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Millennial Farmer

Millennial Farmer

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    2020 Equipment ROLLOUT! John Deere 8 Series Tractor and Planter, Mandako Storm, JM Seed Tender, and The Thunder Creek Fuel Trailer! These opportunities wouldn't be possible without you and I couldn't be more thankful!! Today we dig/cultivate and tomorrow we plant! Help us reach 500,000 subscribers by May 5th and we will donate $5000.00 to Farm Rescue-farmrescue.org/
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    Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
    With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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    1. John 6:44

      I used to drive a truck across the nation, and I'd see you farmers out in the fields and always wondered what it was like. I know nothing about those the equipment you use. It looks like fun, you are a great teacher. Thank you for taking the time to show us how it's done. You are so clear the way you explain things! Thank you!

      1. Yasin Ansari

        @Eldon Hiley my

      2. george sava

        @Millennial Farmer you should have 5M subscribers not aiming for 500k. What you do is honest hard work that people need to survive. Keep up the hard work you do and post more videos. I'll definitely watch them.

      3. Eldon Hiley

        I agree with the gentleman. I'm from a small town in Iowa called Glenwood and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks again for taking the time to post.

      4. Millennial Farmer

        That's awesome, thank you!!

    2. einzeller85

      i'm not a farmer, wondering, where all those rocks come from xD i mean surely at some point, you got all of them right?

    3. Lee Goldman

      I enjoy your shows so much I feel you have earned whatever goodies that may come your way, best of luck to you always...

    4. Mike Kirwan

      love these videos! always learn something!

    5. Bert Rutledge

      It is nice to see what new equipment is coming out. Glad to see you get to demo this equipment.

    6. Aaron Holmes

      I would love to come drive for you some season

    7. PdrMarc

      Over 1 mil views.. Thats why JD puts those out with the M.Farmer. Its the best kind of advertising. Real world use . $ well spent by JD or they would'nt do it.

    8. James w

      I like your channel I don’t hit the like button because KGup punishment ,is to put way to many adds in the video, I really don’t like to subscribe for the same reasons.

    9. Tri Pacer

      YES, new equipment makes everything fun!

    10. Kenneth Ernest

      I love farming followed the harvest in84 went from Buehler Kansas to Texas up to Montana wehad30ft wheat heads and 12 row corn heads i really enjoyed your show im from Lebanon Oragun and I ll watch your show when ever I can

    11. kenneth connors

      Nothing runs like a Deer.. can't wait to see what that , Mandako can do............

    12. Wayne Taylor

      COLE THE CORNSTAR would be envious....🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

    13. Wayne Taylor

      Why is farming so expensive and hard when it should be the most important business in the world. Secondary industry is not as important than farming yet big corporations f--€ you guys over and CEOs are not worth having, people can organise themselves........


      When you hit a million subs I suggest doing a lot more for farm rescue than you did for half a mil and making a video of the impact!

    15. Rudolf Perez

      Love your style of freedom life out on the farms

    16. Thomas Skinner

      wait i thought this was a farming simulator video lol

    17. George Isaak

      I will start be saying i liked that video , it's content and commentary , all the equipment shown and you got yourself another subscriber ! Now i wanna congratulate you for having such a wonderful family and kids ! You seem a cool guy , you love what you are doing and that's what makes this channel awesome and interesting. If i have a request it can only be something like ... i wanna see how is it like to plow those fields with that monster the red baron (Case) , how deep , how wide it can go ? Have you ever heard or even tested a Fendt Vario 1050 tractor so far ? See ya soon !!!!

    18. Jerry Callison

      Just came across your channel a little bit ago. There's a world of difference in farming now and what it was as a high school kid working on farms, driving an old International Farmall M and then moving up to an M TA. Pulling an 8' disk or a four bottom plow sure took a lot longer than your stuff does! That was almost fifty years ago, but you've got me feeling homesick for the life.

    19. Paul Watson

      What a great looking piece of machinery.

