Huge MISTAKE - Road to the Classic Ep. 9 Bassmaster Arkansas River

Scott Martin

129 миӊ. көрүүлөр12

    I hope I can overcome this...the bass on the Arkansas River are some of the hardest fish I have ever fished for. This is my complete journey for the Bassmaster Open on the Arkansas River 2020. Road to the Elites / Road to the Classic
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    1. Scott Martin

      How about that! Pretty awesome comeback huh? Share the video and let me know when you do for a shoutout on the next video! 👊🏼👊🏼

      1. Shaun Oosthuizen

        Nicely done Scott!

      2. K.C.

        Scott, you kept a positive attitude through the first day & into the second. Between having the Lord on your side & that, failure wasn't an option.

      3. An OK Angler

        Hey man if your in the Gore area you gotta try the Gambino's pizza! Awesome pizza and amazing cheesy breadsticks👌👌.

      4. Hook’n N Hunt’n

        Shared it! Love the vids keep it up!

      5. David Cahan

        Very interesting that you do show the good, bad & ugly! Too many only have their good catches. Good luck all year!

    2. Jed Steelwell

      Was your co angler not spose to net fish for you? Cause when you lost that big one I felt like he could of helped with the net

    3. I Am

      My guy was not the real MVP on the help with the 4 pounder 😂

    4. jim mcdonald

      why are they not allowed nets? seems it would be easier on the fish and the fisherman

    5. jim mcdonald

      take a shot every time scott says dude . be face down drunk by the end of the

    6. James Lopez

      Awesome rebound. 👍

    7. Matt O


    8. Joy Graves

      I love watching these videos. You are a great fisherman.

    9. Clapmando

      My uncle is pro Steve Clapper and I was asking him about Scott and he said the Martin's are a class act. I just started watching your videos with my 12 year old son who's getting into fishing and we really enjoy them. Just subscribed. 👍

    10. John Eberts

      I love your attitude you always see the light at the end of your rod and never give up great job thanks

    11. doug

      I don't really like fishing in ok

    12. zrulz

      I love when you go wake them up! When my little brother was in elementary school, his friend's dad would come in early on Saturday mornings and try to wake them up to go fishing and would yell, "You can lay in bed and scratch your crack, or you can GET UP and go fishing...Let's go!"

    13. Colb shooter

      I was there but I didn't see you

    14. CircleMranch CircleMranch

      How do I sign up to be a co angler

    15. Scott Strong

      fished against your old man in powell back in the day..he didnt care if the boat was on fire he was that intense he just wanted to catch another bass i dont see that in you hell we have guys that fish club tourneys that take it more seriously than you...sorry just an observation no malice intended scott good luck

    16. Mx Steele

      Good comeback bro, billy from Spartanburg sc that’s cool I’m from gaffney sc right by Spartanburg

    17. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Good come back on day 2! Anyone who has ever fished tournaments has had a day like day 1 at some point and thanked the lord for a much needed catch as well lol! You’re tournament’s are always my favorite video’s to watch.

    18. Saxon Bowick

      Rip Envirude😢😢

    19. Austin Little

      Thats my buddy Shane on there! Lol thats awesome keep it up fellas!

    20. Fishing With Adam

      Come and fish in South Africa Theres a nice place called 'bass lake' Try it You'll love it

    21. Jared Pope

      Scott's fish always have shrinkage on the way to the boat. lol. "Oh my god its a good one, big un dude...big un" Enter 2 pounder. lol. Still love you Bro. My partner that fishes with me is the same way. lol

      1. Scott Martin


    22. Jeff Pearson

      Awesome comeback. Good luck on making the Elites. Hope you win an Open and make the Classic.

    23. Robert Hornish

      SHARED. Your awesome dude. You all are love watching your videos!

    24. Ralph P

      Thanks for sharing!

    25. On The Fence Tech

      Had my 7'3' Okuma Scott Martin Signature TCS Casting Rod out on Chetek lake in Wisconsin and all I did was put my lure to the hook keeper, just a little stretch and the damn top eye snapped right below the metal where the eye starts, My son was like,how did that just happen?,lol, Is that why you switched to Favorite Rods? LMAO!

    26. Anthony Mannarino

      Hes right, I say that to my team all the time. Every day we all start the day equal. At 6am nobody achieved more then you yet. It’s our job to keep it that way. That’s for any Business in any Industry.

    27. BassGeek

      Great Rally!

    28. NightHawk42xb1

      The best color I’ve use on the Arkansas river is a black and red senko

      1. NightHawk42xb1

        I live on lake Dardanelle and I fish all the time I can tell you all the lures I use to catch fish and where just message me on instagram @jayden_hassel

    29. 580Fishing

      I live in oklahoma

    30. edgar57639

      You ever think in 100 years people will be watching this video, the legend Scott Martin

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s so crazy

    31. Perry Flowers

      Love getting to see that Scott, i had fished that the past couple years but moved back to Cali this past fall and really miss getting to fish it this year!

