Press Conference: Gonzaga vs. Baylor Postgame - 2021 NCAA Tournament

March Madness

31 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

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    1. Mike Barbato

      The truculent connection ecologically use because salmon conversly lick near a adamant handle. sore, rural hardcover

    2. Jane Butterfield

      Great Game ...congrats to Baylor and Gonzaga !!

    3. Gamer200

      Bye Kispert and Suggs!!! Hello Holmgren and Sallis

    4. Bryan Valley

      Corey is such a classy and wise dude. Thanks for the amazing year!

    5. Eric Arbogast

      9 people didn’t like this? Laughable

    6. Even Q

      Butler is such a smart and kind person. What a class act! Loved watching this team fight day in and day out, truly a treat to witness this amazing NCAA tournament.

    7. Jordan Walsh

      Congrats Baylor !!

    8. Austin Ross

      You want to talk about adversity, try three weeks with no practices and no games. To win a national championship after a three week hiatus proves Baylor was not just the best team this year, maybe the best of all time

    9. Kevin R

      Gonzaga just got dominated by Baylor and no one gives them the respect they deserve. Even the reporters don't ask questions to Gonzaga about Baylor.

      1. Jordan Walsh

        Agreed . No respect , Baylor would have won last year aswell 🤷‍♂️

    10. George Fu

      UCLA alum here. Sorry ZAGS! You gave the blueprint on how to beat you when UCLA got robbed, as in Timme blocked Juzang on the last shot. UCLA would have had a better shot.

      1. Eric Arbogast

        That was a charge.

      2. Jordan Walsh

        @John Blakeney without a doubt .

      3. John Blakeney

        Hate to say it against Gonzaga, but UCLA vs Baylor might have been a better game...

    11. Phoghawk08

      Baylor was spectacular, they beat the brakes off of Gonzaga. Zags had it fairly easy all year not really playing top teams to go undefeated during the season. They need to be in a P5 conf. to legitimize themselves as a top tier team. Nice run though, but I figured once they ran into a great team it would be a different outcome. They almost lost to UCLA, but geez they had no chance against those Big 12 Baylor Bears!!!!! Congrats to Baylor and the Big 12, best conf. of 2020-21 in the end.

    12. Patrick Archuleta

      Bear's clearly were the best hands down.

    13. Aj Barone


    14. Al Arlo


    15. Ain Arkwright


    16. Robert Troll

      Baylor neuters the bulldogs.

    17. Drew Medler

      Haha Gonzaga got all the way here then they loose

      1. Gamer200

        And you can’t even spell LOSE correctly hahahahaha

    18. Buryツ

      been saying this whole time zags gonna lose to baylor

      1. Jordan Walsh

        Same 🤑

    19. Henry Logan

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      4. Janis Austin

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    20. Romeo Palmer

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    21. Ariel Levi

      Not due our fatigue. 3 of your starters practically needed IVs by halftime.

      1. Unbias Cowboy

        Baylor played the same day didn’t see any ivs in them get in better shape.

    22. Alex Castro

      It actually starts at 13:27

      1. profd65

        @Alex Castro Thanks for the warning.

      2. Alex Castro

        Baylor part begins at 51:05

    23. Sam Jones

      Gonzaga nearly lost to the 4th Place PAC12 team in UCLA. In any of the power conferences that is about where they should be rated. Really good but not great.

      1. Eric Arbogast

        People who look at outcomes and not actually watch the game and how the game is played shouldn’t be able to give an opinion. Your comments make 0 sense.

      2. Jennifer Wise

        UCLA was picked to finish 1st in the pac last fall. They underperformed with a KY transfer. Also, Zags beat USC by 19 pts and could have made it 40+

      3. Ariel Levi

        @Mateo I don't buy that argument, Gonzaga beat some top teams. They wouldn't have been undefeated, but still a 1 seed. Baylor and Gonzaga were the best 2 teams this year, it was 1a and 1b all year. 1b proved to be better.

      4. Mateo

        I mean that UCLA team beat Michigan which was one of the best teams in the best conference.

    24. JoJo_WIZ*ONE 4EVER

      Everyone will say “Gonzaga was gassed, UCLA took it out of them” Nah, Baylor just showed them what superior defense and hustle can do. They just got smoked by the best team all season imo. Remember they were 17-0 playing brilliant before covid came in. And then they went on a little slump lost two games. They found their way in this tournament and showed to everyone why they were one of the best teams all season. Let’s just give a tribute and not make excuses, give an unbelievable tribute to Baylor for the brilliant performance. They are very deserving to be the national champions!

      1. alex

        @Eric Arbogast no one was bashing Gonzaga. They’re just praising how good Baylor has been this entire time.

      2. Ariel Levi

        @XeNova baylor doesn't beat gonzaga 9/10 lol not with these refs atleast trying to foul out all baylors interior defense and rebounding. If gonzaga had legs, and with the beneficial calls, would have been a lot more pressure on baylor to keep hitting those shots in 2nd half. Is baylor the better team, probably, does this game tell you much, no. Think about how many nba teams have gotten whooped in game 1 and still won the series.

      3. Eric Arbogast

        Relax .. Baylor played perfect congratulations. No need to bash a special team in Gonzaga.

      4. XeNova

        @Ariel Levi gonzaga loses against baylor 9 out of 10 times. not good enough on defense, not good enough on offense.

      5. Ariel Levi

        Baylor was brilliant team and game, but Gonzaga was gassed, UCLA took it out of them. Both are true. gonzaga came out slugglish, which isn't entirely a factor of UCLA of course, but Timme cramping took out any remaining life in 2nd half, which was a factor of UCLA grindhouse.

    25. Robert Ledford

      Didn't watch. Tired of woke/BLM culture in college and pro sports.

      1. Eric Arbogast

        Wow you have issues. These young men played their hearts out and you come in with this. Go see a doctor.

      2. Unbias Cowboy

        @cabinet carver he probably watched the game. They just say stuff to get a negative reaction.

      3. cabinet carver

        but here you are watching the press conference? weird

      4. XeNova

        big facts but baylor is based so nice to see them win

      5. Unbias Cowboy

        I don’t think anyone cares Robert

    26. JoJo_WIZ*ONE 4EVER

      Baylor was just clearly better. Zags were slower and had no answer. Solid team but wouldn’t have been undefeated in a Power 5 conference. Gonzaga can join a real conference before they are called special. Going 31-1 is not easy but I didn’t know that your schedule dIdn't matter. The final result was that they played an elite team and got exposed plain and simple!

      1. Eric Arbogast

        That’s ridiculous.. if they played tonight, it could be a completely different game and outcome.

      2. Gamer200

        @profd65 agreed

      3. profd65

        Gonzaga beat plenty of teams that were Top 25 ranked and/or from "Power 5" conferences, dipshit--Kansas, Auburn, Iowa, West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Creighton, USC, UCLA. They also play in the same conference as Saint Mary's and BYU--two teams that often make it to the NCAA tournament. I'm pretty sure the main problem you had with Gonzaga is, hem...that Gonzaga doesn't "look" quite right.

    27. Julies Randle

      Man Gonzaga lost kispert gone Haley gone

    28. Julies Randle


    29. Julies Randle