BIG FISH live in unexpected places! Micro stream fishing

Carl and Alex

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    Fishing micro streams and a mysterious tunnel for a range of species. Our latest fishing video is all about small rivers and how to get the best from them. Float and feeder fishing produces a load of bites in the winter. Hope you enjoy!
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    We are Carl and Alex and we're brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.
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    1. _ KierKier

      Have you been back to try get some pike lads ?

    2. mihalpalich2019 Mihalpalich2019

      От мне интересно - как там у вас в Англии обстоят вопросы?

    3. Babalonkie

      Awesome to see you go back with better tack and get that Pike. No doubt could of rigged up a hasty setup on your first rod and damaged your gear and the fish... but didn't... Props where due and well done on that catch. Turned out to be bigger than expected too :)

    4. Clive Eariss

      Your fishing videos are amazing, I used to be into fishing big time some years ago, now me and my camera, is my best friend.

    5. GS 21

      Amazing pike! Keeping the smaller fish safe

    6. Justice

      I used to live near a small creek that was 6" deep and you could jump over it. Was fun finding where the brook trout were.

      1. Robert Wokosin

        Same,was only 1/2 feet wide,3 in deep,would find 14 inchers under tree roots in 20 inch deep pockets. Was very hard not to spook em. Cast from far away with enough line laying on water to get a natural drift through. Finest time fishing I've ever had!

    7. Steven Booth

      Carl, Alex is going for quality not quantity.

    8. Cory Δ Ryse

      4:50 you keep catching the same fish, it's hungry.

    9. jcfeo hxrja

      The bashful garlic particularly belong because store anteriorly match above a clever gray. robust, remarkable column

    10. Ciaran Ashford

      Is ok if you have a look at my Chanel that I'm starting up

    11. Ciaran Ashford

      Carl and Alex do you want a spot of trout and grayling and pirch fishing in wiltshire

    12. Conor McGinty

      Hi guys, what's the use of keeping your bail arm off while float fishing?

    13. terry kirkland

      Great vid lads , keep away from those awful carp pools and keep doing proper fishing you will never regret it

    14. Ciaran Ashford

      Amazing video I live near a chalk streem if you're interested

    15. Bobby Casey

      Who else is watching this for about the 5th time 😂

    16. Abby Tuchewicz


    17. mak lucz

      i'm 8 years old and i caught a 85cm pike

    18. L.R.S FISHING

      Thats was brilliant guys fantastic video can't bleave the size of the fish in them tiny streams. The pike and perch was unbelievable. Tight lines 🎣🎣🎣

    19. Raleigh Denton

      Well bellow zero degrees Forgets about Celsius for half a second

    20. Matt Dominic

      Just seen this, brilliant pike breach! Way he fought, never caught before?

    21. Jack Nelson

      Please can you let me know where a couple of these small spots are, desperate to go fishing somewhere low key and i live near to you guys

    22. Daniel Green

      Its true fish will go into streams and tributaries in winter for refuge and to feed we have a tiny stream nr us that is full of trout but they are out of season there migt be Gudgeon in there too but no coarse fish this spot your at just goes to show whats lurking in the brown cold water understand a motorway bridge brilliant! Cheers lads

    23. Marlon Allego

      I really love your Videos Guys..I really Enjoy watching it.Keep it up.

    24. Harry Hogan

      English people say bream wrong, it’s pronounced brim

    25. Jilt Van Keulen

      So cool

    26. NorCal Hooks

      Like yours video

    27. Master Chief

      Beautiful Pike, glad you got there before the Poles did.

    28. Wojciech B.

      Wow what a nice content!! Cheers from Poland!!!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    29. Sandertje Engels

      I love your videos

    30. Beardo7

      Enjoyed that guys! Memories of the small stream i would fish where I used to live in Radcliffe - On - Trent in Notts called Polser Brook. Was little more than a farm stream and you could jump across it in places I used to take people down to it and they never believed you could catch anything used to bag up some days Dace, Cubb, Roach, some nice Perch and even some nice 1lb brown trout and the occasional small Barbel. Cheers,+Nottingham/@52.9489957,-1.0550519,588m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879c5da5d564c95:0x5abba7c9d13a9a84!8m2!3d52.94341!4d-1.034344

    31. HASRI. ID

      Is it somewhere in England?

