peytonsteele11

      Will Scott pin this 🧐

    88. Kimberly Mcmahon

      There's blue tilapia and spotted tilapia. My hubby has gotten ten pound ones up here in the canals on the st. Johns they get so thick when the water in the river is too cold they pile up in the canals and you can just snag them. Looks like so much fun

    89. Marshon Johnson

      I’ve been fishing alone out by the house. What y’all doin looks cool!!

    90. Billy Haas

      Thankyou for still uploading during this time love the content be safe

    91. Dustin DIXON

      All my fishing holes are closed Scott, I've been mowing my yard three times a week lol.

    92. Dan T

      I think the red tail is a different species.

    93. Ryan Bender

      Aim low!!!

    94. Hank Snow Outdoors

      On the grill with a garlic butter and lemon and some pepper. Delish

    95. Huey Harrison

      Maybe it don’t have as much cover so it’s lighter

    96. Timothy Leger

      Great video !! One of those wasn't a Cichlid ?

    97. Cameron Carter

      Best way to cook them is clean them put them in a bowl hand them to the wife and say cook these please dear

    98. Eddie Harper

      Trying to get a chance to take out my tub boat and get off the bank for the first time in my life if the weather will clear up.

    99. Mike Lagrappe

      It's a hybrid... there are like three different hybrids

    100. John B

      That was awesome!! Something different for sure and seeing a father & son together having a challenge with a crossbow!! Up here in PA the weather doesn't know what it wants to do? One day in the 60's & 70's then temp drops into mid 30's lower 40's. Try to get it when I can we can go out fishing on the lakes. Stay safe & God Bless!!