2020 Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville (Full TV show)


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    Check out the 2020 NOCO Bassmaster Elite Series event at Lake Guntersville. This event took place in the fall, which is a change of pace from normal. It happened September 30 - October 3, 2020.
    For more information on this event, click here: www.bassmaster.com/tournament/bassmaster-elite-lake-guntersville
    To watch all of the LIVE action from this event, click here:
    Day 1: kgup.info/get/qaOIlqHJpIOgjp0/video
    Day 2: kgup.info/get/oIuhq6KipKWhrak/video
    Day 3: kgup.info/get/hIBhYYeUgW-pm6E/video
    Day 4: kgup.info/get/qHyXnaOiX517m3s/video
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    1. Hunter Merrell

      I am lucky my home lake is Gunnersvile lake

    2. Suburb Kyle

      @bassmaster You need to ban the boat flip. Not a fan of the other tour but they have it right on fish care.

    3. Bill Ernst

      Franks “thunder cricket” sure has a unique blade shape to it.😂

      1. Michael Holloway

        😂😂😂 i was waiting for the ol $1.96 Walmart cricket to appear

    4. SavedSouliloquy

      Somebody tell Randy Sullivan to go watch Richard Gene The Fishing Machine, he should know better than to fish in ol' Elmo's crappie hole like that! Wooooooo!

    5. Ernst Coetzer

      Fishing rods and fish gets thrown around like they got no respect for nothing... That's ugly!!!

    6. Randy K0RWB

      I got to Marshal for Cobb, Blaylock, and Huff. What a great experience. All three of them are class acts. Looking forward to Marshal again in 2021 back at Guntersville.

    7. Gregory Chuhta

      Talley em up

    8. Duane Theimer

      Majority League Fishing is a joke. Getting excited over a one pounder. Too much hype and media b.s.

      1. Mr. Fiction

        Good thing this isn’t MLF


      Finally fishing bassnation opens this year; time for the next level!

    10. Scott Strong

      love the bass masters see ya mlf you should have known that b,a,s,s will always be top dog

      1. Bryan Richardson

        Screw MLF. Never gonna watch that crap

    11. Urban Bass Slayers

      I will fish that lake one day.... Goals..

      1. Urban Bass Slayers

        @Southern Tennessee Valley BassTV I'm just under two hours from Clearlake. Guess I'll stick to there! Tight Lines!

      2. Southern Tennessee Valley BassTV

        I live 30 mins from it. Not worth the hype. Clear lake. Lake fork. Etc. all better fishing.

    12. Jace Akers

      What rod was Talley using for thunder cricket @bassmaster

    13. Gary Heath

      Hey Mercer get some new material you fat idiot!! And some salads

    14. Everton Chongbang

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    15. Gary Lukas

      Keep your eyes on Kyle Welcher !!

    16. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Nicer guy couldn't have won it

    17. Up The Creek

      Caught my biggest fish at guntersville, also been skunked more at guntersville than any other lake. Feast or famine sometimes.

      1. Proangler47

        Same story here! Had 100 fish days and 0 fish days. But my PB is from there

    18. Robbie Brown

      Who wants to go fishing, hit that thumbs-up....

    19. Derek Williams

      My boy kyle welcher

      1. Gary Lukas

        Awesome guy good story and a future elite winner for sure. !!!

    20. Ra Lo

      👀 🍺🍺