      1. Carl and Alex


    32. Tim Yeager

      Why would you not catch a live bait then use it since that is what the pike was going after?

      1. Carl and Alex

        I didn’t have a metal trace! That’s why we came back the next day :)

    33. Cody Rachman

      this is actually very well produced!

    34. Paul Murphy

      I was going to ask, if you just parked up on the hard shoulder and hopped the fence to fish the stream under the road. Yep, yep ya did.

    35. Ari rad


    36. Lens98052

      That pike just reminded me of when I caught a fish about 8 inches long and a passer by remarked "that would make a nice bait". I threw it back in the water and a massive mouth appeared at the surface (a largemouth bass I would guess) and swallowed the confused fish whole.

    37. Keydan1994

      man i need someone to fish with at these sorta places lol

    38. 302-FISHING

      Crazy how that Pike jumped right out of the water for that fish!!! Glad you could come back and catch that beast !!!

    39. Chris Taylor

      I loved this, the only thing i don't understand is who on earth thumbs down a clip like this ?

    40. Louise Gilbert

      Guys thanks for the vids. what dropshot rod do you youse for you small stream fishing. im from wales and there are a couple of streams near my house and i want to start fishing

    41. Vincent games

      I have been thinking because I can't fish there you should get a big dead bait and cast it under the tunnel with a float I would if I could but I would be soo happy it would be Christmas wish if you did a video like that plz make it come true plz

    42. Ben Horton Ben

      Just stumbled across this video, excellently shot, great fishing and good banter between you guys. Brilliant video, look forward to watching more.

    43. Jonalexxx

      Having a few glasses of wine and watching some old Carl and Alex videos is a great way to spend a Friday night!! What an awesome film!!!

    44. M. moto

      7:03 what called rod

    45. Oualid Wawa

      Great vidéo boy😉

    46. Tony Phillips

      You guys are amazing - reminds me of when I was a youth: we had some days. Maybe it's time to start again! Thanks

    47. Peter Joseph Jones

      Great stuff guys!

    48. James Clary

      Tell me you let the Pike go

    49. chronic ants

      I'm 9 years old and caught a 30 pound pike

    50. Seabass SouthFlorida

      It just got cold in Florida, going out tomorrow we'll see how it goes. New to channel, keep up the good work!.

    51. Chris Owen

      Great video guys you must do more please

      1. Carl and Alex

        More videos coming soon!

    52. Iain R

      You lads are on the other side of the planet and the fishing you do is completely different to what we do here - but fishing is fishing and the video was fascinating and very enjoyable. Thank you and greetings from Australia.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks for watching! :)

    53. Terry Fletcher

      That's proper fishing.

    54. Bertalan Sipos

      why not

    55. Bertalan Sipos

      fly fishing

    56. GlacierBlue

      Wonderful video! Thanks for the smiles and the warm feelings! I love fishing small streams that are overlooked. That was a lovely Northern Pike.

    57. Cheyenne

      “i’m left handed, i’m all backwards” he sounded so distressed. 😂😂

      1. Paulie52UK

        Turn the rod over, problem solved.

    58. Josh46731

      Your fingers had to be freezing 🥶

    59. Ma Ma

      Those worms as bait are so colorful. But in my country they are so dirty and colorless. Thumb up this video, nice fishing skill. 👍

    60. Ioan Ciurea

      Es un espectacular vídeo, gracias por el. Este pasión lo tengo desde 50 años.

    61. Phil

      Growing up in Lincoln I can relate to this sort of fishing. So many tiny flood relief drains less than a rodlenght across that contained huge Roach and monsterous Pike. A 20lb plus was very common, and no one else ever seemed to bother with them, 🤟

    62. Simon Says

      Very nice quality video, audio, edit.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers Simon!

    63. Outside ninja

      Can you give my channel outside ninja a shout-out

    64. Prolix

      16:38 close your eyes and listen

    65. Kura Risu

      These are quality contents. I feel like I've been spoiled by this video and can't look at other fishing video the same again. You set the bar a little bit higher and that's awesome.

