Who's having company for Halloween?

Sebastian Maniscalco

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    1. juan Colon

      This one and the chingadera bit were his best. I can watch them over and over again and laugh like it was the first time ive seen it.

    2. JJ Ryan

      That crumble cake was like a sacred object.

    3. brock dickens

      Now if u got a ring door bell u can speak to the person with out having to be home when they ring the door bell

    4. Peter Brandt

      I’m 50 still act like for the most part like my Italian Grandfather but now if you do you get more stares of disbelief ....I was having a beer with a friend and was telling these two female late 20 somethings that because the Masters was on I yelled to my wife to make a sandwich they said why didn’t you do it yourself I said two reasons the Masters was on so there’s only 3 min of commercials an hour and the meat isn’t magically going to jump in the bread...lol thought theirs heads were going to explode....

    5. bnelson967

      I've seen this at least 20 times and it's funny every.single.time... hahaha

    6. Donna Joseph-Barford

      We had Folgers not Sanka lol.

    7. Donna Joseph-Barford

      We moved and did not give anyone our address except our 2 sons. His family in another state and the family members left are a pain in the ass. They have our number to leave a voice mail we'll never answer. As far as friends forget about it. We like peace and quiet.

    8. Elizabeth Mills

      It was something I did just for fun.

    9. Elizabeth Mills

      I remember when I was younger I would slide across the floor wearing socks but not by the front door

    10. NikoNiko

      Serbian here. It was exactly this way for us!

    11. Dina Girdaukas

      We always had good Italian cookies for company!

    12. Greg B

      That face you make when you see a new Sebastian video pasted 3 days ago, last week...and it's nothing more than recycled/repackaged material.

    13. Betaray Ron

      Will go down in history as one of the funniest bits in stand up history

    14. Dory Rodriguez

      I grew up in the 90’s and I remember we had company over, or we’d always gather at my grandmothers place. Food was a given. Nowadays, we just stare through the peephole. A lot of times it’s just annoying solicitors, a package, lawn care, or no one at all. Can’t wait to move to where all my family’s at. It’s deserted here. Times passed and people either died or moved.

    15. Davett53

      My mother kept our living room in pristine condition just for guests. Me and my sister and dad, were never allowed in there,...ever. If we happened to walk through there, our mom would see the carpet had foot prints in the freshly vacuumed carpet. We kept drop cloths over all the furniture so it kept clean,..it looked like we were expecting painters to come by. Mom would remove the furniture coverings, seconds before "company", entered the front door.

    16. Davett53

      Yeah,...these days if someone knocks on my door, day or night,....if I am not expecting someone, I stop moving around and quietly creep to a window and peek out. All the homes I lived in have squeaky floor boards. So moving around in my house can often be detected by a person at the front door. So I freeze in-place and then I tip-toe to window, to look out.

    17. Dan D

      This guy had me cracking up especially when he mentioned about the Sanka and the younger members not knowing what that was 😄. But there is a lot of truth to that before all the cell phones in electronic conveniences.. people had to converse and you did lose track of time. Those were the good ol days

    18. Free Ocean Spirit

      Thank you for these hilarious skits. You are so amazing. I laugh every single time. Lol

    19. Chris young


    20. Calvin Renton

      This Guy was a 90's Champion

    21. TheDevineMrFIne

      On the plus side: It's been years since I've seen a Jahova's Witness

    22. A Houssein

      Get the truth from a comedian and the joke from a politician

    23. Freddy Stevens

      Goodness me that one person in the back’s laugh is really annoying

    24. Claire James

      this is classic sooooo funny love it xx

    25. Bri D

      I’ve watched this bit over and over through the years and it always gets me 😂

    26. Liza Gates

      He's a great fucking guy

    27. Liza Gates

      Love this bit!

    28. Ronda Norris

      This "doorbell" skit & the "Stub Your Toe" skit are rotten hilarious❗❗ Busted out LAUGHING...!!

    29. Melyprotas

      I was on the floor laughing during this. My mom now always has an Entenmann's just in case.

    30. Boston SAM

      Oh thank you! What a kind neighbor.Right in the fuckin trash

    31. RichCastle

      148 people don't like having company

    32. champtunes

      I am Latino and my mom always had the Sarah Lee cake for visitors. People back then had more class.