    20. Paul Watson

      What a nice guy, so deserving of the great toys he gets to play with...what a great life.

    21. Charles Powell

      ,I really enjoyed watching your video s I really learn a lot from you

    22. Seth Willis

      It makes it better. Love seeing the new equipment being tested by a real world farmer

    23. Bill and Dawn

      New to the channel....enjoy your content and seeing the equipment.

    24. Bored of you now

      Not a farm not ever played farm sim, love the show!

    25. joann ford

      Thanks John Deer for your help in lending Millennial Farmer demo your tractors and he dose a great job making video's and explaining about different equipment. It is great that we can see how the improvements of equipment since the 1970's. I don't farm anymore but it is awesome to see the video's as I am on You tube late nights.

    26. Ray Arsenault

      21:17 love the mags on it :)

    27. Iron Will

      i didnt know farming needs a pdf farmer to do all this stuff, much love and much props

    28. Brandon Wagner


    29. Joe Riley

      15m10s not enough of that realisation on KGup. Hope much more opportunities come really does make it more fun for the viewer.

    30. Gary Gritmacker

      Yes I love it when stuff comes to your farm

    31. David Thomas

      At 12:15 you should buy one of those trackers

    32. Mahendra Suman

      Your new John Deere tractor and machine price for this

    33. Craig Pond

      A little more play in the hose that what she said

    34. Gary Schade

      Demo's are good. You would be a fool not to leverage your KGup exposure with every conceivable equipment manufacturer to demonstrate their equipment with your family 🚜. Put hours on their equipment and save the depreciation and maintenance of your own. Blessings from Alaska.......Gary

    35. The Harringtons

      I wish I could have a tour IRL of his farm

    36. The Harringtons

      Who here loves farming and enjoys millennial farmers vids

      1. George Isaak

        i certainly am enjoying those videos !!!! You get to know cool features of agriculture equipment like never before

    37. Michael Delaney

      I am a city dweller, enjoy your vids, always wanted to operate a tractor. Closest I got was working for city on grounds maint, mowing with a Deere and a flail mower.

    38. Colin Ayers

      This is my first video ever watching of you, and I love farming i’ve never done it. I just started playing farm simulator and some of your things are on there and i want to get into helping farmers around me and doing it while i go full time firefighter! awesome videos definitely subscribing

    39. Layden The farmer

      What year is that machine Zack ?

    40. Dezzel

      I think u should get your son a channel so he can record is part of the farm

    41. 56116144 Ahmad

      Keep up the good work that you are doing. Being able to witness the various types of equipment that you are showcasing.

    42. Ryan Anthony

      I follow a few farmers on KGup. By far you are the humblest person I've watched thus far. You & farmers like you are the reason I miss farming w/ my dad. He passed back in '06 & prior to, all our family knew was planting & driving green. Each time I watch any farming vids, it takes me back to what was & what could've been.

    43. Chris Jimerson

      hey i agree do the 5,000 dollar check

    44. Thomas Fredsrud


    45. Whats Right is Right 505

      It’s been great watching you all. I have worked hard all my life to hopefully buy a farm and work harder until the Good Lord takes me home. At this point I have hope but it is up to God. I know the expense and very hard work that goes into being a farmer on the daily but that’s what my dream is lol. So I’m watching and learning. Thank you guys for your hard work so that people like us can enjoy

    46. Kerns Productions

      gotta love x2 speed

    47. david crew


    48. Miha Lesjak

      Where are you living, every time i watch your videos is either snowing or your wearing gloves and jackets :D

    49. SM2130

      Cool channel. Cool to see all the big equipment. Interesting how different it is in Minnesota versus Alabama with the soils, etc. Nice to see, good balance of family and farming. Keep up the good work.

    50. Ed Waldvogel

      I really like the new equipment rollout!

