Confronting Pokimane | Inside The Million Dollar Empire

Graham Stephan

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    Join us for an inside look into the business of Pokimane - the behind the scenes of a million dollar brand - and her investing and personal finance strategies along the way. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    1. Pokimane

      thanks for the interview! i hope everyone enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes of turning streaming into a business :)

      1. wasted

        After this, I respect you.

      2. Calming Meditation

        POV: im a simp ah yes mother, say my name and i will give you 3 million dollars

      3. The Savr

        Tell Myth I said hi. 🙈

      4. Michael Rose

        Gr8 vid everyone

      5. NT Laux

        Didn't realise streaming was so complex. :)

    2. pooh shmoo

      Awesome interview. Thank's Graham ... and Pokimane for being herself

    3. Elijah Dehetre

      20:50 I might have to buy some Starbucks because I want to have a chat with you about stuff 😂

    4. Lyrical Terrorist

      when KGup makes a face everyone should punch kick and smash!!!

    5. Lyrical Terrorist

      wow kicking your fucking head in pricelessssssssssss

    6. Shiyanu Neko

      you know covid is a scam when multi millionairs do not wear covid masks at all

    7. Martin Cabrera

      Commenting for the KGup Algorithm and pokimane's beautiful soul

    8. Emmo Red

      Great interview, 100% like to see more of it :)

    9. Ash

      Graham over here looking like Tom Cruise's younger bro

    10. Marouane Elourak

      You couldn’t resist criticizing the Starbucks thing LMAO 🤣

    11. Jason Croft

      What happens to these people if America grows up?

    12. Matthew Garcia

      It wasn’t specifically mentioned but she said that she spends 3k herself (spending money) and between 10-20k per month for employee expenses(averaging makes 15k). She also said that the majority is saved and personal/ business expenses are 30%. If we pretend those two values make the entire 30%, that means that at minimum she is making 54K per month. That’s just bananas.

    13. johan Van Wambeke

      Asana sponsored this right?!

    14. Adam Cook

      The difference between what a man has to do to make big money, and what women have to do.

    15. MySipuli

      I really like Pokimon

    16. Ryan Voll

      She says she doesn’t purchase anything she doesn’t need, while holding a green beverage she doesn’t actually need.

    17. Giddy Digs

      Saying you have your own TV show makes more sense.

    18. aidan mcnally

      where i can buy that sofa?? looks damn comfy!

    19. jack frost

      Enjoyed this video, but now she is views as a lame streamer. She partnered with facepunch (video game company) and was paid to play Rust game. For this, viewers can watch her stream for a total of 4 hours and they will get a special skin (graphics). Pokimane refused to stream enough for her 25,000 watchers for them to get their skins. Kept saying she hates the game and the people playing it. But, right now, she still kept the money facepunch paid her.

    20. Not Santa

      So when does Graham talk about saving? Can someone timestamp me.

    21. Mr G

      it is amazing the things you can monetize now........there are tons of opportunities online.......

    22. lightless

      You can thank us, england, for the world wide web.

    23. lightless

      They say men make more money then woman but females just have to stare at a camera and look good. 😔

    24. Eric H

      Eh typical

    25. Öko

      get the pink donut

    26. Miguel Leitão

      “Confronting Tyler1"

    27. farrugia

      whats the background music?

    28. mikester9er

      She is a professional simp lord.

    29. mgloriarn

      this video was great. lots of kids now, dont know the BTS of what actually happens, and dealing with this streaming business is not as easy as it seems like it is

    30. Michael Murphy

      Yo, the thumbnail makes you two look like siblings. 😂😂😂

    31. Jaszgt

      This was so eye opening, one truly does not know what goes on behind the scenes. Granted this is just from a financial/ economic perspective.

    32. Red Unicorn

      This is a collision of worlds. I absolutely love it. This was a great video.

    33. Y G

      Funny how people give her money just to get a response off have their name known. When they will probably never meet her or be real friends😂

    34. The1000Minecraft

      Who else hears 6:15 the instrumental of XXXTENTACION - Hate Will Never Win??

    35. Mr. E

      Those higher tax brackets for 2021 is coming

    36. Kel L

      Liked the video she was cute!

    37. Karina Montes

      Loved this video!! So cool!

    38. Ranai Shah

      Pokimane with her Starbucks and Graham with his 20 cent coffee xD

    39. Allen Mcdonough

      Great interview! LOVE seeing that you make great descisions and plan for the future .seems like you and gram get along well wishing you both success

    40. Madasa

      Cool video, Graham! You are a great guy! :D

    41. Daniel

      Impressed than you compressed 72 hours of waffling into comprehensive information. This was good.. I now have a different perspective of this girl.

    42. Ei Epix

      "I was studying chemical engineering" Maybe I would like to have a conversation

    43. Jumper

      The irony of sjw talking about how they hate taxes in CA and the price of rent......

    44. The Savr

      Poki turned Myth into a simp and she took off from there. 🤣🚀

    45. Dialer Dialerston

      I make 14k month and mostly what I spend it on is .... I don't.... I spend 2k a month to live comfortably on a river. I really couldn't imagine spending more than 500 a month or something that isn't going to make me money, such as real estate, stocks, business ventures.