    33. Nick G

      Ya know what....I think I'm going to roll up to an older family members house unannounced. Knock on the door, and give them a nice surprise. Don't TALK about it..BE about it. I'll bring the Entenmann's....and this video. 😂

    34. Lady Bug

      LOL 😂😂🤣

    35. Ice -Man

      How times have changed

    36. jsb jeb

      i still remember the whooping i got for eating the cake during the night

    37. stanley chun

      hilarious but also sad. sebastian hits some truth here.

    38. Miss Demeanor

      This is a masterpiece!

    39. Katreni Mackey

      Sanka coffee..soooo freakin funny! I totally forgot about Sanka 😂

    40. Katreni Mackey

      This fella really is funny! He's my new favorite comedian 😂

    41. Kelly Black

      Omar...... ....Gawd..... ...push.....the.... ........button

    42. Ingrid Arlington

      What's Company, Mommy?

    43. Maura Noonan

      His best bit ever.

    44. Nicky D.

      I'm an Italian who grew up in the 50's and my mother always had a company cake but never Sanka. She wouldn't ever be caught dead serving instant coffee.

    45. Art

      I thought I was the only one that would turn off all the lights and slide across the floor into my room when the doorbell rang

    46. MVR

      Im 44 and I remember I had 2 aunts who where off the boat always had their door open for any family members to stop by... coffee on all day!!! Cake, cookies..etc etc.. normal effin times!!

    47. Sebic 01

      🤣🤣 I remember those days!

    48. David Joe

      He absolutely positively nailed it! Entenmans crumb cake and Sanka! Lol!!!!

    49. djflipthat

      Funny but true I remember being a kid back in the 1980s and knowing all of or most of your neighbors on your street or block by name and having conversation or at least small talk with them. Now it’s like pulling teeth to even get a hello or wave from anyone and forget knowing their name.

    50. Tubewatcher 501

      My wife and I miss watching you...The IRL updates are pretty cool and funny though.

    51. handstampedbylee

      The sad thing is that it’s affected the way our kids interact as well. We used to just rock up at friends houses, unannounced when we were kids, if you saw a stack of bicycles out front, you knew that was the place to be. These days, play dates need to be organised and worked around schedules. We’ve lost the art of being social and community minded. I think that’s why I love xmas so much, walking the streets that have been lit up and that festive, community feeling.

    52. cj.youtube

      So great I am crying laughing

    53. Punkichu

      3:03 lmao pretty much

    54. Fry

      My siblings & I were only allowed to talk on the phone for 3 minutes. After that, my dad would get on the other line blowing a blowhorn until we hung up. Oh yes, memories.

    55. Big Poppa

      When does he become funny? The three drink minimum isn't working

    56. David Giardina


    57. It doesn't matter.

      If you have ever rented "The knock" or doorbell ring is the worst thing. Spent a decade waiting every second I was "Home" for it. Nothing good ever happens. Finally having the option to tell whoever knocked to "Get off MY property " is awesome. Having trick or treaters ring the other night was fun instead of stressful.

    58. Zen Master

      “Get down mom army crawl! Army crawl, get in the closet.”

      1. Zen Master

        “I’m here can I approach? It’s me and 3 other people. We’re going to walk up to the side...IS THAT YOUR MOTHER WITH A SWORD? WHY DOES SHE HAVE A SWORD?

    59. jim jimmy

      This is exactly what the 80s were like growing up in a Pakistani household in multicultural Dubai. Today I dread company as an adult because it interrupts my Netflix binges.

    60. Rosanna Cellini

      Lol, everything he's saying is so true! It was just like that! I'm a little older than Sebastian, but my family was the same way. When my mom discovered bunt cake pans, she could whip up a cake in a flash and it would look fancy, lol!

    61. Treasure2Behold

      My mother always said we get the leftovers, the good food is for guests. He should do one one leaving for a trip, everyone piles in to see you off. These days they will call you a cab.

    62. HD V

      It's sad how we have prove to chose to devolve and sucked the rational sense, civility, respect, emotional intelligence, simplicity and happiness out of most everything.

