How Close Are We to Terraforming Mars?


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    There have been some wild proposals about how to make Mars more suitable for humans-but how close are we to actually terraforming the Red Planet?
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    A term originally coined in science fiction, terraforming, in basic terms, is changing the atmosphere and climate of a planet so it can support human life without the need for equipment like spacesuits.
    In order to survive on Mars, we would need to be able to do a few basic things: breathe, stay conscious, not freeze to death, and over time grow food.
    Right now, if humans were to step outside while on Mars, we’d pass out instantly and die pretty soon after as a result of the low pressure pulling oxygen out of solution in our blood.
    Doesn’t sound too habitable, huh?
    But if we could find a way to thicken the atmosphere by adding mass to it, the result might be kickstarting a greenhouse effect that would stabilize the temperature, staving off some radiation, too.
    To achieve this level of climate alteration, we would need to build hundreds of factories on Mars’ surface…and that is no small task.
    But with interest in space exploration and tourism on the rise, we might get the tools and tech we need sooner than we’d imagined.
    Find out more about what we would need to do to make Mars habitable for humans and how close we are to terraforming the planet on this episode of How Close Are We?
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    Aerogel Mars
    As an alternative, what Wordsworth et al. suggest is a kind of localized 'farming' approach. Silica aerogel is extremely low density and porous, but it can also produce a solid-state greenhouse effect because it's fairly opaque to infrared radiation (and doesn't conduct heat well) but is partially transparent to visible and shorter wavelength light.
    Climate explained: why Mars is cold despite an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide
    The absence of water makes the temperature on Mars change a lot. The Mars exploration rovers (Spirit at Gusev Crater and Opportunity at Meridiani Planun) experienced temperatures ranging from a few degrees Celsius above zero to minus 80℃ at night: every single Martian day, known as sol.
    How close are we to solving some of humanity's biggest challenges? We go in search of experts, dive into the facts and comb through the research to find out just how close we are to changing the world.
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    1. Seeker

      Hi there, thanks for watching! For more on ways to make Mars habitable, check out this video about an approach that would involve a giant space magnet:

      1. Laxmikant Kodlekar

        First save our planet .......then do whatever you want

      2. ทศธน โพธิ์ทอง

        @Rhonda Sampsel

      3. Santu Roy

        can VLF used to terraforming the Mars

      4. AymanPlayz Roblox


      5. Robert Lee

        @kkthxk Who said that? You're FRICKEN NUTS. It's NOT ours. You see something and think it's yours to take? You're out of your Fricken mind.

    2. david mainord

      they actually know what cant be done

    3. Mike Gerrie

      We won't teraform Mars in a hundred years or a hundred thousand years. It is impossible.

    4. BetaSoul

      People: Lets colonise and terraform mars Me: So how are we meant to fix a dead planet into earth but we cant fix the current planet

    5. Dave

      no one is going to terraform Mars, the scales needed are ridiculously gargantuan and expensive. Earthlings will have to settle for artificial domes of life. the real question about Mars is: how does it benefit us to go there? much less contemplate staying there. I think the answer is that there must be a natural resource on Mars that is in demand for Earth to stir an economic benefit.

    6. Michael Randolph

      Can’t we terra form Earth back to a stable climate? It seems it would be easier, and we could learn a lot about terra forming techniques.

    7. Alfa Romeo

      We are already there...Unoficial using stolen UFO

    8. Ck digital The Q of 6th

      First step will be planning a pure artifical habbital biosphere dorm, for indoor camp stations. Second step. launch full unfold properties such as biospheres with robot builders set the infustructer & test the life support effect. Third, send astronauts, eventually colonies, in safer lunar pods or ssto hoover crafts starships.

    9. coco bolo

      Ok, but first please make sahara and australia desert to tropical jungle.

    10. Frank Tillery

      If we cannot solve the problems of atmospheric pressure and the lack of a magnetic field, we have a long way to go.

    11. Sid Stevens

      The narrator has appaling and very lazy diction where she doesn't talk and breath properly. She continuously runs out of air before she runs out of words. Very frustrating to listen to !

    12. Sid Stevens

      No one can give a science based answer on how dust storms are even possible in a 1% atmosphere which is about as close to a vacuum as you can get. I suppose it's just easier to ignore the laws of physics !

    13. Daclaem Toth

      Never going to happen , unlike the Earth ,there is no global magnetosphere to protect the atmosphere from being ripped away in space by solar winds.

