Most Explosive WR in the Big XII 💥 || Oklahoma State WR Tylan Wallace Highlights ᴴᴰ


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    Oklahoma State WR Tylan Wallace
    Senior 6’0 190 lbs
    Oklahoma State WR Tylan Wallace could have declared for the draft last year, but then returned for another year. While his stats may not have looked better than his previous years, he still performed just as well. The Cowboys just didn’t have consistent play from their quarterbacks. His stock may not be as high as it should, but Tylan Wallace is a playmaker & difference maker who will contribute as a Day 2 pick.
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    1. JustBombsProductions

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      1. Michael Johnson

        boykin is going to have to bust his tail off come camp time

      2. Yungflyhero Good

        @JB You know what you talking about coach 💪💯

      3. JB

        We needed guys like Bateman & Tylan they aren’t the fastest or biggest guys but they can get open inside or outside play bigger than there size & are physical we have speed WRs but these are the guys who can get YAC, run sweeps/screens & be used like a Deebo Samuel

      4. Yungflyhero Good

        He's gonna be a steal for them him an Bateman. I really think they have one of the best drafts this year an to top it off with Oweh 😏😓😱#Ravens #GotBetter #ForSure

      5. AGuyNamedKevin

        That first highlight... sheesh man

    2. Jazzy Jayjaye

      He’s not doing this to Nfl defenders lol they’re bigger faster and stronger. Unless you’re a freak athlete or great route runner, it’s not gonna translate to the NFL. He’s neither

    3. Jazzy Jayjaye

      I’m sorry but he’s not doing this against nfl Corner backs 🤣🤣

    4. Douglas Turn

      Happy 4 Lamar. But remember it's the nfl. Good luck.

    5. raymond scott

      Im glad my ravens drafted him lol cuz I see some Justin Jefferson in him 🤞🏽

    6. vash thegod

      Saw this guy ball on my high school with his twin brotha, cat built different

    7. Alex

      “The king of contested catches” I like that 👀🔥

    8. Sean

      DB U becomes DB WHO when playing OSU.

    9. Sean

      Just like Barry, The Defense knows who is getting the ball and CANT STOP IT.

    10. Lee

      Why the Tennessee Titans selected Dez Fitzpatrick over Tylan Wallace in the 4th round ill never understand.

    11. Thomas Jefferson

      I see a 4,000 yd passing season in Lamar future 👀

    12. Esaie Prince

      beast mode will sign you next i promise!

    13. E. House

      Steve Smith Jr

    14. Chokri Mzoughi

      This kid is a beast , very fast and strong asf .. Go ravens

    15. Tyler Macon

      Is it me or is he leaving everybody in the DUST!?!? 🤔🙄

    16. Tyler Macon

      Yoooo dude 🔥😳 welcome to the flock sheesh

    17. Gavin Tucker

      Ravens got a steal

    18. Christopher Moultrie

      Welcome to Baltimore

    19. slimjimmy

      EDC ain’t playin doeee 😈

    20. Eric Campo

      Ravens got a huge steal

    21. Chris McKee

      I'm so excited bro Bateman and now Wallace, Lamar gonna have some weapons 😈

    22. Souls Archive

      I have no idea how he fell so far in the draft

    23. AholaDaVic

      Wow! The first clip should be the ending of a movie! 🍿

    24. RAE JAX

      Steve Smith Sr. 2.0 without the punt returning skills.

    25. Juan Å

      Can track the ball, leaping ability, and plays bigger than his measurements 🔥🔥🔥

    26. will Jones

      this is what we need in the WR room..........physicality

      1. Larenzo Simmons

        Absolutely 💯

      2. DayDay El Hombre

        Facts 💯 cause the ravens been soft at wr since boldin and Steve smith left

    27. Ravenous Quando

      I like him already after that first play he murdered those defenders sheesh he gonna eat with the Ravens let's go baby #RavensNation #BigTruzz

    28. TY DIGITAL


    29. Ant Twan

      Welcome to Baltimore

    30. DK

      Welcome to Baltimore💜

    31. Jordan Aguinaga

      This man’s open field speed will make him special for the Ravens!!!

    32. Jacabo Blanco

      Really hope the Ravens make ALL wideouts COMPETE this year. Let the best win the job. Hollywood hasn't earned shit.

    33. Jacabo Blanco

      Ravens baby! Him and Bateman and Duvernay are all future studs. Bye Boykin, Hollywood!

      1. xMKx T Rock

        Hoollywood is a beast

    34. Sol MD

      Boykin and Proche are on notice it looks like. Why did this guy drop to the 4th round?

    35. Jared K

      I'm thinking Hollywood is gonna have to really fight for his spot this season

      1. irving hawkins

        naw Hollywood is safe. I think this guy would play a more Seth Roberts roll for us.

      2. Jeremiah Todd

        @Lit af they just be talking bro lol

      3. Lit af

        Nah Hollywood is good 😂 did y’all not watch the last 6 game of the season ? Not his fault defenses only double cover him and Andrews last year cuz everyone else that played was ass.

      4. Jeremiah Todd

        Naw, he’s just going to be solely in the slot. No more being on the outside

      5. Jacabo Blanco

        Dudes gone after this year. Might end up being benched this year. This dude looks legit. Bateman looks like a stud. DUVERNAY looks like a stud. Watkins is the vet.

    36. Jxyvon _


    37. Johnny boy

      LAMAR going love this dude LETS GO RAVENS

      1. Jazzy Jayjaye

        He’s not doing this on nfl corner backs.

