SpaceX Starship SN10 High Altitude Test Flight Live Stream - Third Time's The Charm!

What about it!?

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    SpaceX launches Starship SN10 out of Boca Chica Texas for the next high altitude flight test. This is Starship #3 to try and stick the landing at the south Texas launch site in preparation for a Mars colony. With a new Raptor engine relight sequence SpaceX and Elon Musk are testing out new ways to make the Starship landing more predictable!
    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:23:57 - Q&A
    00:36:38 - Starship SN10 Heat Tiles Explained
    00:38:16 - Q&A
    00:46:15 - RCS Testing
    00:47:32 - Q&A
    00:52:25 - Flap Testing
    00:53:08 - Q&A
    01:09:36 - Flap Testing
    01:10:46 - Q&A
    02:24:06 - Flap Testing
    02:30:26 - Q&A
    04:51:13 - What is the Fuel Farm Recondenser
    04:52:41 - Q&A
    05:40:58 - SpaceX Launch Attempt #1
    05:44:37 - Failed Ignition
    06:20:05 - Q&A
    08:39:42 - SpaceX Starship SN10 Launch
    08:44:59 - T-10
    08:45:11 - Ignition
    08:47:27 - Engine Shutdown 1
    08:48:24 - Engine Shutdown 2
    08:49:04 - Apogee, Hover & Flip to Horizontal
    08:50:50 - Engine Relight & Flip to Vertical
    08:51:22 - Touch Down!!!
    08:51:49 - Flames On Engine Section
    08:52:51 - Fire Extinguisher Starts Work
    09:03:34 - SN10 Explodes
    09:08:39 - Landing Analysis
    09:11:43 - Explosion Analysis
    09:12:42 - Aftermath
    09:21:40 - Felix Signs Off
    09:37:08 - Outro
    Will it stick the landing this time? Let's find out!
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      I don't have my engineering ticket but I do know that plasma and electromagnetics are going to be the way to go. I graduated secondary school with advanced physics, mathematics and geography. With first principle thinking I come up with creative ideas daily. You can improve how plasma and Mercury work with electromagnetics. By using a closed loop and reflectors the faster the Mercury travels along the electromagnetic torsion field the more it heats up and the faster the plasma spins. This starts to create levitation or zero gravity. It's not rocket science but theoretically it's not too advanced to comprehend. I believe that anti-gravity could also be reversed to create tractor beams but also bending time and space with these concepts will create super luminal travel. Now is the time to change our future! If you like these ideas or would like to discuss others let me know. I appreciate all of you and your ideas. Shoot for the moon and end up amongst the Stars!

    2. Run In The City

      1 million views ! Congratulations Felix !!!

    3. GI JO

      Who wants to fly in that?! Man build something like Star Wars or Star Trek.

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      Putin is the best!

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      ███░███░░███░█░ Putin is the best!

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      It did fly again.

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      What's that song starting at 4:37:36? By the way , great show!

    10. Stinger NSW

      To the entire WAI, well done on a another marathon livestream 👍 Always get a buzz rewatching the reactions, Felix you never disappoint us (Even after 9 hours) well done 😀



    12. Kiragleons

      At t+2 minutes what did the camera pan onto a pipe for?

    13. rehyt001

      if it looks like CGI, perhaps it is CGI - wake up and trust your intuition and feeling - this is fake

    14. Maitreya Noot

      Better use all this money to SAFE THIS PLANET, instead of polluting it even more. Musk is a fool.

    15. OldE5

      Good video today Felix.

    16. Malcolm Lynch

      Why is this not on every news channel in the world 24/7 ?

    17. David DZ 我們鄭重聲明:所有參加過共產黨與共產黨其它組織的 (被邪惡打上獸的印記的)人,趕快退出,抹去邪惡的印記。一旦誰對這個魔教清算時,大紀元儲存的記錄可以為聲明退出共產黨和共產黨其它組織的人作證。天網恢恢,善惡分明;苦海有邊,生死一念。曾被歷史上最邪惡的魔教所欺騙的人,曾被邪惡打上獸的印記的人,請抓住這稍縱即逝的良機!方法一:到大紀元網站右上角的退黨區退黨團隊。方法二:用化名寫上自願退出中共黨團隊組織並張貼在合法區域。也請告訴您在中國大陸的一些朋友用:短波收音機在6~8MHz這個頻段就可以收聽到希望之聲24小時的華語廣播。 0000000000000000000000777799

    18. Brendon Donaldson

      Mate i absolutely love your passion and enthusiasm.. safe to say i think i woke my neighbours up. Greeting from whangarei new zealand

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      softest touch of three at least

    20. Сибиряк __

      Они так радуются, как будто первый спутник земли на орбиту запустили. По сути это уже был пройденный этап в СССР. Тогда еще в недалёком 20 веке поняли, что это никчёмный путь.

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      You only lift twice.

    22. Stoic Libertarian

      8:51:42 That laugh and celebration of "we're still in business baby" x'D

    23. Stoic Libertarian

      8:51:32 That reaction was gold x'D

    24. Bertrand146

      Come on guys, best rocket's pit stop ever !!! 2 launches within 20 mns....

    25. Jeff sanders

      Because it just ain't a show without Pyrotechnics!

    26. Lori Williams

      Hey Felix what happened to the Hat?

    27. Lori Williams

      Hey Felix, once again you're making this crazy old ladies day!

    28. Captain Daedalus

      Just a little picky detail here Felix, when we talk about a flame-out, we're usually talking about an UNINTENTIONAL engine shutdown. The reddish flame is not getting enough oxygen. I wonder whether these engines have an ability to adjust their fuel-oxidizer mixture. I also question whether the second engine shutdown during the landing burn was actually intentional. One last thing, at least two of the legs did not lock into place and were actually swinging free.