    66. Allan

      Great video.

    67. inzynierkrzysztof

      Awesome video. But please can you explain how do you know (check) which angling club the water you are fishing in belongs to?

    68. Justin Heretotroll

      Holy chub

    69. Happy_ life115

      I was really surprised on how good the quality of this video is ! Great video I really enjoyed it !

    70. Shred Well

      love it

    71. Евгений

      мне понравилось молодци !

    72. Jason Obrien

      Suomessa In Finland, they say pike is a fish. Fine pike greetings Finnish Romanian. Tight lines

    73. Vinny Neutron

      Awesome video!

    74. Newman

      Suomessa In Finland, they say pike is a fish. Fine pike greetings Finnish Romanian. Tight lines

    75. Newman

      Aborre. In filand In Finland, the name of the fish is perch, but the small one looked like a snot-like fish in the same shape does not want to go to the place. God's peace and love Amen.

    76. Jane Matthews

      Great video

    77. Ivan SACRAMENTO

      Cool made video!

    78. mhdphotographys

      Just stumbled across you two and it has brought back memories when I spent time up in mid Wales fly fishing in small rivers. Light tackle small fly's. Fantastic.

    79. Rastaman Ralph

      Looks like a great place to find gold in there while slinging a line in👍

    80. carlos krumm

      Great that you release your catch, beautiful pike!

    81. carlos krumm

      Great video, but don't you have a fishing season in England or any license?

    82. David Woodhouse

      Great film guys. You're a great example of the simple joy and pleasure you get from fishing that was once such a popular pastime. Well done lads

    83. hugeKingKibbleFan 69

      None of us know why we’re here, but we’re all thankful ☺️

    84. B.J. Flynn

      Good Job guys from Sutherlin, Oregon U.S.A.

    85. Herbert Diaz

      beautiful video ! love the idea of going to such a spot

    86. Matthew Crossland

      Wicked video well done you two! What rod did you use with the feeder?

    87. PdrMarc

      Pike ! We have em in the U.S., but they thrive in big river systems or lake in the northern states...

    88. Peter Vaccaro

      I'm new t ok this channel I have a question do u live in the UK

    89. Lukie Boy

      Very well produced video, well done really felt your excitement and enthusiasm

    90. Tymius Allison

      where thay fishing at

    91. w hopper

      Great to see. Reminds me of my youth. What pike reel was that?

    92. Swiss fishing Adventures

      I live in Switzerland and man I can’t tell you how I would love to be able to fish in streams like this. But they’ve changed the watercourses so much that you just can’t fish them.

    93. BlurstOfTimes

      Great camera work lads! Loving all these high quality interlude shots and beats. It really brings the video together.

    94. The gaming Lion

      I’m going fishing on Saturday and I’m trying to catch a 2lb perch

    95. bobi shopinio

      4:14 can some one tell me exactly the name of the fish.(thanks in advance) yesterday i got one and i was suprise by this spisies to live where im fishing

      1. bobi shopinio

        @26CW128 Jake thanks mate .

      2. 26CW128 Jake

        It's called a gudgeon

    96. Aaron Tabak

      17:10 the biggest fish of the day is what I'd use as a live bait

      1. hugeKingKibbleFan 69

        He’s in a small river tho, this isn’t deep sea grouper fishing

    97. indigenous👁️‍🗨️

      Love the video 👍🏻 tight lines boys 👍🏻

    98. Nathan Sansom

      I started my fishing during the winter last year so I understand how fish change depending on season

    99. я за справедливость!

      Дохуя пиздите придурки

    100. Konstantinos Armaos

      guys, I wonder, do you ever eat the fish you catch? If not, is it because of ecological-moral considerations or because it's forbidden? I am genuinely curious as I have only fished in the sea and we always try to catch fish to eat them, meaning that strictly recreational fish is almost non-existant here in Greece (as far as I know).

      1. Carl and Alex

        Hi there, It is forbidden to take fish from most waters in the U.K. as there are lots of people here and not very much water! Also, we wouldn't take fish anyway because there are so many fishermen and if they all did the same, then there would be no fish left in our lakes. The sea is different, because it is much larger, so taking a few fish to eat is ok.