Among Us - Bad Timing #1


22 млн көрүүлөр4 978

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    1. Gacha Ayşe BaDeM UwU

      Müge anlıyı ne yaptın bruh

    2. Tatom Aspiras

      What's up elegance remember entire that's me I subscribe in your KGup Chanel

    3. Muhtişim İkili

      Elegance is videyo like ❤️😍

    4. thiagouvu Diaz


    5. Abdo Aalfanan

      On dnkbs

    6. Mobile Games


    7. Bryan Osuji

      1:10 give song please

    8. IronStain98

      1:15 My mouth! It burns! its gonna fall off!

    9. Someraj Sarkar

      2:50 tha was really so so so so irritatin😭😭

    10. Peter MINI BRANDS!

      Bye i good day

    11. Spacial 57


    12. TheNoiceOof

      0:01 an epic series was born

    13. Landon Massaux


    14. ZanxGames

      Can you put the meme sounds please😃😄😄 So I can download it

    15. Sreemannarayana Vemuri

      And I liked your meme sounds

    16. Sreemannarayana Vemuri

      0:30 what that meme I liked it

    17. I love Nature!

      Massive fan

    18. Flavio Baumann


    19. Acha Acha Purple

      Oh no oh no oh no no no no no🤣🤣

    20. It's Meh

      who else like the vid and the outro

    21. john kitchen jr

      Egalagenc look ing sus

    22. 『〤MooNoise_悲しい』

      0:03 I was the person named Mia over there.😂 Believe it or not.

    23. Ёжик туманйй

      3:28 What kind of music

      1. miniluv73

        Gourmet Race from Smash 64

    24. Melissa Akins


    25. w1cked

      2:45 literally that happen to me every single game

    26. SuperBody Animathion

      КТо русский ставь лайк)

    27. The Pro

      2:54 best one

    28. Jamie Auleary De Castro

      Armie Hammer

    29. Lumea Noastra

      5:43 I didn't expect to hear Joseph Joestar

    30. Wxlfy

      is it just me or is he playing on different accs

    31. RH10

      3:00 I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    32. Kaylin Burzynski

      Your vids are awesome 👍 also Optimum I and elegance I played with you guys I am GET MERKED and it used to be Peanuts

    33. victor

      Cade os brasileiros

    34. VasyaGans 2


    35. ExtraMustard

      Who else watching this 1 month ago.

    36. nurn1234 __

      You so smart

    37. NightTerror

      What is the music used in the first clip?

    38. HelloMe

      Milk girl do be sus doee

    39. Doggy Flant

      7:49 why is there someone name cocoa puffs that what im eating xd

    40. Edkri07

      KGup: How many sound effects do you want? Elegance: Yes

    41. Eri Small Nugget

      Hmm this kinda sus

    42. Shamim Islam

      22M views wow

    43. Ahmato Ha

      You are playing with tirmax

    44. RediX Wr

      This youtuber is turkish people

    45. Ravi Ravi

      How you can search this type of music 🎶 🤔 😩 😫

    46. Syiva M

      Im need

    47. Syiva M

      What the song

    48. Rosalia Guerrero

      What is that song when the KGup found out the imposter on the start of the video/round

    49. Dante Scorpion

      name of the ending music pls

    50. Revan

      0:09 please anyone can tell me this song name plzz

      1. 『Lucky Wolfe』

        @NightTerror yw ^^

      2. NightTerror

        @『Lucky Wolfe』 tysm

      3. 『Lucky Wolfe』

        Crystal dolphin

      4. NightTerror

        I was wondering the same thing

    51. Andrew Rodriguez

      0:05 Run

    52. Άννα

      Word TNT?WOW you is like

    53. Ravi Ravi

      Please send elegance

    54. Ravi Ravi

      Please send fast

    55. Ravi Ravi

      Please send in comment

    56. Ravi Ravi

      In comment

    57. Ravi Ravi

      Please send 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    58. Ravi Ravi

      Please tell

    59. Ravi Ravi

      How you get this type of music 🎶 🤔 I also want 😩 ........ please tell....

    60. Kim Helin

      this vid is looking a lot sus. i love elegance

    61. Cj handsome

      How did you do your thumbnail

    62. Marine Lenouvel

      So many IQ

    63. Adriana Enescu

      Bro it's like these imposters are blind and when u are the imposter elegance ,u just do it at the wrong time

    64. Marco Luevano

      That my sister

    65. Karima Ben Hamida

      Sub to your video and I don’t get imposter

    66. naty hernandez

      Que brutovpongale 0

    67. Arthur Morgan

      It’s weird how like most of them aren’t even bad timing

    68. 2021

      1:09 müge anlı görenler +1 lesin

    69. Weird Aman

      what is epidemic sound can anyone tell me ?

    70. Berat Akdemir

      1:05 Müge Anlı sizi buldu



    72. Russell Kusaka

      And I will give you a thumbs up

    73. Russell Kusaka

      what are the songs that you are using for the funny among us fails

    74. Sh##posting Boy

      3:47 music is Jack Stauber: Buttercup no problem :)

      1. Sh##posting Boy

        @buri buri zymon np

      2. buri buri zymon

        @Sh##posting Boy thanks alot bro

      3. Sh##posting Boy

        @buri buri zymon kirby dream land

      4. buri buri zymon

        Pls tell me name of this song 3:25 pls

    75. Esperanza Valdez




    77. OctoDan

      0:19 I always get impostor when I like the vid,WUT

    78. Chaitanya Sankar

      2:50 only people who've been in situations like this can like

    79. fuckingqueen

      .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Elegance was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    80. Vishal Thakkar

      can someone tell me the music for 0:13

    81. Tara May

      Me here sometime doesn’t want to be imposter so doesn’t like and sub

    82. Joan Cobico


    83. Neo G. Lee

      once I was playing among us and saw a guy that was fixing the light I though it was alone so I killed it but there was a another guy and I lost.

    84. Lol Man


    85. Jennifer Janes

      What everyone hates:when the comments are turned off

    86. •It's Kylie•


    87. Destini Lakjohn

      I played among us and I was on a bad timing some players saw me kill

    88. Britt Somebody

      Josh Hawley

    89. Mia Chan ・ω・

      3:46 müzik? Dkahdkhqkfhqkckakckkakc


      Türkü goren

    91. SİX

      Müge anlı kjasdjkfjaskfjaksfj (My from is turkey xd)

    92. lakshmipathy thirumalai

      I like that song te te te. Na na na put more videos that song

    93. Rbx_Yasmix

      Thats soooo fake

    94. Supriadi Supriadi


    95. Supriadi Supriadi


    96. Supriadi Supriadi

      Lucu baget

    97. Blah Blah


    98. Blah Blah

      And keep up the good

    99. Blah Blah

      This video is the best worst timeing video ever

    100. kan andrew

      wow it was amazing