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    What tattoo should I get next? #shorts

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    1. CyberWolf

      Wut if u get another tattoo with ur logo for tik tok on it

    2. IdvPlh

      Hey grandpa What's that weird hook tatoo on your feet

    3. Elijah Duran

      How does it feel


      Uhhh i dont think i want a tattoo any more..........

    5. møønlight UwU-UnU

      Hey dude it is hurt?

    6. Lila Leasy

      I See one on your shoulder

    7. Amelia McCann

      He looks very comfortable

    8. nuts

      Ur disgusting

    9. nuts

      Pretty cringe bro

    10. Jack Thomson

      POV of colty' s face when tik tok dies: :,(

    11. WS Juke Box

      I problem solve with tiktok tattoos

    12. EvilSquirrel192

      Omg he's like lazar beam now

    13. Shinigami13

      I tattoo myself all the time no pain no gain

    14. TW3


    15. Cara Somebody

      Really? Not a spider?

    16. Graciela Martinez


    17. Jacob B.

      Of all things ...

    18. Baseerobaidi Baseerobaidi


    19. Baseerobaidi Baseerobaidi


    20. barngey

      That's such a sensitive area right next to the Achilles

    21. Coldbigtam 09

      When you make a bad life choice

    22. Ella Exner

      His kids one day like “hey dad what’s that logo on your foot?” Him “oh that’s tik tok! Dad was famous

    23. wwefan 12

      He's going to have that tattoo for life if he now hates tiktok the tiktok logo is going to stay on him

    24. Maame Yaa

      What if your mum sees it

    25. Desirae Smith

      Coltyy: *realizes that no one will even see it*

    26. `

      A indian tiktoker named ashika bhatia had a tiktok logo tatto when it was musically and now tiktok is banned in india wow😂

    27. Tito turtle

      On a scale of 1to 1qd how would u rate ur pane

    28. Jacqueline Hinds

      What number is your phone like what type of phone do you have

    29. sHRooM HeAD

      oh no....

    30. Buildimation

      His face looks like he's getting pegged in hakf of thw video

    31. Hridya Aggarwal

      This is what is called making CRINGE! U r makin tattoo, it is okay! But on tik tok it is cringe content i prefer u might make yt logo instead😂

    32. Clea Erasmus

      Tattoos aint that bad man😂

    33. Logan Nichols

      That should hurt don't please don't try to not do this at home 🥺🏡

    34. moonlight the dragon

      Oml u are dumb y tattoos should be special and sentimental not a dumbass thing like an app do your parents know they probably wont approv

    35. Nicola Szulc

      When you notice that the tattoo is actually just nail polish :>

    36. Rachel Ovalle

      I didn't even see your tattoo 😤😠😡🤬

    37. Skull with trumpet


    38. Are_you_mad 420

      Bro out of every tatto you choose tick tock

    39. Dream came true forever

      My parent is gonna kill me Me : no they aint

    40. CJ Marvelous

      Get a life C... or get a job.

    41. CJ Marvelous

      U get it tatted on u when ur obsessed

    42. DrJones _PhD

      Now you'll see your mistakes where ever you go

    43. Emily Du Plessis


    44. Blue Hand Games

      "Holy shoot"-this guy

    45. Trixxify

      Your pretty stupid

    46. PrettyinPinkStudioz

      When Tik Tok gets banned.. The government: Well time to say bye bye to your foot

    47. level 1m pony

      How those it feel? And tik tok new loggo be like ():

    48. Kenzie C.

      Bruh that guy bad at tating my dads pro fr-

    49. Efficient

      20 years later His new girlfriend: what is that, i have never seen it before Him: oh its something that was popular and it died 19 years ago

    50. Alyssa Ruchel

      I got the darkmark tattoo and I’m only 16

    51. Aubrey Williams

      When tiktok changes their logo and name...