    51. Sionnach1601

      FOLKS BEWARE: SABOTEURS NOW ATTACKING *ALL* STAGES OF FOOD PRODUCTION. - Bolts and bits of metal strapped onto corn stalks - pieces of scrap aluminium strapped onto grass stalks, turns into nasty shards when harvested into your hay or silage which will kill your livestock on consumption - FIRE and spontaneous combustion of grain silos, sugar refineries, warehouses, storage units, livestock pens etc Basically ANYTHING now related to FOOD production and storage is under a Worldwide systematic attack in multiple ways. Be VERY WARY who's wandering onto your land, or checking out your tractors and equipment. This is meant to destroy YOU and make us all dependent on the world eco nomic 4 umm strategy of "Great Reset" of what we eat and many other aspects of the way we live. See ICE AGE FARMER channel. God bless all.

    52. K T

      I live in Germany and love John Deere and have this channel the subscribed because this is very nice to sie just John Deere and Case😉🙋🏼‍♂️

      1. K T

        Here we have much Deutz, Fendt and New Holland

    53. Owen Moniz

      Hi thank you for your channel

    54. Rich H

      I grew up in a town/city of 32,000, paved streets, curb, etc., but when I was 5 or 6 we visited an uncle who had a dairy farm. Ever since then I wanted to become a farmer...never did, though. I love the machinery of farming. I love working hard outside; love the land, the soils, and I love fixing things. I would love to spend time with an experienced farmer, helping him get the work done and learning about soils, plowing, tilling, discing, planting, and harvesting. You farmers are heroes, the backbone of life. Rock on, brothers!

    55. Sean Fabien

      Great insight about the land and the machinery you use. You have the patience of two saints! Well done, and keep going. From Scotland

    56. BillyBob Belichick

      Yes, new equipment, more fun for me. LOL

    57. austin guy

      It’s pretty deep, no need to go deeper than you need to , we planted it 2 inch deep , we won’t go any deeper 😂

    58. Lloyd Williams

      Ha Zack your the man for these demo 😂😜 units. It's in the blood bro 😂😜😂😂😜 units

    59. Chad Ramsey

      I think the new demo equipment is pretty cool and the brand new John deer with the seed tiller is pretty cool

    60. Willie Acrey

      We love all the beautiful people and beautiful vlogs

    61. Jason Malone

      Great videos and great channel.

    62. Daniel Christensen

      John Deere recommends 10 horsepower per foot and going over 6 miles an hour with that floating hitch field cultivator you're using less than 400 horsepower for the 52 foot model and they don't even make it tractor with 700 hp for the 69 foot version LOL then again you're going 3in instead of the 6in maximum which is shallow even for that heavy soil, and 69 * 8 hp minimum meets the standard 620 horse jd/ih biggest tractors.

    63. echo5363

      Zack, thank you and JD for sharing the new equipment with us. I love 💕 your vlogs, family, and business

    64. Billie Woodall

      I love the new equipment but I always heard got to be smarter than your equipment

    65. LordZoth6292

      I personally love seeing all these new toys. Its why i watch these videos! Love seeing the newest on the market!

    66. avbuddha

      Thank you for sharing your farm and your family with all of us. I grew up not to far from you and had family that farmed over in the Wheaton area. I now live in Idaho and watching your channel is like getting to go back home for a visit, which I dont physically get to do very often. I grew up with a great respect for farmers and ranchers because of where I lived. I believe that your channel really reaches a lot of people that normally wouldnt think much about farming because of the style and humor in your video. Keep up the great work.

    67. Jon McCargar

      I am hooked. Going right back to the first video to watch the whole series. Fantastic stuff.

    68. Fred Seaborne

      Any machinery-video is more enjoyable with a sprinkling of "cute kids" here and there throughout the presentation :D

    69. Juan Wessels

      We really need farm rescue in south Africa with all our farmers being murdered we In South Africa are having a really bad time with alot of bad people in our country that are killing our farmer one by one really sad

    70. Gary Koos

      I am a New York City lawyer who grew up in Iowa , spent 10 years in Mason City in charge of trust farms. I love watching you guys. Your hard work relaxes me and takes me home a bit. Thanks.