    29. pincopallino Joe

      Rapid reausability achieved.

    30. DannyBoycustom

      Do you think there was to much damage that spacex done something to let it explode so they can claim the insurance money rather than attempting to fix it and it could cost more to take apart and repair ?

    31. AArdy AArdvark

      I love spacex I love star ship but its really scary that landing. Will anyone really get on this ship if its that scary. Are they better making another ship that can land like a traditional plane. My proposal is to launch passengers on star ship and then transfer them to another vehicle for landing. The star ship. Can then go on to land un manned. It just looks too risky to me

    32. Muad'dib2288

      No timestamps?

    33. riddepk

      they did it!!!!!! YEEEES

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    35. Sassort

      Does anyone have ideas what they will reiterate on the design after this? Will they reinforce the section at the top that torqued and collapsed in the explosion? Will they add cooling systems for the moments after landing, onboard or on the platform? Tougher landing gear? Or will they simply hone the robustness of the landing trajectory to make the actual "soft landing"?

    36. Mansito Arrecho

      Y si hubiera habido gente y haber si llega a la luna puro show La nave nunca despego todo fue un montage esta chatarra antes de despegar reventó no hay gente en boca chica se parece a la pelicula capricornio uno

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      Epic 👍

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      "hehehehe give me a Second, let's see it again" 😂 the best live.

    39. Ck digital The Q of 6th

      Nice CGI? ...It was inevitable getting it to land, this time, it was enough thrust, unlike before, which had a 1 in 3 vectoring distrabute thrust. This time the craft was allowed to cheat (since it still isnt in test for a land gears). The problem of rendering like this, the risk of often landing in pure verticle, like a flying mini skyscaper. As if the that CGI magical chinese- fan folding solar panels and crane rope wasn't ridicules enough.

    40. Peter Weuffen

      way i see it SN10 couldnt wait to go again

    41. Angel Arch

      minutes after parking SN-10, "Dude, where's my starship?"

    42. Angel Arch

      So SN-10 at least had 2 flights. Though the second flight didn't travel very far :)

    43. R1Willem

      Love the champagne

    44. Angel Arch

      "Soft-er" touchdown. :)

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      8:56:00 Start

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      Came for explosion. It's not on this video.

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      wow 1 million views in less than 24 hrs! space is so hot right now :) well space X anyway....

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      the aflecks? haha. batman is in!

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      Jeff WHO? 😂

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      Two birds with one stone. Stuck the landing and a fireworks show

    51. blengi

      Those oil rigs should have hydraulically damped landing pads to dissipate any excess landing energy for more safety margin, although I expect with engineering refinements and the relatively trivial software management to achieved the desired forces, means that consistent sub metre per second landing velocities should be inevitable. Of course on the moon and mars the lesser gravity should make touch down perhaps much easier on starships structure than the Earth so looks all looks quite promising. Albeit, might want to send a few Telsa electric bulldozers first to clear away any nasty rocks and smooth out some sexy landing spaces for future missions. They'd also be good for trying out some early base building techniques lol...

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      what they didnt' show you is the didnt' want to put it away so they scrapped it 6 min later. BOOM

    54. Wondog

      SpaceX following the very wise principle "Hurry up and fail" (and learn). Best way to evolve quickly.

    55. carl brown

      Well done SpaceX

    56. Big Mac

      Pretty obvious from the different cams. It landed, they powered down, and their was still a fire going on. They deployed a fire hose that did not quite reach. The fire intensified with the resulting explosion. Probably caused by a fuel line not shutting off.

    57. Alfiemm09

      9:03:43 there’s a piece of sn10 that’s just like yeah I’m gonna chill with sn7.2

    58. shav muttley

      Is that Norm McDonald doing the SpaceX commentary?

    59. combix

      This is why they want to catch it. The forces affecting botton might have created some fuel leaks or something

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      Sn8 & 9 : so what happen? Sn10 : i eat too many boritos

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      this one was fun

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      What will win? One explode boi Or One bouncy boi

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      I watched this with the expection of sn10 blowing up, because I scipped to this part and saw somtething exploding. Well is was a real surprise for me Ps.: mever mind just saw scott manlys vid

    64. i Kappa

      You can the starship bouncing off the ground once more after touchdown. Maybe they should have kept a second engine on for a bit longer...

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      The first flight of SN10 was spectacular, so was the second.

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      SN10: Sorry but I have to continue the tradition.

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      First starship warrior returned from battle victorious to tell of its tales

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      This is the biggest prank ive ever seen. Thank you space x enjoyed a lot

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      Quickest turnaround flight ever! Elon does it again!

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      New record from spaceX. Fastest relaunch.

    81. FR Rapp

      buckled just above the frost line also

    82. FR Rapp

      i think either the legs buckled or didnt unfold right that let it come down on the skirt and pobably damaged the engine or fuel lines letting methane to build up and then BOOM

    83. gabox01

      If he says one more time "thank you for the super chat" I'll hang myself.

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      The healthy insect serendipitously tremble because vision conservatively program except a sweet chest. annoying, ugliest college

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      A 2G landing is not soft .Legs crushed and braking feul lines and tank leading to the fire at one side after landing .Enjin cam vidio of toutchdown PLEASE . As predicted in the last vidio anuther boom and hopefuly next is not a BIG BOOM again.

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      We all know it exploded because of the bad legs.

    87. Leonard

      What?! Almost 1 million views but only 20k likes? What's going on, you guys?

    88. Leonard

      I could imagine that the engine skirt was touching the ground and some methane was leaking but couldn't get out. After a certain point it ignited probably by some spark of the engines

    89. Manbull

      well everything is relative, this landing was soft compared to SN9. Just obviously not soft enough.

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      Idk what to say, i think SpaceX has balls.

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