    52. BaconOverlord Man

      Ur obsessed with tiktok fuck off with it like damn bro

    53. Jon Powers

      Oh my god

    54. Canadian Cannabinoid farmer

      Hey what’s the stupidest tattoo any one has ever got oh never mind found it

    55. Shania Seifeddine

      Omg his face LOL-

    56. Arwen Tyler

      Can we appreciate the jungle book music in the bacround

    57. Alexander Elston Ministries

      Brother you literally chose one of the most painful tattoos for your first !! 🤯😎

    58. afthabs Vlogs and fun

      Bro my country india 🇮🇳 tik tok is banned 😭😭

    59. Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      That is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen

    60. Addison Moss

      Your an IDIOT!

    61. ginnie george

      Did it hurt?

    62. Daniel Hughes

      Is nobody gonna notice the background👀

    63. Wayondra Thompson

      Dammm b****

    64. NC Gaming

      When I look at him getting the tattoo all I see is PAIN.

    65. Wierdo Wheatie

      Uzbekistan island isomorphic is lol pool logo office dictation Explodes up pool position

    66. GameBadger 12

      Did anyone notice the Jungle Book soundtrack in the background.

    67. Kg1

      Literally the most famous KGuprs always gets the dumbest tattoos ever & even put it in the dumbest place ever !

    68. tobi

      In a dark voice: Yes Tiktok for life baby for ever and ever until you die hahaha

    69. Killatrapper

      Why don’t you go to a real tattoo artist not your fucking home

    70. LeeLee Sewell

      On your foot

    71. Shea Clark

      Those muscles dude

    72. CIBER

      coltyy: *not saying oww while getting the tattoo* Whens he stops talking: OWWW

    73. Ziggy

      Hahah little does he know TikTok is dead lol

    74. Angel Fernandez

      What a dumbass


      Who eles remembers this sound on like og 2018 tik toks

    76. Cendel Thompson

      Your parents are not going to kill you if you wear socks

    77. Leo Arsenault

      Next day TikTok gets banned lol

    78. BrOcCoLi Is DeLiCiOuS

      When tik tok isnt a thing anymore.....

    79. Dragon Slayer

      I can’t wait for him to have kids and they see that and ask”dad what is that” and he says “it’s an old app called tik tok and his kids say dad tik tok died in 2025 where in 2040

    80. Blek Bomor

      *starts wearing socks in every other video*

    81. Toxic gaming

      He is putting tik tok tattoo in his foot?? Tik tok is very disappointed

    82. Koriyagay the ninja

      This is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen

    83. Jack Backson

      How did u lose all ur brain cell?

    84. • Bunny •

      Is he in a house or am I just seeing things- if not I have never heard of a fridge in a tattoo shop 0-0

    85. KakashiTKO

      Getting color is the thing that hurts browski

    86. PolarPanda

      Imagine him being older and having to explain what that tattoo means or what it is 🤣

    87. LetsG0Buffalo

      Vine for life baby

    88. Pearl Limon

      You little tiktok idiot

    89. Pearl Limon

      That’s stupid

    90. Not Nordic

      He sounded so dumb at the end tik tok for life baby lol 😂

    91. Michael Afton

      My brothers were lagging bc u were saying ah wholly shoot and they didn't flinch went they got thares...

    92. Shemeer Shahul

      In my country tiktok has been banned years ago

    93. King Codean

      come on "tough guy" that's gotta be the biggest over reaction 😂🤣 for such a lil tat.........suck it up

    94. Gaming -Guy365

      It was smart to do it on your foot, it means you can cover it up if need be

    95. Golden Memes

      If I’m being honest the tattoo wasn’t that good

    96. X x Roblox Girl x X

      Your grand children will be asking what Tik Tok it XD

    97. brett.vorm_kopf bunker

      What a shame

    98. XxLlama_StillPlaysxX

      Man I thought you could take, I probably could because when I was younger I had to had to have a shot every night to help me grow

    99. Harry Tait

      Did it hurt that bad u looked like u were in so much pain

    100. Jordon Jackson

      He got paid to get that