DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller & Chico Bean On Building Legacy, BET Awards, Birkin Bags + More

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    1. itspaolaK

      sticking together!!!! i looove to see it!!! If black people stuck together like this those culture vultures would die off.


      No cap women's deodorant does work better and last longer. Good Suave Powder

    3. Yolocito

      Who Yee boyfriend?


      "Bruh broke out the Lady Speed Stick"!!!! Blast the Secret right outta the water! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    5. Desmond Hudson

      This was a great interview. They good folks, I gotta check them out next time they in Philly after the world opens back up.

    6. M

      Such great funny intelligent men.

    7. Jai K

      That Karl Kani hoodie Karlous Miller rocking in the thumbnail caught my eye. Nice!

    8. TheBkdot

      19:35 took the words right out my mouth


      Real Talk “Chico Bean”

    10. Babylon

      DC Fly is a 1000% gay

    11. KDY 100

      “Diddy gotta battle Birdman!” 😂🤣🤣😂 this nigga Karlous a fuckin genius. 🐐

    12. Monique Wright

      1000% percent

    13. Stormy weather

      Great interview

    14. Bean UNmasked

      Awkward af "can't kiss a nigga with a beard" ..Karlous laugh had we waek 🤣🤣..

    15. KellzNation

      Burking bags man is Mayweather

    16. KellzNation

      Jeezy got this. They just haven't gave Jeezy his Just

    17. KellzNation

      Why not talk to Tyler Perry about having the show & name it 95 south 85

    18. George Darvehn

      DC Young Fly is very intelligent.

    19. Jon Atkins

      Busta Rhymes and Mystikal would be good

    20. ME. Zhia Glasgow

      Chico 💋

    21. Daisy1336 Johnson

      Busta V Missy

    22. Life Is Lovely

      "Chico said you gotta do betta at reading"

    23. FilMAD Camp

      DC sounds like he's matured a lot from being around Nick. He's talking about building wealth.

    24. Herk Jackson

      Enjoy this show today

    25. Da Sweet Spot

      A lot of people forget Saweetie got Quavo a million dollar slab couple years back

    26. She Won

      "Money don't do nothing but elevate who you are- Chico Bean".. That's a deep word

    27. amina jones

      Congratulations to you guys y'all deserve it I know it's been a long journey🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈

    28. Nique Nique

      Who got the worst contract 😂😂😂

    29. cj wins

      We need BET to pickup Wildn out!! I love 85 south!!

    30. Pressurr TV

      Monica vs Mary J

    31. Pressurr TV

      Diddy Vs Masta P

    32. DR L JAMES

      Love what ma man dc said shoe them how to own a company

    33. Mildred Anderson

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    34. Traci Franklin

      I want Chico

    35. Traci Franklin

      Think about who you can even compare busta to

    36. Burlinda Martin

      Great show, Chico Bean looking like one of those of school professor. He dropping straight knowledge!

    37. Shantay Flemming

      85 south stay dropping gems!!!

    38. Tequila Michelle

      We need to normalize man-scaping 😩... y’all wouldn’t want to eat a bushy woman 😒

      1. Tequila Michelle

        @sho jo ji I do lol and get the response that the guys just gave Angela Yee 🤦🏾‍♀️

    39. TeenMama TV

      38:05-40:00 Lmaooooo

    40. Tequila Michelle

      I love them!!!

    41. maria jordan

      eas scenario

    42. Jason Ski 740

      Yee: Will you guys sell out if they make you Boss of wilding out. Smh More reason to listen close to what women say don't go all on looks.

    43. SupremeDreamss

      Dang... I wish they were in person. I’m still dying at Karlous saying the LMNOP community🤣🤣🤣 (love y’all, shit was funny tho)

    44. Precious Brown

      Scressing love DC young fly

    45. Ms. Savina

      Busta VS. E-40

    46. lisa sterrett

      All tv is owned by whites. We hve no communications except for RolandMartin. His channel is all we hve. They r not allowed to tell or show any Black politics.

    47. PoetThaGod

      DC, Los, Chico and CTG. Salute to the fellow Gods. Blessings

    48. Maitrik P

      Broooo that diddy and Birdman comment got me crying 😂😂😂😂 someone getting fired and not coming back

    49. Diamond Evaughn

      Chico is so insightful and down to earth

    50. Diamond Evaughn

      Envy always has to justify being gaudy and flashy and showing off all his stuff

    51. Diamond Evaughn

      Envy corny

    52. Mama Vette

      Will the elder loose or win cause the youngin ride or die wit a new strategic heart y'all corny lol love you

    53. Mama Vette

      I wanna know how come they can t battle 4 love why the one who is weak think they'll loose bail out. Old school vs new school 4 tha love of it let the people choose. Allows me 2 know what's on a new nigga heart? Js

    54. Deshon Huguley

      Traye- Child of God Ft. Deonbreye aka Minister Huguley kgup.info/get/c4WMqJmmeYaopo8/video

    55. TonyT_ 392

      Yesssssssiiirrrr respect them queens

    56. Young Reggie

      NEW KEVIN HART SONG(dance) ON MY PAGE! FUNNY AS HELL 😂😂😂😂 but lit 🔥

    57. Young Reggie

      “I’m responsible for what YOU NEED, not what YOU WANT” I felt that

    58. Marie Yellow

      Lol who got the worst contact 😆😆😅🤣

    59. Pillowhead Creations

      Dc real voice is tripping me out lol

    60. Tiffany Jackson

      DC is real Atlantish lol Deodorant

    61. Young Lawrence

      Yoo Youngdcfly said what you doing to your skin Charlemagne you been orange 🍊 lately this nigga is funny af hahahhaha 😄 🤣 😂 😆 All them niggas funny too 🤣

    62. Lita Char

      Diddy can battle Dupri....