    63. The Goodfeeder

      Now with cameras, it's even easier, you don't have to crawl on your elbows to the door anymore! :D

    64. Thunder'sDad

      Remember when your phone rang and you had to actually answer it to know who was calling?

      1. Meela234

        Even if it was a bill collector, the adults didn't rudely hang up. They would stand there explaining how they were going to pay next week or some other lie. Lol

    65. Relevant Information

      Sanka 🤣👍

    66. Google User

      Damn... People really have lost their roots.

    67. mike D

      As an Italian I completely relate, my mom would also announce the untouchable food for company.

    68. Elaine Mutnick

      God Bless you Sebastian. Your humor has brought me to tears of laughter. I have had many tears of sadness since April when my brother passed away from Covid 19. You have a true gift and sharing it is much appreciated. Thanks for the laughs.

    69. Sicsemperevello Mortemtyrannis

      I'm like that during the day, only cause I think it's Census person. I don't wanna take the Census.

    70. Delawanna

      70 and 80s were good days!!!

    71. Brandon Dill

      That ladies laugh though, she was diggin' it. Hey, so was I.

    72. Tim F

      I appreciate your comedy. Funny as heck. It's like I was there the whole time, Not the show, but life.

    73. Norine Fitzgerald

      Omg, a cup of Sanka😂🤣😂.. ya I remember.

    74. Marcy Dow

      I love the details: kids sliding in with socks, the cake, Sanka. LOL - an app for the i-phone.

    75. Waterbird 4222

      These crap muffins are for you people. Priceless

    76. Faith Rada

      LOL... NAILED IT!!!

    77. Lupe GT

      Growing up in NY we always seemed to have company, there was entenmens coffee cake or strudel, and Maxwell house coffee... Those were amazing memories , I miss my parents and all the great times we had back then... ❤

      1. Frank The Tank

        Yeah I'm from Da Bronx those days are long gone. Id go across the street to my friends house his door was always unlocked if food was cooked on stove I could make a plate same if they came over.

    78. John Blakeney

      Why are people ROLLING with laughter at the things that he says that ISN’T funny? So stupid and annoying...

    79. Lily Kotsopoulos

      You don’t have to be Italian to appreciate this, most Euros can relate to this! He’s the best!

    80. immortaljanus

      Not gonna lie, can relate. And I was born in 1984. Life was simpler back then.


      Every time I need a laugh I watched this episode. My house is still exactly this way! The only difference is nobody speaks English LOL but we also have the wine, the sopressata and any other little tasty item a visitor might need as they walk in the door and take off their shoes LOL Sebastian! You make my day!

    82. Peter Mascari

      Sebastian is a class act. 🤣🤣🤣🤙 fogetataboutit 🤓

    83. Maryjane

      Aw man this never gets old..seen it more than I can count!!

    84. Dakota Miller

      This rocked my socks off. so funny, i might die...

    85. MATT Z

      Hahahaha absolutely positively without question funniest comedian I've seen in a long time. Material is raw and hysterical 🤣

    86. K R

      very observant lol

    87. Antony Drossos

      The funniest thing to me is that, while he's describing a typical Italian home, you could say practically the same thing for homes in Barbados, or Bajan homes in general

    88. Michael Rothstein

      this guy in particular his podcast is helping me get through lockdown. I think hes one of the best comedians we have today


      Romans 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    90. Dee 07

      The other day I babysat by young little relatives for the first time and some one came to the doorbell and the kids actually ran and hid under the table. So true! When I was a kid in the 1980’s we would leave the door open and just have the screen door and be so happy when the door bell rang looking in anticipation for someone to come over. 😂

    91. Denise Pfaff

      One of my favorite bits by Sebastian Maniscalco.

    92. Rafael Velardi

      Trump the chump

    93. James Stevens

      Greatest all time

    94. JB Smoov

      Post COVID-19: you get shot if your randomly stop by.

    95. Stephen Passaggio


    96. Jon Monte

      This guy makes me cry every time🤣

    97. Leroy Jenkins


    98. Curtis Cooney

      Love this guy. Real talk.

    99. Juan Nunez

      Wrong title to give in this climate but good bit

    100. Marie