    32. Antonio Patrick

      Proud of you Scott! You and your pops have taught me so much about fishing and life. keep on doing what you do!

    33. xbin87116

      I was fishing at the spot you pulled up your trolling motor when they were all practice fishing. They would all come barreling down and then turn into the alley thing past that building.

    34. Daniel Reese

      love to see the grind

    35. Scott Jewett

      It makes no sense with all the great lakes there are and bassmasters picks ARKANSAS RIVER .BASSMASTERS SUCKS!!!! Scott please go back to the FLW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Eison Lawn care

      Man I wanna be a co angler with you some day that’s my dream man

    37. Shawn Ward

      Don’t worry brother, you got this! Love the way you stay you keep your faith and chin up! Let’s go to the next one, we’re with ya!!

    38. Derrick Snyder

      My man Scott, I'm hoping you can help me out here. In Indiana it is getting extremely hard to get the good bandito bug. Any way I can buy some off of

    39. jack mote

      So where’s Brandon at? Haven’t been watching for a while

      1. AW Outdoors

        I was thinking the same thing.

    40. Bill Wheelis

      Dude, seriously! My Grandma can set the hook better than some of the crappy hooksets you had in this tournament, you would have had a pretty good tournament if you had executed. Now get your crap together and come back smokin' in the next one!

    41. Asher Martin

      I live in Tulsa and I go fishing there all the time and was planning on going but I thought it was this weekend I’m an idiot

    42. Computer Guy

      Scott, can you ask your Dad what I should throw at Prettyboy when it's tough? I'll ask you, too but he cut his teeth on the MD reservoirs. :)

    43. Trey Knight

      Arkansas. Let’s go. You should come down to south Arkansas there is some monster bass down here

    44. Jarrod Batson

      Shake this one off man. Ended on a good note with Day 2. Better luck next time. Keep the faith.

      1. Scott Martin

        Well said, thanks! 👊🏼

    45. bent rodguy

      its awesome that you still have a video of the days you bomb out , every bass fisherman, including kvd, jacob wheeler and jordan lee all have horrible days, and even occasionaly get punked, or close to it , the puzzle and the mystery is why we do this , you never ever completely figure them out, its not possible, but learning from your mistakes, your decisions and when your in the moment, the ability to bring yourself out of it , like wheeler did when his livewells went down yesterday, incredible come back. over the years i watched your dad not be able to do that, and it most definitely cost him a classic or two.i honestly think both you and your dad could win a classic , if you can somehow power out of the mental mindset you get into , just as i find myself doing when i go 4 or 5hours without a bite, that is the only thing that holds me back from doing it professionally, help us crack the code and share it with us!

    46. indee

      where's that bandito bug Scott?

    47. Scuffed ThumbZ Fishing

      This 50 yr old truck driver an avid fisherman is a big fan. Great comeback Scott.

      1. Scott Martin


    48. Lloyd Fowler

      Hi I'm Lloyd Fowler and I fish high school tournament, the big bass splash, and other tournaments around and I was wondering if maybe yall would be willing to sponsor me and my partner. Our goal is to follow our dreams and maybe one day get bigger and fish bigger tournaments around the country. If you are interested my Instagram is lloyd_fowler4205

    49. Zach Ploen

      When fishing gets tough, go ned rig! Z-man TRD finesse. Comes through every time. Canada Craw color, killer bait. And yes I would have thrown that CO in the damn river. Scott's trying to make a living here, help a guy out. Who cares about whatever you got going on at a CO. @scott martin you ever need a CO happy to be there and you can count on me always having your back!

    50. Henry Kwong

      What co keeps his rods laying across the top of the livewells? I would've thrown them all overboard...

    51. Kids Account

      Scott do you think one day we could fish together? One day PLZ I love fishing

    52. home juntly

      That little intro Junt was littttie!!

      1. Scott Martin


    53. Joe Shock

      That lay down tree on the second day looked familiar from a previous video?

    54. Nelly's fishing Adventures

      In FLW the co-anglers would net the fish for you are the co-anglers not allowed to help in BASS ?

      1. Scott Martin

        No nets in BASS

    55. Cleveland Elkins

      jack Daniels and coke

    56. Frank Siller

      I was just gonna ask why nobody is netting the fish for him?

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya, no nets in BASS.

    57. Sawyer Scott

      Who would dislike

    58. Frank Siller

      Scott Martin and his dad are definitely entertaining

    59. Lloyd Rush

      Are co anglers not allowed to help or what? And that would’ve drove me nuts him having his rods over the livewell like that

    60. Victor Medrano

      Am I wrong... or do you not have a hot foot? I also realized, it looks like B. Lat doesn't have one as well.

    61. Bill Oldham

      Keep up the good work.

