It All Makes Sense Now - Road to the Classic Ep.18 (20/20 Lake Hartwell)

Scott Martin

39 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    This mistake cost me $42,000 and a chance to go to the Bassmaster Classic. These 20-20’s allow me to break down what I did wrong.
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    1. JP Mejia

      Hey Scott, I have been watching ur videos as well as Hillary's videos for maybe more than a month now and I really love every single one I saw! You give me such good vibes and I've learn a bunch of stuff from ur videos especially related to fishin. Soo just keep it up and God bless!

    2. Barney Edens

      Scott, What is the biggest hurdle or challenge that you have in preparation for each tournament? What do you put off as long as possible or hit first to get it out of the way? either Mental or Physical.

    3. Chris Fiore

      its all about the hardware man


      Had a 6 lb bass swallow my wake bait on day 2 and broke me off 10 feet from the boat. Would’ve put me in round 3.

    5. LodlPC09

      I think it would be cool to know what you’re throwing for bait when you’re out fishing the tournament. It’s a hard ask but would you be able to show the camera what you’re using and give a brief explanation as to why. It’s fun watching you switch between baits but half the time I have no idea what you’re catching the bass on.

    6. Carl Weydeman

      I don’t know what you need to qualify for the elites, and the classic, but I’m praying you do! You seem to do life right, you teach, your a pros pro, a god man, a family man. I’ve been here watching you for a long time, and I can’t wait to see you raise the trophy of all 🏆, and finish the unfinished business! 🙏🏻 good luck, god bless

    7. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      These 20/20 video’s have priceless tournament info. Just how you setup a strategy and so many things that could really benefit even some experienced tournament anglers. I think if people are skipping or not watching these 20/20’s they are really missing some of the best stuff! When the pro’s talk I make sure I listen. I have learned so many things from the guys that are the best. Thanks Scott for doing these video’s.

    8. Brandon Kessler

      “It’s a biggin” needs to be on a merch shirt! Famous words of Scott Martin, keep up the great work!

    9. R Mach

      Hey bud, I want to tell you what an inspiration you are. I tried to hold on. But... Anywho, I want my last message to be to you. Lol, tag your it. I thunk you are what everyone should be. Kind, cool, great dad. I assume a good husband/provider. Stuff I never did right. Sure, Asst. VP at the bank. Working for Dan Gilbert all that. But you sir, you can hold your head high. Higher than most. Grats Scott!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Sir!

    10. Rogbass

      Is Billy rentable?? Having hip surgery Monday and need a Billy for stuff during recovery. I only need him for oh. Five months. If I need to put a deposit down then cool. Would like a month to month deal.

      1. Scott Martin

        He may go for

    11. Hunter Pearson

      Man I got to know what that bait was you we’re crushing them on that spinning rod with!!

    12. Tom Miks

      No BASS does not need participation Trophies. Lol

    13. Brandon Wade

      I have 3 smc hats and haven't had a shout-out yet

      1. Rogbass

        I’m shouting. I need one. A free one. I deserve it. Seriously. 👍🏻

    14. Kirk Bourgeois

      Miss the evinrude

    15. John Summerford

      I miss you challenging other professional anglers Scott. Still think your channel is awesome, but just miss some of the old days man

    16. William Bonk

      Your in it to win it and your winning in my book great job keep the tournament videos coming Thanks Again

    17. James Walters


    18. Michael Uwich

      You got a stick to your confidence in and you should’ve stayed on the same game plan of day one but still did very good better lock next tournament

    19. SF7Dragon

      Scott, you did beat Upshaw. He was a great sport about it all. You still did a great job considering the environment.

    20. Tim Roberts

      Always enjoy the 20/20's. Great info and incite on your tournament. Congrats to you and Andrew on great finishes and best of luck the rest of the year!!! I need to get me one of those Favorite spinning rods! That 7'2" sounds like one I would use a lot!!! Take care, stay safe and God Bless!!!!

    21. Jimmy Ramos

      Yoga woulda slowed you down on day 2🤔 Lol jk ,way to roll with what you got dealt!!!👊

    22. Herman Geldenhuys

      Hi Scott Herman here from South Africa , what jerkbait did you use you were winding it like a crankbait it also looks its got a metal blade?

    23. Andrew Phoa

      Remember when you were little: 1st Place = Gold 2nd Place = Silver 3rd Place = Bronze 4th Place = Honourable Mention Ribbon 5th+ = Participation Ribbon ; ) Scott, it doesn't matter what place you get in a are GOLD to us all the time! BAM!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    24. Gary West

      I'm not a fan of B.A.S.S. but they can totally redeem themselves if they give Scott an automatic bid to the elites. How can they call themselves the elites with the only elites being Feider, Palahniuk and Welcher?