    14. PatientZero000

      Breathe, not lose consciousness, not freeze, not be irradiated to death. . . No worries. All it takes is time. And money. And convincing people we have time to use and none to waste is the hard part. Oh, and spend money, you need to do that too. But we need to begin and stop goofing off with all the damned politics.

    15. D A

      We are not advanced enough to terra-form a planet. All these 'experts' are dreaming of technologies where are not even close to conceptions

    16. Saurav Ray

      Love from mars 😂😂

    17. Alfa Romeo

      I like this SEEKER for Science apps...Wonderfull thoughts

    18. Fear Naught

      As Mr. Degrasse Tyson said. If earth is slowly dying and we have the technology to terraform Mars, then why not terraform and fix our most sacred home... Earth.

    19. Levon Vardanyan

      I think once we terraform mars we will be more conscious of the damage we do to our own planet and start fixing it, years from now people will think humans use to be so stupid destoying entire ecosystem to mine metals and minerals out of the ground use it sometimes just one time and then rebury it along with toxic chemicals under the ground out of sight out of mind.

    20. MGTOW Gamer

      Gotta love Science Fiction...

    21. John Etheridge

      It will never ever happen because the military will nuke the world in 30 to 50 years from now.

    22. Anthøny Capellan

      Solution to co2 problem- Import it from Venus. Why don't we terraform both planets?

    23. Craig H.

      So, it sounds like we're not close to terraforming Mars, unless we develop the technology as those ideas mentioned in the video are way too difficult to implement given the present level of technology.

    24. Gregor Kropotkin

      It is an absurd idea, it will never happen, far too difficult and would take centuries to find all that out and all who try to live there will be doomed to an early death.

    25. re1v3r


    26. B0rder.-

      Ignoring the absence of an magnetic field, can we send genetically engineered extremophile bacteria to "eat" the iron oxide on the surface and convert it into oxygen?

    27. TIGERZY2K

      Before humans can successfully terraform planet Mars we must expertise the art of making deserts and polar regions 100% habitable so that that it becomes much easier for the mankind to adjust in an alien world.

    28. Dejan Eric

      It's not 6% it's 0.6% of atmospheric pressure. Going to mars will not happen before 100 years at least.

    29. Adrian Castillo

      Terraforming a planet that don’t have the necessary natural elements (gravity, magnetic field, etc) to maintain an atmosphere seen quite stupid. I believe it would be better to simply build underground cities. Where we can keep pressurized oxygen and this cities would provide protection from radiation, dust storms and temperatures swings.

    30. Sarthak Chavan

      Hey I just wanna know everybody's ideas on what do we expect form space exploration? Please reply. Any ideas comes to your mind when you first hear space exploration.

    31. Caroline Christina

      Don't spoil Mars like you are doing to earth. It is no joke.

    32. Paul Kellerman

      Certainly not in this lifetime

    33. Manny L

      Mars lives matter.

    34. Doc. FunkBlack

      Shouldn't we call it Marsforming?

    35. Chris

      Not one mention of Mar's lack of a magnetic field. Astonishing. Without that any atmosphere you create will be lost to space. These dorks are so clueless. Or they know and are deceptive about it. Even if you could temporarily have a certain atmosphere built up and only destroyed slowly without a protective magnetic field. That would take a very long time to build up because it is so thin at the moment

    36. Allaric Sensei

      How about saving the planet first?

    37. Ver Adrian Biag

      8:15 "To my mind, anything beyond 30 years into the future is science fiction."

    38. Bitacora Kimchi

      I really loved the end. This guy opened my mind to the fact we aren't going to be similar anymore, to the people living and conquering other planets

    39. Attila Varga

      You don't need to terraform the whole thing. Just the fraction of it so we can start mining bitcoins.

    40. Ernest Mateha

      You know, I feel like focusing on not destroying the very 'Terra' would be even better than terraforming other planets.

    41. Da Guys

      Armies of Self-Replicating robots _laughs nervously in Horizon Zero Dawn_

    42. Rynaldo Zulkyfli Fauzy

      What are doing step martian

    43. Leon

      We take the C02 from the earth and push it to the mars

    44. Lucifer Lightbringer

      the biggest problem on Mars is basically its magnetosphere and it would be a challenged to tried to restored its natural Magnetosphere. it's possible to restored its natural magnetosphere but it's would be extremely difficult for the technology of our time and it would be costly

    45. عادل الشعلان الغامدي

      نفسه نفسه نفسه نفسه نفسه

    46. Lauxx Hamidi

      Title: How Close Are We of Destroying Another Planet? 🤣

    47. Shawndex

      MrBeast in 2025: I will plant trees and use a technology to terraform Mars

    48. Juanye S.

      GREAT VID!

