BIGGEST FAIL of the YEAR! - Road to the Classic Ep.23 Bassmaster Cherokee Lake

Scott Martin

87 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    The most frustrating event of the year so far and definitely my biggest FAIL! I need to catch them in the remaining 2 events of the year on Lewisville Lake and Lay Lake so I can qualify for the elites.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Definitely super frustrating! Thank you for all the support on the videos recently!

      1. D-Bass Fishing

        Was up scott

      2. George Talley

        Scott Welcome to my world brutha living in Illinois it’s like this 90% of the time It’s a killer I say it constantly I was born in the wrong state

      3. Delbert Wallace III

        When you gonna be back in Florida?

      4. M Jones

        See you at Lay there's a point about mid lake that this time of the year stacks up with bigguns I hope you find it and win.

      5. Martin Allison

        You looked stressed buddy. I hope the whole crew got some much needed down time with family. Always pulling for all you guys in the SMC house. God bless yall!

    2. Roger Collins

      Apparently the more advertisement stickers you have on your boat, the faster it runs? I've never understood the need for double screen displays at the helm and the bow. Then again, I've never understood spending $70K+ for a bass boat.

    3. # GHOST

      You should put the time to keep us updated

    4. Scott Newhouse

      Cherokee: Biggest Fail of the Year. Lewisville: Hold my Beer!

    5. Stacy Baker

      I was there at the dam with Rich Chrisenske watching you all take off

    6. Buddy BEAVERS

      If you want to stay dry go with "GORETEX"

    7. Aiden Gunter

      I have a high school tournament at lay lake in March. I just finished a tournament from Wheeler lake coming in 19th

    8. Just Huh

      Just Getting into bass fishing but def favorite anger

    9. Jerred Wayne

      Hope Texas is good to you this time around

    10. Ian Bellomo

      10:30 is a great new quote and needs to go on a shirt!!! I know how it feels to have really tough tournament 😥

    11. Talbert Roberts

      I understand how you were feeling i was having the same problem on my Tournament on Rayburn

    12. Bass Raider

      Always grinding! On to the next one.

    13. Tyler Durden

      All great comeback stories start just like THIS....

    14. big dad ace

      I thought getting to the Elites would be easy for you sir. I guess I underestimated the competition level in the opens. Don't give up Bro I know you got the skills...

      1. Scott Martin

        The competition is tough..but the fall curve balls are the biggest challenge.

    15. Dylan Stokes

      Todd Castledine gives off huge dickhead vibes

    16. Bassing around

      At least there was no "fraud" , keep the fight

    17. D-Bass Fishing

      Ayo was up

    18. Andrew Salamone

      Scott, sorry it was so rough. It was good for me to see a pro have a bad day, though. Shows me that when the fish don't want to bite, it doesn't matter how good you are.


      @Scott, great videos. Really enjoy watching. You will get them next time!

    20. Josh Mango

      Lol welcome to Tennessee every lake around here is tough

    21. Camron Webster

      “If I get five, I’m a go eat pizza!” 😂😂

    22. spyyn456

      Hate to say it, but you sucked ever since you went to favorite.

    23. Sk8 22

      Hey you got this man just go get them.

    24. Big Country

      This time of year is really rough especially around that area including Norris lake, very hard to find the fish considering how weird the weather has been! Keep your head up and keep on fishing

    25. Scott Davis

      Awsome video, I have to tell you Scott when you have a fish on and you are reeling it in you look like a ninja moving on the boat. Very nice video

      1. Scott Martin


    26. Rob Rodman

      Scott was wondering why you don’t run a hotfoot?

    27. Penns Creek Sniper

      Good video Scott thanks for bringing us along to see what the big time is like in bass fishing

    28. Hdz Fishing

      guys what’s that bait that scott always uses it’s a top water small bait that he throws on his spinning reel

    29. Adam Wilson

      I live about thirty minutes from there we like to call it the Dead Sea!!!!!

    30. Lorenzo Toscano

      Hey remember when they said they were gonna give some favorite rods away? Have they said? I am sorry but I haven’t been able to watch Scott’s or Hilary’s vids but I’m just wondering someone reply.

      1. Lorenzo Toscano

        @Scott Martin wait this sounds dumb but have you announced the winners publicly or no?

      2. Lorenzo Toscano

        @Scott Martin thx

      3. Scott Martin

        We have the winners picked and shipping out rods soon

    31. GOT'EM!!!

      K'mon Scott we can do it... I meant you can do it.... Go used some old skool bait.... Bait you used in the past that win all your tourney...

