i just took a DNA test

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    this is a song about dna haha you watched it you science nerd haha
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    1. Gus Johnson

      if anyone is able to conduct a more promising DNA test please tell me on twitter 🙏

      1. Anime Lover

        @Dylan whos joe Ikik its JOE MAMA But i have never been joemamaed? So go ahead

      2. PuLsemini13

        Is this real or not gus

      3. __

        100% at risk for big PP disease

      4. ItchyChalupa

        You sound like weird al and I love it

      5. verified people

        @Rexmoto 1 no it's totally real

    2. Neil Godfrey

      Gus you already did this video last month remember??

    3. DommyBoy Smith

      Diabetes and Parkinsons here brother. See you in the nursing home 😄

    4. JohnathanDoe

      Why is this so catchy

    5. Edward.L.H

      I'm so happy for you

    6. Nobigdeal

      Oh no

    7. D Sherm

      Just sent this to my sister - frontal temporal dementia runs in our family. She was not impressed with me lmao

    8. zoinksss

      genuinely i dont know if he’s joking or not help

    9. crabbie

      i was fully ready for you to sing "turns out im 100% that bitch"

    10. Oli-243

      congratulations this video made callmekevin laugh

    11. nappyaim

      why do i feel like this wasnt made in 2021 but 2020

    12. Andy Candy

      No, you just took a maniac test and the result came positive/crocodile.

    13. Judesy

      I feel like this stuff actually happens to him sometimes.

    14. TheDeliveryBoy

      I can't stop rewatching this video

    15. BunnyMonster

      Is this real??

    16. Hayden Brooks

      Damn, I kinda feel bad for laughing at that.

    17. Julia Pinzon

      The thumbnail pic looks like Jack Nicholson from The Shining. Same crazed expression, if your eyes were looking to the right I wouldn't be able to spot the difference

    18. Jake the Half baked pancake


    19. TNXaro

      We all have Alzheimer's... Remember your extended warranty on your car? Neither do I... So I have it...

    20. Martin Roylance

      My favorite video of Gus ever. Well done

    21. michaelflash123's stuff

      I will always enjoy this

    22. Dawston FilmsTV

      Pls make a full version of this song or sumn with the beat, cuz it fuckin slaps

    23. The Dank Farmer

      Whats the splatter all over the door?

    24. Linus Walden

      Truth Hurts - Lizzo 🙂

    25. macseemoryoi

      I put the V in the vocals

    26. jake sokatch

      uh gus this is the 5th time you've posted this video

    27. By by the Troller


      1. Thunder Head

        Why is it a bad ending?

    28. Dark potato King

      Indeed that is really high

    29. Anime Lover

      How to cure Alzheimer's in 3 steps: 1)Have Alzheimer's (duh) 2)Forget that you had Alzheimer's 3)Profit

    30. Manuel Genaro

      *It's Just A Burning Memory starts playing in the background*

    31. PuLsemini13

      Is this true Gus??

    32. Sea Kay

      He just took a dna test and forgot why

    33. Eshwar

      Sad truth, even if he had million views he won't get paid. Because his video's are like the ads.

    34. Horrible Amber

      As someone who's mom just died of early onset Alzheimer's, yes this is me, lol

    35. Senior Hill

      This is like the third time you've uploaded this Gus

    36. DarkFire

      He’s at risk for what? I didn’t hear the lyrics

    37. Shadows Star

      If it's a 100% risk, that's no longer a risk and it's now a guarentee.

    38. Trevor Goodrich

      He forgot his chances its probably lower

    39. I'm just Looking For my Watch

      This tune is bopping. Id pay money for a song about all the results of Gus' dna test.

    40. Dai 大

      Garbage indeed

      1. Thunder Head


    41. mimic


    42. Kaesium


    43. medical secrets


    44. medical secrets


    45. Jasper Hilliker

      I wonder if Lizzo would laugh at this

    46. mk

      Subtitles, anyone?

    47. JellyGuar

      In all honesty the beat is actually good.

    48. Juan Pablo Peñuelas Romero

      I was expecting 100% mememan

    49. Amy Whitworth

      This lives rent free in my brain 😂

    50. Uncle Cubone

      "I don't know what-" Oh god it's already setting in

    51. Chad Games

      Did you lose weight?

    52. Baby Yoda

      I only liked 20 seconds of this video

    53. Ashley Jin

      yeah i got memory problems that's the human in me bling bling make em double that's genetics in me

    54. TotalCliche

      low key that song sounds fire af

    55. LRock22

      Be honest, how many times have we all watched this now?

    56. c c

      Hey if this is real, I’m really sorry.

    57. Riley Krzywda

      I took a DNA test. Turns out i'm white.