    49. klesk173a

      Sorry to say this but Space law has already illuminated earth people to live in space.We failed to even fix our own planet and you want to Terraform mars? selfish act.Human race will not last for long now.

    50. Honey King

      0:06 there is no active volcanos in mars, according to nasa. Trust me at the time when Earth will be distroyed/terminated (The day of Judgement) on the same time whole known and unknown universe will be distroyed also. Instead of terraforming mars we need to concentrate to preserve the genuinity of Earth and Humanity. Tesla (Space X) and others are selling expensive cars. They should sell there electric cars on reasonable prices. Instead of weapon enhancement or terraforming deserts into Greenland we need to grows trees where naturally trees can grow. And much more to say....... But let it be. Congratulations for such ending.

    51. Steve Farmer

      THE PROBLEM With Mars ionic layer is NOT size of the planet IT's COPPER.. adding copper would add an field around the planet that would protect it from harmful radiation from the Sun and other places through out the universe ! BUT DONT USE copper from the earth, It will screw up the earth !


      We are doing climate change on the wrong planet

    53. Muhammad M

      why don’t all factories just move to mars and pollute the planet with green house gasses

    54. Julia Pigworthy

      The main reason for ensuring there are self-sufficient colonies on Mars is so that we don't have all our eggs in one Earthbound basket, so that humans on Mars can potentially outlive the next inevitable extinction level event when it befalls the Earth and hopefully recolonise the home planet a few hundred or thousand years later after the dust settles. Maybe Martians have already done that in Earth's past, to ride out an extinction level event on their own planet, and if/when we colonise Mars we'll actually be unwitting descendants of the original Martians returning to their ruined home.

    55. Coinery Hobbyist

      In the year 8255, humans will invent the terra engine. And colonized every planet in the solar system. They also built a hyper-warp drive for interstellar travel.

    56. XJ_X98

      instead of Terraforming Mars, just take care of our real home, smh nothing's better than earth

    57. Rommel Jamandre

      Is it funny and Ironic for you guys that greenhouse effect is actually not a badthing overall? You know , bleeding earth, terraforming mars because of it ? lol

    58. Jessie James

      Mars IS our second chance...

    59. Jessie James

      ...a globe..of Mars..??! I have got to get one of those...!

    60. A Hemanth Reddy

      Hi sister ❤️ from India

    61. c w

      wait, heres another thought... instead of engineering mars, why dont we engineer ourselves to not be so fragile?

    62. khue vo

      *What will happen?* *_Your children will think your an alien once you said you were born on a another planet._*

    63. Lia

      They found a way to split carbon on a large scale into oxygen and carbon monoxide, it could be a big step into terraforming or life on mars in general.

    64. Fabio SA

      No magnetic field no terraforming. Easy.

    65. Tyler Harris

      One day this will be in a history lesson on Mars “stupid earthers”

    66. Prasoon Tiwari

      Lack of Magnetosphere Thin and unbreathable atmosphere Weak Gravity 3 biggest problems

    67. Ibra B.

      This is an earther and this is an marsian

    68. N. K.

      For sure they don't plan to terraforming the Mars! It's an other Planet, they don't want us to know which one ist it. And for sure this Planet is not in our solar System.

    69. Santu Roy

      can VLF used to terraforming the Mars

    70. Carl O

      "You know what I love about Mars?They're an entire culture dedicated to a common goal, working together as one to turn a lifeless rock into a garden. We had a garden and paved it." -- Franklin Degraff, The Expanse.

    71. VII

      : not at all

    72. darragh

      Why are these captions in capital letter

    73. omkar mandal

      Nuking the poles is certainly not going to work . It will further worsen the condition due to nuclear winter.

    74. True Gamer

      🔴 Mars: their gonna try and terraform me and cause massaive of issues here, like wars and climate changes, why cant your humans leave me alone their not welcome 😔 🌎Earth: im so sorry for this, they don't understand the fundamentals of life ive given them 😟

    75. Ultimate Villager

      Shouldn't we be asking the easy questions first? How about, "how do we get a small colony going successfully?" followed by "if we double this, then triple it, can we still stay ahead of the game?" and if the answer is yes, then and only then should we ask "how to support 1000" and work towards achieving this goal!!!

