Link Puts Rhett's Hair In Rollers

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, Link is putting Rhett's hair in some hot hair rollers. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1870
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    1. Samantha Ann

      Quarantine has officially made even Rhett and Link a little squirrelly 😂😂

    2. Daniella Schuss

      Rhett is being SUCH a baby!!!!! Hahahhahha

    3. kelseyleepuffin

      Linus from Stardew Valley cosplay.

    4. Shawni Lonas

      Why do guys always have such great hair! Looking good Rhett!

    5. jademarissa

      This is the same energy as my professional cosmetologist sister doing my hair but bossing me around and making me do half of it 😂

    6. Sarah Cupp

      Rhett's hair is so beautiful it makes me ANGRY. I'd like to have half of that. Beautiful @$$hole lol

    7. Teodora S.

      Rhett is so irritating with his stubbornness. Like an grumpy old man going intentionally slow-mo to irritate people.

    8. Jillian M

      Who wears gloves to use curlers? I love when guys try to do beauty things.

    9. mollie frank

      pause at 16:29. Terrifying

    10. Ar Acech

      This is also what its like when my mom tries to do my hair. Though link did a great job for having never done this. I think he would be a great stylist with some training

    11. Danielle Kaz

      we forget link HAS A DAUGHTER!!! he’s got technique with the brushing

    12. Mary Luten

      I love Rhett but for how large a man he is he is pretty wimpy

    13. Brooke Payne

      Does Rhett have an irrational fear that brushing his hair will make him bald?

    14. Kat

      This really is the mother/daughter relationship we all remember from the 90s

    15. Lets fly away

      I’ve never seen anyone comb their hair as awkward as Rhett!

    16. Madeleine Scholz

      “They’d be nicer” - no we wouldn’t

    17. Dana Villano


    18. Jerica Corbett

      oh god i wanna brush his hair for him start at the ends rhett

    19. gothic lemons

      The original Frenemies Podcast

    20. gothic lemons

      The hair tied in the back with the curls in the front makes him look like Giorno Giovanna

    21. Emily Hoskins

      Can Rhett do the curly girl hair routine??

    22. Catrina Tulowiecki

      “I’m sTARTING TO BOSS because of how you’re BEING”-link neal scolding his son rhett

    23. Gustavo Henrique

      They should curl his hair for real

    24. melissa

      He looks hansome

    25. stephen prokosh

      Honestly I think its a combination of Rhett having no pain tolerance and link having negative patience lol

    26. Katelyn Midkiff

      My moms a hair stylist and we live in North Carolina- this is top tier👏😂

    27. Tasia Carll

      This video gives me stress

    28. Tut Pook

      Boy is he tender headed!

    29. Sarah Gaither

      Rhett should curl link’s hair

    30. Sandra Filippelli

      I LOVE this video!

    31. Lorraine Stanton

      These two are more married than any two individuals I have ever seen.

    32. ZombieGoddessxi

      Og god. Ya’ll turned him into Shirley Temple.

    33. Amy Orozco

      So we're all just going to ignore the way rhett ate his consolation cinnamon roll?

    34. Lalalala Jade

      Lol link u gotta curl his bushy beard too heheheh that be good

    35. Lalalala Jade

      Lol Rhett needs to brush his hair the right way not that way Rhett and u need a legit hair cut

    36. victoria

      This is the only episode where I’m on links side... Rhett grow up and let the man curl your hair

    37. Kate Wolfe

      "im here to help only if you want me to" ..... proceeds to help without being asked lmao

    38. Julia Lange-Soler

      Ok this is proof girls have a higher pain tolerance than boys :D

    39. Melissa Geiger

      What's the deal with the gloves 🧤

    40. Melsteriffic Mama

      I would love to see Rhett get a makeover on the show. He grew the hair, but he doesn't know how to take care of it.

    41. IoEwe

      Link has big mad grandpa energy

    42. Jennifer

      Rhett looks like the prince from shrek

    43. Blue Treble

      Link cannot take any criticism whatsoever!

    44. Lindsey Creamer

      I just want to stop them and do it myself. Those sections are way too large...ugh

    45. jenifer copeland

      Get him link!!!

    46. Scarlett Jones

      I feel the same thing about getting tangled hair after being in a bun

    47. enby riot

      "I'm bringing my A game!" 😭😭

    48. Blue Ombré

      This is actually painful to watch for a girl

    49. tac

      Why didn't he just wash his hair real quick

    50. TheRealityofLaura

      All Rhett needs now is a little sailor suit with a giant lollipop.

    51. TheOtherSideOfLife

      Rhett was a sensitive boi on this one but Link was an ANGRY boi.

    52. jess ayre

      Someone needs to teach Rhett to comb his hair from the ends upward.

