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    The next all-electric supertruck is coming. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV.
    See it. Reserve it. 4.3.21 5pm ET at
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    1. zachary pernikliyski

      That feels like a birthday present to me, I am personally going to wait for the cyber truck, but very excited to see it this electric vehicle

    2. Dak Huff


    3. Jon Williams

      Glad I'm old enough that I'll never have to buy a electric car. No matter what they do there will be plenty of gas cars and trucks for the next 20 years. And, I'll be lucky to make it that long.

    4. AJ7

      Funny how no one reports how massively destructive mining for Lithium is and how the landfills will soon overflow with old batteries. Not to mention that electricity is created with coal, oil, and nuclear power. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    5. L7 Gaming

      4.3.21 The true final countdown.

    6. Randolph hengst

      This is what the bail out money got us a vehicle that people cant afford too buy. Tesla sold over 120k cars in the first quarter let's see how many electric vehicles gm does for the first quarter with this thing.

    7. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

    8. michaeldublg

      INTRODUCING!! .. the all new FJ Ridgeline warthog!!. ..... Maybe one day we will actually bring back the Hummer. .... Ugh! This FJ Ridgeline warthog was clearly designed by people who don't understand Hummers or what made them massively popular. Get out of here with that thing

    9. staygold512

      Don’t hummer owners WANT to have it gas and don’t care about the environment? So why EV?

      1. David Black

        @staygold512 Audi is top quality in fit and finish, but known for buggy software and high priced maintenance Tesla is cheaply built but good software and EV powertrain. GM is pretty good at the entire package in trucks and large SUV's. I would assume the Hummer EV will be even better, as the EV powertrain is simple, far fewer parts, and easier to control. I will let you know as I am getting one of the first 500 Hummer EV pickups. I will certainly complain if it is not reliable.

      2. staygold512

        @David Black but then why u buy two electric cars when you could buy one more expensive but better one? But i wouldn’t know because I don’t come from money. Haha I never even have owned a car.

      3. staygold512

        @David Black um ok. Well this is a GM. A Tesla and Audi are known for expensive top quality vehicles. I bet electric is better that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying all the rappers and people tryna look like they got money and want a big engine like the hummer because of that. The hummer was expensive, bad on gas, but looked tuff. All I’m saying is the old one audience want BLING looking car with a big engine. They don’t care bout nothin else.

      4. David Black

        @staygold512 The old Hummer H1 was basically a POS, some people love them, but GM sold a 2K or so a year, they plan to sell 50K a year of the EV SUV, and SUT, to sell more volume you have to appeal to more people.

      5. David Black

        @staygold512 I own an Audi E-Tron and Tesla model Y, so when I talk EV's its from experience. Once you drive an EV, no way you are going back to a clunker gas or diesel powertrain. Unless you need to move heavy things over long distances, then Diesel might be better choice today.

    10. Inverted CNC

      Reserving a cgi truck again or is this one real this time????

    11. Joel Martinez

      Over a hundred grand. Who else will buy it??

      1. David Black

        @Mark Plott Not yet it isn’t, the Texas factory doesn’t even have walls up yet, it’s way behind schedule, Tesla had originally announced production to start in May, at Texas, they are not going to make it

      2. Mark Plott

        @David Black - WRONG, Cybertruck built in America by TEXANS

      3. Mark Plott

        TESLA Cybertruck is better, costs only $39,900.

    12. Litivious Spartus

      Yet another massively overpriced vehical that most people cant afford to purchase.

    13. Mysterious Tony should have used the real can afford it!

      1. Umesh Kumar

        With all that bailout money the taxpayers gave them


      Make foreign countries perform for you now

    15. Ssm Dj

      Dads having a midlife crisis: 83 house mortgage here I come.

      1. Mark Plott

        Man, I gots 10 kids it Feed - BENNY.

    16. Bo Jackson

      If it don't growl on dead dinosaur muck, is it a truck?

    17. Open your door Open the window

      🔥🔥🔥🔥thats my birthday 4/3/21 ✊🏾

      1. Tonya Hubbard

        Happy birthday day

      2. Mohamed Nagi

        @Open your door Open the window yessirrr

      3. Open your door Open the window

        @Mohamed Nagi ♈️🔥🔥🔥

      4. TinyNerd

        Its coming up!

      5. Mohamed Nagi

        My birthday is 4/10/21

    18. James Brown

      Yea I'm sure it's just as useless as an H2... the only REAL hummer is an H1 and they're not cheap!

    19. Greg B

      We’ve already seen the GMC hummer Show us the silverado EV already

      1. David Black

        Silverado EV coming in 2023

      2. Hashim Shaz

        The GMC Hummer EV SUV.

    20. Jake Clayson

      Everything with the label “GMC” on it is garbage. Guaranteed this will be par for the course.

      1. Nebula1701

        ROFL, ya no.

    21. Oso Medellin

      As always with gmc not as promised just a shell of a “car”

      1. Mark Plott

        Gravity Motors.

    22. Christian Hardwick

      Immigrant song , that’s fitting.

    23. Tricky Dicky Ball


    24. Tricky Dicky Ball

      RIP OFF

    25. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grossly Mismanaged

    26. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Ghoulish Metal

      1. Tricky Dicky Ball

        @Mark Plott, LOL. Good one.

      2. Mark Plott

        gm - generic motors

    27. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gigantic Malfunction

      1. Andrew M


    28. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gargantuan Mistake

    29. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Garbage Manufactured

      1. Tricky Dicky Ball

        @Mr. Jazz_ y 👍

      2. Mr. Jazz_ y

        @Tricky Dicky Ball i understand.

      3. Tricky Dicky Ball

        @Mr. Jazz_ y, Cadillac Escalade ESV and H2 Hummer.