    62. Brian Wulff

      Where blat at? Good job youl get them rest of year

    63. eFFFing Sports Guy Channel

      I’m not the pro but damn you just horse them and have no faith in your drag.

    64. Selena Bragg

      also i messaged you on messanger PLEASE read it

    65. Selena Bragg

      Man i never heard your channel say bad words please dont say or bleep them out it makes my feelings hurt

    66. Kenny Sampson

      Tournament on the Potomac a couple weeks ago, 15" was size limit, caught 14 3/4" fish all day.

    67. jimmy england

      I can't wait till you come to kurr lake

    68. Testament Knowledge

      Your co angler had a mess on that second day hehehehe I could tell you were like dude! There is stuff everywhere! man dude those fish keep coming off!! What the heck dude had me panicking over here with you!

    69. Jay Fishez

      Speaking of Brandon, where’d he disappear to?

    70. Testament Knowledge

      Sweet comeback dude! I’m gonna share it. Man I just did a delta tournament and I’m still hyped up!

    71. ddefore17

      im looking into the pan optics but not sure if it would work good with a kayak any ideas?

    72. Benjamin Marshall

      what reels are you fishing with?

    73. Nicholas the destroyer

      Do another Hilary vs James fishing contest

    74. The High Life

      What lure were you using

    75. Braden Trocolli

      What is the reason you are choosing a reaction innovation sweet beaver over a Bandito bug this tournament

    76. TheRossMadness

      I've missed a few videos so I don't know if I missed it, but I thought Billy went pro?

    77. Enoch Sosh

      Hey Scott, when will you make an announcement on what brand of engine you will use for 2021 and beyond? I find it very interesting that BRP told Fishing Tackle Retailer that it has no intention of selling the iconic Evinrude trademark, or the E-Tec technology. Why wouldn't BRP sell the brand? Evinrude is an American icon, and some company would buy the brand without hesitation. Reading BRP's comments to FTR tells me that there is internal discussions right now about re-introducing Evinrude back into market once Covid-19 goes away, or re-branding Evinrude as a 4-stroke under the Johnson banner. What do you think? I love your videos, God bless you always brother!

    78. Trout Boiz

      I love your videos. Showing us the pro life !

    79. Adam Smith

      Great comeback Scott. Thank you Jesus ! And remember the immortal words of Billy Mescer : there will never be another today , make it count !

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks!! Billy’s wise words always help.

    80. Jim O'Connor

      Finally the co-angler on the second day moved his rods!!!

    81. Bobby Locke

      Hey Scott, thought you are allowed to use nets at the Opens, if so, why are you not using them like you did for every fish when you fished FLW.

      1. Scott Martin

        I wish..but no nets for the bassmaster

    82. c&t trkn

      Does Brandon still work with you

    83. Gabriel Moore

      Hey Scott I fished for largemouth in the lake Champlain international and placed 3rd with a 4.61 pound bass overall placed 8th out of 300 boats

    84. Tanner Blue

      What kind of reels are those?

    85. BigbassAlerts101 14

      Scott Martin I just broke up with my girl and when I watched this it made me Real happy thanks scott

      1. AUSTIN Vezina

        @Scott Martin hey Scott I live done south in the same state you do.what baits do you recommend for bass fishing.

      2. Scott Martin

        Heck ya! Glad it helped

    86. Deathtodiablo

      You need to hurry up and win one in qualify for the classic it’s on my home lake next year

    87. Migr8or

      At 21:05 Scott swings on a fish....tell me who has a better hookset than Scott Martin...I'll wait. Scott's hooksets are like Ken Griffey, Jr.'s swing.

      1. Scott Martin

        Hilary does..:)

    88. Dizzy Outdoors

      River fishing is a totally different animal. I never have any luck with it

    89. Andrew Phoa

      Sweet comeback on D2!

    90. Tim Fitzgerald

      I appreciate the heck out of the authentic day on the water and not edited footage from the entire tournament like other tournament anglers post, much respect

    91. reaper2009rzr

      billy....real men are scared of snakes !

    92. wilderness hiking and fishing

      We all been there and thought we had a giant but pulled out a 1 pounder

    93. wilderness hiking and fishing

      Nice 4 pounder lol

    94. Outdoor addiction Tv

      Man you should have went upriver

    95. Brody Kollath

      will you be fishing the bass master in wisconsin on the mississippi

    96. bwahvtecfishtail

      Is it something new or do co anglers not have to net the boaters fish anymore?

    97. Truman Brown

      i live in ok love to fish

    98. Dylan C

      I don’t know a whole lot about tournament fishing. When the other guy on the boat catches a fish does it count for Scott?

      1. Sergio Villagomez

        his fish as in the other angler’s

      2. Sergio Villagomez

        no, he’s a co angler that’s his fish and in his own category

    99. Rusty Wells

      That's some of the meanest bass I've ever seen!

    100. SafariTV

      Chris Zaldain spotting 5:00 lol