    32. David Cooper

      I got 3rd place the tourney was on October 31

    33. David Cooper

      I just had a 200 boat tourney at lay lake hit the back of pockets with spinner baits

    34. Dustin Weinberg

      “If I get 5 I’m gonna go eat pizza” - Scott Martin quote of the video

    35. Bassassin

      Scott not using Googan squarebil! Don't blame ya man. ;)

    36. Bassassin

      Great editing. BTW, I still can't believe guys of Scott's and Wheeler's statures use Favorite and Duckett rods. Must be paying you guys a boatload! No pun intended.

    37. Alton Coker

      Scott why are You pulling out on your line when reeling in a fish.

      1. Alton Coker

        @Scott Martin ok cool. I don't recall seeing you do that before is why I'm asking. Thanks

      2. Scott Martin

        Checking drag and giving the fish a little line...

    38. Alton Coker

      Lol... Billy look ruff 2nd morning like his drugs came from Clarence aisle. Lol

    39. Alton Coker

      What is that on the passenger boat seat ?

    40. Robert Jacobs

      Hang in there Scott! Best of luck from South Africa!

    41. Brandon Murray

      1:50 you can see the time change right when he shows the phone I wonder what the odds of that are 🧐

    42. James Locklear

      Are u ganna make the classic this year..?

      1. James Locklear

        I hope so to and hope u finally win it for the Martin family..

      2. Scott Martin

        I hope!!

    43. Chris Smith

      🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for you guys. (Your Group) You, Upshaw, Hallman, Castledine, B-Lat etc., ALL deserve and need to be in the Elites. The public needs you guys to ALL be there!!!!!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        That would be awesome!!

    44. Kyle Baker

      Those reels look really smooth when you cast I like that. What are those?

      1. Scott Martin

        Shimano Metaniums

    45. TJ Ellis

      Pulling for you, man. Hope you kill it in the next two tournaments.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Tj

    46. Steven Thomas

      Past words from Billy.......There will never be another today, make the most of it! Every day you're fishing, keep those words in mind. I try to keep that my mindset every day of life. Keep grinding, you've got this.

    47. Kyle Mattix

      Just keep on truckin Scott! Much love brother 🤙🤙🤙

      1. Scott Martin

        Appreciate it Kyle!

    48. Sam Williams

      Cherokee is my home lake. It's been tough all year. Getting multiple days of good weights is extremely difficult. It seems all of the lakes in east Tennessee are fishing tough. There has been tremendous fishing pressure all year. I was hoping to see you Saturday - I was a camera boat driver.

    49. Bill Skipper

      Why don't B Lat hang out with you anymore?

    50. Joe Janson

      Didn’t recognize Andrew with hat the rite way

    51. John Love

      Hey Scott I heard you were going to Lay Lake if you see a transducer down there you mind returning it to me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Scott Martin

        😂 I’ll keep an eye out for you

    52. Chris H

      Scott, just to watch a professional fisherman from your perspective is an amazing thing for someone who has dreamed of it their entire life. You are so blessed in life. You have a great family, a great job and you know God. Brother take care and be blessed.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Chris

    53. Ted Wo

      Excellent content as usual. Good luck to you and everyone else in the house in the next 2 Derby's.

      1. Scott Martin

        I will thank you!!

    54. M Jones

      That bridge usually has a huge school of 1 to 2 lb spots on it but they will only eat a jerkbait or something suspending.

      1. Scott Martin

        Fished it hard..they wouldn’t eat

    55. DWMJr

      Scott came out with the 2 pecice😂😂😂😂on Dube!

    56. Bayou State Outdoors

      I’m glad the points champ isn’t decided by mail in ballot

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Chaddd

      Scott, thank you for posting this video! It was super informative and educational to see how professionals handle these tough situations. Can't wait to see you knock it out of the park at the next two lakes!!!

    58. Donald yancey

      Scott that's why its called fishing not catching lol.. but seriously you did your best and that's all you can do sometimes. Maybe go old school on them bass and get R done..Anyways no matter what your still my favorite pro bass fisherman. You'll get it done next time!!

    59. BEAR

      Everybody has bad days you learn from them and you grind on❗ Grinding shows the ❤️ in a person and son you got it♥️❗👍 Then there are days the just sing and that's when you walk around with that goofy grin on your face‼️😁👊 And that says y'all better watch out boys‼️ 🤘🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    60. Kent Young

      Hang in there Scott. You’ll make it.