    63. Canopy Pros

      Busta Rhymes vs Big Boi of Outkast

    64. Alik Bey

      Between mj pippin and rodman.. Chico rodman..

    65. Lets Talk About It

      Rapper MO3 shot dead 😢😢 kgup.info/get/p42YmH3XpJ6dZq0/video

    66. Get0 Gamer

      soooooooooo nobody gone ask WHY THE HELL DID DC YOUNGFLY TAKE HIS DAMN SHIRT OFF....???

    67. Mekaa Christopher

      What's old dude name in the liv giving out all the money ask him can he pay for my damn only fans subscription. I need him on my team. Lol 🤣🤣 send him my way.

    68. rouel wilson

      Man I respect these three but when Chico speaks nigga sounds like a professor


      BUSTA VS M&M

    70. Frenchele Erving

      Dc hella funny!!!!

    71. Mike Lawry


    72. DRIPTV

      RIP KING VON #OTF👌🏿 #BRM PLEASE LISTEN!!!!! #4KT💚💚💚💪🏿 #PEACE kgup.info/get/Z2SjponRdq2nbWo/video

    73. moon star

      Busta Rhymes vs Timberland or Q-tip...

    74. Tashiana B

      So proud of these kings the growth in all 3 is amazing to see I love it

    75. Tee Anderson

      I respect their loyalty to Nick! He brought them to the forefront and im glad they are hilarious 🤣! I dont like how envy feels the need to post expensive things in a pandemic. There is way more meaningful things to post then flexing. That's why he dont get respect. He's like a manchild that got lucky in life and never matured. Do better Envy you'll get more respect 🙌.

    76. Dennis

      the awkward dead silence when charlamagne made that sus comment was hilarious

    77. Logo Secret Vvs

      Jeezy > T.I...but it’s only right to put Jermaine Dupri vs Diddy

      1. Logo Secret Vvs

        @sho jo ji lol...I get where you coming from..T.I got more broad music & hits..but if you add in Jeezy mixtapes song..he can give T.I a run for his money..but it’s Gucci now

      2. Logo Secret Vvs

        @sho jo ji well it’s vs Gucci now but do you know Jeezy at all🤣

    78. Wudan

      Hey could you please comment with Minutes and seconds please. Thanks for your cooperation

    79. jvsl1523

      "Angela yee Choking on some pubes huagck" 😂😂 chico is a fool

    80. Proust Rukundo

      These guys be realer than necessary. Lol

    81. Red Rider

      Charlamenge tha god always talking about aomeone money or jewelry😳

      1. Bianca Lord


    82. DeeSmokez Tha Road Runner

      How they doing they show wit Corona

    83. PapaDon

      why does Charlemagne always cut her off

    84. Brian 1k

      These are 3 kings 💪🏽

    85. Mrs Grice

      I ❤️ Karlos!


      It don't matter where they go or what they do they're going to win regardless. They ALLLL are just that amazing. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽✊🏽✊🏽💙💙

      1. Chico Bean

        Hello, thanks for you lovely support , you are the best I appreciate,you are amazing feel free to message me on my email @ chicobean570@gmail.com

    87. Sandra Atueyi

      I love the way they’re loyalty to Nick because they are not using him for money and everything. They respect him as brother, teacher and principal. Wild’N out is always my favorite childhood show.

      1. Chico Bean

        Hello, thanks for you lovely support , you are the best I appreciate,you are amazing feel free to message me on my email @ chicobean570@gmail.com

    88. Anthony Harris

      Never heard dc talk like this..... Respect

    89. Supa Stackman

      Busta vs Luda.

    90. Chucky 473

      Y’all remember when Big Guwop said he used to beat Yee

    91. Ivan Gonzalez

      Bruh this interview made me just appreciate that show even more

    92. donya m

      This interview had me in tears!!! I love 85 south!!!

    93. MsKittenz1

      I find it interesting folks like Paula Deen can make racist remarks about black people YET still maintain a platform. She has restaurants...she sells clothing and cookware on a shopping network. NOT to mention her cookware and cook books are STILL being sold in stores as well as other items. But a blk man says something that rubs the powers that be the wrong way...your whole career is over.

    94. Cocoa Chanel


    95. WingsBuffer


    96. WingsBuffer

      Chico is the balance.

    97. Inglewood President

      angela yee got that at2020usb+ and it sounds aweful

    98. HistoriansPOV

      Power move, buy ya birth right back

    99. viewmaster617

      Wildin out will be deeply missed such a group of talented and entertaining Brothers and Sisters👍🏿💯

    100. Charles PullieJr.

      Who robbed the most artist... Fuccn dead yo 🤣😂🤣😂 They have the funniest interview