i dont know how to play minecraft

2 Danny 2 Furious

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    my twitch is www.twitch.tv/dannygoonzalez btw

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    1. Nyi Lin Tun

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    2. Md.Nasiruddin Talukdar

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    3. Relatable memes

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    4. Cher Daryn Marie Cube

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    5. Callie Siddons

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    11. chester lai

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    12. Tess Macleodsmith

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      1. Tess Macleodsmith


    13. Sam Senbandith

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    14. Omolemo Chiloane

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    15. Randi Fakhrian

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    16. FireMC

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    17. FireMC

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    18. Hi Hellow

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    19. An Atomic Gumdrop


    20. Ash•

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    21. Taekook

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    22. Sarem Woldetensai

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    24. cristian gaming

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    25. viv

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    26. Thelatestbanner

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    27. Shah Faisal Ustad

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    29. Nguyen Josh

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    30. Lei Lynx

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    31. SWATaTPC

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    32. Ethan Zimmerman

      I thank newmoon1998 for recommending Genshin Impact to Danny in 5:03/5:04

    33. Love Jayden

      Nether aka hell yeah smart place to go

    34. Aybot Ayeyot

      Dream pretending that his not good at minecraft

    35. DOGUE

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    36. ꧁Depressed꧂

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    37. Spirit of minecraft

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    38. Zhen Li

      fun fact: he is very good at Minecraft because he's Dream.

    39. ali Abdul-Rahman

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      1. ali Abdul-Rahman


    40. ali Abdul-Rahman

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    41. KoalaKenny

      He says idk how to play minecraft. If he is not acting, dreams face reveal is a joke (and if he is dream he compliments his own youtube channel lol)

    42. Lake User

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    43. Eloiseinnit _

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    44. Lumberjack Shack

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    45. Ethan Klemish

      A wide man builds his house upon the air, a foolish man builds his house upon the ground 1st Danny 3:16

      1. Ethan Klemish


    46. 『Flora』

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    48. Paper Bekiboy

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    52. dh1a4np8brm01 Frisk

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      1. KoalaKenny

        Its probably just fools day 1st of april ya know

      2. Paper Bekiboy

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      3. dh1a4np8brm01 Frisk


      4. dh1a4np8brm01 Frisk


    53. Dani Tera

      i hate la croix but every time i watch this channel i force myself to drink it 🙃

    54. SnowFoxCone

      When you realise Danny was self promoting when he was talking about Dream

    55. Raffy Cuerpo

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    56. Ιουλία Καραμπιτσάκου

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    58. Raj Vedav

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    61. rebex boy

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    62. Elizabeth Zheng

      I just watched the Dream face reveal and realized that Danny is actually Dream pretended to be bad at Minecraft so people don't suspect him

    63. Francis Skye Colin Atienza

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    64. Sherwin Agaloos

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    65. Hallerty 14

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      1. Jamie Theo


    66. JohnSimon YT

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    71. Katherine Sidders

      Am I the only one that flinched when he got shot at (10:38)

    72. parminder singh

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    73. Rhymar Ellery Rionguigui

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    74. ChickenSoup



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    76. drumandcut

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    77. Just call me Alex

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    78. Savanem Development

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    79. Zenaida Canatoy

      Danny revealed that he did not actuallt play Minecraft

    80. ZOMBIE BOY

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    81. ZOMBIE BOY

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    82. ZOMBIE BOY

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    83. Charles-Alexandre Dugas


    84. Natalie O'Donnell

      He said he watched dreams videos when He’s dream 😂

    85. qinzhang yang

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    86. keith silvestre

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    87. Ramiah Barnett

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    88. 「ᴍᴀʀɪᴀᴍ 」

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    91. SkyHyper YT

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    92. Thor sathvik

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    93. Zee Syed

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    94. InfiniteFurious


    95. X Ninja

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    96. Savannah Shelton

      We love when non-gamers can appreciate the effort and work that gamers put into their content. This is why we stan Danny

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