    38. Jotaro Kujo

      Glad my ravens took him

    39. Braylon Austin

      Welcome to Bmore

    40. Bryce Reeder

      Ravens have Bateman and now Wallace! Beyond excited to see what these guys can do!

      1. Evan Eiler

        @slimjimmy knowing the ravens they’ll still start that bum over him😭😂

      2. Preach

        Bateman WR1 Wallace WR2

      3. slimjimmy

        Rip myles boykin

      4. Darnelle Hazlewood

        @marvelous marvin bingo

      5. marvelous marvin

        Greg Roman needs to be better

    41. Vonny


    42. Noah Biegler

      Ravens flock

    43. Kevin Mendez

      Such a steal for the Ravens

    44. Gman Kenken

      Ravens gonna be rockin and rolling now...yall got a steal

    45. Lil Stunners

      Who’s here after the ravens got him

    46. Robert DaCredentials

      Ravens flock let’s hear it ‼️‼️‼️

    47. Twodrowzy

      Here after the draft pick🔥🔥

    48. D G

      Once he opens up that stride, good luck catching him.😈

    49. Mison Culberson


    50. Malcolm Green


    51. 410 ByRoN


    52. nocents81

      Welcome to Baltimore

    53. Ej Jordan

      Ravens 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    54. King Wani


    55. 𝕁𝕠𝕙𝕟𝕟𝕪𓅓

      welcome to BMORE

    56. Mechanical


    57. Nick Stavinoha

      Can’t believe how much he’s falling in the draft, ridiculous how slept on he is

      1. Mechanical

        just picked up

    58. Boricua 22

      Will be a Patriot.....

    59. Alexis Jernigan

      Future Bear I hope!

    60. blayedd

      About to be a 4th round steal

    61. Jvarri Stewart


    62. CG Ruthless Sports

      49ers gotta make a move to get him. He can definitely fit the slot perfectly to replace Kendrick Bourne

    63. Mayor West

      Pats please!

    64. Woke Queen

      I think he's a future patriot. I search his name and patriots popped up

      1. Louie XO

        @Alpha1102 true true

      2. Alpha1102

        @Louie XO He did but he more than made it up with all the other picks. Great draft

      3. Bro Gaming

        Ravens picked him up

      4. Louie XO

        welp bill fucked that up

      5. Louie XO

        @Alpha1102 was jus saying this 🔥👏🏽

    65. Louis Kings

      Hope 49ers get him in 4th round we need wr

    66. Jeremy Williams

      Titans gonna get him

    67. Redneck Patriot

      Maybe Titans in rd 3?

    68. Jake L.

      Played w him in high school. His age and his brother really changed south hill high school. They were a joke, and they got a coach change when he was a freshman. Program has been dominant since.

      1. Jake L.

        What I know about south hills? I graduated in 2016. And when I was a freshman south hills was a joke. By the time I graduated- they were damn good. If they fell back down and not good today.. that kinda proves my point right? He left and so did that culture.

      2. Antwon Latimer

        Not true at all

    69. Anonymous

      Greenbays grabbing him tonight I’m calling it

    70. Jay Sinofsky

      Tylan Wallace would go beautifully with our shiny, brand new Justin Fields. Make him a Bear!

      1. PurpleJoker 44

        Lol ravens got him in the 4th

      2. Mustache D. Luffy

        They’d have to trade up

    71. Waymond Dunn

      Future Packer

    72. YoGirlzFavorite TopDawqTay

      Future Carolina Panther

    73. helmedon

      I'm hoping my Lions can grab this guy.

    74. Dreko Stackz

      I hope chiefs pick him up

    75. gameRonaldo24/7


    76. Paco JuanRico

      Much much better than Ceedee Lamb

    77. Corey Springer

      Ravens in the third?

      1. xMKx T Rock

        Good call

    78. ambidextrous reactions

      When the balls in the air this kid just makes plays.

    79. Champion Season

      Wallace has elite written all over him

    80. Dewayne hunter

      Ravens let's get him 😤

      1. Dewayne hunter

        Yall answered me again and thanks 😊

    81. Nuns Wit Gunz


    82. victor espinoza

      go niners in the 7 rounnd

    83. Minimum Keyz


    84. Minimum Keyz

      omg hes a sleeper round 2 or 3 on god

    85. dat-1- nigguh

      Bang bang Niner gang

    86. Scarletbull

      Steve Smith Sr. 2.0 👍

    87. baltimore xanax

      torn acl in college, no thx, ...chiefs

    88. Andrew Carlson

      Reminds me of Anquan Bolden

    89. Marco Guajardo

      Wait whaaaaaat?

    90. CD Bales

      2nd best player?! This kid looks unstoppable.

    91. WALT


    92. Ayo A

      This dude is COLD

    93. Evan Sullivan

      hoping the Ravens can get him in round 2-3

    94. B Finesse

      Future Football Team member

    95. Ellis N Orlando

      See You In The Land !! Cleveland Till The Casket Drops !! DawgPound is waiting BabyBoi Come B Gr8t !!

    96. Alex Johnson

      Reminds me if Brandon Cooks

    97. TraversEarth

      That first play was insane!!! Trucked dudes then stiff armed 2 dudes in full sprint

    98. John Lewis

      1:03 That catch was rediculous.

    99. Dwayne Neal

      Bust...can't get no seperation ass

    100. Kevin Mombelly

      He reminds me of Steadman Bailey