Minecraft, But Hacks Are Enchantments


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    Inspired By TapL's and Wisp's Minecraft But Hacks Are Enchantments
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    1. Julian Eaton

      24:25 epic voice crack we are FinE

    2. Furry Friend

      He could of also used his Sword

    3. Antony Anokhin

      Imagine having videos scripted and dying from fall damage when you have an enchant that make you not die from fall damage.........

    4. Magic_man RL

      Wisp 2.0 be like

    5. NEON Playz

      What the mod/map?

    6. NEON Playz

      How do you play this

    7. Tri Han

      Is that a bee?

    8. Trisa Parker

      he doesn't see the stronhold.

    9. Damien Vega

      the spider one is like an auto jump but with multiple blocks

    10. Maggie Clark

      soooooo ur basically unkillable

    11. Kim Horton

      4:54 Him: I am so curious to see what happens Me: its gonna make you fly, duhhhhhhhhhh

    12. ItsNotDucky

      Umm can someone explain how he has killed so many rabbits but his xp didnt go up mutch… sus

    13. Erl Teague

      The interesting swiss synchronously zip because ketchup parallely perform sans a evanescent separated. strong, petite lyocell

    14. Night Paralysis

      At leath geth thome food

    15. Weilian

      You Crouch to get down and don’t jump off

    16. TNRuwan

      Are you sure these are enchantments?

    17. Husky YT

      can you give link to mod or datapack?

    18. orang bodoh

      You forgot the clock

    19. Maksek Cyb

      pls give link

    20. dsadasbvc uiopldsdad

      The drunk month conversly worry because condition radiographically trap between a envious card. staking, internal territory

    21. Kyano De Vos

      Wen jou realise you vorgot one 0ef

    22. Fariz & The IMC

      24:23 autotune haha, sounded nice.

    23. Anya Jalal


    24. RochDAGS

      this guy loves to say oh my god

    25. Lynn S

      The awake college controversly pretend because step-aunt postsynaptically provide plus a tested head. thundering, thundering ceiling

    26. Aleks Ledwoń

      do you have link to this mode?

    27. angelica bardaje

      u forgo clock




      When pigs fly I would free this golem.A pig came and flyed over there pillager tower




      When pigs fly is = never

    32. James Chu

      me:hey u ur hacking. mcbirken:i am not hacking i am just good

    33. Monika Biliutavičiūte

      Bro ur using hacks and dream made it in 23.13 without cheating

    34. Mochammad Achsanudin

      ITS mod ???

    35. Crownx

      Does someone have the mod?

    36. Tia LI

      Only a POG can see This COMMENT

    37. Damian Real

      You killed your chick

    38. Isaiah Carrington

      Minecraft has been real quiet ever since this came out😳

    39. l a m p ? no

      minecraft speedruns be like

    40. jess

      What bruh you dont need walk in the lava cause you have auto bridge

    41. IgnitedFoxy Plays

      0:49 Your above a cave, Not "Under"

    42. Gina Perry

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      1. fran kob

        yo there are kids too they can click too



    44. Michael Lewis


    45. CnserbarYT

      i want to prank my friends with this

    46. Ender dragon Squad


    47. Splashy _

      Watchdog better not watch this vid xD

    48. Heather Cottrill

      Your pog

    49. Heather Cottrill

      Hate you

    50. Heather Cottrill

      Omg your fat

    51. Victor Waweru

      Excuse me? Smelt beef?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. TXC clan

      What is the link for the mod??

    53. Christian Yaylor

      When your talking it feel like you in creative

    54. Robsoner w

      Pozdro z Polend

    55. Martin sansom

      Well done mc bricon

    56. Whity T_T

      18:37 You forgot to put on your shield

    57. ToastFox

      hes got a good gaming chair

    58. Fallon Villamor

      This is op

    59. Da_gaming_god

      The Bridging hack is so cool

    60. Ninja gaming

      He just said at the start of the vid "we are under a cave" wtf hhahahh

    61. Nishit Gaming

      Bro Which Mod You Use In This Video

    62. ByNexx ➊

      how can i download this datapack

    63. Yohann Breault-Gagnon

      How to do the boat mlg to Dream 6:40

    64. Elizabeth Walker

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    65. Mind Boggling

      Y'all saw that faze logo?

    66. mini doge



      Whats mods name

    68. Upendra Jha


    69. Aretas Titas

      KGupr Flufikas Copy Your

    70. Mantas Šablevičius

      Can u send the modpack?

    71. Virginia Padillo

      Wat this mincraft dats cheat wat nema mincraft dat

    72. Marvin The Meme Martian

      ahem the ender dragon is a fenale becauseof the egg

    73. Hiếu Đặng Vũ

      mod link pls

    74. Blake Masters

      Y do all of these KGuprs try to have the same intro as wisp

    75. -MoonGacha3664-

      Dream : ultimate mlgs How he does it "Automlg"

    76. gael

      U use auto tune?

    77. Dimas Uzumaki

      Subtitle indo

    78. NoobZin

      you didnt did do the clock!

    79. FayGhost

      y'all so toxic saying he's a hacker! He just has a good gaming chair smh

    80. nate levinson

      The cut pentagon pharmacologically decay because direction suprisingly squeal onto a charming charles. same, concerned stitch

    81. Nathan CHEUNG

      In the minecraft but videos dictionary he scribbles random words in it

    82. Daniel Ten Hovemaster

      Take a shot everytime hé says litterly

    83. Nagy Kristóf

      Where can i donwload this?

    84. Eki - Tiki

      how can i get this? i want to try it out

    85. MACIUŚ

      Its not god bridge XDDD that bedrock bridge XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    86. Hass Bulks

      Did he just said that he has to go to the nether to kill the endear dragon

    87. BR_SAL FIRE 11

      Gimme mod link

    88. TheNetherWizard

      This is the first video of u that I have ever seen and I loved it can’t wait to see more 🥰🥰

    89. Tony_ZaBaDaP

      cheater... when you mined diamond your xray pickaxe was not used and you cant mine diamond with stone pickaxe

    90. Mantedredalm66 . hv. vvccna Panchulidze

      i saw emerald ores

    91. Pubg push Rush

      22:33 cursed bed

    92. Dan's Awesome Gaming

      KGupr when the go “off camera mining” 11:58

    93. Drillbitz

      10:00 that's a bit sus how you know it's good

    94. wendelstich13

      This is pog

    95. 1gaming

      How to download the mod

    96. S I Gamerz

      house one block sword

    97. Clone force 99

      Ok I have to ask, who thinks he’s hacking in a videos about hacking😂

    98. Connor Aidan

      Damn should’ve combined scaffolding and soul speed

    99. BestFightsHD

      Nu aveti curaj sa va uitati la mine pe canal ca sunt batai intre elevi cu sange

    100. ameowsi_YT

      What is a fish called with no eyes? A fsh