    61. Chris Adams

      You didn't do anything wrong, what alot of you guys probably didn't know is how bad that lake has been throttled all summer long. It's one of my home lakes and in almost 40 years of fishing in east tn, I've never seen fishing pressure on our lakes like I have this spring and summer. The Saturday before the week began there were probably 200+ boats on the water.

    62. Brian Briones

      Get the beard going man

    63. Name Of

      what is panoptics?

    64. glen johnson

      i love fishing under a deep bridge with a white spoon anytime of the year i do good. if i can get below the perch before it gets bit.

    65. Craig Duvall

      Good luck Scott, you got this.

    66. Digger Doug

      Buck up there buddy.... Hey, even I don't do real well every time I go out.... Last week I caught 4 when everyone else got skunked. But it ain't great every time! That's why it's called fishin and not catchin lol

    67. Xxshaagyxx

      keep up the grind

    68. Kevin flabouyfishing

      You had me at Burley !!! 😆🤷‍♂️🔥🔥🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🎣🎣🎣


      Sorry you had a bad one, fish aren’t biting Bc of the elections! 😂 😂

    70. Colby00

      I think Macoy is getting better all the time

    71. dbooksi

      I know sum good spots in Cherokee. Spot 7

    72. E B

      At least your laughing now.having fun instead of being boggled.

    73. E B

      Praise the lord mr.martin.

    74. E B

      Thank you Jesus.

    75. E B

      Like a fatter big boi lure

    76. E B

      Go big on the bait after a storm.

    77. Brasil10Pedro

      What happens to the fish everyone puts in the bags?

    78. Ken Piere

      Hard to believe the tough fishing this year. Seems like every tournament the weather has really been a factor, but still, the fish seem to have collective lockjaw.

    79. Mad River Reefs


      1. Corey Bethune

        I was wondering if I was the only one that heard that.

    80. Tanner Smith

      You got this Scott keep it simple man we are cheering for you buddy!! 💥💥💥💥

    81. Roland Mcclendon

      I need to watch Nellie Henry footage

    82. Byron Brush

      I know it sucks...but it makes me feel better to know that you bomb tournaments too 😂. this has been my worst year tournament fishing ever. 2020 sucks 😕

    83. Charlie Hendrix

      "I tried rocks I tried gravel"..... uh arent those the same thing 😂

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Charlie Hendrix

        @Scott Martin I understand you mean like big rocks but I was just saying gravel is just small fragments of rocks

      3. Scott Martin

        Actually no

    84. doT03

      Damn alarm at the beginning got my ass. Lol

    85. Braden Tucker

      hey man i get frustrated too, i get it but fr pray about everything you say do and think and that it brings honor and glory to god

    86. yadanivek

      You’ll get em next time!

    87. Florida Nature

      Not sure if it's good or bad advertisement that a Bass Pro Tail Spin put one fish in the boat for you 😂 It did out perform all the other lures though.

    88. Fishing DohaR

      This camera man is one of the best I’ve ever seen on KGup

    89. Zay

      I want this to be my lifestyle so bad. I can’t find the opportunities to get there, but this is my dream goal in life.

    90. EastCoast Outdoors

      So where did you fail??

    91. Greg Gillette

      Don't say DUDE anymore!! I need a SMC hat!!

    92. Caleb Scott

      What’s your top 5 favorite baits and 2 colors in each of the 5 lures

    93. Gary Lukas

      I can watch other channels and catch 100 fish. I'm a tournament angler from Massachusetts and I understand tough days and slow fishing. You learn and are humbled by the fish we love to chase.

    94. Cherokee Lake Tennessee

      It was tough, finally starting to pick up. If you guys had fished this weekend, would have been a different story.

    95. Jared Jones

      You need to yuze a googan slimshake worm and hop it of the bottom

    96. Zack Weber

      trump 2020

    97. Scruffy City Fishing

      Hey Scott. Nice video. I live 30 minutes from Cherokee. Last year was a good year, but this year has been really slow. The bass up there are under crazy pressure. Tons of tournaments every weekend. I was fishing there a few days before you came and it was tough. Would like to see you all fish Watts Bar.. it’s the next chickamagua.

    98. Evan Fagerty

      Love the video, but way too many ads

    99. Harry Estep

      Keeping it real in both good and bad. Looks like you have a great bunch of guys and hammers with you on theses trips! Keep up the good work.

    100. George Pinner

      Hang in there.. you've got dog in you..blessings will happen..👍👍