True Facts: Snake and Lizard Tongues


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    Dr. Kurt Schwenk
    It was a pretty incredible gift to be able to work with Kurt on this episode. His work spans decades and it took multiple tries to understand it in a way that could be put together in a narrative. I am very grateful for all of his time, warmth and generosity. I had to leave many, many wonderful pieces of research and factoids out due to time constraints but I would urge any of you that are interested to dive deeper into his work.
    His colleagues Dr. William G. Ryerson, Ms. Amanda E. Hewes and
    Ms. Sara Horwitz contributed a great deal to some of the research that I mentioned.
    Dr. Margaret Rubega ( deserves thanks for introducing me to Kurt in the first place.

    Additional footage licensed from:
    Envato Elements

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    1. Ladyhawk's Lair

      This was very informative. Seriously. I'm gonna need to watch this video again...and then get super slow-mo footage of my hognose snake's tongue. That perv, Dr. Schwenk, might pay me for it. J/K ;) I'm super impressed he figured out all this stuff.

    2. A Mark

      I love you so much so I just would like to take a moment and type out the appreciation. I appreciate this so much because this is a lot of time and effort and I'm learning So thank you lol

    3. Ladyhawk's Lair

      6:21 "Are the new viewers gone yet?" XD I've loved _True Facts_ for years, but a friend of mine can't get past the Morgan Freeman voice. I'm tempted to tell him: "Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman...Morgan Freeman. Morgan. Freeman."

    4. A Mark

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    5. David Weiller

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    6. Katherine White

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    16. Kaido Vesternin

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    17. Felix

      That timeline of all the funny moments he made had me dying! He seems like a great guy!

    18. Chaotic Good

      This is how everyone should should learn about animals

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    36. pluspiping

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    40. Greer McNally

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    41. DeathLotus

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