    71. Rebecca Anderson

      I for got I live in Minnesota (St Cloud )

    72. Rebecca Anderson

      It's so cool to watch everything you do .John Deere is so cool too!

    73. ziggie16

      i get you appreciate the equipment to test or w.e but for all the free advertising your giving them you should be getting something in return...just my thoughts tho

    74. house ho

      New equipment is always fun to see in action.

    75. BrisZX9R

      wow watching your vids makes me miss farming even more than I did before. I grew up on large scale broad acre cropping and wool production farms here in Australia. I left Agriculture over 25yrs ago. Been really missing it for the last 15yrs at least.

    76. rantan1618

      Extremely interesting. I don't really understand the equipment but it's great watching you work. I think it's very important for "normal" people to see and understand what farmers do. Thank you.

    77. Dustin

      This is so cool your like the real life farm simulator lol Check this bad A machine out!!!!!

    78. Juan-Pierre Le Roux

      Howdy from South Africa, luv ur vids and content. I know nothing about farming or equipment, but i am so captivated. John Deere brand looks really sexy love them green beasts. I enjoy the showcase of new equipment and hope it brings you guys joy and useful production. I look at what you do and, i know its long hours and hard work, but wish i could do what you do. Good job with the channel! PS: Shout out and prayers please for the almost daily and horrific farm attacks in our country, this affects all black and white communities. :(

    79. Gavie James

      I just started watching you .Your and your family are awesome. I work on a farm in Arkansas and we have buckshot land . A little harder o work than yours but it's a challenge everyday. Keep up the good work I'll be watching you. Gavie James

    80. Mark Green

      Keep up everything you are doing. Awesome videos.

    81. trayyzgaming #2

      1:18 -1:22

    82. Terry Stephens

      Looking forward to see the new equipment in action. 😃👌👌👏👏👏❤️❤️

    83. Rob Woitowich

      I think John Deere are the best farm equipment made. Back in the 70s we used a 2145.tractor. Lol. A lot smaller than yours

    84. Game Hunters

      Thank you for making your videos and sending positivity to Everyone and anyone that watches your videos

    85. INAFLURRY Vlog

      What a badass looking tractor!!! I enjoy seeing new Farm equipment!!!

    86. Elewys of Finchingefeld

      Technically, baby powder doesn't have any talc in it anymore; it's all corn starch.

    87. Rose White

      Are there any earthworms in that soil?

    88. Don Busby

      enjoy the new equipment

    89. Broony Saint

      It's great to see your life on video has drawn so much attention to life on the farm, an essential part of all our lives. Thank you for the extra time out of your day making this for everyone to watch.

    90. Philip Birks

      Makes fun watching you working hard on your farm great viewing .

    91. Philip Birks

      Great peace of a equipment Zach that should be paying you to use it lol.

    92. Fuzzy fu5145@aol.com

      Zach, how could anyone not like what you're doing. They'd have to be an idiot not to like.

    93. Lawrence Forbach

      Nice 👍

    94. Marcs Duk

      I just wanna give you one extra subscriber maybe you’ll get another Jhon to show us

    95. viltsufighter 07

      How about the fully tracked tractor. The new one. Is it a demo too EDIT. I mean the 8RT

    96. Jeff Smith

      Growing grass on my 3 acre property is enough work for me. Not sure how you do it, but I'm thankful you do.

    97. wheelinshustle84

      Hell yes I personally enjoy it!!

    98. wheelinshustle84

      Will be here forever man I think many of us are loyal to your channel and content!!

    99. Charles Johnstone

      Does new equipment make it new for us? Yes, I love seeing the new equipment! Thanks for doing what you do!

    100. Freddie House

      Raised on a small farm in the 50's so you know how much equipment has changed, so I enjoy all the new stuff and how it works.