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    We broke yet another WORLD RECORD... the most amount elims in a single duos game! 88 Elims... the equivalent of two 20 bombs each in the comeback LTM! We hope you enjoy!
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    1. Dora Lokietek

      you guys are the best twin fortnite plays i know

    2. Tibor Vekony

      ops I wasn't 15 it was 00:15

    3. Tibor Vekony

      I saw them floating at 15:00 I exposed him

    4. Just a ordinary egg

      I know this is irrelevant but i just ate the best orange! 😂

    5. Maximiliano Trigo

      bro wtf this record

    6. Lucia Rodríguez Cuña

      The willing hockey essentially squeal because rail previously cure beside a tight politician. blushing, phobic downtown

    7. Mossie

      They both got 44 kills aye

    8. Calum Crowley

      This is faked watch the amount of people in the game as they get kills it’s totally fake

    9. Mark Gonzalez Jr

      Well then they bothers like together and plays fortnite

    10. Punts with hamwrts !

      I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope i sniped them with no scope

    11. Punts with hamwrts !

      Can someone please tell me the name of the first song in the game

    12. Punts with hamwrts !

      I somehow got 67 kills but in this ltm but I was solo duoing

    13. LLL_TITAN

      all the dislikes are from people that got 87 kills

    14. Lenny Staddon

      i rill lic

    15. Cai Luis

      Green sniper=u are cursed

    16. Circutbreaker Gaming

      wait lever actions in season 6?

    17. hp_highpirs clan

      U guys r insane

    18. Deacesa Mathis

      Fo T I know

    19. Gabriel Games1603

      Eis que você cai em parque agradavel no dia do lançamento do neymar

    20. Jay Disonglo

      when im 10 year old i got my highest kill in season 4 my highest kill is 27

    21. Tavey GamesYT

      Fun fact: FaZe sway holds the solo kill record

    22. Julian Albisu

      the record is 110

    23. ninakor82

      My friend got 95 kils in one game it was i team rumble

    24. Aidan Cleary

      how did u get the mandalorian pickaxe


      ikr if I get 10 I am like ¨OMG I HAVE 10 KILLS OMG OMG OMG!!!!¨

    26. Marcus Elijah Manalastas


    27. Mustafa Sheho

      Das ist so gggggeeeeeeiiiiiiiilllllll

    28. pearlzqpro gaming

      They both said :two 38 at the same time!🤣

    29. Josh Fearnside

      they had 5 lives

    30. Alessandra Cinella


    31. Bjørn Olav Amundsen

      Jesse kan i add ju and jordan

    32. Juliene Aguilar


    33. AboF lah


    34. Rafael Mallari

      when jordan killed the soccer skin you can see code x2twins

    35. Nifty Caribou


    36. Puglo


    37. Gabros

      what the name is ltm???

      1. Gabros

        ooh its on descreption

    38. GigaFrozzer

      7:42 that squeak tho

    39. Tyler Nelson

      Yo yo yo I love you s vids I wanna have you added my epic is nativeqBo6 and I suck and I wanna get better at the game 😨😔😇

    40. ZeroTheHero GamesAndMore

      U need an icon skin

    41. E. Dawg

      I have the most solo wins at over 50

    42. Ezva


    43. Emily Goodknecht

      My kills per game; 4 Their kills; 509273

    44. nate irwin


    45. VILE JEVON

      This was very entertaining 👍🏾

    46. Peanut Army

      My highest solo kill game was 17

    47. GZUZ

      fortnite is not gay fortnite is mega gay

    48. Kiki_Boy0304

      OMG U BEAT FaZe SWAY’s kill record it’s 69

    49. Nope Hehe

      I love the x2 twins videos so much

    50. Caleb McGhin

      this is cap bc in duos u cant redeploy or get chug splash or respawn


      oi neiq,cnwrehuyuwyeueyrv fb bmshhf rkdr açii jfkjg ioo mame mmmwae3i eybjkkl\jd8wdsa

    52. Atlant Stjepan

      Sup X2Twins, i would like that you can add me in Fortnite. My YT Channel is my Fortnite name/user.

    53. Harlow Jett

      They are basically the same player

    54. TyroneThaDeveloper

      Bro what is that outro song? I need the name

    55. Yoyo Thingz

      Jesse: I sniped him without a scope Jordan: ...

    56. Natalie Farrell

      Yo Jordan Jesse ur dog water if ur so good 2v1 me vs you both

    57. T3n D0br3j

      Imagine cheating

    58. Matt / PlexehFTP

      X2 twins : 88kills Me and my girlfriend arguing about taking each others kills 😂

    59. Jaxson Monticue

      yo uu and jesse r goated for life

    60. Airoixxox Airouz

      :friend they suck :me aw heck. You did not say that

    61. WaterBell

      This dude killed 80% of the lobby!

    62. Jacob Hillman

      the best players

    63. Flufy_btw

      omg you are the best 🔥

    64. Amb er Smith

      Y'all are the best KGuprs

    65. Melanie playz :D


    66. JamesMCTV

      aimbot user cough cough

    67. Qxzzfy -

      its so sad in the outro when they fall...

    68. Anson DeVinney

      Jonsey, DEAD! Aura, DEAD! GUY IN A TREE!!!!! The meme speaks for itself

    69. ÑoXý ツ

      pq les top descend pas il reste a 35

    70. mitc0580 mitc0580

      88 elimms HAW ◑﹏◐

    71. Layla M

      The fact that they both said "dying" at the same exact time is hilarious

    72. Trexis

      bro i think you have in a duo or arena or custom match 88kills xd

    73. Baby Ready For Sacrifice

      7:39 renagade raider

    74. HunterElite

      Thats custom match

    75. Maze_Adam

      I got 32 solo duos

    76. Finley Cleaver

      I wish I can be that good as them

    77. KODIAK


    78. TodoXAqua

      The master of snipes without scopes

    79. Unfunny Memes


    80. ninja black

      Yea whit soft aim

    81. Truffle playz

      This basically cheating

    82. Golden slash567

      They all ways make the impossible possible

    83. Frances Tyndall

      You guys are my favorite KGuprs

    84. Layla Moore

      How are they using those guns but they are from last season and the map is season 6

    85. Itzz Frranky

      I did 89 kill with my friend :)

    86. Nicolai Wittich

      Nicht echt

    87. Panda vloger

      Them: dieing

      1. Panda vloger


    88. Alex 25k

      bruh they usin that softaim soo good but i can still see it :/

    89. Adam Abusaleem

      Do they se comments if you ask this question like

    90. Keno

      when you drink G fuel once:

    91. Mugaaz-

      I like how Jordan doesn’t stop speaking

    92. Trudy Egan

      so good

    93. Trudy Egan

      i got 100 klis

    94. UnknownUchiha

      Y'all did not get 88 elims this I team rumble you bums

    95. Sama Saqer

      And it was 90 kills not 88 you liars

    96. Sama Saqer

      And its only because you had 5 lifes if you didnt you were dead no problems

    97. Sama Saqer

      Clickbait video not clickbait for my commt i swear its clickbait

    98. Forcado

      inpo silvel

    99. Nel Ruhe


    100. Andreas Aschaber

      In Germany we say: Zu Wyld hrrrrr