      4. Tricky Dicky Ball

        @Mr. Jazz_ y, just sharing my experiences.

      5. Mr. Jazz_ y

        @Tricky Dicky Ball what model car do or had you own by GM?

    30. Bernad Hebin


    31. Peppita Chips

      After Texas we know we all want gas because electricity don’t work

      1. joemann

        @Jon Williams another thing.. Isn't that stealing? IDk what gas station owner will just allow you to take gas without paying. unless you happen to be the owner of the gas station. And if you are paying, since there is no way to accurately measure the gas, you'll likely be overpaying per gallon so the owner feels confident they aren't losing money.

      2. Jon Williams

        There are plenty of vacuum pumps that don't require electricity.

      3. joemann

        @Range Patriot and how are you going to pump it out without... Electricity? You plan on using buckets?

      4. Range Patriot

        @David Kinchen you realize you can take the lid off of the fill hole in the ground and pump it out right?...... Not everything is electric.....yet...

      5. David Kinchen

        You realize gas stations need electricity for their pumps to work, right?

    32. Sam F

      Anyone has 100k laying around?

      1. David Black

        @Nebula1701 Exactly, there are lots of people with 100K for a vehicle.

      2. Nebula1701

        Plenty of people do, look how many GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalades are sold per year.

    33. David Black

      awesome, finally a real 3 row Electric SUV

      1. David Black

        @AyyoItzJeepin Ya, Hybrid is more complicated with dual powertrain. More complexity and parts is usually more problems when it gets old.

      2. AyyoItzJeepin

        @David Black Hmmm. I’ll look into it, I’ve always been looking into EV’s, or hybrids. I was looking at the Tahoe Hybrid, but I’ve seen some horrible things about it.

      3. David Black

        @AyyoItzJeepin Sounds like you have bad luck... Not specific to one brand. GM has built plenty of stinkers, that is for sure, especially pre bankruptcy, but now, most of their cars are pretty good. The HD pickups Duramax /Allison are excellent, almost no breakdowns or major problems. You should buy an EV though, almost no parts to break. You can get a new Bolt now for $200 a month or less, best EV value in the USA....

      4. AyyoItzJeepin

        @David Black Ah. We’ve had a 2006 GMC Sierra Pro sport last year, got it for $20,000 and had a blown engine. We’ve just have had a ton of bad luck, our Dodge Grand Caravan was even worse.

      5. David Black

        @AyyoItzJeepin Well then, like I said, what are you doing on a GM page? Insecure? I have had great luck and bought dozens of GM vehicles and have $4M of their stock. I have not owned any of the vehicles you names though...

    34. Sans roblox edition lol

      Story of tricky?

      1. Tricky Dicky Ball

        Once upon a time...


      We are here waiting💙💪

    36. Freddy Gamer&technology

      this vehicle was leaked we already know what it looks like

      1. Bop

        Wdym ‘leaked’? There’s like 10 videos of it on GMCs KGup channel

    37. Himanshu yadav

      When it will launched in India

    38. Himanshu yadav

      I’ll definitely going to buy it

      1. David Black

        @M.S. Aviation actually in the area I live, and actually the entire west coast there are far more CCS stations than there are Tesla Supercharger stations..

      2. M.S. Aviation

        @NOER im aware but I still mentioned it because I felt like it

      3. NOER

        @M.S. Aviation this isn’t a Tesla so point invalid

      4. M.S. Aviation

        @Range Patriot yes. For tesla, however, theres quite a bit of em.

      5. Range Patriot

        Last I checked, there aren't any charging stations in the middle of nowhere. Luke anywhere you would off-road..... junk.

    39. Lord Planet

      Eleven thousand five hundred feet of torque, one thousand horsepower like to see the Tesla cyber truck and the hummer ev have a drag race and see who wins.

      1. David Black

        @Mark Plott Wrong, there is no pilot line for Cybertruck in Nevada.... You idiot... Tesla said they may build a pilot line at Fremont to work out the initial production issues

      2. Mark Plott

        @David Black - Cybertruck has a PILOT line up and Running at GigaNevada. whats MOST Important to TESLA , is Model 3 and Model Y Production , Model S/X Production DOES NOT MATTER.

      3. David Black

        @Mark Plott Yet not one Cybertruck production model has been built, and no test program. Model S and X delayed after Elon Musk said in January they were "in production" . Tesla is full of hot air...

      4. Mark Plott

        Lord Planet - TESLA already WON, Tesla smoked a 911 Porsche , Cybertruck has over 1100+ HP , 200+ mph, 0 - 60 under 2 seconds , and has over 1 MILLION Reservations.

      5. August W.

        I mean if there doing drag race, they better have good dress and make up on. I mean they both THiCC af. I mean cybertruck is more slim while hummer have muscle. Can't wait for the drag race. Wonder who will steal the stage.

    40. Sodoo Sodmandakh

      i want

    41. mdav2011

      First! Also that is a cool car, we just bought the new GMC YUKON DENALI, IT IS AMAZING UR COMPANY MAKES THE BEST CARS

      1. laurent beauregard

        @Aubrey Howe yeah but have you driven one? I wouldn’t even say RR makes the BEST cars but gosh dang I’d like to see the competition. Maybe to the person who posted this it is “the best car” for money performance and style. I personally don’t agree, I love Chevy but I would never call their cars the best. (Maybe a corvette)

      2. Aubrey Howe

        @laurent beauregard Thats about 350k more

      3. Mark Plott

        A TESLA model S can Slice a Yukon Denali in half, see KGup Video

      4. laurent beauregard

        You ever driven a Rolls Royce Cullinan? Idk if you’d be saying that, I do like Cadillacs though!