      1. Scott Martin

        I would love an outright invite..but I really want to earn it. I’ll be there one day

    25. Bryan Anderson

      the D BAG !!!!!! LOL no dude you cant call it the D BAG !!!!

    26. Jared Pope

      How could someone purchase your boat after you get another one for the next year?

    27. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott 👍, You have definitely a great group of traveling buddies watch all you guys videos

    28. Chad Witten

      Congratulations on the top 5 Scott! That should have solidified an Elite invite right?! Loving the vids. Great content plus y'all jokesters have been cracking me up!!

    29. Wild Fish Hunting

      fantastic fishing learning video. your video will help us to catch the fishes.. 😊

    30. mike swearngin

      Awesome video.. You will get there.

    31. Sharon Cox

      Scott did you throw a prop/spy bait any on the spin rod?

    32. Travis Wiggins

      Why are you and Bradley Hallman so scared of the competition in MLF ? It is clearly where the top anglers are. Now that Vandam , wheeler , and Lee have left the elite series the Classic is not that big of a win. Go to MLF and let’s see what you got

      1. Travis Wiggins

        Scott Martin it’s embarrassing watching you return fish to the water the way y’all do in your videos. No need to throw the fish back. Return them correctly so we can all catch them in the future. No need to make a fish do triple flips for entertainment. Good luck

      2. Scott Martin

        I am not worried about what “I’ve got” I am worried about what drives me and Bassmaster is that for me. I like the 5 fish format and the way the game is played and has been played for years.

    33. Roastin' Toads

      Scott let’s go man! Love watching your pursuit of making the Elites. Thanks 🙏

    34. David Shillings

      Better cover that Evinrude up with a Yamaha in the background lol..

    35. Michael O'Hearn

      It would be so awesome seeing you on the Elite series.

    36. Stan Kaminski

      Great video. Scott Martin for President!!!!

    37. Ron Robison

      Great lighting

    38. Jon Hendrie

      A trophy for fifth place what’s next give everybody a participation trophy.

      1. Ryan Mills

        5th place out of 175+ incredible professional anglers is worthy of a trophy. FLW has been doing it forever, rightfully so. Anybody who makes the cut in an BASS open has worked their tail off to get there and to execute. I know the money is their reward but something for the trophy case is irreplaceable. "Money gets spent, hardware lasts forever" - Chris Jones (FLW Weigh-in announcer)

    39. Kevin Bolen

      Another great video! Good luck in your tournaments! I'll be waiting on the videos.

    40. Justin Lesnik

      The tournament videos are intense.

    41. Eric Stowe

      Today's the day Scott....its my daughter's bday(she is 12) can we get a happy bday? It would make my day. .....i mean her day.... Bahahahhah

    42. 251 REELING

      Hey Scott I appreciate all the tips and techniques i wanna go to ockachobee one day and stay at the fishing lodge you guys have my son wants to catch big unz.

    43. Shaun Roberts

      That's all right still got time to win one.......


      When you bringing Brandon Back on the Channel?

    45. Brian Bagwell

      Great job on the video and the tournament.

    46. John R

      Staying in the moment is a game changer in life no matter what you're doing, the mind is hard to keep in that moment though.

    47. Complex isa QT

      Good luck Scott, I know you’ll win it(btw this series was fire)

    48. Jesse Boyden

      The D bag 😂😂😂

    49. Chris Gable

      You looked like you were desperate on day to

    50. Eric Stowe

      Love the series did your best right? Well hell.....that's what matters!

    51. Danny Cal

      doesn't kentucky lake have skip jack herring? also great job scott.

      1. Danny Cal

        Scott Martin ah ok, all I know is them skipjack make excellent catfish bait. Lol

      2. Scott Martin

        Totally different

    52. Reed Pennington

      Who won the giveaway

    53. Michael Barnish

      Too much lighting behind you with those screens on.

      1. Scott Martin

        Dammit Macoy!

    54. Scott Davis

      Congratulations on 5th place you can only go up from there. Great video.

    55. Captain Mike

      Just skip to 3:45, your welcome

    56. Chris H

      Scott thank you so much for breaking everything down for us. Most of us here are living our dream through you. This is as close as I'll ever get to professional fishing. Thanks so much to SMC, GOOGAN BAITS, P LINE, BASSMASTERS, YAMAHA, FAVORITE RODS AND SO MANY OTHERS.👊 BAM!

      1. Chris H

        @Scott Martin dude you're just amazing!

      2. Scott Martin


    57. Brandon Edel

      what was the bait you caught them on the spinning rod thanks scott.