    46. Gabe2580

      Graham, you guys look goood together! Any viiiibe???

    47. Justin Land

      Ask her out dude!

    48. Shimmer

      this was an amazing interview..plz do this more

    49. dotdotdot

      such a nice video :)

    50. Lasse

      Oh the horror of those starbucks cups 😱

    51. K. C.

      Not a heightcist but jesus Graham looks tiny in this video.

    52. Kevin Gates

      I'm a Boomer and I gotta say that I learned a ton from Pokimane. Twitch and other online platforms are a blast and I think it is incredible that people like Pokimane are able to create wealth in them. (Not just for herself, but for others too!)

    53. Kain

      This was a fun watch Graham!

    54. Maelthorn1337

      You know, just because you're meeting and talking to someone it doesn't make it a confrontation. But the video probably wouldn't have done so well if you called it "Talking to Pokimane" yeah?

    55. becawse

      That face you made in the thumbnail is my face too when looking at pokimane

    56. NT Laux

      What a clever woman :)

    57. Gustavo Sanchez Olea

      More vids like this

    58. Jonathan Houle

      So much hype around Pokimane? Who cares that much about her life? honestly?

    59. Dakota Beazley

      Loved this, Poki just seems so sweet and business savvy! Great video

    60. earbitter

      What is that camera you use for your streams? I'm looking to get a new one.

    61. Runsfam

      If u want Pokimane to love you: Become her Kindle

    62. Anga Gogela

      We love it Graham!!Leave your house more please [flowers and rainbows]

    63. Lucas Anerella

      I suggest you try and set up a video with Nadeshot and 100Thieves... Nadeshot has truly built an empire.

    64. Potato

      you are a SIMP graham.

    65. SotirzvaniDjubre

      Wow no makeup makes her a different person.

    66. Noureldain noureldain

      Pewdiepie says to you Simp

    67. TH3MZ

      Did we just watch a youtube clip with him dating Pokimane? xD yea okay

    68. Lee Hung Nguyen

      Can we get a video when @graham Stephan is brought into Starbucks and has to buy everyone a coffee?

    69. Pedro Garcia

      I came for MIchael Reeves, not disapointed.

    70. ac0rpbg

      I kinda feel sorry for her. She doesn't look happy or healthy at all. It feels like it will take one or two bad things happening and we can see the depression spiral to self destruction which happen to many celebrities

    71. Will Kendall

      You are the only persons videos I like because of your sell on it; for the algorithm gets me every time

    72. RealityHurts923

      Lets not ignore the fact that at least in part if not a major part of her success is that many guys find her attractive.

    73. Triplezeros

      You know i had respect for you until you decided to simp for pokimane

    74. Debo

      Graham do something like this with LTT.

    75. Umar arif

      tf she is taller than him

    76. Elias Niwert

      huh meeting up with michael was a great deal it seems

    77. Websitedr

      I don't envy the amount of time these KGup people have to put into their job to keep the niche going. She seems single and really has no time to change that. Even if she has an SO, are they going to be cool with all of that? Work ethic is through the roof but she's smart in putting money away when she wants to stop one day.

    78. Senor Studly

      Why they got the same face in the thumbnail?

    79. Nocturnal RS

      There are many ways to stay rich and it starts with appreciating for all the gains and still being able to maintain the perspective of saving. I could be a billionaire and still feel horrible about wasting food.

    80. Nocturnal RS

      What an angel lol.

    81. Andrew C

      Triggered Viewer over Starbucks coffee!

    82. M J


    83. wBenjy

      Darn she seems much smarter that I expected, and younger too... Props to her!!!

    84. James Lee

      Right okay, she's trash.

    85. Jerome Claessen

      I’ve liked it just so you wouldn’t come to my house.

    86. freddayy woppinger

      The south park reference with the investment banker is so funny. Aaaaaannnndddd.... It's gone.

    87. Cory Swanson

      Requisite SIMP comment incoming

    88. Frank D'Amelio

      Dude, she eerily looks like you..

    89. mikeunleashed1

      No wonder she got leafy perm banned. Has a whole business team behind her lmao.

    90. I'm a retard, but

      this was great! I learn SO much about finance and investing here :) thank you!

      1. Graham Stephan

        Leave a message through my gmail realgrahamstephan for inside tips and guidance

      2. Graham Stephan


    91. Vincent Ma

      ninja melk, get your everyday kick, ryan higa made it

    92. Icarus

      a bunch of young millionaires living together playing games. money isn't an issue.

    93. Alex Colegate

      Not to be that guy but her skin on her face is much lighter than her make up.

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    97. Dennis Kaluzhni

      Nice work Graham

    98. Jerry Perez

      Graham, this was 🔥!!!!!! Thanks for going through the work and thanks Pokimane for allowing this inside look.

    99. Amantastic

      19:29 she literally attended only 1 party no lie despite me trying to get her out of her damn room XD

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