    53. Eliza Savage

      Rhett is being so delicate with his hair. I just want to brush it properly and insert myself into this video

    54. seillie

      i feel like Link has so much anger for Rhett inside of him and holds it till the day he'll finally explode

    55. Avalee T

      You should have put a few in his beard

    56. Brooke Ralstin

      This reminds me vividly of when I was 13 and didn’t know how to take care of my curls and would fight in front of god and children on a Tuesday when she was trying to fix my mistakes 😂😭

    57. Alyssa Leedy

      Also, dance moms be Link ALL THE TIME 😂

    58. Meg Norris

      Watching Rhett brush from the root is PAINFUL.

    59. richard stevens

      Why is rhett looking like a hobo

    60. Brandon Schockelt

      Speaking of McDonald’s desserts their blueberry muffin is amazing by what blew my mind is the Chips Ahoy McFlurry 🤯🤩🤤. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    61. LaratheXplorer

      Why was Rhett being so sensitive

    62. kylee beeton

      Such a sook 😂😂😂😂

    63. Sybarite Sphynx

      Every woman watching Rhett brush his hair is yelling at the screen.

    64. Chris Rees

      Wait. McDonald’s had a cinnamon roll many moons ago. Not the cinna melt but before that there was a cinnamon roll and I ate them all the time as a kid. The new ones they brought back do not taste as good as the old ones either lol

    65. southern ghoul

      Can anyone tell me where Rhett’s shirt is from? 👀 I love the colors and my bf loves flannels, I wanna get one for him!!

    66. Jessica Collins

      Rhett would make an awesome Bee Gee

    67. Nikki Jakubowski

      this is the best video I've ever watched. funny from beginning to end lmaoo

    68. Laurie Owen

      This is like a friend and I trying to accomplish a task together at work! We get so testy people beleive we are enemies!😂😂😂

    69. Cynia James

      If you ever brush your hair it's easier to do it from the ends to the roots.

    70. Witty And Funny Name

      L: "everything you say is making me angry" R: "that's something you need to deal with" L: "see, there it is again" XD

    71. Anna Castro

      Brushing that type of hair is how you get a frizzy mess with weird wavy-straight hair instead of pretty curls/waves

    72. Obert Brinley

      WHY? 😱

    73. TLR

      So obvious that link has a daughter and rhett does not 😣 so painful to watch

    74. Markis Miller

      15:14 links im getting bullyed puppy dog face game is strong.

    75. Nastya_bbloger

      Rhett should try Tangle teezer

    76. Sadie NeSmith

      I can only imagine the conversation leading up to the idea of this video.

    77. Ansley Schneider

      rhett get a “Wet” Brush

    78. Donna Mason

      HAHAHAHAHA, I'm crying!!!

    79. Donna Mason

      OMG Rhett!!! You are being such a baby! You can't even brush your hair. lol. Love you guys!

    80. Ru Ca

      Rhett, you look like John Lennon!

    81. Jaci Brown

      This is too painful to watch. 🤪

    82. BB Child

      lmao this makes me think of when I was little and my Mom would try to do my hair. "OW mOm yOU'RE puLLInG" "Noooo I'm nOT!" "YEZ YOU ARRREE"

    83. emotional faucet

      Rhett can star in Brave now

    84. Nightshade Kelly

      Someone teach Rhett how to brush his hair

    85. d u

      I was wondering why link was wearing those gloves in the original ep

    86. Emelia Newransky

      Link is basically an inpatient mother. And Rhett is the uncomfortable little girl that didn’t want curly hair in the first place 😂

    87. Abigail Loughran

      Link did a great job, Rhett reminds me of doing my daughters hair when she was 6!

    88. Richard Terry

      Your McLaughlin evolved into McLocklin!

    89. Ellie Mar

      I have been waiting for this day... I was not disappointed 😂

    90. Marc-Antoine Bourgeois

      What's really funny and ridiculous is the lego block man haircut style that link harbor for so many year now. Actually since he stop the little boy haircut.

      1. S Dian

        Link's hair is amazing! Did you see it during quarantine?

    91. Ebony Harris

      Rhett was being such a diva omg 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    92. Ariana !

      all the rhett stans like “ you arent supposed to brush curly hair! theres product in it! theyre brushing it dry!” as if they dont physically see rhett being a kid 😂 mans hair isnt even that curly its like a 2a/2b 💀

    93. Shann Kielma

      You look like the cowardly lion after he got primped in the Emarald city! Haha

    94. Caroline Fravel

      My mama would beat Rhett with a hairbrush for moving so much and being so whiney lol

    95. Shann Kielma

      Rhett what is wrong with you. You look disgusting with your hair. Your gonna look back in ten years and make fun of yourself. That's a fact!

    96. Cupcake Menace

      I just wanna take the hair brush and rollers away from the both of them

    97. Misty Ortiz

      Link is the typical southern mom/Mamaw. 😂😂😂

    98. Bonesidedowngoof

      Who is watching this and wishing you had Rhett’s hair?

    99. Squidney The Sydney

      Being a cosmetologist, I feel like Link would be amazing at rolling perms if he was taught how🤣

    100. Jennifer Cece

      I feel you, Link! Your patience with such drama is to be applauded!!