      1. Ariel Biley

        Jackall Riser 007

    58. Bryson White

      I love all the sponsors that you have!! My dream one day is to be just like you and be the best Fisherman and Fish tournaments. Awesome Video Scott!

    59. Joe Van Kilpatrick

      I’m new to your channel Scott, I only recently started watching all of these KGup fishing channels. I grew up 8 miles from lake Guntersville and spent a lot of days on the water up until I was 28 years old, I started a new job in Birmingham Al and moved away from the lake a short time later! I have recently moved back to my home town and my passion for fishing is stronger than ever, hardly a day goes by without me wetting a hook! I grew up watching your dad, “SON” and now to be able to follow your career pretty much daily has been a lot of fun and extremely helpful for my fishing. Can’t wait to see where your career is headed, keep up the good work!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you very much I will be at Lake Neely Henry for the Bassmaster you should come by and watch the weighin

    60. Dave Bradford

      New to your channel.. Live here in ft Lauderdale thanks for these videos. Lake okeechobee has been better after watching your videos, Hillary’s ,and your pops vids.. keep grinding I have faith you can make the b a s s classic....

    61. Donald yancey

      The second day of redemption you did well but im sure it felt like your first tournament a lot of pressure to make the cut.. but like I said gotta have fun.. deep breath stay claim Your a legend just like your Dad.

    62. Jonathan Lee

      What bait did you throw on that spinning rod? Watched your other videos and saw that you caught a bunch on it

    63. Fishing DohaR

      That’s a beautiful fishing video

    64. Nicholas Kennedy

      How do I get that Yamaha smc hat

    65. David James

      Where can I find that color of Zara Spook @scottmartin

      1. Scott Martin

        Saltwater one

    66. Rusty Scopano

      Scott what bait were you fishing on your spinning rod?

    67. Johnnie Carter

      Fish on S. M. Great serious Mr. McCoy! Is he the REAL McCoy? Only time will tell. Stay tuned right here on the best bass fishing channel on KGup!! YeeHaw!!!!

    68. Ken Piere

      Keep doing what you're doing and the trophies will come. SMC is awesome.

    69. Chance Lawter

      I got a tournament November 7th at hartwell for my schools fishing team

    70. Error's Gaming Network

      Scott Martin is hands down just the best. That's it, nothing else to say.

      1. Scott Martin


    71. Bill Kelly

      Loving the tournament videos!!!!

    72. Rowdy Broomstick

      Sweet spots on my home lake, not far from crystal springs shoot, love them humps and that hammer spinning rod does look really good! Have to admit I want one for my rod locker!

    73. RB Angler

      Hey Scott! Any chance you got room for a Co-Angler next year? Or even a 1v1 the next time you’re in Texas 👍🏾🎣

    74. Sambo Rat

      How come you never talk to Brian latimer anymore?

    75. bullet4kopper

      What color Riser was that?

    76. Jerry Valentour

      One of you best talks 👏 made me feel I was the only person there

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!! 👊🏼

    77. Shenanigan King

      Congrats on the great finish!!

    78. BBBassing

      The white screens behind Scott kinda drown him out too much, makes it look dark. Keep up the good fight Scott!

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Gator Flea

      SHO NUFF !

      1. Scott Martin


    80. Matt Sault

      Jus throwing it out there d bag is not the name to throw out there...😐... there another D BAG name out there!!!? More like D Ding Bag! Let go scotty pick it up!!

    81. Cornfed !!!!

      I never herd from ya when I called your folks marina to tell ya your pickup had a headlight out almost a month a ago I even emailed ya. I was hoping to get some of that free tackle you were given away

    82. Christopher Kielbasa

      I wish you well the rest of the season. You/videos are amazing. I think you put to much pressure on yourself, you don't screw off, so just be your best b/c your one of the greats. The sport is getting harder due to tech/social media, so I think a lot of dark horse/niche specific wins will occur. You should be very proud of your fifth place. If you really think it will help: send Brandon to scout your up coming tourney destinations with his spinnerworm .... he he. Just kidding that's probably illegal. Brandon's camera skills/video gaming are birdie compared to his wonky fishing skills, which are piss your pants hilarious. Please don't respond: Fish, Prep, and Make the Cut!!!!!!!!!!

    83. Ray 205

      If you had to give one tip to become pro what would it be

      1. Scott Martin

        Fish challenging fisheries

    84. Mason Gregg

      What’s some good lures to use on Okeechobee right now

      1. Scott Martin

        Spinner bait for sure

    85. KaVillage

      How much did u win?