    58. Cori Lane

      Honestly, this is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen this month

    59. Kolton Hoye

      When I heard the lyrics I was like dang lol

    60. Bliots

      can i get this on spotify

    61. Thomas H

      I've watched this like 20 times and I'm still laughing each time

    62. Elessar

      Please make a full song out of this!

    63. KIYΛΛΛ

      My 23andMe kit says I’m at risk for late-onset Alzheimer's🙂

    64. Watermelon Tim Tom

      Fun fact you wanted to hear the rest of that song

    65. Sawyer Waterman

      Bruh same wtf

    66. Mikkel Danmark

      Am I crazy or does the melody kinda sound like a lil peep track but sped up?

    67. m k

      Luckily, you won't remember you took that test for long. So heads up! Life is about go back to being great!

    68. Brandon Barto


      1. Thunder Head


    69. Lachie B

      We need a full cover

    70. Birb

      It is actually a good song

    71. Jackson C

      This lowkey slaps though. I’d listen to a full song

      1. Adam Byrne

        Yeah, I don't know Gus would make it through a whole song. he'll forget all the lyrics

      2. Faust VIII

        @kremzik T H A N K Y O U

      3. kremzik

        Have you tried listening to Lizzo - Truth Hurts ?

      4. Faust VIII

        Totally ! I'm so conflicted because I love it so much, but I need it to be 3min so much !

    72. Christian Clark

      High quality meme

    73. Elswaryio

      Good luck in Mordor

    74. Alon Shoval

      Dont worry, you will forget about this

    75. Experience Music

      Can you please make a full version of this song? I will contribute $200 to the cause. I always click on this video when it’s recommended, but I stop before the punchline cause it ruins the musicy vibes. I just like the song.

    76. yasio bolo

      this is so sad, Alexa play The Caretaker's Everywhere at the end of Time

      1. Tri Tipped Legend

        Re comment trash

    77. Hunter 02

      You’d think with the money he’s got he could get a better haircut

    78. McClundun

      The alzheimers kicked in so fast, Gus forgot how to spell garbage at the end of the video.

      1. yasio bolo

        you will get to meet new people everyday!

    79. NoltheSol

      hahhaaha GUS PLAY ME IN DUCK GAME??????????????

    80. Koli

      yea its weird i have this thing called "every std" idk what ethnicity that is

    81. Celestial Salamander

      did Gus Really Take said DNA test? Are those results real?

    82. Celestial Salamander

      Is that footage at the end real?

    83. taurusthefool

      100 percent that..... Wait what was my name again?

    84. Ailsa Ni

      I didn’t realize the very start were the lyrics to an actual song up until it became about Alzheimer’s, and until now I thought this was just a weird idea Gus got out of the blue

    85. zeranzeran

      Alzheimers isn't so bad Who is this nice young man?

    86. RAT BOY

      I only watch this channel for the outro song.

      1. Thomas Sarabia

        @Ailsa Ni kgup.info/get/XqiYlnfAfW2ZeYs/video There you go

      2. Thomas Sarabia

        @Ailsa Ni of the outro song?

      3. Ailsa Ni

        I need a full version...

    87. SneakAttak

      Play the video on loop for the full effect.

    88. Ryan Kearney

      When you go dark with the humor, I find myself liking your channel a lot more. Like when you shot the deer as the paper CEO and it exploded. Hunting with armor piercing incendiary rounds is for badasses. LOL "is there any way you made a mistake??? thats really high!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. basshead7171

      God I love the mullet. Tis perfection

    90. Nik Hanif

      Micheal reeeeeeeeee

    91. PurePack

      Just looping it over and over again

    92. Oni

      He looked so happy

    93. mr canaduh

      you will get to meet new people everyday!

    94. Weird Gamer

      Is this a joke?

    95. vizthex

      Holy fuck I was not expecting that lmao

    96. Lord Broccoli

      I didn’t realize the very start were the lyrics to an actual song up until it became about Alzheimer’s, and until now I thought this was just a weird idea Gus got out of the blue

    97. Alphonso Santos

      That went to 0 to 100

    98. Tyrannosaurus Lex

      My grandma had early onset Alzheimer's and she died in April last year 😔😔😔 The video was funny tho

      1. Tyrannosaurus Lex

        @Barack Obama what video 🙄🙄🙄

      2. Barack Obama

        @Tyrannosaurus Lex The video

      3. Tyrannosaurus Lex

        @CatMrLover what?

      4. CatMrLover

        can you share the video?

    99. mineonian

      I would pay a shameful amount of money for Gus to cover this song and this line is the only different one

    100. seeni gzty

      It's worse than we thought.He forgot how to spell "garbage" in his end card.