    76. chrisose

      We are closer to traveling to another galaxy then we are to terraforming Mars.

    77. Roshan Yete

      1:47 will that happen to earth as well?

    78. Alexander Kitko

      No need for nuclear power plants if we use the energy from the sun 🌞

    79. Tuukka Apaja

      2:33 I'm watching this a year later and seems like wearing a mask is a deal breaker for many.

    80. Zaid Adnan

      just move china there and I promise you they will heat Mars in 3 weeks !

    81. Lee Martin

      Satellites redirecting sunlight to heat Mars, then develop a fast producing and replicating photosynthesis process, would still need a way to produce a stronger atmosphere and magnetic field though.

    82. Oakley's Tactics

      We are colonising Mars to be a multi planetary species.

    83. TheInvisibleOne

      I like the skynet on Mars, robots that build each other, armies if you will. What could go wrong.

    84. wassollderscheiss33

      Let loose the VNP's. They'll do the trick in no time at all.

    85. _xShantix_

      Hydrochloroflourocarbon wtf

    86. Awakened Lion

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    87. Lake County Naturalist

      You land on Mars you damn well better be ready for anyone who might already be there....and they may not want new neighbors!

    88. OmgLolWtfxD x

      terraforming mars will be a trial and error process that will cost millions their lives. let’s say we succeed and create an atmosphere capable of sustaining human life. great. where there’s life, there’s bacteria. how much of this foreign bacteria I wonder will be harmful to humans, humans without state of the art laboratories to be able to make vaccines for new illnesses and viruses that are produced by a born-again planet?

    89. Narayan My Soul

      It sucks big time everything is moving with a snail speed.

    90. Yahoo!

      Anybody still believing humans can “terraform” Mars.. esp when humans struggle to fight covid ?? 😬😖

    91. Don Viglone

      What if Mars declares Independence though??

    92. Frank Dalla

      Human beings will never have any kind of meaningful life on Mars. The complexity of making Mars a habitable planet is far greater than anyone wants to talk about. And it will be expensive to even try to solve the problems. Humans are pretty smart, but they are also pretty stupid when it comes to accepting reality. I wont say its impossible, but its very nearly impossible for humans to colonize any other planet thinking we can survive there.

    93. Gustavo Rabino

      At the end we will find that Mars was fucked up by a civilization like ours that lived on Mars and were trying to terraform earth.

    94. Gustavo Rabino

      Look, we just need to nuke mars and asteroids so they fall on mars for a couple of centuries and is done. However we still wont have enough gravity or magnetic field. If you really want to terraform mars our best shot will be to send the moon or moons from other planets with a lot of ice in a collition curse to the planet. Basically Mars needs mass a lot of mass made of water and greenhouse gases this will give him, gravity, atmosphere, temperature, pressure and a magnetic field.

    95. കുഞ്ഞോൾ

      2020: how close we are towards death

    96. TonyB

      Pretty sure we're on Mars already. I could be wrong but so much is telling me this isn't Earth. Not the Earth I remember... EarthLand now only on Mars. Wear your mask and don't stay outside too long.

    97. Ryan van der Merwe

      Earth supported life for billions of years, facilitating our evolution and providing abundant sustenance just for us to relocate to a dead planet.... Wooowww🙄

    98. Derek Hendricks

      'Ello... am I the only one shaking with laughter at the thought of processing an entire planetary crust , just to wind up with a dust-choked toxic atmosphere , and bunches of poison-algae filled mud- puddles , spewing out hordes of diseases , parasites , and super-pests ? *To examine this more closely , go to : ^Concentrate on my post/comments..😎

    99. Daniel ioan Chira

      We are coming from Mars, I meant our creators was before on Mars, the planet Mars was similar with Earth 2-3 billion years ago when started to lose the magnetically field and they started to teraforming the Earth. One proof is the nuclear plant found on Africa and was 1.8 billions and run around 500.000 yeras probably to produce water and atmosphere, probably they used that giants trees to produce the global warming and smoke to keep the gase till stabilizing atmosphere. Soon the earth is loosing the magnetic field

    100. David D Whit

      Are these the same "scientists" that say the evolution is real?😂