      1. Scott Martin

        9,800 or so

    86. Joe Hale

      Scott I'm am big fan of yours. Just wanted to say keep your head up and charge forward you will make the elites and the classic

      1. Scott Martin


    87. Randall Hammack

      Is there a reason why there's so many dead fish near greenpond boat landing?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not sure

    88. Dbars19

      you were so close at Hartwell. tbh i lost 300 bucks betting on you lol..........

      1. Scott Martin

        Dang man!!

    89. Beau Adams

      I like the journey you have going. Keep up the good work. The elites are calling your name

      1. Scott Martin

        Working hard

    90. Joshawa Gillis

      I need to find some more favourite rods here in Ontario

    91. J & L

      Thanks, Scott! I so appreciate your heart and care for the sport for sure, for the fans, but especially for your family! I really admire you for doing SO MUCH, working SO hard, and puting in the time, all while keeping the Lord #1 in your life and loving your family so well! I have gained so much valuable information from you over the years. Your passion, energy, genuine love of life, and posititivity is refreshing, especailly in this day and age of negativity! Keep it up and know you are making a big difference in many lives, especialy during these unprecidented times we live in...and NOT just time on the lakes. Never forget God has you! Praying for you and your family!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much..🙏🏼🙏🏼

    92. Jim Grady

      Scott, I just bought a decked system after seeing it in your video. I just used it for my fishing trip to WI and it was great. All the stuff I always kept in my truck in totes like tools, jack, and spare hub are out of the way and it freed up my truck bed. Keep the great videos coming and good luck!

      1. Jim Grady

        @Scott Martin Will do when I get my truck back from the body shop. You should get credit.

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome!! Post a picture on IG or Facebook and tag me in it..I’ll show Decked.

    93. Rogbass

      Ok. Now this episode is basically the how to of tourney fishing. What an awesome video for anyone heading into their first or even their 20th tourney. From baits to weather to game plans. So dang awesome. All I know is I’ll be keeping a copy of this video on my portable vid player. In the boat. It’s like having a guide book to bass. Your GOING TO SLAY THE ELITES. you belong there will get there and I’m sticking around for the rise.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks so much!!

    94. Danny Shelton

      Really enjoy your videos and hope you can make the Classic and then on to the Elites, good luck!

    95. Jerred Wayne

      I agree, Macoy killed it

      1. Jerred Wayne

        @Scott Martin 👊🏻 back atcha boss

      2. Scott Martin


    96. Gaar Outdoors

      SCOTT, I live on the lake your dad won on to qualify him for the first Bassmaster Classic, the Ross Barnett Reservoir. It would be cool for this ol Army vet to fish with you on it to kind of pay respects to your dad in your road to your first classic.

      1. Gaar Outdoors

        @Scott Martin whenever you're ready hit me in IG @gaar_outdoors

      2. Scott Martin

        That would be cool:)

    97. Mick Anderson

      Cheers Scott as an Aussie I'm hoping you can get up there and fish against our boy Carl Keep it it up mate

      1. Scott Martin


    98. Ethan Eveler

      Awesome bag that is really nice for keeping fishing stuff and that spinner rod is nice to because it don't break I no how that is when you break a rob because my dad bought these trout rods that he said that are nice and don't break until one day we went trout fishing and my dad caught this big trout and the rod broke in 3 peaces and we had to get the fish in by hand by pulling the line in. And I think you did good in the tournament some of them fish that you caught were huge so I think you should get a trophie for 5th place because you did awesome and That will add on to you awesome trophie collection.

      1. Scott Martin

        I think I am going to just make

    99. bent rodguy

      very anxious to see how you do on neely henry, i live on lay the oldest in the coosa chain, and the best of the coosa, neely is 2nd best, it will take 16lbs a day to win avg, hopefully it will cool down more and the bass will finally move into the sloughs chasing shad, they are super scattered right now, and takes 30 to 40 places a day to get 16lbs, and the most extreme, of extreme junk fishing, as many rods on front deck as you can get without triping over them all, i suspect the extreme northern or southern part of the lake will be the best , and early morning or when pulling water during midday , they will school on key points at the mouth of creeks, that is just a hunch, anxious to see how you break it down, and best of luck, i hope u fish lay lake on dec 3 , so i can meet you, and maybe smack talk a absolutely awesome video, and great how you analyzed what you did , it definitely help me !

      1. bent rodguy

        @Scott Martin yes im jay haughton on facebook feel free to message me anytime, we can go bust a few on lay if you come up before that, i sent you im on fb,

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank You!! Do you have a Facebook or IG?

    100. SweetLou

      But what was that tiny crankbait looking thing you were catching those fish on with the spinning rod? That was the deal.